THIS EXISTS: Music As Torture ft. Sam Sutherland

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

I am so annoyed right now

I can't even handle it hi everyone

Anthony Fantana here the Internet's

busiest music nerd typically I don't

talk much about politics on this YouTube

channel personally I feel like our

government embarrasses itself enough on

a regular basis to the point where I

don't need to point it out there getting

God's spying on us for whatever reason

they lack the capacity to give our

veterans our wounded veterans adequate

health care and they basically been

unable to put the end to a war that is

older than a lot of my viewers at this

point and with this video I'm going to

put a little fuel on the fire I hate to

break it to you but our government

tortures people duh everybody knows that

with music duh everybody knows that as

requested by me my dude Sam Sutherland

over at ox TV has put together a video

that is essentially a short history of

music used as torture by America I am

going to transition over to the videos

so I mean it's it's going to be hard

I've never done a transition to a

totally different video like this before

so will require supreme concentration

transition issues it is the first use of

music in American military action is

kind of funny during the US invasion of

Panama in 1989 the army continuously

played Van Halen's Panama in an attempt

to drive Manuel Noriega to surrender and

things have become much less funny since


after Panama music played a bit role in

American offensive action the FBI used

Nancy Sinatra and Tibetan chants at Waco

but it was the advanced interrogation

techniques of a post 9/11 military

landscape that brought out the big

speakers Industrial Godfather's Skinny

Puppy recently dragged this issue back

into the public eye when they invoiced

the United States government for 666

thousand dollars following the

revelation that they're pummeling tunes

were being used to soften up prisoners

for interrogation so went to the BBC and

the BBC is you know they came up with a

statement saying that they had got in

touch with the Pentagon and they could

neither deny nor confirm receipt of our

invoices so now we've gone on and in

recent the invoices can we've gotten new

connections with new addresses of the

Department of Defense and the Department

of intelligence here's what softening up

entails six or twelve hours in a dark

room with this played so loud that you

cannot sleep or think

skinny puppy's complaint may be new but

the guts of this story date back to 2004

when the testimony of numerous

Guantanamo Bay prisoners revealed that

loud music was being used to

psychologically torture inmates for

months at a time but it didn't start

with metal it started with pigtails

eventually the members of the us

psychological operations or psyops team

led by sergeant mark Hansel found some

more threatening music to bang they

found deicide

deicide led to the usual suspects

Metallica Nine Inch Nails and Skinny

Puppy but not every band resented being

used in a torture setting when a rumor

began circulating the Metallica had

requested Enter Sandman be removed from

the playlist Christian metal band demon

hunter stepped up to the plate crack

they went so far as to send CDs and

patches to American military personnel

the Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden

was wearing a demon hunter patch when he

did it but in an attempt to perfect what

is known internally as futility music

interrogators went further than metal

they went as dark as you can possibly

imagine I love you You Love Me Barney

hasn't signed up yet but artists like

REM and Pearl Jam have joined forces

with the human rights organization

reprieve in order to find out exactly

what is being used as futility music 5

the US government one dude that's not

joining up buddy from drowning pool the

fans bass player thought being used as a

method of torture was an honor and that

some kids in America pay for that

although based on the fact of the band's

most recent record sold half as much as

their last record not that many kids

there's a tendency to view the horrors

of guantanamo bay as an old story sprung

from the cartoon villainy of the

bush-cheney use but the abuse of

prisoners at American military black

sites is ongoing with music as

wide-ranging as the Red Hot Chili

Peppers and Sesame Street being used to

keep people awake for weeks on end what

do you think of futility music is it

okay for an interrogator to use a nine

inch nail song without Trent Reznor's

permission conversely is this whole

conversation just a distraction from the

overarching horrors of advanced

interrogation techniques let us know

what you think in the comments of this

video and if you like this exist be sure

to check out more episodes at

youtubecom slash this exists thanks

very much to Anthony for having me even

though I miss your old hair very much

transition again thank you very much to

Sam for putting this video together for

this channel I will leave a link down

there in the description where you can

check out his channel you could also

click on my face if you want to check

out his company's channel as well and

music used to hurt people what do you

think about it does it make you sad it

makes me sad fucking depressed really


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