This $2000 smart shower is absolutely ridiculous

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hey guys zach here so we already have
smart tvs smart thermostats and smart
lights but what about a smart shower
yeah we're over here at CES and we came
across just that this is the you by Moen
and one of the representatives at their
booth told us all about it check it out
so this is the you by Moen shower it's
the first Wi-Fi and cloud-based digital
shower I'm in the marketplace so no more
handles in the shower we now have a
digital controller that does all the
temperature control the outlet control
and gives you the ability to save up to
two presets straight from the controller
with the push of a button you can turn
the shower on it'll warm up the
temperature when it's ready you have
notifications that tell you what's
happening you can easily change
temperature with the push of a button to
get that precise temperature you want
every single time you can add change
your outlets with the push of a button
and once you get those desired settings
just like your car radio you can press
and hold and save those settings so no
more do you have to go through all that
those button presses the next time you
come in the shower with the push of one
button you have that exact shower that
you just customized right at the sit
right at your fingertips
we also have a smartphone app available
for the system that always mirrors
what's happening in your shower so now
you have full control of your shower
from your phone outside the shower just
like you do in the controller
you can change your outlets you can even
pause the shower when it's ready when
you're in the shower so now you were no
longer wasting water you also have the
ability to fully customize what the
shower looks like what your preset looks
like so you can name a preset who it's
which outlets are on what temperature
you wanted at and if you want a shower
timer a lot of consumers said they'd
love to make sure they're efficient when
they take their shower they want to make
sure they get to work on time or
whatever they need to do you can set a
timer from zero to twenty minutes and
have it do whatever you want to happen
so you can actually have the shower turn
itself off but it reaches temperature or
when it reaches the end of the timer the
shower also has the ability to have pre
notifications so a sound alert on the
controller an app notification like a
text message of when your shower reaches
temperature and my favorite the pause
pause water flow mode so what that is is
when the shower reaches temperature the
first time instead of constantly running
wasting all that water it'll pause and
wait for you to get in
if you start the shower with the preset
it'll warm up to that temperature show
you who it's for it'll tell you what you
need to do when you get in the shower so
right now the water is no longer flowing
but it's holding my settings waiting for
me to get in I push the on/off button
the shower start starts flowing water at
my temperature in all my settings and my
timer is telling me how much time I have
left in the shower so that is my
personal I shower for when I want to get
ready in the morning so this is target
for anybody that wants a great shower
experience so it doesn't matter what age
you are everybody loves to take a shower
right everybody needs to do this
everybody does it today so whether
you're a millennial a baby boomer or
anything in-between this is a great
shower for you because it gives you your
personalized shower every single time
how easy is something like this is set
up so you do need to do some behind the
work behind the wall install so there's
a digital valve behind the wall that
does need AC power to run the Wi-Fi
connectivity put a standard plumber who
installs plumbing products today can do
it you will need to get behind the wall
so most likely it's tearing out the wall
doing some tile work but if you're doing
a new canoe home or a major remodel it's
a great add-on to the to the shower now
how much is something like this gonna
cost so for the valve and controller
alone the two outlet system is one
thousand one hundred sixty dollars
that's the list price we also have a
four outlet model which would be more
outlets for the shower for the water to
come out of which is two thousand two
hundred dollars so a couple different
options depending on how grand you want
your shower to be now I see an iPhone
here is this also compatible with
Android there's an apple and android app
for it both are free and four for
download from the App Store for both the
Apple App Store and the Google Play
Store thank you very much
so there you have it what do you guys
think about it let us know by dropping a
comment down below we'd love to hear
your feedback thanks for watching guys

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