They Said I Couldn’t Make an Online Multiplayer Game… So I Made One!

published on July 17, 2020

Why you don't try make multiplayer game or you can't do that can you make a multiplayer game okay chill stop I get it I'll make a multiplayer game okay boys so ever since I made my first 3d game Carlson in the last videos you guys have filled my comment section with this

So I guess I have no choice but to turn Carlson into a multi player game now if you don't know what Carson is it's basically a first-person parkour milk-drinking game or something I don't really know but you can just watch my

Previous videos if you want to know more about it so before adding online multiplayer I want to slightly just pimp up Carlson a bit so first off I added hyper speed and then I got to work on adding

Reloading since currently all the guns have infinite ammo which is kind of weird so I made a quick ammo icon in Photoshop tons of free sound effects online did some more programming and just like that we now have an ammo

Counter and reload animations and when I say reload animations are you mean spinny voice because I'm too lazy to actually make animations and I mean come on look at that sweet spin just makes me go yes I also changed the explosion

Effect so it clearly says boom because some people might be blind and can't see the explosions so at least now they can read it yeah I know I'm a considerable guy what can I say it's funny because blind people can't read either now as

You might know our character Carlson is actually just a bean and Hama be completely honest with you Carlson be looking kinda thick but since we're turning it into a multiplayer game and I don't really want beans running

Around shooting each other I have to change it up and gave him an actual body but yeah I don't know so I added some more animations it still looks like I don't even know what's going on anyway a lot of people have

Asked me to be able to see the players feet when you slide into enemies so I did just that and now it looks pretty cool supposed to see that clip anyway just pretend you didn't see that last clip

And the animations are now perfect hell yeah so it's time to make multiplayer now here's the first problem I'm pretty dumb now the second problem is that I don't know anything about

Making multiplayer or networking 0 na ricotta bush nothing so there's only one thing to do I quickly found a great tutorial series on YouTube by Tom Wayland showing you

How to set up a dedicated server using c-sharp and then using that with unity there's a link to these videos in the description down below you should seriously check them out because they really help me set up the backend of the

Multiplayer stuff but now I'll finish the tutorial series which means I'm on my own without the slightest clue of what the heck I'm doing so I just look at this mess I have no idea what's happening on my screen right now why is

There a beam what's going on so I did some more coding and we now have two players on the server and character models working you can even look around and the other players can see you looking around which is pretty sick

Because in real life you can also see when other people are looking around it's like my dad used to say looking around is cool and I spent like one hour staring at my screen and I wrote two lines of code and we now have animations

Now some people might say hey those animations are kind of wack but I have no idea what you're talking about looks fine to me it's perfect so none of the animations are perfect I put a little map together and several players

Can now join the server move around and and slide I guess I don't know then I got some of my imaginary friends to join the server and we tested out the game a bit I don't know about them but I had a lot of fun pushing them out of the

Map and being an asshole and then killing them and of course you win by grabbing that sweet sweet milk at the end of the map and then just playing this game makes me thirst for some good milk am i right boys also we now have

Epic milk merge represent the Comstock shop / Danny link in description down below but okay maybe just maybe the animations aren't that great so let's work on them okay more first I made the head of the player look towards where

The player is looking but he also needs to actually hold the gun in his hands so I made him do that and hmm let's let's try that again oh sweet Jesus Lord it's not a floating gun I tried again but the results are

It's kind of questionable I don't know so since it appears I'm too dumb to get this working we need and I concluded we need to use inverse kinematics now if you don't know what inverse kinematics or it's basically

Just kinematics but inverse yeah you're welcome so I found a good tutorial on YouTube and after stealing the code from that video and after completing the tutorial and following along and using my newfound knowledge

I put inverse kinematics on the players arm and we went from this to this weight to this which is looking you know just slightly better than before I also worked on just upgrading all of the all-around animations so for example

Running and jumping and here they all are in action it's looking a bit better and if you didn't already know I'm a huge fan of rag dolls they make me go yes then so I made the players turn into rag dolls when they die then I put

Together a big arena inspired by the size of your mom invited all of the friends that I don't have and we played a round of the first online chorus it wasn't perfect but it was fun although there are some major issues especially

When it comes to hit detection a lot of the time when you shot someone nothing really happened and everything is also client-side and I'm not gonna bore you with all of the details but essentially it's very easy to cheat if everything is

Client-side therefore we need to make the server handle and authorize everything which is much harder to do especially for a dumbass like me so since I have no idea what I'm actually doing I turn to Google and I started

Researching I read a lot of articles especially from valve on how they did multiplayer for source games like counter-strike or Team Fortress 2 and after four days of continuous work everything is now server-side and I've

Also finally implemented client-side prediction which means I can finally check that off my list man it feels good to be done with 10% so I said kid and hit the sack then I got back up next morning drank some more

Milk and got to work and after implementing most of the features needed for the server to work I also made a new model for a pistol and a knife they both turned out pretty cool

And apparently you can shoot with the knife that's pretty nice I guess I also finally made another pistol which fires a bit slower but we'll one hits enemies the only thing missing now is well the map so I got to work on making the first

PvP arena and after some time the map is finished it's not perfect but it's the first time I've spent more than 10 minutes making a map and also the first time I messed

With tape lighting and with all of this we're ready to finally put Carlson online to the tests I've made the server system so that anyone can host a server on their computer by just downloading the server files so to demonstrate this

Instead of posting the server on my own computer I set up a Linux server using Google cloud services and stuff and after typing some things on a cool hacker screen the server is now up and running all that's left now is to well

Get the boys together and play a match of Carlson but before we get started if you want to try the game out for yourself in the future you will have to wait for it to come out on Steam so make sure you wish this Carlson now slappers

To get notified whenever it's available but without further ado let's just get this wrote on the show wait wait wait so we can simply join the server by typing our user name and the IP address of the server I've invited some of the world

Record holders for Carlsen speedruns because people like speedrunning Carlsen apparently they're pretty damn good at it as well so most of the players here are very good at Carlson but I'm only going to show you Eclipse where I look

Good of course because as you can probably tell I've added a bunch more sound effects and worked a lot on making the movement and gameplay feel better the movement itself is very inspired by counter-strike and Team Fortress so

There's a lot of air strafing in high speed now obviously as you can probably tell this is far from finished and I'm gonna add more guns classes loadouts and a map creator so you can play custom maps but this will all take a long time

To add and won't be available until I release the full game but even if it's very unfinished we still have a lot of fun playing and it has a lot of potential once I get working more in it I'll definitely add better looking

Models for the players because they're all just kind of glue boys running around and of course better animations and much more so there it is my first multi-player game I spent like two weeks learning all of this but it was a ton of

Fun making again make sure to check out the steam page in the description down below and wish this Carlson on steam right now slappers also check out merch link below I'll probably also post a more raw

Gameplay on my second channel if you want to see more of it anyway that's gonna be it for this video thank you so much for watching make sure to slap like now if you liked it and slap this like if you did also smash subscribe because

At 1 million subscribers I'm doing a milk reveal which you definitely don't want to miss join our discord and follow me on Twitter and Facebook just kidding nobody uses Facebook anymore come on and as always drink your

Milk hit the sack and don't you dare be wack

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