published on August 2, 2020

Hi everybody this is crypto rich working with you to get rich with crypto filling our pockets with crypto profits and in this video i'm gonna have a quick look at the bitcoin price and i'm going to be looking at a small market cap all coin that i've been covering quite a

For quite a while now on my channel and i'm going to be showing you how i think well the technical charts is looking very very bullish and also fundamentally it's looking very very bullish now if that's the sort of thing that

You're interested in because you're somebody who's looking out to buy good quality cryptos when their price is low as a long-term investment then i think you're gonna be very interested in this

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Difficulty of the game that burst makes things interesting by allowing you to make a living just by playing your favorite games this video is being recorded on july the 25th

In the morning in the uk and this is the bitcoin chart the weekly chart and i just wanted to look at this this is when bitcoin reached just touched underneath twenty thousand dollars and here we've got this

Long-term trend line you can see this wedge this triangle which is not a wages triangle that bitcoin is in which i think is going to be bullish why do i think it's going to be bullish well because

We have just had the halving plus also these triangular patterns they follow the long-term trend and the long-term trend for bitcoin is going upwards all the way back here when this chart started in

May the 13th when it was hundreds but we know that bitcoin was in the pennies so the long-term trend is uh bullish so it's likely that this is going to break up and look at the increase in volume you know here in 4th of may 2020 we had

This much volume even though the price was much lower than when it was here it almost doubled looks like double the volume more than double the volume in fact so i think this is also very very bullish we

Got the price going we got the volume going down which suggests we're getting narrower and nearer breakdown now could bitcoin go all the way down to um here

Which is about six and a half thousand dollars it could it could is it going to i don't know i'm just looking at what the charts telling me but it's staying above the 10-week moving ema which is this line here

And well above the 200 and 100 so what we want is for bitcoin to break through above this this descending line and if it doesn't then we're going to go back down for a while and where are we going to go back

Down well i suppose the first line of support would be here which is about now nine thousand dollars eight thousand nine hundred dollars and there's another one here eight thousand eight hundred dollars so stay

Alert let's see how it goes now this is bittube on the weekly chart and for those of you who are subscribers to my channel you will know well i've been posting on bit you i think for more than a year now and

I've seen the project grow and develop and i've got an idea of what they're building and i'll be talking about that in the moment this is big tube against btc on the weekly chart and we had an

All-time high need to get me out of the way again of half a million satoshi 512 900 satoshi and where is it currently well it's nowhere near that nowhere near that but

I'll talk about how high it could go in a moment what we've got here is this long long base that bit tube is building this long long base just bumping along bumping along and

I think in march it was a an all-time low of 5000 satoshi around about that and ever since then it's been going up gradually gradually gradually let's have a look on the daily chart

Okay this is this is the daily chart let me move it out and here's what we can see it is looking very bullish me thinks on the daily chart so it's above the 200 uh ema in fact

It's above the 200 the 150 and it's bouncing up and down off the 10 daily ema and we have this ascending line it keeps bouncing off this support line and here we have

Resistance which is at 17 100 satoshi's volume going down suggesting a breakout is imminent at some point and as it gets squeezed

And squeezed inside this triangle a breakout is imminent and this is a an ascending triangle and ascending triangles are tend to be bullish so the chances are it will break upwards

But there is going to be a breakout going soon it's bullish on the rsi keeps bouncing off this trend line and then what would be the next point of resistance well it would be 22 400 satoshi because it isn't really very

Much in the way here in the way of uh previous support and resistance then we got some here and then the one after that well i think would be about here

35 600 satoshi so we could have a very sharp quick move upwards if it breaks out up to 22 000 at 300 satoshi and then bounce around maybe come back down here again where previous

Resistance becomes support and then off up again now that's what it's indicating on the technical chart and one thing about the technical chart again is that you know the all-time high for

Bit tube here so just under six hundred thousand just about six hundred thousand satoshi now could it go up to that price easily easily easily easily easily and here's why

Those where we look at the fundamental reasons so in june 2018 where the project was to where it is now is a world apart let me show you what's happening with bittube so at the end of this month they are

Doing a fork and i did a video about that which i shall link to in the dis well you can see in the playlist and i posted it about a week or so ago and they're moving to a much faster far

More efficient uh blockchain brick tube cache four but the other thing that's happened it's not that just because of the fault that i think it's bullish for bit you it's because of

Everything that they're building you know here they hardly had any products it was all in a wing and a prayer and this might even be a a fat finger you know where bitchy was caught up

You know people just hoping hoping hoping yes yes yes this is the one this is the one yup as it launches however now it really has got something it has got many many applications so

Let's talk about some of them now so one is you could be earning cryptocurrency tube coins just for watching this video just for surfing the internet

You won't be getting a lot i'm getting maybe two or three two coins a day but over but i've accumulated over a thousand tube just by using the airtime module as i go about on the kind of websites that i normally

Go about now could those thousand two be worth a dollar at some point and therefore i've earned a thousand dollars i think so quite possibly

And here's why if the price was about 40 odd cents at its all-time high it flashed about there and then came back down but the company the project didn't have

Anything now they have so much real they have the airtime module they have bit2t dot tv which is a live streaming platform they've got bituvideo which is a decentralized peer-to-peer vlogging

Platform and they're launching bittube space now what is bittube space bigtube space is a peer-to-peer fully encrypted zoom or skype alternative it's going to

Be cheaper than zoom and it's going to not going to have any of the security issues that there are with zoom it's going to be on a freemium model so you can use it for free

To connect with your friends and your colleagues and stuff and you can upgrade using fiat or crypto or crypto so and it's cheaper than zoom then they've also got the bit to cash applications

Which means which is a whole suite of cash functions of payment solutions where people are going to be able to integrate tube into their website and and use it as a payment currency then and as well as

Having fear gateways including being able to buy tube with credit cards there already is a vpn which is inside the air to airtime module so you can use keep your online

Activities safe and secure and private they're going to be creating an alternative a decentralized pay-to-pay encrypted alternative to twitter and the mobile application is going to be launching sometime soon

So all this stuff that's been happening that's going to be imminently available wasn't around here and the longer the base the longer the consolidation the greater the potential

For the move upwards what we have here is potentially the building of a very large saucer which could become a cup and handle and this is very very bullish as the price starts moving upwards here now what would be the price target

Well it would be about 1500 156 400 satoshi's which would be the peak here and then we'll slightly dip a little bit and then go back down and then what would be the price target of that but it would be this

The depth of the saucer rising above the lip which would give us a price target of just under 300 000 satoshi's now this is the next few months or so i don't think it's going to take that much longer you know maybe

Next two three months i reckon we shall see remember none of this is investment advice and this is pure speculation on my part but it's looking very bullish for

Bittube on the technical and charts bullish on the fundamental charts and bullish fundamentally in the cryptocurrency space because all coins are popping up bitcoin

Has had its halving and looking very bullish in the global macroeconomic space because of the government's printing away fiat currencies and people looking for alternative ways

Of making money and of deposits and of uh investing their cash anyway that's what i think let me know what you think comments in the description below what do you

Think is going to happen to the big bit 2 price in the next few months or so have you invested do you have you subscribed to me on youtube and if not please do something between now when i see you next please keep filling

Your pockets with crypto profits this is crypto rich signing out all the best bye

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