There’s a Snake in My Room | Jungle Animal Rescue

published on July 2, 2020

There it is!

Its head's poking out

Yeah, yeah, yeah

NARRATOR: In a house in Delhi,
Wildlife SOS's Paul and Baiju

are dangerously close to the
snake they're trying to rescue

Thankfully, it's non-venomous


It's a problem when
wild animals are cornered,

there's nowhere for them to go

So it's only reaction
will be attack

He's moving a bit

He's moving back

I know, I know


He's trying to
get away from you

He's pretty big



Well done

It can still bite, so
I won't touch the bag

Yeah, yeah

It starts going ch-ch-ch

NARRATOR: Time for Baiju
to do a little snake PR

Baiju is saying, don't worry

It's not venomous

He's gonna show them how–


Thank you

Thank you


NARRATOR: Baiju and Paul
will now release the royal

snake back into the wild

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