This ALTCOIN Has Direct Ties to Warren Buffett!!

by bigr10published on August 1, 2020

hey yo what’s the word with my people who keep this channel a run in the chico army and any newbie also known as a viewer of the two first i’m the host of this channel tyler and you just set your eyes on the crypto

Channel that gets your eyes focused on the content and then pure chaos ensues i fell into a burning ring of fire

It’s time for chico crypto well it is here the pump for what has been dragging behind bitcoin pulling out the seven day chart it’s good to see we have broken out of the 9200 resistance level

As that support was broke last week and a resistance break attempt happened on sunday although we got rejected then so good to see this pump on that time scale seven days it’s a

Bullish chart but pulling out the chart since the end of may when we entered the 9k to 10k range that chart isn’t so bullish with a series of lower highs around june 1st we peaked just above 10k

Then by june 10th 9875 june 22nd 9675 and then july 8th 9430 so the important number to break in the short term is the last lower high of 9430 not breaking that within the next day or

Two won’t be a good sign but smashing through it will be pretty good but we still have a long way to go up to 10k so is it time for us to focus on granddaddy btc

Or is the theme still the same all coins are providing bigger gains well going to coin gecko and sorting by the top gainers over the past 24 hours as of yesterday we can see that yes all coins are still performing better

With 23 alts above bitcoin in 24 hour percentage gains but here’s the thing i noticed you guys many of those top gainers yesterday over 24 hours were a large majority

Chat coins which makes me believe we are getting to the end of a cycle why not many people are die-hard investors of tron steam fork hive bitcoin gold dx chain token

Shoot even bitcoin sv bitcoin cash and litecoin are pumping more than btc yesterday shoot even the crappy guys behind the chain link foot nexo are pumping more than btc that to

Me signals whale bag holders are pumping to get eyes on their coins to extract what they can out of the markets while they still can during this altcoin cycle and the crypto youtubers are starting to

Chill chill and chill all coin after all coin new coin after new coin week after week which i could do too and many in the community have asked me to do and i’m sure in this video’s comments i get many people

Asking me to talk about x or y coin but i’m not going to do that as if you have hopefully noticed anything about this channel we stick to what we have already covered as there is a reason i covered it

I like what the protocol is doing and believe in it so ran over let’s dive into the coin i want to talk about today and i believe it’s going to surge through the second half of 2020

That is energy web token and their suite of products which i have been extensively covering for the past couple of months including the d3a ewt chain big partners and their validators

And more all of those videos are in the description if you want to check them out but what could be next for energy web well we know some of the big powerhouse energy names they are already connected

Too like shell and tenasca in the west multiple european powerhouses like stead in india alaia group and edf electricity of france but then they have

The east too with singapore’s sb group and japan’s tepco plus many others but there is not one on that community made gif it’s awesome thanks to kobar and the one

I want to talk about is nv energy another western powerhouse energy company which from the envy in the name you can tell it’s focused on the state of nevada and i could tease you and lead you

Around who is the owner of this energy company but let’s just get it out of the way right now berkshire hathaway is and it’s under berkshire energy which means oracle of omaha warren

Buffett is behind this energy company so how does this connect to energy web well first we got to learn that old buffy boy is going green with solar behrens covered it in an article titled warren buffett is making a big bet on

Solar power and from the article berkshire subsidiary in the energy will be using the electricity generated by a 690 megawatt solar energy plant to be built on federal land in nevada

The current record for a solar plant is 579 megawatts on monday the bureau of land management released an environmental impact statement about the project indicating that it would approve

The project after a 90-day period for public comment but it didn’t stop there they got approved for another two separate energy plants totaling another 500 megawatts

Bringing total power to nearly 1 200 megawatts and 590 megawatts energy storage this was called nv energy’s integrated resource plan and as we can see it includes three

Solar plants the aero canyon solar project southern bighorn solar and storage project and the big 690 watt one is called the gemini solar and battery storage

Project so yeah buffy boy is betting on solar and green energy and the big one is getting ready to go live gemini as just in may of this year the trump administration gave it the green light a

One billion dollar project so there is big energy stuff going down in the desert and here’s where energy web comes in news data llc covered it in an article titled

In the energy pilot project to use blockchain technology an article states envy energy the energy web foundation and spark’s nevada-based blockchains on july 15th

Filed an update to the public utilities commission of nevada pucn regarding a pilot project that would leverage blockchain technology to track portfolio energy credit pecs pecs allow renewable energy producers to

Earn and sell credits to regulated utilities and are tracked and traded through pucn’s pec trading program uh oh energywebsbuffett and i got the actual document filed from

Docket18-09008 submitted on july 7 2020 the docket states this proposal was opened all the way back in september of 2018 to determine whether providers of electric service

Should be authorized to utilize alternative solutions including but not limited to blockchain-based solutions to track and certify nevada portfolio energy credits the pcs

Comments were then filed on april 15 2019 and an actual workshop occurred on may 16 2019 then letters were filed by all in september 2019 and the next steps june 4th 2020 and

Here we are today so what is the proof of concept well nevada energy explained it in this separate document filed july 15th it says the proposed poc pilot plan is to utilize blockchain-enabled smart

Meters to automatically and securely record generated pec data to an energy web chain through the use of smart contracts and integrated software the poc pilot will utilize

Blockchain-enabled smart meters and the generation of pecs to prove the origin and amount generated and to issue digital pcs nevada portfolio energy credits so yes they are doing something but big

With energy web chain and there are some key words in this statement from nv energy we need to pay attention to smart meter to automatically and securely record generated pc data

To an energy web chain to prove the origin and amount generated smart meter origin hmm well some of you guys know i’ve already covered this energy web and ledger yeah those who

Make the ledger nano and nano x and more are creating something together it’s on ledger’s website ledger origin and that’s a secure hardware element for recording data from physical devices

Onto blockchains and we can see from the website energy is one of the sectors they are focusing on with one of energy web’s big partners ng and then going to ng’s website in a blog

Post about the project called ko the energy origin it says data is also encrypted where it’s gathered before being transmitted for storage preventing it from being altered by anyone who intercepts it

This is closely related to the technology and ledger’s cryptocurrency wallets which store private codes to protect access to a user’s digital currency that energy data is then transmitted and

Recorded on the energy web chain which makes total sense because taiyo the energy origin from ng is the first application on the chain as seen here so smart meter and origin

Check and mate as one of the suite of tools powering this is ew origins sdk which is the developer tool that can issue energy certificates from a blog post on the topic energy

Attribute certificates eacs are used to prove that renewables such as solar wind or hydro have generated a specific volume of electricity in a certain place at a certain time now

Going back to what nevada energy said the poc pilot will utilize blockchain-enabled smart meters and the generation of pcs to approve the origin and amount generated and that is just a

Tip of the iceberg what i want to finish this episode off with today is getting under the iceberg because energy web is going to transform the energy industry across

World but let’s show today why here in the united states so have you ever heard of solar renewable energy certificates srecs well these are market-based instruments that represent the property

Rights to solar electricity generation and are created for each megawatt hour of electricity generated from solar energy systems and that means there is a tradable market for these certificates of which

The national renewable energy laboratory covered in a research paper titled solar renewable energy certificate market status and trends and they show the srec markets have early stage implementations

In 10 jurisdictions with 17 having rps solar carveouts rps what is that well that is the renewable portfolio standards which says electricity suppliers in their portfolios must have and

Purchase a certain amount of srecs to ensure that they are getting their power from a mandated percentage of renewable sources now the epa gave us a good background on recs and rps but the thing we are

Interested in is the markets trading them from the document on verification and tracking systems it says five regional based web tracking systems cover most of the us

And one of the biggest is pjmeis’s generation attributes tracking system gats who is pjmeis well it’s a tech wing of pjm and the pjm interconnection the grid operators for all of those states and who do you think

Has partnered together well energy web and pjm energy web foundation and pj m eis announced collaboration to build and evaluate blockchain-based tool for a major us renewable energy

Certificates market in the blog it states they announced a landmark collaboration focused on developing and testing a market wide reference implementation of energy web origin for the generation

Attribute tracking system gets administered by pjmeis the collaboration will focus on the pjm region of the gats market and aims to develop tests and make available a full implementation of the

Blockchain-based ew origin toolkit which pjm has a nice little infographic on their advanced technology and they specifically mention blockchain the pilot and energy web so this kind of stuff gets me

Excited srec’s they will be tokenized and they will be tradable through the energy web chain and when you see things like this tesla filing with

Sec and having tesla regulatory credits which the section says many us states have also adopted procurement requirements for renewable energy production these requirements enable companies

Deploying solar energy to earn tradable credits known as solar renewable energy certificates srecs then in that filing they have a specific section called regulation mandated renewable capacity

Which they explain srecs rps which you see why they did that the growth of them selling these is exploding 594 million dollars in revenue from it in 2019 alone and guess who joined pjm

As an associate member while going to pjm’s member list and going to the tease there is tesla well i hope all these connections are getting clearer because things are going to pick up fast with ewt once people pick on

What they are doing and with who i hope you understand cheers i’ll see you next time you

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