published on July 20, 2020

There will be seven who will be shaded by the shade of Allah on the day when there will be no shade but his shade so this is Yom Okayama this is the day of judgment and on this day will normally means the shade like it's a hot sunny day and there is a tree and you stand

Behind the tree for the shade okay this now is the day of resurrection and the Sun is close to the earth and people are sweating sometimes up water going up over their head okay so it's a very important scenario that is there

It gives us an extreme situation where people are running to the left run the light in the state of confusion but there will be certain people who will be protected by a loss of inaudible so now what are the categories one is a just

Imam Imam on our dill and Imam here means a leader if you say Imam usually people think of the Imam of a Masjid so it's basically the leadership who's leading the Muslims okay but this person the quality of this person is justice

And this is probably one of the most important qualities for leadership after you know Muslim leadership after the belief in one God and Submission you know to the will of Allah Justice that the leaders have to be just and as our

Previous tradition said speaking the truth even if it's against yourself speak the truth and the leader has got to be just if the leaders time is up his time is up I don't understand some of the leaders

Now in the world today I don't want to mention countries but there's some some countries the person's going for the fifth time and office the fifth time in office you know leading for like decades and he's in a wheelchair and still wants

To be the leader of the country how could you still want to be the leader of the country you're in a wheelchair you have millions of people youth intelligent youth leaders and everything in your grip this is not justice then

You have situations where if people disagree with the leader they are brutalized they are a different opinion they're not allowed to say their opinion you know if somebody from the royal family or from the executive

Presidential family does something wrong nothing happens to them but if you do wrong as a foreigner in their country who got a visa to work you're in trouble right how many countries we know that this is happening right even though

Everybody's Muslim right but the ones who are supposed to be of the country right this actual citizen so-called citizen of the country right then they they have rights but the people from outside the country no appeal no rights

This is not justice and if this continues that the muslim country will not be free will continue to be subjugated by people who have no mercy on taking out their natural wealth and keeping them under control because

No justice one of the great points in studying the Ottoman Empire because looking at the different he laughs at the rules if you look at the whole of Arashi Deen Ottomans you know had this leadership position in the Muslim world

For a long period of time I mean as a group leading it was about 600 years as khalifa is and would be less officially nominated or officially in the position of khalifa but in study in the ottoman empire you will see in the writings and

In the actions of the most successful leaders amongst the ottomans is that they established justice they wanted justice even if it went against people in their family and they would even punish people in their family if they

Had to and that is that that is the great quality in leadership and this is a category of people and that goes down all the way to the family where the man is supposed to be the ameer of the household but if he's the Emir of the

Household and he's not just right he's biased and one side and abusive right then then he will suffer and his family will not be successful he will not be successful the second category and this is a

Shobana a VI beta tilde and that is a youth who grew up in the worship of Allah nasha that means they did they tell via their upbringing is in a bad Attila and when a bada is spoken about here it does

Not necessarily mean that this young person grew up in a monastery like Miriam may Allah be pleased with her she was in a monastery while she was away in a special place it does not necessarily because ebody is a broad word that is

Not only just praying but it's also when you give zakat when you fast when you do anything in the name of Allah it's a form of ebody so in other words the person's life was living within the boundaries of Islam that's their life

But they're still living a life they're growing up as playing as a child going to school doing sports you know having fun right but it is done in the limits of Islam prayer is being made you know once the child reaches a certain age

Right seven years old then there you know now there will be you know ask to pray and when they reach puberty then they they should pray you know fasting covering up whatever it is eating halal food so from the beginning that child

Basically ate halal food and learned how to distinguish between halal and Haram right Ramadan the child experience from Adan with the family you know so this is a very important type of individual and again these are

Categories that we need to strive towards justice is not easy for leadership and you gotta strive for justice okay you might make mistakes but you've got to put in work to be a just leader also this category we need to

Strive that I use are not just thrown out you throw them out and then they're in public school anywhere doing anything and then you say okay it doesn't matter because when you reach 21 you're gonna marry your cousin that's not enough

Enough because those who have come from Muslim countries to the west and they say you're going to marry a cousin they say no they do the opposite and they want to marry outside the religion something totally different so you can't

Just throw them out there you throw them into them into the mud and you expect them to come out clean they're not gonna come okay they're covered with mud and so literally this is what you know happens and that even if they are in

Public school and in society we as parents need to be involved so the parent would be in touch with the teacher in the public school they would join what they call parent Teachers Association right they would be involved

In the politics of the school right if something is coming in they will struggle that their child does not have to do certain things right certain you know curriculums or certain activities they will say my religion says this so I

Would like my child to be able to do something else right my child has reached a certain age and they need to pray so can we organize a space in the school where children can pray without being you know bothered at a certain

Time so when parents are involved and communities are involved then they're still in a bad Attila so even it doesn't mean you have to be in an Islamic school Quran school only Quran school doesn't necessarily mean that you could be in a

Public school and become very much involved in the deed okay so this is the second category of a youth who grew up in the worship of Allah the third category as we go along the third category is a man whose heart is

Attached to the Masjid his heart is attached to the Masjid and this means that obviously the Masjid is a sanctuary for that person when the person goes to the Masjid they are feeling warmth in the Masjid they

Feel at home they feel sanctuary they feel spirituality so this is not only something coming from the person itself I believe because this is a category but it has something to do with the community as well how is the Masjid set

Up many of the masjids are set up only as a place to make so lot outside of salat it is not a friendly place sometimes even during salat it is not and one of the practices of people one of the practices of people in Cape Town

You know and I'm not saying just cuz they shower you know it is maybe a Malay something to a Malaysian you know thinking and whatnot Malays on really friendly people is that and it's a good practice I like that at first I was a

Little bit because I'm coming out of here will you makes a lot and then you know the person next to you you know you just they just get up and they walk right in in Cape Town when they make their salams then they turn to one hand

Some illegal and you go the other side slowly everybody shakes the hand of the person next to them everybody does and the problem happens when somebody comes from Toronto or New York or London specially London England

Where the tough guys are and you come in there and they shake on your hand you're going why but that's your brother given his hand to you man I mean aren't you supposed to know something about the person who just

Prayed next to you shouldn't you smile in his face think about that that's the warmth at a Masjid he is supposed to give you don't have to do it by the way if a person just got up and walked away

So that's complete right but but still and then another thing which is a beautiful thing and I noticed it in Turkey but you know I made the Juma football you know about a month ago in Washington at the DIA that it's a

Turkish kulia it's a Turkish masjid complex so after Faiza me we made fire and they'd asked me can you give a talk after fashion so I gave a talk and then when I was finished the Imam came next

To me and all the people who made fashion got in a line and they went around and they all shook the hand of the Imam and you know I was the speaker so they shook my they wouldn't lend everyone went

Right around in a circle and you shake everybody's hands I'm like Ali how are you so how they comes aid and everybody shakes the hand of everybody right and then the circle goes like that and then you're in a circle right and then they

Shake each other's hand you know and then they break in this then you do what you want to do some Rica runs some leave you know whatever but the point is is that that feeling that you have you get to know all the

People who are making the salaat you know each other after a while if somebody's not there and was regularly you might even say what happened to xate right if Zayn was sick in the hospital the people in the Masjid might say let's

Go to the hospital but that's our brother's aid right who we pray with we know him he smiled in our face every day right that's the kind of things that a Masjid should do because we're not necessarily

Working together and you know doing other things together but the Masjid is jahmiya so it is brings us together and gives us that feeling so this hadith is not only talking about the individual but that person who loves the Masjid for

A loss upon a thought they love it they love to be there for the Salah that person will be under the shade of Allah but but I'm looking at this also that house of worship relative to some of our houses needs to facilitate somebody to

Love it because it's going to be difficult to love a place if the person said okay brother lights off I'll leave please I'll call the police how can you fall in love with a place if

The person just kicked you out but the Shia here is this person who has that feelings inshallah they will be under the throne of Allah two men and it could be two women as well who loved each other for

Allah and that they met each other for Allah and they separated for Allah so purely for an Islamic reason they got together they prayed together they read hadith together they distributed food together because when you say they meet

For Allah we're not restricting it to sitting in a Masjid with a book these two could be giving they could be feeding the poor and they say we're gonna fall for Allah we're gonna go down to this place and we're gonna give out

Sandwiches for a loss of hotel it might even be a little bit model for nani maka we gotta clear the gangsters out of this street whatever it is you did for a lot they met together for Allah and when they separated it was wrong okay so that

Feeling it was not for fame it was not for money it was not for glory it was for allah subhanaw taala these people will be under the shade of Allah when there is no shade except for his shade the next is a man who was called and

Enticed by a beautiful woman but he said in near coffin law it was a man who was called the woman and the classical example is our use of a laser lab the Prophet Yusuf who was called you know by Zuleika right he was called and then she

Tested him and he was almost you know about to commit adultery with her and he'd know in near half Allah you know and he went to jail for that so this is seduction its seduction and people get seduced today and it's

Possible with these categories that it could be also a woman who is seduced by a man so these categories can be flexible right however generally speaking the man is weaker sexually than the woman in terms of seduction because

Men are weaker with their eyes and their loves generally that because the mother woman woman being the mother has a different relationship with sexuality so therefore men tend to be weaker in this but this could be a flexible okay

The next point is a man who gave charity in a secret way that his left hand did not know what is right-handed and this is very important because this is one of the ways that taqwa is built and that is when you're by yourself you do things

Privately that only you only allow someone to Allah knows and if you can do that better than you do in public then it's going to build top one because taqwa is something not connected with people

Right so in this case this is giving charity right the person just gives the charity in other words privately secretly okay that's a beautiful example of the hand and the last category is a man who

Remembered a law when he was alone and tears came to his eyes and this is flexible for a woman as well so you can see here in the last categories that this is the taqwa this is really issues of table because privately giving

Charity doing things for Allah and then the tears that come to your eyes for a loss of one hotel when you're alone that is special other people could a beautiful Quran reader or be a circumstance could bring tears to your

Eyes right but that was a outside stimulus this is an internal stimulus so when it's internal then that's the top one that's the person really having the faith in allah subhanaw taala and that's what we're looking for that is the

Category that will be shaded by the shade of Allah when there will be no more shade there's no shade but a lot shade

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