This Was Very BULLISH News For Bitcoin | Twitter Hack 2020

published on August 2, 2020

Social manipulation is a powerful tool the ability to use your own cognitive instinctual biases against you to manipulate the masses to turn profit in this video we're gonna be talking about the recent

Twitter hacks all these prominent figures at one time simultaneously getting hacked and then directing them to a bitcoin scam how classic in this video we'll be

Diving to all the details i'll be talking about this is probably one of the most bullish signs i have seen in a while keep watching

Hopefully you guys didn't get taken advantage of in this recent you know twitter hack with the bitcoin sending to address now that slightly enticed you if you got a little bit happy about that and was about to send

Your money to this address i really hope you guys reevaluate what you understand about the market because this was a very obvious scam um i don't want you getting scammed in the future

But basically if you guys don't know what's going on apple you know big brands like apple with a 46 million followers finance with 11 million followers you know coinbase 11 you know you got

Coindesk huge following gemini exchange huge following uber huge 1 million you know people follow uber jeff bezos 15 there's even crazier kanye west 30 million people right we can

It just list just keeps going 51 million you know followers with bill gates right elon musk huge figure you know joe biden right 69 million barack obama all these big people

Got hacked at the same time at the same time i actually added them all together and it happens to be that they had access these hackers had access to 260 million people okay to spread whatever message that

They wanted somebody got access to these accounts was able to post whatever they wanted on these very high profile accounts and they took advantage what did they do they sent them to a bitcoin

Scam the classic bitcoin scam i know a lot of you have been seeing it recently um with running ads they're actually running ads now there's three methods i've seen this before the first method is them just trying to

Rank a video on youtube what they'll do is they make an actual fake live stream they'll take a video from some youtuber or some popular video um they'll buy a whole bunch of fake followers and they'll use a common name like

Binance association or whatever the interview itself is you know whoever's involved they'll make a whole account with fake subscribers you could tell by clicking if you see how many videos they made they only made

One video and they'll live stream it in this live streaming what it does is it actually puts their video up to the top of the search algorithm so when you you know search a coin like v chain or something like that

Or any coin that you're looking into you see this live stream you click on it and you see there's a whole bunch of people watching with a huge subscriber base account if that makes sense so that's tricking

People to do things like giveaways right so um right now they just did this you know exactly the same exact method with twitter basically they say hey we're doing a

Charity event send us one bitcoin we'll double it or give you more back right but we all know that this is the blockchain once you send it there is no refund right and hackers will take advantage of

You through the power of cryptocurrency um and this has happened a lot we've seen the ads people are actually running uh youtube ads uh you know with these live streams as well as putting it organically like i said the first case

And then now we see that they're actually hacking you know twitter accounts and accessing big audience guys peel back the layers of exactly how cryptocurrency work you know

It's it's clear what they were trying to do um to the narrative of bitcoin and cryptocurrency we're gonna dive into all those details this is actually a very big

Bullish bullish indicator for me at least uh from what i understand in this cryptocurrency market this there's nothing more than fundamental news like this driving the adoption of bitcoin

In the medium to long term nobody can predict the short term but over time uh we can have a pretty good estimate with historical relevance but before we get started if you haven't already subscribed to the channel my name is

Alex i talk about cryptocurrency entrepreneurship investing i'm a futurist do us both a favor hit that subscribe button as well as the push notification

Bell because i mean there's some interesting stuff here you know we talk about money we talk about you know macroeconomics all the relations of how our value is

Transferred throughout history throughout the future right how is value transferred this is one of the most important subjects everybody should have known this in school they don't teach finance in schools let me

Paint a picture for you guys so as you can see here this is on google trends it's the number eight most trending searches i guess you can say twitter hack um people got hacked and

They put this bitcoin scam now as you can see here it's dying down and this is a small amount of searches in relation to other big search terms like bitcoin or something like that this is

Absolutely nothing let's look in the past like 90 days 12 months nobody's been really searching this it's not that big of a deal twitter hack um is not something that should move mass amounts of people i want you to

Really make that apparent to you guys because if you compare this for example to like bitcoin or something like that on google trends you can see that it's absolutely nothing in comparison there's nobody really

Searching you know twitter hacks so the relevance is not that big but the reason why i want to show you that is because this was a bad attempt right all these people got hacked and if you go on google and you search twitter hack

You could literally see um headlines bitcoin scam right they talk about buy it in gates and the first thing you see is bitcoin scam also cryptocurrency scam huge articles right

You could even scroll some more and you can see again bitcoin stolen right what they're trying to do and this is what i've seen in the past they're trying to relay negativity um to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and that's

What i mean by it's a bullish indicator let me show you what i'm saying so this article here you guys can read it for yourself it talks about social clicks um and who and what gets read on twitter

So it's a very in-depth research paper um that's actually cited by a lot of prominent people it's really interesting to understand if you guys want to read it's like 15 pages definitely a good read

You can look that up for yourself but look there's a couple of things i want to show you about these headlines and what they're attempting to do right basically what they're saying here in fact we found evidence that the number

Of shares ubiquitously et cetera et cetera what they're saying um is that it's an inaccurate measure of actual readership so the people that click a link or you

Know share a link right um on twitter or whatever platform is not a good indicator of people actually reading right so what these guys are trying to do is they're trying

To take advantage of headline uh headline manipulations right so we come over here here's just another part of the same article first 59 of the shared urls are never clicked on

Or we call them silent so what they're disclosing and you can read the whole article for yourself again it adds to my point most people just read the headlines and just develop some type of you know

Understanding of it without even reading anything just that's just how it is human nature maybe it's laziness maybe uh it's you know quick gratification i'm not going to dive into that but it's

Just a fact and everybody knows in social media it's like click bait um you can see it in my youtube analytics when someone clicks my video i lose like like 70 of people before the first two minutes they say

The human has a lower attention span than a goldfish right so most of these people are they're just looking at the perception or reading a couple lines right they're looking at the headline and when you come back over

Here and the headlines are saying things like bitcoin scam we know bitcoin didn't get hacked it had nothing to do with bitcoin directly if anything the susceptible one

Is twitter they got hacked right from their accounts the centralized database got hacked right um not bitcoin but they're associating with scam because none of them read into it think

About it when you learn cryptocurrency and blockchain technology it's literally learning macroeconomics the back end of the internet cryptographic hacking you know and finance all in one right so

For people to really understand the concept of bitcoin and how it actually works it's gonna be a long shot simple as that people understand headlines and majority of them will okay so this

Is clearly a social attack so if we come over here i experienced this in my marketing my youtube and everything as well as this article states is the same way so

Traffic and relevance of your perception of article or video doesn't matter what it is on the internet it has two types of effects they have the immediate effect and then they have the long tail effect

So the media effect is something popular like like you know a new announcement or something there's a ho that's the most amount of traffic right like for example the twitter hack the

Most amount of traffic this is ever gonna get is in the next two days right but when it comes to long tail effect there's other niche topics like lifetime things that you can watch and read and

You know consume over a long period of time so for example my videos when i drop a video it gets the most amount of views in the first couple of days and then the algorithm will populate that video

In a certain search term whether the search terms coinbase doesn't matter what it is this search term will generate me a certain amount of traffic consistently for the rest of its

Lifetime that's what long tail effects is so here's a physical graph right so as you can see here the head majority of the traffic happens in the beginning right that's what they try to

Take advantage with the headline and everything and then you have the long-term effects where people are actually going to the niche because they believe in it like people are actually researching bitcoin

And they're being educated and making rational decisions so i think this is really funny when you know in the transaction history so if you go back to the origin address so they're basically

Saying hey guys send bitcoin to this address if you take that address it's public if you guys didn't know that you can go on the block explorer and search the origin address they

Searched it for us and basically there was a hidden message so when you send a bitcoin you actually have the ability to put text into it and the text that the hackers wrote in the bitcoin transaction history

Was you take risk when you use bitcoin for your twitter game bitcoin is traceable why not monero so what they're trying to do right now is literally saying you take risk when you're using bitcoin they're

In a way bashing bitcoin a negative connotation towards bitcoin and they're saying you know in multiple ways two different ways you use risk when you use bitcoin and bitcoin is traceable why not monero

They're directing the spotlight to different coins okay think about that right and let me just show you physical representation you can see here it shows the this is the exact like

Transactions you see how you can read it in there it's in it's interesting stuff but the problem with this is that it's completely false there is no reason for them to do that

If you guys were really hackers they're really on the deep web dark web doing crazy things right and accepting cryptocurrency the vast majority of them as you can see in this chart here accept cryptocurrency

In bitcoin okay bitcoin is traceable yes but people have been getting in and out of bitcoin for years untracked it's the majority like i said the majority of dark markets

Use it and here's just like the breakdown these are all the markets that except bitcoin versus monero you see monero's only two you know the obviously the minority and then there's some other places these

Are markets the dark markets accept certain cryptocurrencies you can see the vast majority of bitcoin there's a lot of ways to get out i referred to my securities expert and basically said there's a lot of ways to

Get money through proxies local bitcoins basically sending these bitcoins to contractors using proxies to send them and then having them cash out physically and giving them a percentage also

There's another you know service that our own exchanges are offering basically um which if you guys don't know what the rogue 100 is there are a group of people that are basically laundering money

Through exchanges that you guys know of right total value of bitcoin received by rogue 100 they're laundering it through our exchanges right you can see here back in

October for example you know 2019 300 million dollars this is a common thing everyone kind of knows of there's there's only so much that they can you know withhold on on these exchanges

And certain money is being laundered what why would these people on twitter put a message converting back to monero okay why would they say hey use monero as a coin

We know that it's not there's no real application of monero um other than the fact that it has privacy built in but the vast majority of these people are accepting bitcoin and there's other methods of getting

Your money out without being traced bitcoins being utilized for a reason why would they say monero well the reason they're saying monero is because they're trying to take the

Spotlight away from bitcoin i want to show you guys something very very interesting if you look at the address here you can see this is the origin address that we were talking about this is the scammers

Right you can see they've only accumulated 128 btc so you're telling me they hacked the twitter accounts of the top people in the world

Right top like we're talking about past presidents and kanye west they hacked the most popular people in the world only to receive 128 bitcoin which is a little bit over a hundred thousand dollars

They could have sold this type of access to a lot of people now talking to my securities expert he basically said they had a time frame so this might have been the most lucrative option for them

Um don't get me wrong uh there might have been you know a country on standby that you could sell this to i guess but i would say that to do something like this so something so dramatic like this

You know you would hope to make a lot more money so the financial incentive for them to pull off this hack is not there um there's not that much financial incentive for them to do this we even said the

Message is pretty fishy because monero is not accepted in the dark web and i'm sure most hackers don't use narrow um that's confirmed so why would they tell people to go to

Monero the only conclusion i can make is that this is a schmearing campaign now correct me if i'm wrong but this is a good way to put scam right next to bitcoin and it's worked in the past um it could

Potentially work in the short term but like we said before bringing it back to this article the vast majority of traffic and the vast majority of understanding is always long term

Right people always get caught up and this is how monetary system works now and modern society in general they always get caught up in quick flick solutions nothing gets fixed at the core right so

The way i look at it is over the long run it's still bullish fundamentally right there's no hack obviously it's very clear mind but you want to do the exact

Opposite what if everybody else is perceiving so right now this is going to cause a lot of common people that don't understand the dynamics of social conditioning

It's going to have a lot of common people we already see the consensus before this hack there's been so much bearish bearish everything this is definitely um a fake motivation

For the dumping price of bitcoin and as we always say on this channel do the exact opposite of what everybody else is do doing now i'm not gonna go buy extra bitcoin but i will say that this is a huge

Bullish indicator in my honest opinion the fact that they are trying to frame um you know this this negative you know it's obvious it's a joke it's almost like everything they said was

Clearly wrong by people that know and people that don't know it's going to condition them in a certain way it's taking any attention away from you know bitcoin maybe to have some type of other coin you know

Prosper as d5 has been doing really well i'm sure a lot of this is driving adoption for cryptocurrency guys so stay well keep your head up don't get caught in these ponzi schemes

Do your own research clearly always do your own research don't leave it up to me don't leave it up to anybody um if you like the quality of this content hit like if you don't leave some constructive criticism subscribe for

More video updates and like i always say if you don't get with this technology you will get left behind thanks for watching this video guys catch you in the next one


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