This Innovative Altcoin Will DOMINATE 2020

by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

Look I'm gonna be honest with you guys there's more ways to lose money and cryptocurrency than there is to make it okay that doesn't mean it's not one of the biggest opportunities ever brought forth in human history I'm talking about the jump

From the regular Internet to internet 3.0 is gonna be absolutely and a lot of people are gonna get rich but a lot of you people are just way too greedy you're getting way too greedy why don't you just pick a coin that's gonna

Absolutely dominate 2020 in this video I found that keep watching what's going on everybody Alex back with another cryptocurrency video and guys we get straight to the money look the quickest way from point A to B is a straight line

There's no day trading up here there's no decentralized apps down here let's double your bitcoins and lose all your money from the scam to which they extort you for the rest of your cryptocurrency no none of that stuff we're just simply

Trying to find undervalued all coins that is gonna take more market share just in time for the bull run of 2021 end of 2020 whenever the bull run comes guys we're gonna find those all coins they're gonna

Hundred X that's what I look for that's when you see these videos the coins are gonna dominate now I'm not trying to get extremely risky and play the lotto here I'm just simply trying to find the coins that have real utility that's gonna gain

A lot of value over others right that's undervalued right now that can make us some money but why me like Alex well credibility do you have I've showed this in other videos maybe some of you've seen the testimonials but look at this

Testimonial here and then I got another one here actually my girlfriend made a whole bunch of money here started off with two thousand dollars withdrew the two thousand dollars and this is pure profit 22,000

A shot of them purchasing aetherium way far back in the day when it was worth nothing now the reason I show that is because there can be a lot of BS and cryptocurrency a lot of people just talking because they know how to use the

YouTube search algorithm to their advantage that's the reason I show these testimonials cuz a lot of people I get it you know you might have been bamboozled before but I just want to just kind of

The doubt and show you guys I know what I'm talking about now before we get started guys if you have already subscribed to the channel my name is Alex I talk about everything cryptocurrency and Internet

Entrepreneurship if you're looking to make money on the internet this is a must a must subscribe to channel and I'm not just saying that I try to provide you guys with as much value as I possibly can

Keep it real down-to-earth real facts I'm not here trying to showboat or anything like that you might see me you know play around having fun with money and stuff but I try to keep it as realistic as possible back everything up

With facts and go extremely deep into these crypto currencies we're not just talking about it I'm showing you exactly proven reasons why these crypto currencies could potentially make you some money I don't know but this is not

Financial advice okay now by the way guys this cryptocurrency previously I passed it over I was just like you know whatever you know they're they're cool they're doing they're doing some things but you know I really didn't piqued my

Interest until this new tool that I've been using its called token metrics okay now before you guys like hang me by a rope or something like that in my comments section keep in mind guys we are in

Partnership I am a sponsored partner you know with token metrics but I do it for a reason there's a reason why I got their you know product for myself I originally got their product and then it just happened to be that we did business

Together because I believe that they have insight and knowledge that you can use right there's a lot of platform where they're just calling signals and they have the predictions of the cryptocurrency where they show you you

Know what they think the price is gonna be with a machine-learning which is I think it's pretty legitimate but what I really like is the fact that they they display all the research and I use it as a tool to combine what my fundamental

Analysis research principles I use it as a tool to you know because there's some things I would never know right like for example code right I have a little bit of coding background but there's just people that are way better than me

Instead of you know trying to do everything myself I rather outsource that information and they can tell me if the product is actually good right they can tell me things that I would previously not know

Like how is the code is it clean code is it you know overcomplicating right all these things how many lines of code all that stuff that I honestly would have to take years to really understand I can get it with token metrics and I'm

Explaining to you what I'm talking about more depth of course so let's jump into the video now the first thing I want to show you guys is this chart here I show it in all of my altcoin videos because I want to be completely honest and

Transparent guys the majority of my money is in Bitcoin theorem I will say this every time why because there's a lot of people out there with 2530 kryptos that's way too much okay if you're actually trying to

Make money and crypto like I told you guys I'm not trying to get straight to the money from A to B straight line if you're actually trying to make money the easiest and best way to do it is to not over diversify you want to find those

Coins in the top hundred 150 maybe 200 want to find those coins and you could write but you don't want to over diversify and you're just like playing the lotto right I've seen a lot of youtubers talk about you know finding

Those moonshot crypto currencies with the extremely small market cap right that is like you might as well go to the casino straight up because you'll make your money quicker and those investment decisions not only the extremely risky

And you have less than like a 5% chance to win but you don't know if you're right – like five years or two years right so essentially like you might as well go to the casino and just kind of you know the tester odds they're I don't

Know what I try to do with crypto currencies and all coins is I try to find ones that are not extremely risky so like you guys don't understand that crypto currency and Jenna was already risky right there's already ridiculous

Upside opportunity less than 3% of the world is in crypto currency so the opportunities are already there it's greed I see basically the overall gist is they're telling you what you want to hear right which yeah you could make

Money in all coins with you know 100 bucks right there's not that's not a problem but turning 100 and it's a couple grand that's phenomenal nobody else can do that but when they're saying you could turn 100 into like a million

Dollars or something like that but find a Mushin undervalued moonshot cryptocurrency or like a I think it's just absolutely ridiculous I think what you guys should be doing is finding crypto currencies that are relatively

Right so on the on the risk spectrum here you don't want to go all the way to the bottom you want to stay maybe a little bit above the middle because crypto currency as a market and a whole is already risky you're taking on way

Too much risk what you're doing is you're putting your money in a toilet and you don't know if it's gonna flush until two years right so I'm just trying to help you guys out what are you gonna do with all this money I'm gonna

Reinvest my money into the community oh that's a very nice gesture what side like you guys saw before I previously done this it wasn't me trying to find moonshot actually I've tried and wasted thousands of dollars trying to find

These moonshot cryptocurrency I'm not saying you can't do it I'm just saying that like most people just don't have that money if you're playing with a couple thousand dollars like that's not the way to go you want to get the ones

In the top hundred which we're gonna talk about in this crypt in this video you want to get those you know crypto currencies in the top hundred to get not guaranteed but increase those odds just a little bit and then you want to have

Majority Bitcoin in E theorem so now that you guys understand the risks involved you understand the market and the climate let's talk about the crypto currency now what is the crypto currency we're talking about here it's gonna be

Number 24 on coin market cap Kosmos their token is called atom now let me explain something when I do my research there's like 3040 principles that I dive in extreme depth but this is not the video for that I'd be four hours long so

In these types of videos what I try to do is I try to stick to the main ones right so the main ones I usually look at is the product the team and the marketing but the history right there I feel I can give you guys a very

Effective video show you in depth how this cryptocurrency potentially could play out and guys you can make a ridiculous sum of money invested in these types of coins don't get green I'm gonna show you what I'm talking about so

Let's jump to the first thing let's explain what Kosmos is okay let me just read the introduction and I'll explain it in my own words to make it easier for you guys the combines success of an open-source ecosystem decentralized

File-sharing and public crypto currencies has inspired an understanding that decentralized internet protocols can be used to radically improve the economic infrastructure we have seen specialized blockchain applications like

Bitcoin zero cash cryptocurrency for privacy or a decentralized SPARC contract platforms such as e theorem will countless distributed applications for the etherium virtual machine you know basically they're saying is that

You know cryptocurrency is blooming and there's a lot of different applications what's going on today however these block chains have suffered from a number of drawbacks including their growth energy and efficiency or poor or limited

Performance immature governance mechanisms proposals to scale bitcoins transactions throughout what they're saying essentially what cosmos is doing cuz I'm not trying to read this whole thing here

Is they're connecting all the block chains right so the interoperability right so what do I mean by that so this is just the best way this is the front of their website everything like that very clean they're helping proof of work

Protocols with scalability they use tender mint okay which is basically something that they've developed now the whole purpose of these videos guys is we're trying to make money I'm not gonna explain

Technicals but I'm going to try explaining the best way I possibly can you guys know how my videos work so the second one usability blockchain applications are complex and difficult to understand for developers so they

Have their own SDK that helps them very easy actually looked into it for myself and it's pretty interesting and an interoperability between economies they're basically by themselves right they can't transfer among it's like if

You were trying to get a Bitcoin 2e theorem you'd have to use I mean there is some cases where you use like a decentralized exchange and stuff like that but they don't communicate with each other essentially what they're

Trying to say that you have to use like exchange or something like that that you can't send specific information about each crip those amongst each other so they try to solve that with our IBC protocols okay so essentially this this

Point if you are looking at it from a marketing perspective they're gonna be marketing to other blockchains that's where they're gonna win right now obviously there's a lot of people in blockchain that would want to buy the

Tokens to stake on it with the government's protocol and everything like that because they give you governance and they have their own governance so we can you can kind of like vote on different things on this

Block team specifically but I would say that their biggest market is gonna be to other blockchain which i think is very good because if they if they get some good team members which which I'm gonna talk about in this video if they get

Some good team members and they do well then cosmos is gonna do well right so if I come over here now the roadmap I looked into it for myself you guys gonna have to take my word for it or you can go look at it for yourself if you want

To but I'm not gonna spend a lot of time on it I just went over what they did and you know previously they didn't over estimate you know anything they weren't like over-promising and under-delivering they're a pretty on point well what they

Said they wanted to do specifically I would say that one their roadmap if he has a no roadmap is basically like they tell you what they're gonna do and basically goal is set for themselves they're pretty on point the room is very

Detailed they're a very on point they actually did what they were gonna say and you know I feel like this is like a very very good example of a high-quality roadmap you guys gonna look at that for

Yourself it's on the website now I could told you guys touken metrics now I used this primarily for my researching this time because I kind of took their word for passed over Kosmos a couple of times because I thought there was just better

Options but after listening to what they said guys like I completely understand why this would be did a number three number one when it comes to interoperability in cryptocurrency when it comes to their

Specific niche they're definitely number one okay so a couple of things that I would never ever been able to figure out like for example the technology summary they're saying that right here the team put a solid development effort using the

Latest technology and most use golang as a programming language from micro servers architecture now you got to understand that there's other people using different languages okay now whether it's bad is you know there's

Obviously a community of you know developers at cryptocurrency and if this is the mostly used language – it's the best one there's I've seen other block chains using different types of languages which is kind of weird to me

So I thought that was interesting something I would have never known cosmos hub is a blockchain and its main function is to act as a router for zones it supports routing of messages between zones and interoperability this means

Cosmos ecosystem allows us to transfer tokens between different block chains using cosmos hub okay we have a lot of different crypto currencies trying to solve the specific problem but I believe according to token metrics third a

Number one in their niche which there's no way for me to tell that when it comes to a project right our product there's no way for me to tell that when it comes to a product cuz I can't understand you know specifically like code quality

Right is it open source yes does it you know use a good product code like C++ rust look it uses the ER Lang I'm even know if I'm saying that right it can use better programming language no it literally cannot has the best programmer

Large number of github lines right 10k how many commits per month one in ten good quality code I would never know how to distinguish the quality of code how well is the code committed good basically what they're saying is the

Quality of this is is high quality code which I would never be able to figure out they have senior developers okay and there's the coding style I guess is solid right and number of active developers now when taking all this

Information in you got to kind of check and see who's giving you this information which I did okay so if I come over here I could show you that per each okay if that's how you pronounce his name he was a former IT executive

Director at Goldman Sachs now I'm not saying here saying he's the one doing this I don't know for sure who's doing the research specifically but all I know is that they're just wastes martyr than me that's a fact whoever is doing this

Research knows more than I do at a hundred percent he led the development of JP Morgan and chase and Barclays mobile payment platforms is now helping build token metrics whether he's building it or not I know somebody

Smarter than I is looking at this code and more detail than I ever could so I thought that was pretty interesting so from a technology standpoint they're trying to connect blockchain which is well needed and cryptocurrency because

Everybody's kind of doing their own thing and if we all want to flourish as the ecosystem as a whole you know this is something like information needs to be passed from blockchain to boxer I know that for a fact

Right it's gonna help the ecosystem and it's a technology we need we know I know this because liquidity protocol is like you know copper network or 0x and stuff like that they're widely used and that's providing liquidity now this is a little

Bit different because it's geared towards me developers that's why as we come to the website here you can see that there it's for you know developers they provide scalability usability interoperability right so essentially

What they're doing is they're helping all the block chains which i think is very well needed and cryptocurrency so when it comes to their product not only are they number one in crypto but according to token metrics their code is

Extremely solid they're doing everything right when it comes to the product so I would say you know add a product it's like a nine out of ten ten out of ten okay there's a reason why I pick cosmos not again I'm gonna show you that source

On this video with a price prediction that you could still make a ridiculous amount of money you don't need to go you know gamble on these local market cap coins you can stick to like you know the top 100 top 200 at most right and

Still make a ridiculous amount of money okay so now that you understand the product you understand what the project is pretty much doing let's jump over to the team now in Tokyo Metro are used to have to like hound these people down

It's actually very simple with Tokyo metric so you can just click fundamentals which is essentially what I'm doing here and they have the whole team here and they actually even have like a brief description you know Dovie

Was from eBay as you can see here Dovie ridiculous you know she's founding partner and primitive ventures you know ridiculous background an executive director she has coined s experience she has all types of

Crypto clearance so if we click Alexander here let me just show you some more of the team I already know that they have a rockstar team but let me just show you software engineer at Enderman okay that's the the protocol we

We were talking about earlier we can see that he was a founder of fission labs self-employed senior engineer blockchain infrastructure so he has coding experience about a year's worth of coding experience senior software

Engineer a senior engineer guys lead design architecture so clearly he has a lot of industry experience Peter hears from Adobe I'm not gonna jump into it specifically this person is from Yelp

Come on like the big time Microsoft Intel clearly all-star team you could look into it for yourself toka metrics just made it really easier for me to dive deep into this the one thing I did find out that was difficult for me to

Look before is the scarcity now you can see here what they're saying is that it's inflationary if you guys know inflationary is it's basically they can kind of control the supply but that would imagine that would be controlled

By the governance so if you actually have a stake you can say if you want inflationary or not not a hundred percent sure on that but the they don't have a token burn so this is just a lot of stuff like if they did have a token

Berg I'm sure the fundamental score would have been higher right so as you can see here when it comes to fundamentals they rate it out a hundred and you can see that the team is one of the best right

Their reputation we're looking at a 9 point 8 4 out of 12 marketing 12 out of 12 which we'll talk about more marketing and stuff like that liquidity they're on major exchanges that's a big thing I actually learned about because of Tokyo

Metric so let's look at the fundamental so Kosmos built by the team tender mint protocol team is the first public interoperability blockchain cosmos the ecosystem blockchain is the interoperate is each other before cosmos blockchains

Are kind of like independent unable to communicate with each other as block chains can transact with each other this allows developers to break barriers the end goal is to build an Internet block chains that's a point that's a term that

They coined a network of block chains that would communicate with each other in a decentralized manner several projects are already utilizing cosmos there the testimony cosmos inclusive design by an age change is probably the

Most significant project leveraging cosmos blockchain which they kind of spilled the beans I was going to talk about how buying its point is using cosmos which are absolutely ridiculous other projects including loom cava

Playlist and so on you know there's just a lot of people using them already to communicate with each other so that's really good science right so you know we talked about the product we talked about the team they get the team's probably

Their strongest point including their product I mean I don't know what else to say guys when it comes to product marketing a team they're pretty much there they've pretty much got everything I can't really you know break it down

They have the liquidity as you can see they're on the biggest exchanges bit tricks Polonia ex-finance with a lot of volume already you know how many years is a company business before launching cryptocurrency

Three plus so they're basically saying that they have you know a lot of experience market standing do they have customers and users yes are they leading the pack in terms of competition other company they're number one like I told

You before there's a token you know fulfill the utility yes they're doing things right now people are actually using them basically they're asking here this is it's the token have they're solving a problem yes they're solving a

Problem okay now let's let's jump into marketing you guys understand the product you understand what it's use case is you understand that a team can probably take them there and I've already taken it there they're already

Doing things let's talk about the marketing over 20 K visits do they have a large community yes we're gonna talk about the community so let's come over here let's do some of some fundamental analysis you can see that mostly

Referrals come from core market being at the number 24 corn market care that makes a lot of sense they're getting more than 50k on average fifty fifty thousand forty thousand views there's a lot of different websites you can use

Like as well as similar web and I saw that they kind of all ran the same bail they're getting anywhere from 30 K to like 50 60 K per month which is extremely strong considering that they're they're technically you know

Marketing to an other blockchains that's that's their biggest point now of course they're simultaneously marketing to people like me and you and investors but they just need to get adoption from blockchains which and provide a good

Product which is a big thing now as you can see their Twitter they have 32.6 km/h 6 hundred and thirty three followers their reddit they have about eight point four key members and they have a legitimate YouTube channel that

Explains everything from their own original videos which is a big one for me being it doesn't even need to have a lot of subscribers they just have a lot of essentially information to learn about it for developers as well as

Investors so I think this is like their biggest strong point I don't care about the subscribers I just care about if they have information for people to look through now let's talk about doing some price

Prediction so number 24 employee market cap we're gonna do like a relatively close kind of price prediction if we receive you know about one trillion dollars in cryptocurrency as a whole which we did hit that point you know in

2017 there was about one trillion dollars in cryptocurrency so we're gonna see that and then we're gonna look at specifically some kind of long-term no price predictions to see if we get the 10 trillion dollar valuation which I

Talked about my other coin videos go look at my other videos but essentially just this I know a lot of people ad or like wow you really think 10 trillion dollars but it's like pretty straightforward and pretty common belief

That cryptocurrency could receive 10 trillion dollars right like for example you know Gold's market cap is nine trillion there's just much more usefulness and cryptocurrency by far if you look at logarithmic regression of

The market cap of all crypto currencies you can clearly see that 10 trillion is not only in the books but it's it's pretty relatively conservative to say that we're gonna see 10 trillion dollars in about three to five years in

Cryptocurrency as a whole if you guys don't know what I'm talking about I'm basically saying that you know right now as you can see two hundred and twenty 1 billion dollars in cryptocurrency I'm saying this can turn into ten trillion

Which again like I said we saw 1 trillion so what if we see approximately 1 trillion what I did is I looked at a historical snapshot of the another 24th position so this right here under icon this was number 24 you can see that

There was one point seven billion dollars you guys know how it works if you take the market cap of a coin if you want to predict you want to predict how much market cap you might predict a circulating supply we take that and this

Is a near-term if we see you know Bitcoin hit 20k again which is potentially could happen in the next six months I would say maybe but if we click here and we put one point seven billion dollars divided by the circulating

Supply of Cosmos which let me just copy this to make it easier myself we can see that this two dollars and 74 cents per coin can potentially go to nine dollars so it could buy like what 3 to 4 X 3 to 4 x your money and the next six months

To a year potentially now a lot of people all of this nothing I want to see a 100x you're getting greedy man you're getting greedy this coin it's pretty straightforward it's already established if you put your money in here I think a

Better strategy instead of trying to just moon shot and lose all your money a better strategy would be to go get a job develop some type of income to be able to dollar cost average into the cryptocurrency so they're kind of pretty

Much not guaranteed but that if they don't if they don't boom if they don't you know 100x what's gonna happen is they're gonna follow the market so essentially I'm not saying there's nothing guaranteed in life of course but

What I'm saying is that you're gonna be able to sleep better at night you're not gonna pull your cryptocurrency and you're gonna be able to make more money on the back end doing like a business or you know getting a second job or just

Getting a raise your job or something like that being able to put the cryptocurrency and I'm just trying to say you goes up for real okay that's just the truth now let's just do a long-term prediction like I

Said ten trillion dollar valuation that essentially mean that this kind of 10x here so $90 per coin so if we multiply that by ten we have potentially let's just say eighty to ninety dollars per coin so if you were to put in let's say

Hypothetically five thousand dollars into this coin right now which if you don't have five thousand dollars you shouldn't be worrying about moonshot that's what I'm trying to say a lot of you guys I have five hundred bucks in

Crypto and you got like these moonshot coins that some youtuber talked about I'm just trying to really help you like there's a difference between just kind of entertaining you and making you feel like you're doing something and actually

Helping you I'm really just actually trying to help you so let's just divide this by two dollars and 74 cents okay so that means you're getting about eighteen hundred coins multiply that by 80 bucks okay potentially turn your you know five

Thousand dollars to one hundred and forty five thousand dollars in three to five years time I think is extremely lucrative it's extremely but you guys most people they want to go even deeper than that this is number 24 and coin

Mark cap it's gonna follow the market if it doesn't do extremely well it's gonna just you're not gonna lose your money as much right the whole point is for you guys to like not get into cryptocurrency and get turned off because of like one

Of these moonshot crypto currencies or whatever these scams or something like that there's people that I've literally thought in my group chat that I had respect for and I thought they understood the market that are getting

Scammed guys there's people that are smart that are getting scammed okay don't get scammed I'm trying to there's just too much opportunity out there less is more all the opportunities shiny object syndrome if you guys looking at

This and then going to this movie you're gonna lose money on fees you're gonna lose money because you're missing the bigger opportunities like top 50 all coins a lot of people just straight-up don't understand and I'm just trying to

That's that's what you guys get in this channel here I'm trying to give you the most straightforward evidence facts and knowledge about this cryptocurrency space so that you don't miss out on the massive opportunity from this like

Science shiny object syndrome right so now I want to show you guys really quickly I told you I was a partner with Tokyo metrics I want to show you just some things just in case you don't know what it is

They do have a free two week trial so if you are just getting into crypto or you're looking to get some new crypto currencies what I highly suggest is you guys go to the link description hello like I told you before I'm a

Sponsor this is how I support my family use my link to sign up for token metrics use the 14 day trial and test it out for yourself they're so confident that this works which I believe it does because of the machine learning techniques that you

Know machine learning is essentially algorithms all these algorithms and they learn from what they lose so like they have predictions and if they do bad and which this one for Kosmos they've been pretty on point as you can see here

They've been their accuracy was ninety four point five four percent so essentially you know if you were up here and you took their advice you would have saved money on this fall if you were sold here and then bought back in here

You would've made a whole bunch of money so I know being that they're pretty accurate they actually get better over time that's what machine learning does so over time they if they mess something up they fix it right that's the point

And that's what I really really like about this is because there's no way like they do it automatically right a lot of other places they'll say something like a thirty day price prediction but they don't give anything

To follow up they just give you like the prices this has everything they have the technical analysis if you guys are into technical analysis right now it's bearish right there's a lot of reasons why and they kind of bounce that out

With the fundamentals and the technology and everything like that you could look into exactly why it's bearish right the awesome oscillator the commodity channel index you can look this up for yourself – essentially what I'm saying is these

Guys are the professionals and you could piggyback your information off of there guys if you have a couple thousand cryptocurrency I know some people that have like fifty thousand dollars with cryptocurrency are just going off of

Like feeling no there's no there's no need to do that there's a lot of options you know that are relatively cheap and in some cases free as you can see here they're so confident of their product they give you a 14-day free trial so you

Can literally go find these crypto currencies make money and when they see you make money then you'll probably pay for it because you know it's legit that's the whole point of a free trial is that they're trying to like to prove

It to you that it's good right so as you can see here they give you everything and give you the summary so if you you don't have to go to the website if you don't want to they give you the product description the fundamental summary the

Technology summary now again like I say you always want to piggy about this with your own research principles you want to have a way to take down notes and look into it in depth for yourself to find things they might have missed but again

Like I said there's a lot of things I was like fundamentals the technology this is what I use it the most for the technology section considering I don't know too much about like coding and stuff that that's like where I really

Get the majority of this as well as the price predictions you know if I actually make moves off of these price prediction they have it for all the different types of crypto currencies let me go to summary

Real quick let me show you I'm talking about so if you go to ratings here they literally rate all of them you can see you have the top shots here and these move rankings that's why you need to like look at it for yourself and you

Know that they give you reasons why that's why I love it they give you literally reasons why and they take everything in consideration to take fundamental analysis technical analysis you know data science and the thing

About this stuff is that the more data they get over time the the more mature this platform gets the better it gets they also have a private group with some big names in cryptocurrency you guys have heard about that are in that

Private group that you guys can get access to they put out you know weekly webinars that you can ask them questions to queue A's I think it's pretty legit and I'm not just saying that cuz I'm a partner I'm saying that because you know

I was a user before I was a partner I actually used their product and I liked it and then I decided you know what this is legitimate let me join the referral program like I said I told you how to use the link in the description below if

You want to learn more about Tokyo metric so I'll leave a second link so the first link is access to the 14-day free trial go ahead and use that and then the second link is gonna be access to their very own webinar

Well they explained it way better than me okay so they can they would just show you the whole team they'd show you exactly what they're doing and if you want to be convinced a little bit more understand how the you know the platform

Is used go ahead and use that for yourself but as you guys see you hear a lot of my research was conducted for this cryptocurrency I'm currently holding a good amount of Cosmos comparison to my portfolio and I think

They're gonna do very well considering here they're gonna do better than a lot of cryptocurrencies that you guys know that you guys are invested in you know and I think so as well after doing my research but that's it for this video

Guys if you like the quality's content hit like if you don't leave some constructive criticism subscribe for more video updates and like I always say if you don't get with this technology you will get left behind thanks for

Watching this video guys catch you in the next one

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Hello tokens and welcome to another video nice update now today's third of June and I'm looking at news that happened from 28th of May until today I alw...
hello it's Brad Lori or blockchain Brad and today we're speaking exclusively with icon many of you know it you've known it for years and they'r...
People what's going on this an update on Tron all right so the market right now market cap is 431 billion we've got a Bitcoin dominance roughly 34 perce...