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published on July 2, 2020

my mother started the business in 1983

27 years is my whole lifetime in the

store this is my mom's legacy and her

history and all her hard work and all

her tears and all her hard labor and now

I may not be able to make it and we may

have to let it go my name is Lucy angle

I am the co-owner of Lupita's corner

market and we were located in Los

Angeles California when my mom opened up

the business this was a Lupita's market

in the Peethas market because of her

name she was a old school entrepreneur

and being a woman in a time where there

wasn't a lot of women only small

businesses is not easy she was fighting

her way through and I would just

remember my mom going to multiple places

waking up at 5:00 in the morning to save

10 15 20 cents per item just knowing

that she did all that she still took the

time to try to do small things for us to

make us happy this is where my brother

and I grew up and this corner market

means the world to me and I know that it

means a lot to a lot of people as well

this market has always been a place

where kids call home sometimes you know

community families loser their family

members and we would fundraise for them

here and my mom really has always been

that kind of person and you know you

just gotta give back you know whatever

little we have that you can give to

someone who has let's just do it to keep

a small business and a little market

going you know it's it's really

difficult and most markets are actually

have to close you work holidays you work

all the rough days I didn't I didn't

grow up with you know the Thanksgiving

dinners or big Christmas dinners we

usually worked on those days or my mom

had to work so we weren't able to see

her on those days you know her body had

basically you know broken down from all

the hard work that she's done and other

health issues that she had and the last

few years I remember in high school my

mom has had always respiratory issues

and asthma

we spend about two to three holidays in

the hospitals because you know she was

sick of the market slowly started kind

of deteriorating in a sense we really

started having that conversation about

hot selling the business it was very

difficult to see my mom have to leave

you know you have a strong connection

with your with her business where please

where you grew up with the community and

it really um was really sad that we were

gonna have to leave at some point it was

a conversation that was a hard

conversation that we had and you know

obviously we're always gonna take care

of my mom make sure that she was okay

and unfortunately when you have Erin

entrepreneur and you don't have you know

at 401k you're not going to have a

retirement plan you're you know it's

very hard when you're living day by day

the business started coming into that

place where you're just fighting for the

last ten cents of the dollar every

single day so it was a reality we had it

face I just think that in my life you

know I can't see there now my mother

taught me how to persevere my mother

taught me how to fight my mother taught

me how to continue no matter how hard

things got I knew that I wasn't going to

go out without a fight and I knew that I

had to continue to figure out ways to

bring in more income and and and try to

sustain this business and to do it for

my mom and do it for our community do it

for a family one of my many passions is

to help others and I knew that keeping

this business I would be able to do it

this is my mom's legacy and her history

and all her hard work and all her tears

and all her hard labor and now her kids

get to be the second-generation owner

and sustain and maintain the same kind

of values that we have she taught us

if your specifically this community it's

very hard to get quality food every

single person who wants to eat healthy

but doesn't make enough money cannot eat

healthy a corner market has a lot of

influence when it comes to the community

you have the ability to feed people you

have the ability to control the way you

sell and what you sell I had this idea

like what if I bring in more fruits and

vegetables what if I do some smoothies

and I make some sandwiches

you know with our prep license and see

what we can do and I saw that people

were really reacting to it and they

really liked it my mom retired and we

actually had a blessing happen to us and

we were one day just here and the LA

Food Policy Council come walks into our

doors it completely changed her life


because of that we were able to get

funny we were able to you know speak to

people that wanted to help us and help

the community I took in and said yes to

every single thing that was offered to

me no matter how much work I had to put

into it and no matter how much time I

had to do it it completely changed

everything and ended up were picked for

in a complete transformation through the

organization and we found partners and

we did some funding through that and

that's how we were able to create would

be this quarter market and and it is how

it is today at the end of the day the

reason that we're here it's not only to

keep my mother's legacy alive and to

keep the business going but there can be

constant businesses that can come in and

walk in we can leave Sunday but nobody

is going to have that history like we do

27 years the connection with the

community and it makes me really happy

that I am growing this business and then

I get to help my family I get to

continue my mother's legacy and I get to

make an impact and whoever thinks that

you know you can't do it you can because

you can start out of nothing and my

direction was always with food and food

brought me here at the moment you know

I'm still work two jobs I work at a

night job and I worked my business

during the day but when you're actually

passionate about what you like and

you're actually passionate about what

you love you are willing to work those

48 50 60 hours a week to pay your bills

and to actually follow your dreams

I am newest at angle I am the co-owner

of Lupita's Corner Market and I am

following my food dreams oh yes



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