This Gadget Will Make You Untouchable…

by birtanpublished on September 8, 2020

So I wanted to put together a little compilation gadget video a few things have shown up here at the studio these ones all happen to be kind of small kind of tiny and one of them actually happens to be quite timely as well which is the reason I've got that one down on the

Bottom so let's go ahead and just jump into it and check out some unusual or cool tiny little gadgets this one is from a company called stat gear they're the guys I teamed up with to make this little knife actually this is the unbox

Therapy unboxing knife but then when the whole situation hit would the pandemic and so forth they went into gear it's that gear put it in gear I mean you're looking at that thing in what is this gadget what exactly am I looking at well

It kind of makes sense for a company that is a pocket knife company to be able to quickly change their production into something like this little gadget this is made of brass I believe and it's something called the

Hygiene hand and I have the website open here hygiene hand anti-microbial brass EDC door opener and stylus they have raised six hundred and fifty five thousand dollars Canadian I don't know what that is in USD at the moment it's a

Lot more than their goal was and the aim of this device the purpose of this device is to allow you to touch things you put this on your keychain and you can touch things sign things enter your code on pin pads elevator door you can

Even open some handles that's what the little piece on the end here is for is to be able to grip a handle this little extension leash which can sit on your waist this can go on your belt loop so you don't lose it if you don't want to

Put it with your keys in your pocket you think it's too big now the reason it's made out of brass is because brass is antimicrobial so it's not gonna pick up the germs on whatever you touch and it lets you keep your hand from touching

Those germs it's a really simple little gadget but super timely which is probably the reason they've been able to raise so much money so if you have to go out and still be in public pressing things opening doors

Tapping things and so forth to get one of these they have a few of them left they are making them in the USA as well obviously it's a hot topic at the moment it's even a US flag actually on the little key

Back it's amazing how sometimes the simplest solutions you look at it and think to yourself yeah of course this is it immediately a way of touching far fewer surfaces than you already do

It's called the hygiene hand next up I have a little speaker this is called Pete Z sound beyond size now I have looked at these types of speakers in the past sometimes I'm surprised sometimes I'm not too happy this one claims to be

The one I've always been looking for well that's what they say on a box sound beyond size P Z 4700 and what do they say on the website they say you can get her on Amazon okay that's cool super small speaker immense listening

Experience think you've heard everything you're in for a huge surprise super small speaker with sound that will leave you dazzled and astounded my goodness all right it looks tiny in that picture it looks tiny right here I don't know I

Can't promise that I'll be dazzled this is the black version I'm looking at the side of the package there it looks like it comes in a couple of different colors black or a few to be more precise black silver and red small body big voice true

Wireless stereo so I suppose you could pair more than one of these and remote shutter for taking photos it is fifty seven point six grams where is that unboxing knife here we go up to four hours of playback time two hours to

Recharge yeah that's small that's very small I think man I'm going back now in unbox therapy years here I'm trying to remember the world's smallest bluetooth speaker it was roughly this size but didn't have the same substance to it

This one is feeling more sturdy more robust I'm happy about that so far maybe that's how you get your sound I don't think it's plastic no it's cool to the touch I think it's made out of metal that's good

Aluminum probably microUSB down on the bottom to charge it up with a little flap to cover it for water resistance and that's pretty much it that's what you're going to need wrist strap for it in case you want to

Wear it around your wrist I probably wouldn't do that myself but hey you know do what you got to do tiny little micro USB cable and a carrying pouch a velvety carrying pouch yes you heard the little indicator you know the problem with

These tiny little Bluetooth speakers is the fact that smartphone speakers have gotten so much better in recent years that even a slim improvement might not be worth carrying the thing around whereas in the past smartphone speakers

Were terrible and so you you had a purpose for such a portable bluetooth speaker go just right to this back to bluetooth just how my facial expression I'm I'm wincing squinting yeah it sounds a little bit better it's got some bass

In it compared to your phone but man I don't think so I don't think it's good enough to justify carrying it around exclusively in your pocket the construction is really nice compared to some of the other world's smallest mini

Little Bluetooth speakers I've seen in the past but if you have a half-decent smartphone speakers gonna be tough to justify the cost of this although what is the cost of this 40 bucks so I mean it's a pretty little thing if you've got

An absolutely terrible speaker on your smartphone and you need to upgrade it or I don't know what other device would you need something like this for maybe all right next up we have this little gadget it's from a company call fuse the

Company is called fuse course I had the website up I should have remembered this is a cheap little adapter attachment type of thing it's 12 bucks right now on their website it's on sale I don't know how much it is on Amazon but it's 12

Bucks on their website these guys make these cool little accessories a lot for your cables and power supplies and things like that to kind of just make the experience of living with them a little bit more organized this one is

Meant to attach to a laptop power brick it will work really with anything as long as your charger is bigger than this attachment and it's in the shape of a square or something like a square that this can then attach to the way it works

Is that this thing sticks to the backside of your charger and then it pops out allowing it to house your entire cable that you would normally wind up near the charger a simple little gadget a simple little sidekick that's

What it looks like it's kind like a pop socket for your power charger that's that's kind of the way it goes for your power cable I have a power adapter here this one is an 87 watt MacBook power adapter but like I said anything that

This could fit on so anything smaller than this would work even if the power brick was a little smaller than this it would still operate as long as it was small enough to fit the sticky portion lift off the adhesive here and I mean in

An ideal scenario you wipe this with some alcohol or something to make sure it's gonna stick on there by the way they also make it in black so if you don't have an apple power adapter that you're connecting it to you can pick up

The black one so maybe it matches a little bit better that's what it looks like when it's folded down now if you pop it up that's what happens as you can see so now you end up with this section on the inside that you're going to wrap

Your cable in if we pop this out we come around like so we spin a few times now this is a fairly long type-c cable so you could use this with a shorter one you could use this with a phone charger if you want it but wait a second it's

Not gonna fold down I see okay so the cable goes up through this is kind of nice I don't mind that look at that it gives you a nice little spot it's always the worst part is trying to

Figure out what you do at the very end of your wrap wait do you tuck it under no there's a little nice little section for it to clip into over there that's what you look like when you're traveling okay that's your nice little package and

Then when you get to your destination you plug in depending on where the plug is you can leave some of it wrapped up so if you're at the coffee shop well once the whole Lintz this whole thing once you've once you're done having to

Use this guy because the world is back to some sense of normalcy the last one is another power gadget and you guys know I am always interested in the ultimate charger something like this I have featured many of them on the

Channel in the past this one though it just broke some records for me this is again fast charger but it's a 120 watt mini quick charger so of course I've seen 60 watt 65 I've had those on a show I've even seen at 85 120 though now all

Of a sudden this thing can charge anything really anything that I have nothing requires more than 120 watts so even the bigger laptops could get their juice off of this three port output quick charge indicator light 90 degree

Foldable plug head gain plus si si Tech so that's that's the big component that allows these things to be this small and still output that kind of juice on there okay whoo fancy packaging and I think this was a Kickstarter as well I should

Probably find out real quick world's first 120 watt gann USB C charger the ultimate small and powerful charger 120 watt quick charge to 3 devices supports all fast charging protocols built-in foldable prongs and

Safeguards they say–it's card sized I can tell it's gonna be a bit fatter than that it's got a USB a I mean it looks yeah small yet mighty this is kind of what I want the one charger to rule them all one charger in the bag it's all very

Exciting so anyways let's crack it out of the package here so I got the white one the one in their video there was black it's heavier than a card obviously but it's about this this is nice I'm into

This so flip down prongs on the front on this side type see one out type see two out and then USB a out Oh 120 watts across the whole deal but a hundred watts per port like I said one charger to rule them all this can do

Your smart phone it can do your laptop it does have a little bit more weight to it but I can give you I give you a quick comparison but the way to think about this is this extra port down here on the bottom capable of 30 watts so that means

Essentially this is inside of here along with your laptop charger these two inside of there this thing has as much power as both of these let's attempt to do a laptop as well as quick charge the oneplus 8 pro

Laptop moment of truth look at this whole rig this whole setup we'll see if we get the chime out of it yes all right so that's charging one plus eight pro and we chuck that into the adapter as well and over there we're charging

Rapidly as well rapidly on the phone enough power for the laptop 120 watts in the brick I know I get excited about weird things I've I've already come clean on that I've told you that in the past I like the idea of efficiency and

The fact that you could have one power brick in your bag instead of multiple power bricks particularly when that one power brick can fast charge all your stuff few different price points let me know what your favorite gadget a bunch

Was that's a little combo video for you on a Tuesday all right

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