Their Painful Bond: Black Mothers Speak Out Together on Their Unimaginable Loss l GMA Digital

published on July 13, 2020

Today we are bringing together seven moms who share a painful and tragic bond they have all lost children in violent encounters most of them at the hands of police and they will tell you that it speaks

Volumes about systemic racism in our country we are grateful to have them in this rare gathering right now to talk to us and to share their pain and to share their journey and to help

Us learn a little bit more about what is happening at this moment in america i just wanted to reiterate how much i appreciate and we appreciate here at abc you're taking the time to talk with us

I know that this is a very difficult time you all share a common and painful bond as one of you said the sorority that nobody wants to be a part of what do you say to each other

Wonder when you see each other michelle when you see each other what do you say it's nothing you can really tell a person that's going through this type of pain to make to make them feel better

But what i do like to express to them that i share the same pain um the same pain that these ladies have i have the sleep is nice um the the sleepless not eatless days i

Mean i've had those and i know that these mothers share that same type pain and i also would like to share if i hadn't spoken to you personally that i'm here um we we must stand together we must

Support each other you sent a message to um tamika briana's mom on her birthday what did you say i just want her to know that i knew that that day was going to be very

Difficult because ahmad had a birthday on may the 8th and it was days prior just days prior of that video being released and that was one of the most heartbreaking

Days that i've ever had and i know that miss palmer she she experienced the same pain and i wanted her to know that i know her pain and i was there to support her miss palmer tell me about

That what that meant to you because this is so fresh for you at this moment how how are you doing i'm trying to be okay um

It was nice though to get the message just to know that you know somebody feels the way that i feel you know i'm surrounded by all these people but they don't really understand what i'm going through

And how i feel and you know um for her birthday to come up so quickly after this incident um yeah it was heartbreaking and just so her words were kind and they were

Sweet so they meant a lot a lot of people reached out that day people that you don't even know i did a report that day people chanted brianna's name as they were protesting but yet you were dealing with this

Personal loss what was what was that day like for you i didn't want to be up out of bed i didn't want to deal with people but like you said it was all these people who i don't even know who

Came from everywhere to celebrate her life so i had to get up and i had to talk and i had to be around these people and and don't and i'm grateful i i really am but

Just that day in that moment i didn't want to be that person i didn't you know she's not here she wasn't here to enjoy it yeah sabrina fulton what do you say to

Someone like tamika palmer who is so newly in this horrible painful club that you all are part of i don't want um any mother to listen to what people have to say um

About the way you should heal and the amount of time it should take for you to heal everybody heals in their own time so don't feel any pressure from anybody

That you should forgive that you should heal that you should be happy um because one of the things that i remember is um i felt like i was never going to be

Happy again i i went from 95 of the time being happy to 95 of the time being sad and so one of the things that i would tell you to do is is is just i put pictures up of my son

Because i didn't want a person for me not to have pictures up and then all of a sudden they put pictures in my face and now it's making me sad because those are the triggers that gonna

You know make you sad when i first when i first started out the hoodie would make me sad now when i see a hoodie i smile about it because i trained and reprogrammed myself to say that's a memory of my son

So you just have to do things that's in memory of your son you you have to or your daughter and you just have to think about the good times i just posted this morning on somebody's page

She was thinking about her mom and i said and she said she was crying and it's okay to cry i still cry eight years later and i don't apologize for crying those are my tears

That was my son and so um when i cry i always know that a brighter day is coming and you have to know that you have to allow yourself to be sad on that day and then you have to allow yourself to

Know that a brighter day is coming one of the things too you said a lot of people was around you and different things i had tons of people around me um but when the lights

Go off and the cameras are gone and your family is gone your friends are gone and it's just you you're gonna have to learn how to deal with it you're gonna have to come back from

From your deep depression your sadness your disappointment and just not having your child and one of the things you have to do is you have to pull from the strength within a lot of people

Look for other people to strengthen them but you you're going to have that around you but when all of those people are gone you're gonna have to learn how to do it yourself and it's within you all you have to do

Is lean on god it's within you trust me i'm no superwoman i'm i'm no wonder woman it was god it was only god that brought me through what i went through nobody else could

Have done that michelle what about you your son was so young what what gets you up how do you keep going be his mom and even in death every day

I don't even have to remind myself anymore i know that was my son i know that is my son and nobody's gonna fight harder for my son

Than me so i don't have any choice but to get up every morning because if i don't do it who's gonna do it i've been doing it all of his life that's all i know your son wrote a beautiful poem that i

Had seen published with him saying that he was sort of afraid but but he didn't want his mom to feel that pain recognizing that there are young black men losing their lives said i don't want my mom to feel that pain

The idea that he wrote that and he was lost to gun violence to a police shooting anyway antoine and i have always fought family meetings there was only three of us

So we had some heartfelt conversations and i had expressed to him multiple times that as a young black male i would always be concerned for his safety um unfortunately i was concerned with antoine losing his life in the

Streets i never imagined him losing his life to someone who was sworn in to protect and serve i didn't actually see that poem until aft the day after antoine was killed

And for so many years i had wondered and i always repeated myself you know as a parent you say to your kid you hear me do you hear me i hope you hear me and i didn't know until the day after antoine

Died that he actually hurt me you had never seen that poem before he wrote it for a school project though it was never made public his teachers saved it and the day after he died when everyone

In the city of pittsburgh was protesting she brought it to my house and we immediately released it to the public but through that poem i was able to understand

That our kids hear us even when we think that they don't so it reminds me to keep talking to my daughter and keep talking to my grandkids and that's why i'm in the schools that's

Why i'm doing all the late work that i'm doing because i know now they hear us i'm not what you think i understand people believe i'm just a statistic i say to them i'm different i dream of

Life getting easier i try my best to make my dream come true i hope that it does i am confused and afraid i mean it was so raw with his fears as just any other teen kid about

Living up to expectations but knowing that he was also vulnerable as a young black man and sometimes i feel bad about that because i stressed it to him so much

That as a parent you don't want to put too much pressure on your kids but you want them to know what the world really is and i repeated to my kids for years that the world is cruel

And nobody's gonna love them the way i do and through that poem i was able to learn that he heard me he knew the sad part is that poem ended up being

Reality all the way from beginning to end and i just wish it was different we heard you samaria your son was truly very young um how do you sort of deal with the pain

Every day you know sabrina talked about being 95 sad some days how do you deal with the pain every day i think i stand rage a little bit more just because i'm not normal and i'm not really

Allowed to be normal because of what america has done to my family tamir um is a high demand and i'm his voice so that keeps me really busy

And just wanting to um you know give back to the community with his foundation and things that i'm doing uh with the platform that i have that america has provided for me let's talk about that they provided it

For me because they murdered my son so you know when i'm giving back to the community built building a center the foundation um you know still being a mom a grandmother um still

Always going to be fighting for police reform uh dismantling the whole system um you know things of that nature i stay very busy very busy i got a lot of projects i kind

Of juggle like 20 projects at a time i did hear you talk about being in demand and having to speak your child's name and gwen carl let me ask you that because so

Many people uh have spoken your son's name for a number of years and you know but so many other things have happened so many other shootings have happened um do you worry that it's getting it

Gets harder to keep his name out there and to try to find justice for him which you still i assume don't feel like you've had it was separately focused involved in my son's death and i vowed

To go after those police officers and you know i am so sorry about george floyd and i expressed that to this man but his death echoed the sentiment

Of my son and it brought back the fight what was actually started behind him with my because it is gwen carr was talking about how she won't stop fighting

And it's not just about her son but it's about others and this is a fight that you're really just beginning because this just happened to you it is still very fresh you lost your son

Not at the hands of police but at the hands of you know two people in the neighborhood some people might even label them vigilantes um you're just beginning this fight

Uh what is what is what is that like for you joining and hearing the voices of these moms and some of them who have not found justice and knowing that this is a road you're about to travel hearing from other

Mothers it gives me strength to let me know that what i'm doing now which is fighting is what i'm supposed to do as a mother um i just started but i've been fighting for ahmad and my children

Ever since i had them so fighting is normal fighting this type of fight is different but i've always fought for them and i always will does it give you

Um hope or does it give you sort of discouragement though when you hear that gwen carr says all these years later she's still fighting for justice others among you who say they still feel like they have not had justice

I really think that this what has happened over the last say four months this is different they're protesting people are hearing our voices more and i do think that

Change will come the time has come for change and i think that what's happened has implemented change alison i'd like to ask you about that now you're one of the uh you're the only mom here really who has

Seen a conviction in your case the police officer who shot your son was indeed convicted and given 10 years do you feel a sense of justice uh in this case

Given that you did actually see the police officer who shot your son go to prison when i returned from the grand jury and they actually indicted

Amber geiger for murder i asked or i indicated that i looked forward to a murder conviction so until the trial i prayed and i fasted and that's all i asked god

For to give her a murder conviction because my life my son's life was taken away and we live in an age now where it's not an eye for an eye and a two-for-two

So i could not ask that her life be taken away as well but i thought that whatever he was convicted of would cause her to have a completely different life so being a murder convict i know she

Will not be able to vote she will not she'll have to declare her conviction when she has to get another job and now i'm quite heartened with the executive order which states

That police officers who have done wrong would now be included in a registry of offenders so that they cannot get back into any other police department so i am not too happy about the 10 years however i believe god is in control and

I'm hoping that during the time that she sits in a prison cell she will reflect on what she has done the pain she has inflicted on my son and on my family and come out of that prison

A better person a person who would never ever think of pulling a trigger on another man and do you think that that will happen i mean you had a chance to see her in court i think it's gonna happen and i

Am still fighting i am still calling on authorities to do what is right and i believe the protests that we're seeing right now although there were protests after every single incident and i'd

Reached a point where i was asking when will it ever end i kept saying it over and over i thought after both of them it would have been the end because i kept saying that i did not want to see

Another family suffer the faith that we did and i am so sorry to tameka palmer and to wanda cooper and to the other mothers who have lost sons following both

Wolfram's death i'm so sorry to her tatiana jefferson's family that she could have been in the comfort of her home playing videos with her nephew and be shot in her in in her bedroom

I am so sorry for jamelle robertson's family and for ej bradford's family and now we have rashad brooks i am so sorry for all of these families because we all suffer the pain both days are no longer the same

Anniversaries are no longer the same every time i i reached a point at at some point following botham's death i didn't even want to see other people happy i was so

Sad that if somebody a random person at a mall or in the supermarket would laugh i would feel like holding them and and beating them up i didn't want to see people laughing because i lost a son who did not deserve

To die in the way that he did he was in the comfort of his living room he chose to stay indoors that night to watch the first game he was happy he called his sister saying

Oh he couldn't wait for ten o'clock so that he could watch the game he had settled in for the night and his life was taken by someone who swore to protect and to serve someone who ought to have had the right

Training to observe their surroundings and to de-escalate a situation but instead she hastily pulled the trigger and blew up my son's

Heart if america does not shake up after all these incidents the tears that we all share as mothers will be the tears that will break america

Tamika you hear that and you it i'm sure it takes everything you've got want to hear what you're thinking as you're hearing allison it's just hard you know um she talked about

Not wanting to see other people happy to have these people around you you know laughing and enjoying life and that and you know they don't deserve to not be happy but in that moment you got so much anger

Inside of you so much disbelief for what happened to your child to know that she talked about you know having the best day that day going out to dinner with her boyfriend and going home to

Watch movies to know she was in her house in her own bed and someone kicked in her door and killed her to know that she didn't deserve it

I i can't even begin to imagine but michelle you you can michelle tell me what you're thinking i think we all hope and pray that when it's our child

You you don't have to see it anymore and every time you see another one it takes you right back to the day that it happened to you miss rice has come to my home has come to my home and happened to come

On a day when my own sister lost her daughter miss jean has called me on the phone and i have called her on the phone miss fulton showed up for a guest appearance in my city

It brings about a bond that i can't begin to explain and i think the reason that that happens is because no one understand what this pain truly entails and all of the dynamics

That come with it unless you have walked in our shoes and every day i pray that those shoes don't have to be put on by another person so it's heartbreaking it's not just

Heartbreaking for myself my heart breaks when i listen to their pain because i know what that pain is and and when you when i i think all of us use the word

Overwhelming because there's no other way to define it i don't think people realize that we're not just battling our own issues and the fact that we lost our kids we're battling the whole law

Enforcement agency it's a lot a lot sabrina when you hear allison rattle off all the names of these people who are now bonded with you give me a sense of what it is

Like when you saw what happened to george floyd when you saw what happened in atlanta when you see another victim sabrina what what happens for you because you've been there

All those things are triggers and um it triggers um your emotions it triggers the sadness it triggers the tears it triggers the you know just everything um your heart hurts your

Chest hurts yeah you know i get headaches i mean all of those things um you you you relive it all over again and and and i can't equate it to anything but ptsd

I i just we're never going to recover from this we're never ever going to recover from this i have not met a mom yet who's lost a child who has recovered

We never recover from it we live it every day i mean you don't have to tell us about our kids we we carry in the pain every single day you know we just have good days and

Bad days but we carry the pain every day and so that's what it does it just retriggers something that's already an emotion that's already there a feeling that's already there and and of course it makes you angry it

Makes you very angry it makes you disappointed it makes you sad it makes you just say why why does it have to happen like this again again and again and again and continues to happen and

And in every cases every i'm not going to say story every tragedy you know we are hopeful and saying i don't want this to happen to somebody else's child because we know the pain

And we don't want somebody else going through what we are already experiencing you went to george floyd's minnesota funeral why did you feel the need to be there i struggled

With it because of the coronavirus and because i just didn't want to rehash the same feelings i didn't i i thought about myself and i was like i don't want to cry i don't want to be sad i don't want to

I just thought about those things and i was like i don't want to i don't want to be there i don't want to be you know just just depressed and i thought about myself and then i i put my selfish ways aside

And i said you know what i need to stand with this family to let them know that i support them to let them know i'm with them to let them know that they're not alone

And that was my decision that was my final decision like i can't worry about my feelings i can't think about me sitting in the church being sad when this family is is going through like

Traumatic pain like it it just is so amplified that people don't even understand and we can't explain it to him we can't explain it to you unless you lost the child

Then you understand but i just had to be there i just had to be there to let them know that i support them and i stand with them and so i made my way i found the brothers i found the family i found everybody

Um when i went into church initially um i was okay i was okay with being at george floyd's funeral but then once i saw the body i was like america did this to him this is a result of the ugliness in america

And it hurt so bad and it took me a while to get it together because i just i kept asking god why why did this have to happen why is why am i looking at a a man in this casket who should have just been

Arrested instead of killed and i continue to ask myself that i could not get myself together for a minute i didn't want to sit up front because i i was emotional and i couldn't

Stop crying and finally when they started to sing i started to like calm down some and once i calmed down i was okay i thought about

Maybe he's the martyr maybe he was the vessel that god sent to earth to save us all because we have to be saved something has to happen we can no longer go like this we can no

Longer continue our lives and be scared of people vigilantes police and whoever trying to shoot and kill us we can no longer do this and that's why you see so many protests we can

No longer do this and and i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one that's saying enough is enough i'm not when they're saying stop killing us i'm not the only one that's saying black

Lives matter we we are just so sick and tired of just the way we have to feel as african americans well you mentioned those protests and samaria i want to ask you about that

Allison said that she felt that something was different other people say they feel there's something different when you see these growing protests and they are growing by the day

And uh black and white hands all a fist up in the air does that say to you that something feels different right now samaria you know i'm very happy to see y'all out there i i'm actually happy

But i don't want to get them i don't want the message to get lost you know we don't want the message to get lost with the um vandalism and the burnings and things like that

You know we don't want that message to get lost and the message should be a clear agenda i'm not for sure if they have a clear agenda i know folks just want

Me to do stuff but they need to have a clear agenda of why they out there marching you know i'm saying don't just be out there marching let's have a clear agenda and i think they need to be having the

Marches at the governor's um the governor's house the uh the capital where the governor's office is at because that's kind of where everything starts at right there all of these

Local people state people they can't help us um the congress supreme court and the governor right now that's who everything should be addressed to um you know especially having a bill

Created for them to demand that they sign it you know what i'm saying absolutely i mean i don't i just don't understand what people where everybody at and what people

Thinking right now people really need to be creating these bills up there protesting making it uncomfortable for them with peaceful protests let me just say that all that other stuff i'm not condoning

Uh you know that stuff is crazy that message get lost but protesting in the most righteous way um they shouldn't be able to sleep at night you know nobody should be comfortable in

America sleeping at night what's going on in this country right now gwen card let me ask you about the protest are you heartened by the protest do they give you hope and what do you want to see

Come out of this current movement that people say feels a little different people need to protest to bring about awareness that's what protesting does yeah but protesting is not the complete

Answer we have to get legislation and we have to go from demonstration to legislation because we could scream and holler in the street all we want

And nothing is going to change the same thing happened when my son was working but that's why i decided to try and get boys these police officers were taking lost his job because he took the deal

So now to me it's a marker so he was standing for all the black lives that were divorced and they took his career right there so i i think if they want to take a deep you take it in your preset and tell

These police officers to stop murdering our children because they come into our neighborhoods and they shoot our children they utilize our

Children and most of the time they don't even have the people so yes the protest is good to bring about awareness but we have to go forward and we as this the mothers on this fall and other

Mothers we understand it a lot of people are just following a protocol they see other people uh demonstrate and they demonstrate but i say some people are just in the home

But we got to be about a movement a moment that's a very good point it's got to be a movement and not a moment i've heard that that said before and i like what you said that it's demonstration is good but it's got to be

Legislation i watched the address by president trump and i was invited but i declined because i just had some trepidation that it was more of a political stunt than it was any tangible uh move

To address our issues however i there are a couple pieces of president trump's speech that caught me and the first one was when he said that proper training

Might have prevented the tragic deaths of antoine rose and bothamg i mean i fell off the roof when i heard him say that because that is exactly our point

To the city of dallas that amber geiger was not properly trained and it was a lack of drinking that led to the murder of my son a reporter asked me

Yesterday whether i thought um training was an issue because according to amber geiger's file she was extensively trained and i had to say to him

That people could put in hours of training that does not make them intrigued so to have the commander and chief endorse that proper training was not given to amber geiger actually

Strengthens our position that my son could have been alive and antoine rose and many of our sons and daughters could have been alive had they the police been better trained

If de-escalation techniques do not come to their mind when they involved in some confrontation with a black person then it certainly tells you that the exhalation training is not working so

It is calling on the authorities at the various police departments to look at the kind of training that is given and to ensure that proper tech testing techniques are applied

To to to to confirm that the training that is given is actually learned the other thing that that i found was what's good about president trump's

Address was the issue of having a tracking system for bad cop because we're seeing in the case of um so many so many cases i think antoine rose's case as well that police officers can kill innocent

Children and just get a transfer to another police department they must be scarred for life and so that track and system would prevent them from getting employment in other police departments so notwithstanding the

Intention that president trump had for his executive order and big show of police reform we have to pick out what benefits us right now i believe we have to be a group of selfish people because we are

The ones who have lost precious gems in our children and therefore whatever it takes to give us solace to give us what we need from the loss of our children

Is what i am going for so i looked through my mom always told me chew the meat and spit out the bones so that's what i did with president trump's speech i looked through the bowl the the meat i

Took all the meat that benefited me and i will throw out the bones the innuendos the other things that came with them the use of cross and the

X the escalation must be must be clearly um reviewed so that another black child in america would not be killed i have three grandsons in america right now

And a daughter and i am still scared i am still still scared for all of them because i am not sure that all the protests and all the voices that we're hearing and

All of corporate america coming in denounce police brutality and white supremacists that it will stop but i believe that it's a step into development just like martin luther king

And all the others who came before us we now have to continue not necessarily for ourselves but our children and our grandchildren that's what so many people don't understand that fear

That you feel tamika let me ask you because everybody's talking about change there has been some small change at this point in kentucky brianna's law that will now make it unlawful to do the

No knock uh raids does that give you any comfort at this point it gives me comfort for families other families it doesn't give me any comfort for what happened to

Brianna um you know no one's been these people are still being paid these people are you know walking around as if they did nothing wrong

And so for me no it's no comfort but uh i'm definitely grateful that hopefully this doesn't happen to another family so mario let me ask you you know we were just sort of talking about any of these changes

And things like that that have happened and obviously nothing has changed really in in ohio for you but when you think about the shooting was ruled objectively objectively

Reasonable um to be said that it was reasonable in a report that he was shot and killed your 12 year old son how do you how do you wrap your mind around that i just want to be able to serve

The people at the end of the day and just make sure i'm representing my son in the most honorable way because he was 12 years old i mean you can't diminish a 12 year old character you cannot i don't care what they say

You cannot diminish a 12 year old character and that's just where i'm at with that so that's what some of my piece can kind of start do you have much in the way of hope that change is happening

At this moment i think that more people are listening and and for me the executive order that was signed by the president i'm actually just praying that it puts a little pressure on the

The representatives in the state level so that they are at least encouraged to take action because the president took an action no matter how small it was i'm hoping that now the his supporters

And the other republicans whether it be in the senate or in the congress realize that because he took at least the initiative of signing an executive order that it is okay to speak up and stand in

Your truth and do what is right so i'm hoping that he is just an example by putting his signature on that piece of paper for those on the state level because at

This point in my home state we're pushing our own bill which is house bill 1664 and we can't get the republicans on board so i'm hoping that at this point

His followers and the people that support him now say he signed something we can do the same thing so maybe there is some pressure that comes from the top sabrina let me ask

When you talk about uh things that are happening in your own communities you're even now running for office tell us why and and what you're hoping to accomplish the reason why i'm running for office is

Because i believe that i can make positive change i'm passionate about my community um even though i travel the nation and i speak um professionally i want to see changes here in my own

Backyard and so that that's what encouraged me to run for office i truly believe that seat belongs to the people and you know through whatever uh process is is gotten away from being

The people seat and i want to bring that miami-dade county commissioner yes it's miami-dade county uh commissioner district one and i worked uh deborah for them for 24 years before

Trayvon was shot and killed the only reason why i retired was because i could no longer work i was doing you know pursuing uh justice for my son and so i i took a leap of absence or whatever but

I was currently working at that time uh trayvon was shot and killed um and also i went to uh elementary school middle school high school when i graduated from college in this district uh florida memorial university and also

Um my grandmother my great grandmother my grandmother my mother and i live in the district and so it's really near and dear to me and i just really think that people need to um a change in miami-dade

County they they want to see something different they're they're tired of doing things the same way with the same politicians and they want to see change and i believe i can go into it and look

At it with fresh new eyes i'm not connected to anybody i don't owe anybody anything and my only passion is to um make my community safer to to um try to get better

Affordable housing for residents in in workforce housing um to improve on the transportation system the same things that i've been complaining about as a resident i want to put my hand in the pot and i want to

See um a difference in my own community and i just feel like it starts with me do you feel like this is something that you are almost called to do because of what happened to trayvon

Initially i thought that but it's so many obstacles to get to that seat it kind of makes me wonder i'll never give up on my election is august 8th and i just asked everybody who live in miami-dade

County to if you want change if you want to see a difference in your community if you want a fresh new perspective on things and and and i feel like i'm the voice of the people

Gwen carr i'm sure you probably wouldn't necessarily want to spend your life right now out there advocating doing the things that you're doing you probably i'm sure many of you would like to be doing some

Different things how how tough is it having to try to push forward and be out there and be a voice and try to keep your son's name out when maybe in if if this hadn't happened you could be

Doing something else in your life that i hadn't been uh for most of my adult life but after my son was learning i had to take a stand i had to be the i'm the only one who

Could lift up this day because we know that the report the police officers they always sabotage their child they murdered him twice they murdered him on the streets and

Then they murdered them in the pictures so i have to tell the world who my childhood was and who he wants to be he may not have done anything for those who took his body

You know for me to hear what you have to say to read your stories and you know for so many people but i have a black 17 year old son and i just my heart hurts and i can only imagine what yours feels

Right now talk to america if you would and any one of you can talk about this about what it is to be a black mother in america i think a lot of people don't really understand

They're beginning to hear people have been posting things on social media saying i don't understand but i stand which one of you wants to talk about what that feels like at this moment

Being a black mother in america at times it can feel hopeless and you feel helpless because you never know when you're going to be watching a news uh story in your home in the safety of

Your home and the next day you're it you you never know when when the next tragedy is gonna happen and if it's gonna be somebody that you know or somebody that lives in your

Neighborhood and somebody has to call on you you you never know those things you're never gonna know the pain that we face because you are not experiencing that particular pain

And so what i would encourage people to do is take a look at what happened with these tragedies and think to yourself what if that was my son what if that was my daughter what if

That was my sister what if that was my mom just put your family number your loved one in their place and that should open up your heart in order to get involved and and when i say get involved i'm not just talking

About uh social media likes i'm not just talking about reposting something i'm i'm talking about really getting involved i'm talking about uh you can't continue to be silent

Because it could happen to you at any given time if you are african-american i shouldn't have to tell you to get involved you you should by the mere fact that you have children

Or or you have compassion for somebody else that has children it should compel you to get involved you should not turn your face away from what's going on right now your heart should not allow you to do so

You have to get involved whether that whether that looks like voting whether that's looks like a register in the vote whether that looks like go attending jury duty

Whether that looks like a signing petitions or whether that looks like protesting whether it looks like sending letters to the president the governor your local officials whatever it looks

Like to you but you have to do something you can no longer just be silent and talk about it you have to get involved because it could be your child next i'm

Looking at those pictures of trayvon behind you is there a day that goes by that you don't think about them not one single day i have another son um javaris fulton and um

I have to keep moving because i have to i have to fight for javaris i can't i can't do anything about trayvon the situation happened with trayvon uh the the tragedy already occurred with

Trayvon i can't save him but i can certainly work towards saving my older son javaris in every trayvon martin and everybody's son and daughter that's on this

That's listening under my voice i can certainly do my part and that's the problem people are not doing their part you see a lot of people are standing out because they're speaking out against it

They're doing something about it and then you have the majority of people just sit back and watch and listen until it's them i was a product of that i was never a person that spoke out i was never a person that that protest i

Was never a person i mean of course i had my um my thoughts and and i had my you know things that i believed in but as far as me being involved that's why i try to encourage people to get

Involved don't wait until something happens to your child get involved now so something doesn't happen to your child none of us asks to be thrust into this world

It has become a job for most of us and i know for myself i no longer have a son out there and i'm still willing to get out there lead the way push the movement and and open up some

Doors for some other people i personally feel like this if i can do it and i don't have a son out there every black person should do it i stand by the philosophy that i am

Black and i am proud and anybody who is black should be out there on the front lines right with us i'm not i'm no longer trying to save the life of my son

That is gone but if i can save the life of another mother's child i'm gonna do it every day of the week and i and i mean i ain't stop until i'm dead

And i pray somebody in my family picks up the fight then allison john let me ask you um when she talks about the fight going forward and you all are vowing to fight where do you think you might be next

Year this time do you think there will be great progress deborah i like what i'm seeing i i'm not one who would just accept talk without action so what i'm seeing

Right now following judge floyd's death i'm seeing corporate america coming in and apologizing i am hearing the nfl talking about getting colin kaepernick back

I am seeing greater recognition by roc nation and some real high profile um organizations i'm singing executive orders signed i saw lee merit testify before congress

Yesterday that for me is heartwarming i am seeing some progress and i'm hoping that where we're at today is etching closer to the complete eradication

Of police brutality and white supremacy i am a realist i don't believe that rome was built in a day but i believe that every step that we make is a step that seeks to help another

Black family from suffering what we went through so like sabrina i will continue to stand up and speak out and take whatever action that i need to to prevent this from happening

To another family to another person i don't live live in the united states i'm not a us citizen i live in saint lucia my children chose to go to america to seek education and while they were

There they were able to get employment legally in america my son both of them loved dallas but what dallas did to him was completely opposite to what he did for dallas and therefore

I believe following the executive order and following all of the actions that have been taken by major sporting organizations and corporate america that the city of dallas

And the respective cities that have inflicted harm on our children should stand up and do the honorable thing by looking at us as victims and doing what is right for us

I think it is like my son did to amber geiger it is a time when major organizations need to come down on their knees and ask for forgiveness for the wrong that

They have done to our children i believe the senate in america capital the president cities police departments need to take that knee on behalf of george floyd and on behalf of all of our children who

Have suffered at the hands of these police all these white supremacists and beg for forgiveness for inflicting such harm on our children

To hear you all uh with your strength and your purpose and your resolve and your pain tamika palmer what is it like for you to be surrounded by this strong group of women who essentially are putting their arms

Around you and everybody else who is suffering or not i'm you know so i'm new into this position i didn't i don't think i ever really understood my position in this fight prior to what

Happened to my daughter um of course i always had opinions and i've always was worried about what was happening to my black community but i didn't know my position in the fight

And the in another part of it being that i have black daughters and sometimes i think that we don't think that it can happen to them because so many times they're swept under the rug

People don't hear these stories about these black women but i'm now learning that i have a higher position in this fight and and whatever i have to do to remain in it

Is what i'm going to do because it should never happen to another black daughter some another black person period and like i said i'm new here but i'm ready and and i'm here and i'm not

Leaving because i still have another daughter and this just still just cannot happen again well i think so many of us should feel a sense of

Strength and certainly humility after hearing what all of you have to say i have to say as a mother a mother of a 17 year old black son and a 21 year old black daughter i don't think i've ever felt more

Vulnerable and more um frightened and more exhausted and all of you ladies uh with your pain and your purpose give me hope so i want to thank you so much all of you for your time and for your

Honesty and just for your willingness to share and i want to thank you all so much for being here well hey there gma fans robin roberts here thanks for checking out our youtube

Channel lots of great stuff here so go on click the subscribe button right over right over here to get more of awesome videos and content from gma every day anytime we thank you for

Watching and we'll see you in the morning on gma

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