The Worst Cycling Habits? | GCN Show Ep. 388

published on July 17, 2020

Welcome to the gcn show welcome to the gcn show coming up this week it's confession time bad cycling habits that we need to break we've also got yet another ever easting world record another epic challenge for Hank and we're going to tell you how to

Become a local legend nice now Dan are you focused this week mate I've always focused sigh you know that well yes it's it for par from last week where you were definitely not in focus oh no my our focus that wasn't in focus

Not I hopefully am in focus this week I've double-checked although a couple of commenters last week so that it took years off me I know there was one cheeky commenter that said you actually look younger than me disgraceful

this week in the world of cycling we learnt of the world's worst cycling Jersey feast your eyes on this whoa absolutely rank isn't it it's from

Bicycle booth who actually it turns out it makes some very nice cycling kids but also now this one yeah weird that it's already in the sale 32% off that Jersey what a bargain oh yeah who'd have thought that that would be discounted

Now we also learned this week that the Everest Inc world record has gone again it was a men's record this week actually and it was from Lachlan Morton of Team EF perhaps the world's most interesting professional cyclists at the moment he

Only did it at altitude – didn't the minimum of 2,200 meters he used the 19 kilometer climb on the wrist road I think it was cool just outside Fort Collins in Colorado and he did it in an incredible time of 7 hours 32 minutes

And 54 seconds of an average power of 254 watts which is incredible but unfortunately average thingsi is just a passing fad because the new challenge everybody's talking about and going to be doing is called trenching

Yeah which does sound dodgy down so instead of climbing the equivalent meters of Mount Everest in this challenge we're trenching you have to descend to the depths of the Mariana Trench which is ten thousand nine

Hundred and ninety four meters below sea level yeah now predictably perhaps here at TCN it's hank who is up for the challenge now this might be because he hasn't realized that in order to descend all of those meters you also need to

Climb them as well so we're gonna try and prevent him from realizing that for as long as possible because actually he's doing this for a really really good cause and we'll hear more on that little bit later we will indeed for now though

It's time for a few GCN confessions it is it is now we've been around the block a little bit and wait you and I tan we have yeah we have you obviously been around it a few more times than I have but still let's not dwell on that fact

Unfortunately we have picked up a fair few bad habits over the years we have you just thought we'd have it dialed by now but like everybody else so I mentioned we do still have a few bad habits which we could do it breaking

Or at least improving upon so I'm going to start with this one sigh and I'm gonna direct this personally at you do you still ride half a wheel in front of whoever you're riding with in the hope that they will then go a little bit

Faster gonna be like this is it Dan your bad habit so I um well yes I mean I probably do kind of half wheel people still oh that's just because they don't want to ride fast enough and although actually seriously that in itself it's

Probably my worst habit I have an inability to ride steadily these days and actually it's getting worse every ride I do is either flat out now or at least including sections that are completely flat out frankly it's

Exhausting weirdly sigh I don't actually seems to have that problem which would be a major surprise as so many of you out there I'm sure now one habit I do have though is avoiding Hills at the moment so whenever

I'm planning my ride I make sure I avoid any of the local major climbs accidentally but also on purpose and I also make sure that whenever there's a tailwind I've got a very open stretch of road whenever the headwind I'm on a very

Enclosed sheltered stretch of road I'm not sure how bad that habit is Dan I think a lot of people would say that's quite sensible but still one thing that you do definitely avoid and it is definitely a bad habit is doing any work

At the front of a group of cycles in fact when we were teammates all those years ago back at IG signals for I reckon in one season I must have observed at least 15 different techniques but avoiding doing

Any work at the front of a group I mean it was masterful even if it was you know bit sneaky yeah well I mean this is definitely a case of old habits die hard because I'm not looking to break that one I find it comes in very useful but

Yeah well remembered somewhat unbelievably I was working this out the other day I've now been cycling seriously for over 25 years obviously I started from a very young age yeah you're not even counting the

Last seven years in that either turn I work out how that makes me yeah no I'm not sorry that does make you seem younger but anyway despite all experience I can't seem to judge how lights going

Take me to get ready to and then go out on the bike so I'm invariably later going out and I should be or if I'm meeting people I'm late to meet them yeah see I have this problem as well but I suspect it's even worse because I'm

Always I mean always five minutes late to any ride I'd go on whether it's on my own or it's with a group and if I it is so consistent it's like clockwork just a really slow clock yeah well I mean so habit I've got into more recently but

It's one of the reasons why he would dislike you so I must tell you that now and also it starts dislike me because I've got exactly the same habit and I reckon the reason that I am late for these rides and getting out is often

Because I've forgotten one key thing soever that's my bottle or my wire head unit I have to see the numbers or my food or maybe even I've forgotten I had a mechanical problem towards the end of the previous run I did like a slow

Puncture or my di – battery running flat and therefore I'm very later so what's the plan habit then forgetfulness or being disorganized both I would say disorganized and forgetful okay see for me I often go out without

Food these days it's not forgetfulness it's just this really bad habit where I sort of seem to think I don't need it when I ride anymore which means that I need lessly and consistently blow my doors on any ride longer than about an

Hour and three-quarters it's really annoying I do have that as well and it also means that you binge eat as soon as you get through the door doesn't it yeah now another bad habit I see a lot when I'm out there on the road is

Copying the pros and I'm not talking about wearing protein cake because I think that is perfectly acceptable to support your favorite team but rather copying their riding style be that descending on the top tube or descending

Like the roads are closed or perhaps trying to put a rain jacket on in the middle of the group when it's very windy I just don't see any reasons to take that kind of risk when you're out training you should you should just

Leave that for racing yeah dance and pre old they don't or at least it's time to say on your age I should say now I do sympathise though maybe I'm stance and my age too anyway one thing that I've kept on from

A pro which is a bad habit that I really really want to break in fact at all about habits this is the one that I would most like to shift and that is that I constantly worry about whether or not I'm fit enough now fit enough for

What you may ask and the honest answer is nothing really one of the great things about being a GCM presenter is that we're seemingly supposed to suffer really badly and so actually I kind of don't need to be that fit but I still

Can't stop worrying about whether I'm fit enough if I don't ride my bike within like two or three days I started getting worried it's ridiculous well justjust ask me so I'll give you an honest answer yeah I think we could

Continue with this list for quite some time kill me because you could add sprained your chain with wd-40 for example but they won't leave it there for now it is a bad habit anyway let's throw it out to the

Audience at home what are your worst cycling habits that you would really like to break and also indeed what are your best ones what cycling habits are you very proud of there is no in the comment section

Just down below and I'm moving on to something a bit different and a little bit of a teaser for you to the bike brand Scots have teamed up with Swift for basically a week-long celebration of all things cycling and do that they've

Been using some of their most high-profile sponsored athletes that's right as part of that we have been able to film some seriously cool videos with it including two races the first of which well have you ever wondered just

How good triathletes really are we certainly have and we now know the answers we pitted the Yates brothers against the Brownlee brothers head-to-head that video is coming up this Sunday plus we also had the Scott

All-stars where we had Nino shooter racing with the Brownlee brothers racing with Daryl Impey with Amanda Spratt plus many many more now our video is gonna be a week on Sunday yeah we can tell you that they

Were riveting races anyway here is a sneak preview this is possibly one of the most select fields ever seen on Swift lovely day for a virtual ride a

there is not remit I can't wait for those videos to come outside those races were just so thrilling and actually you at home can

Join in with this whole Scot Bike Week from 21st of June there are a whole host of event scheduled over on the Swift and you'll be accompanied by some of their top pro riders be that from mitchelton Scott or from the Scotts Ram mountain

Bike squad or indeed their top triathletes to make sure you get involved it is now time for your weekly GC and inspiration where we have chosen our favorites free photos that were submitted to the GC and app over the

Last week this week's prizes are in third place the contrast Edition cycling cap in second place we have the decent striped t-shirt in black around the gcn stripes t-shirts in red and black and first prize is the contrast edition

T-shirt the contrast Edition short sleeved fan Jersey and a contrast Edition baseball cap sign I can't pull off but whoever wins it hopefully they cast a lot of content rights we got in here we cut in third place site well in

Third place we have at this amazing shot from run courts one of the most popular switchbacks around the Bay Area USA they say with a very neat title switching back which I like that but anyway what a shot that super cool isn't it like it's

The kind of switchback that we're all familiar with it could be anywhere but there's just some incredibly pleasing about it whether you're going on all down I love it I was gonna say I love it but he's going the wrong way that's a

Fantastic photo as is second place as well this week that is this photo that was sent in by Julian hing summer 115 km/h yeah the South's camo boots nice work mate it's okay so yeah for the second week running another Austrian

Beauty it's almost like people know they're like rubbing it in the fact that we were supposed to be in Austria this weekend the first bike festival global buy festival which them well yeah I'm even more gutted that

We're not there now before I know what I love about that I mean obviously it's in portrait mode it doesn't come across quite so well in a YouTube video but it does look absolutely stunning I love the fat

The lake is exactly the same color as the canyon bike well it's funny you say that Dan but because in first place we've got another bike that kind of resonates with the backdrop we got this sending by photo Cameroon what a sunset

Or sunrise I suppose over an undisclosed City answers in the comments if you know where that is anyway how cool is it the fact that he's giant kind of looks like a sunset what

Were these skin wool times in his orange logo so that's great what's a billion brilliant photo which has stumbled upon on the app the other day when I was scrolling back from the 1st of May not sure how we missed it at

The time but well worthy of the top spot this week absolutely let us know where that photo was taken and if we read it in the comments we'll let everybody know next week don't forget to get involved for next week sorry go ahead sighs it's

A good that that we've got another sunrise last sunset picture as well I don't I mean yeah you actually couldn't hotel for nothing you got up at 4 am the other day to watch the Sun Rise a bit wait that's from the other side of

Your age down unfortunately it wasn't as good as this Sun rises when one first places we had to get involved all you need to do is download the jisun app from your App Store if you haven't done so already and once you've got it or if

You've already got it I just upload your best photos from the week to the inspirational section we'll pick our favorite three again next week it's now time for cycling shorts cycling shorts now we're gonna start with the news that

You will soon be able to top your local Strama segment leaderboard without actually being the fastest yeah this was the update we were asking for so I wasn't it so it's already been rolled out this update to seven states over in

The USA and most of the rest of the world will get it sometime in July but in essence it's a brand new leaderboard where you won't be rewarded for the time you took to cover the segment but rather for how many times you have covered it

Yeah and if you cover it the most times then you will be crowned local legend well you've already got that state that's in my eyes anyway so ah thanks mate so anyway this new leaderboard

Exactly hold on a second they do not reciprocate in that compliment no no only well actually now I really quite like the idea but I also wonder whether for it's a real hardcore Strava user this might sort of reward people

For being a little bit less creative with the routes that they ride yeah you see you're basically saying it for the Strava addicts it might mean that they stay within about two miles of their house and just ride the same segment

Over and over again yeah precisely to be honest I'd probably do that if it gave me the stages of local legend I know I know you would make yeah but it could be good for commuters connect rewarding the people who ride to

Him from work the most and also if you're gonna do an Everest thing as well probably get legendary status tenting well very true likely mortimer could could become world record holder and local legend could me well yeah on it 42

Times speaking of everything and repeating the same climb multiple times you may remember last week in the show we spoke about the exploits of Allen Colville he decided to go up Draycott Hill 86 times

I think it was now we didn't know why he chosen to climb at 86 times but in a rather elusive comment left underneath last week's GCN show Allen basically said that he was training for something bigger and even more insane which sounds

Very intriguing indeed oh yeah and intriguingly painful as well I guess well watch this space and Allen keep us posted I'd say that we might bump into each other on Draycott but I ride it infrequently as humanly possible and I

Suspect you will never ride it again after all that yeah right we move on to a couple of bits of racy news now and first up some brilliant news in fact for Mitch Tim Scott who appear to have secured their long term future with a

Brand new sponsor they do indeed their new sponsor being a not-for-profit organization based in Spain called the Manuela fundación intriguingly though it's a not-for-profit organisation that hasn't actually been launched yet we've

Got to wait for October for that the team however will rebrand itself as of July the 1st and that means of course they've got some new kit as well which is here I could hot-or-not as ever since we are

Not fashion aficionados we're gonna throw it out to you at home to vote on you'll find a link on the screen right now that will take you over to the Jesus an app where you can cast your vote despite though our opinion has been

Really for relatively worthless I would you reckon that a hotter or not from you well I definitely prefer it to a Jersey that makes you look like a very hairy naked man but I perhaps don't think it's quite up there with the pantheon of

Greats so it's kind of well it's warm isn't it so my hair mildly hot I'd say I like it I like it because it's different to everything else in the world to a peloton which is a victory in itself wow that is trick that is true I think

It's the wings I'm not a massive fan anyway let's leave that there because we got some more news more news involving Peter sagal more specifically the bike that he gave to Pope Francis because that bike

Is now being auctioned off for charity it is and it's a pretty unique opportunity to own a very unique bike is a specialized venge in the white and yellow colors of the Vatican and Peter's again himself has signed it it does

Appear though that you are going to need a serious amount of wedge if you would like to win this bike now we've just looked up the charity auction website and it's currently on over 14 grand even though there are still three days to go

Oh that is quite pricey isn't it um obviously is for a very very good cause and the charity is called we run together and it's raising money for health service workers in some of the hardest hit areas of Italy as a result

Of this recent corona virus pandemic if you want to check it out it's being listed along with a whole host of other super cool stuff on charity stars calm yeah no sure about you side but I lost interest when it went over

Quadruple figures anyway good luck to whoever has got the money to bid for that a very unique opportunity as I said before we finished with cycling shorts this week we wanted to give a shout out to GCN outdoor yeah as many of you will

Know they didn't launch all that long ago but they've already had their first video that's gone over 200,000 views seven common cycling mistakes are well done to all of you over there yeah we had to wait for Martin Ashton to do

Video for us didn't leave yeah yeah anyway for any German speaks out there do make sure you check out GC an outdoor if you haven't tuned in already of course go over and subscribe now the end of cycling shorts we must

Return to the subject of trenching we will hand over to Hank here at GCN we are committed to helping inspire and encourage cycling globally and the world bicycle relief charity is one that is very close to our hearts most notably it

Was done at shaming off his long locks now the gauntlet has been passed to me I was offered two choices take on a really really tough challenge or shave my hair as you can imagine while I went for the really really tough challenge shaving on

My head genuinely terrifies me now everything has been well quite populated with pros hunting for the world record so I thought I'll do the opposite the mani honored trench is 11000 and 34 meters

Deep now I'm not going to well physically go to the bunny on a trench and descend it no because will that be near impossible because it's in the middle of the scene no I'm going to do it on a bike climb uphill and descend it

Accumulating 11030 for elevation loss it's known as trenching and to be honest I'm pretty terrified of this challenge and I'm doing this all for worldwide school relief and we've had an anonymous donation to match whatever we can raise

Up to 20,000 pounds now that is a Kickstarter so if you want to help me raise as much money as possible then use that discret in the description there's a link although I'll get out in the end and

Make sure you click there and hopefully what one I can get through the challenge in two I can raise some money right I better get training shall I write I thought I will take you outside of the makeshift GCN studios for a moment and

Bring you here to the crucible of hot new tech that happens to also be my garden because while Stan might have got the new GCN cycling kit months I mean literally months before me I have been very fortunate enough to receive a

Steady stream of amazingness right here and this week is no different this week we have a new collection from Giro you know it's going good when it's called the collection and this Jersey is one example of it okay so

It's been produced in collaboration with an iconic Japanese designer called hironori Yasuda so he's something of a legend in design circles and it turns out that Gira's creative director chap called Elie

Atkins has been a big big fan for many many years and has finally been able to collaborate with it the result is this collection and so you get this design across a load of giro products and you could be kids out from head-to-toe in

Fact they've got shoes they've got these socks which are very very cool indeed we've got shorts we've got the jersey and we've even got a Giro ether MIPS helmet look at that very very cool indeed so if you are a fan of Yasuda

Then this is for you or indeed if you just like super cool design it's pretty bold I like you write it back to you down and also me in the kind of studios it is now time for hack forward slash bodge off the wit your crack straight on

With it at the first one it came in from J phrase zero seven a specialized Ruby expert always wanted a pair of try bars but didn't want to pay for them so I made some of my own using some pipe and some zip ties oh my days there's so much

Wrong with that not least the zip ties also the plastic pipe and the fact that you wouldn't even ever hold onto them because your your nose would be resting on on plastic pipe so then also presumably the zip ties do not prevent

The bar extensions from slipping up and down yeah I think this is an ill-considered /yc yeah I think this is just a budge isn't it frankly I think the one comment underneath that I've also got in the

Screen grow here sums it up a ruler please then try this on the road yeah good advice that is a budge from me so there's a hump percentage for me yeah and it's a budge from ninety percent of you as well well this next one this is

Brilliant Dan because sango bike one has actually titled it this is a budge exclamation mark and even next week exactly said is it budge because it only took ten minutes to get done which is a new classification for us to add in – is

It a hacker as it watch to come through Shore is basically dodged a bottle cage onto his lawnmower so he can hydrate whilst mowing the lawn I mean the thing with mowing lawns lies that you go up and down don't you so you can just rest

The bottle somewhere and sort of pass it up to yourself whenever you need it so but anyway well well seventy percent of people said hack they disagree with us and with the with the poster Sango bike one so yeah if that one's a hack sorry

About that yeah yeah well we're not going to be conned into saying what you think we should say Adrian Hodgson came over this 15 mil to 12 mil through actual conversion couldn't run the wheels I

Wondered on my domani disk because it was a 15 millimeter thru-axle so machined the bits required for the 12 millimeter swap can now swap wheels between my three axle bikes as I like yeah now this is neat Dan cos when

Everyone was kind of like mulling over through axles a few by brands went for 15 mil diameter through axles up front and now everyone's gone for 12 so if you've got one of those bikes you're kind of stuck with it and so here is a

Genuine looking conversion kit now I don't really understand how it works but he's obviously confident in it because he's decided that this is such a good hack he's gonna sell them so yeah if you if you need a conversion kit there you

Go it's not the smoothest looking thing is it on the disc brake side but yeah so always great when a hacker or budge from the GSN show goes on to be a commercial success I'd not sure if it's happened in the last seven years or not Dragon's Den

Ever isn't it oh that's yeah that's a great hack that you can make into a business that's you know to fail I would not be I will not be investing in the lawn mower bottle cage great stuff moving on we have this from

Dove baby six one three a fixie commuter chain cover add a modified fixie into an internal how three speed for commuting to work saw the similar concept of a belt drive that saves the dress pants from chain oil dress pants

I think I get what you're getting that there went to the hardware store and five dollars later bought back a coke steel cable covered rigid hard plastic shell that's flexible and fits perfectly around the chain cut to length to cover

The chain on the drivetrain and then sewed the cut ends using a special needle and thread this is a hack due to the I mean this might have taken well over ten minutes I'd add this I think it's just borderline genius I said I

Looked at it I was like oh ask who's running a belt drive and then I looked again I thought oh my goodness that's that's the best chain guard I've ever seen I mean if it actually works it will be

Inspired I just genius it's like a you get the best of both worlds you know it's good just a chain and you don't get oily trousers it's got just enough of a slit in it as well sorry for you to be able to aim your wd-40 inside it I

Reckon in that case I'm gonna say hack sigh I'm gonna say hack well it's quite divisive 54% of you said hack for that particular I don't think I'll read out the previous one either so

On the previous one that's going to go into a commercial product 87% of you said hack so it's off to a good start next up prescription sunglasses kind of this came in from Chris Jane Navarro I cannibalize the least-used pair of my

Prescription eyeglasses and sorted them into my oversized sunglasses when you reckon to that well yeah I mean I think that is quite cool I've been mulling over whether or not I need prescription sunglasses in the sense that I do need

Glasses but I don't wear them on my bike so I probably do anyway I've always been put off bothering to go and get it but that almost makes it look achievable genius I dunno those good hack from me yeah yeah hack from me

Well 60% of people agreeing with us so I've left the best for last in this way I can't budge compilation so I'll let you read it out thank you Dan this was sent in by Felix butcher this is a dummy hub for a 12 mil through axle but not

Just a dummy have a 3d printed dummy hub for my painting I'm torn here because you know my love of 3d printing and how anything is automatically a hack when it's 3d printed but you also know my hatred of

Dummy hubs I think they're the most pointless waste of time money and space ever so here I am now going well well I don't know what to do about it elite well I suppose because it's 3d printed he's just Press print and therefore

Spent no money on it at all cuz you think well why would you spend money on that well it's been so long sighs since we had a chain keeper you can imagine my delight when I saw Felix had uploaded this last week alright it's not obvious

Hack from me what you're saying is I use a vertical board in it no it's a but it's not well the proof is in the pudding and the pudding in this instance is how people have voters over on the GC nap and 92% of them have said hack yeah

Yeah don't forget to keep getting involved next week preferably with a few more chain keepers to infuriates I head over to the decent app and upload any household budgets that you may have it's time now for caption competition in that

Part of the show where we need your witty captions will show you a photo you state your captions in the comment section we pick a winner who each week will receive a coveted GCN elite water bottle down have you got one this week I

Have yeah I'm holding it next to my head it does that mean it's in focus or outages last week you were worried about it well last week I said that previously I'll hold it too close to the cameras it was out of focus and so I put it next to

My head the ironic thing being that my head was also out of focus last week but hopefully we're sorted this week fingers crossed anyway we'll start with the results from last week we gave you this perler from

The archives this was ya know Rick making his way back to the tarmac after taking a bit of a fall at the Tour de France and the winning caption Dan who is it it is John Taylor who put caption walk uphill with a Pinarello

Feels like a trek to me ah I mean this that is so on brand with GCN jokes because really it's quite terrible but I think it's brilliant oh but it's just so clever witty I love it genius right dance if

You can well get anywhere close to John Taylor's caption we've got yes one which is Jack Bauer from Piru Bay 2019 I think it probably was last year I'm not 100% sure it's definitely the last

Couple of years anyway all right I'll get you started then so um indexing your gears in the middle of Perry Bay is a pain in the neck yeah that's got gear less you mate I wonder just go with that because that fixing gear jokes rarely

Funny but I also had jack that's not how you do over/under intervals about clothes but niche yeah Jack do you want your spear bite yeah you're fine mate just just give me a minute just got a tweet di2 what's the

Automatic see see you again in the Ehrenburg yeah anyway I think we've waited on long enough leave your best caption in the comments below we'll pick our favorite next week yeah well we'll have to find out from Jack what the

Actual answer is what on earth does he do it right we will shortly be turning you what's coming up on GT nan teasing racing over the next seven days but first up our favorite comments from the previous seven starting with this that

Came in underneath cycling kit revolution oh sorry mate you've missed a few I have I pulled out a few from under around last week's GCN Chet I thought you should probably read out okay well I did see them I was gonna skip past them

But anyway up all right I'll do it James thorn said Dan has lost his focus during his absence solidaire says Dan's been away so long he's gone soft and pole sifter said was Dan focusing on his new kit in the background on purpose and

That is the nail on the head it wasn't a technical error on my part it was a deliberate thing as they get a bit more of a look at the new Jason Castelli kit alright three comments from almost literally a thousand managed to do the

Great yes so much so yeah in fact few people just thought you were filming off a really dodgy webcam which I did like the people that said that so can you could you just wipe your webcam is a bit too smudged and actually it's a proper

Camera just don't know how to use the thing after eleven weeks yeah any lava sticks right anyway that comment you're about to throw to you about cycling top ten clothing revolutions is a pearler Andy

Corso it's a long one this so subtle yourselves in it's a good story racing in the seventies at Crystal Palace in South East London my brother was in the first race I went to get changed ready for my race when I

Realized I'd forgotten my shorts so I had to wait for his race to finish so I could borrow his the woolen shorts with real chamois leather insert that had been softened with olive oil and we're now warm and wet it's only taken forty

Years for me to be able to talk absolute yeah have you ever forgotten your shorts for a bike race oh I have indeed yeah and I got in real trouble I went around trying to borrow some which was the most disgusting thing I've ever had to do

Anyway I finally found some rod Elling worth had some GB shorts tucked away in his deep car that's why racing them and got in big trouble because I was racing a national team kit in their national criteria so

There we go oh grandma story well I I forgot them one so I wore some top sport flange in shorts that one of the riders had but yeah not something I would want to repeat again anyway underneath our

Howard to bunnyhop video Kenya learns a bunny hopping today this from Layton is it me or does man on look like she's done this before it's just you later yeah she obviously had never even attempted a bunny hop before and some

Might say that she still hasn't done a bunny hop now I'll leave that for you to decide while still Aerosmith underneath man ons look at her brand new bike meet the presenter mal annoyed the only GTM presenter who can weigh a bike without

Her arms shaking violently it's very true fair play to Matlin she can lift up eight kilos without that price wobbling never mind right underneath the international gravel challenge of epicness though we have got some

Positive comments not gonna lie this is room yummy I'm hungry not gonna lie sighs bunny hop at one minute eight was sick has he been hanging out with the boys at govt ed I know ever had a nice a comment down

Isn't that right no breasts as well when I saw that yeah thanks very technically it was actually a jump because there was a there was a little bump I caught air off but anyway yeah alright yeah thanks I mean well launch winter wish the bird

Poop was on sighs new GCN kit oh what a nasty comment he just got it see there joey said he just got here's as well but anyway yeah Jeremy was still positive when a bird pooped on it that was great

Right come up on the channel this week then on Wednesday we are going to tell you how to ride without getting tired yeah yet another video that I really need to watch Thursday 5 advanced cycling skills that everybody should

Learn another one for the list and then Friday we've got a video over on GC and racing a sit-down interview with Mathieu Vanderpool we're on the main channel I've also got what is cramp and why do we get it yeah tell you what I can't

Wait to watch the matching Vanderpol interview going praying that on Saturday is suspension the future of gravel voice now this video is hanging in the balance because I'm currently under lockdown lockdown lockdown at the moment I can't

Actually get out to film it so fingers crossed if you see it on sound today it may it means that I've escaped my house and then over on GCM tech actually we should say a Hank has done some woodwork and it's actually quite impressive he's

Made a bike rack for less than 20 quid so do you make sure you check that out and then as we mentioned earlier on it's the first of our Swift and Scott videos this is the Yates brothers Simon and Adam versus the Brownlee brothers two of

The greatest athletes of all time so that is one not to be missed so set your Diaries or whatever it is you need today they're gonna be brilliant videos those ones are they talking about Hanks handiwork with wood

And what we basically mean is it was nowhere near as bad as we were expecting and and rather sweetly he's incredibly proud of it isn't it every conference cool we do at the moment with him he's got it in the background he loves it

Just blame he just takes it around his house with him doesn't think that was cool let's just have my bikes in the background and he's got nice bikes to be fair so I mean it does look good doesn't it yeah

Well that brings us to the end of this week's GSN show don't forget that you can support both Hank but also more importantly world bicycle relief in his latest challenge there's a link that goes through to the fundraising page in

The description down below yeah all right well all that leaves us then is to say have a good week everybody and we will see you same time same place next week yeah I'm off to check that I've been in focus here fingers crossed


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Nigel what you doing it's cutting the grass I told him today I'll be weaving weenies you know he's still in his pajamas as well right everyone I&#39...
Now is not time in the world even so it's a great time to take up cycling you never know you might get addicted and it could change your life there is a lot...
Neil Flowers: From sunny Melbourne, welcome to the GCN Show. James: Welcome to the GCN Show. Si: Coming up this week, we hear from the CEO of Strava and discuss...
As cyclists we abide by the rules of the road but we also stick to a coat of unwritten rules that help influence our behavior now I'm not talking about what...
Speaker: We love an upgrade here on GCM. Upgrades can get your old, run-down bikes feeling brand new again or give your new bike a boost that makes you want to...
There are many different jerseys in the world of cycling but can you name them all do you know you're my own jean from Amalia Rosa well in this video I'...
Conor Dunne: Even the most experienced cyclists amongst us make rookie mistakes from time to time. They may not admit it but they definitely make a few errors e...
Speaker: You've just got your hands on your very first bike, how exciting. I still think it's the best feeling in the world, getting a new bike or getti...
Male Speaker: If I had known what I'm about to tell you when I started cycling way back when, in the olden days, or if someone had told me, at the time, I t...
Male Speaker: In this video, we are going to put one of cycling's most enduring myths to rest. Because over the years, one or two pieces of poor quality res...
Speaker 1: Zipp have just launched their second headline-grabbing wheelset for 2020. This is an all-new 303 Firecrest Disc Brake Wheelset. When I say all-new, I...
Maybe I've been a bit I've been a bit too cocky really here because I'm lost now banging on about how good I am at maps I mean how to end up in the ...
Ollie: Drafting, it's is one of the features of cycling that makes it so interesting and fascinating tactically. By sitting behind other riders and shelter...
Conor Dunne: Welcome to the GCN Show. Simon Richardson: Coming up this week. Is everesting cycling's ultimate test? Should it be the new hour record? Conor:...
Speaker 1: Ah, shoot, I've dropped my chain. I've dropped my chain. We've all been there, haven't we? Stuck at the side of the road, off our ma...
Speaker: Do you suffer with sore or numb hands? Well, if you do, then this is the video for you. I'm going to give you tips and tricks so that you can preve...
Speaker: You asked and we listened. I received a message on Instagram asking if we can make a video on women's specific bikes. I think it's a great topi...
Ollie: You've started cycling and you're interested in progressing to a dedicated cycling shoe but you're unsure what the benefits of shoes like thi...