The World Is Not Enough – Movie Review

published on July 2, 2020

the world is not enough was Pierce

Brosnan's third James Bond film coming

after Tomorrow Never Dies and this film

tells the story of a woman who finds

herself entangled in a nuclear plot

while James Bond tries to protect her

from her former kidnapper an

international terrorist who can't feel

pain I actually had no plans to review

the world is not enough I played the

game a lot as a kid I saw the movie

quite often when I was a kid my friends

and I we all kind of had the VHS it was

just one of those VHS is you had like he

had Independence Day men and black

possibly Godzilla and maybe Goldeneye

and Tomorrow Never Dies and world is not

enough it was just one of those VHS is

that everybody kind of had but I've been

in a James Bond mood and I saw that it

was on Netflix and so I sat down to

watch it just for fun and I decided I

wanted to talk about it this is a film

that is strangely polarizing for James

Bond fans there are many people that

don't like twine as it is affectionately

referred to in the fan community some

people find it very boring and

repetitive it doesn't really have the

energy of Goldeneye and it has at least

one horrific Lee bad performance that

we'll talk about later but there are

others that appreciate this film because

it feels a little bit more like

classical Bond this movie feels kind of

like a Connery picture in some ways it

doesn't feel as modern as Tomorrow Never

Dies was especially since Tomorrow Never

Dies was like let's have a tech mogul

because everybody was afraid of

technology leading to the year 2000

which is strange because this movie came

out in 99 so you think they would hit it

over the head even more in this movie

there's one mention of the y2k bug in

the film but for the most part this

feels like an old-school Bond movie for

some people they were done with that

they didn't want that gold and I

reinvented it and the fact that rule is

not enough kind of took it back to a

nuclear plots and there's a guy who

can't feel pain cuz he has a bullet

lodged in his brain but the film also

has a lot of supporters because Pierce

Brosnan's portrayal of bond in this

movie is a lot darker he's also written

darker he's meaner in this movie he's

not quite as quippy

as he was in Tomorrow Never Dies and


as he was and I another day but

Brosnan's portrayal of bond is

definitely darker in this film we're

gonna get into some spoilers here so if

you've never seen the movie that's your

warning our main villain is this guy who

can't feel pain but there's sort of like

a sub villain that eventually appears

from the character of Elektra King she

is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome she

has fallen in love with her kidnapper

for a lot of the movie you don't know

that and when that's revealed it's

actually kind of gross you're like oh

that's that's disgusting that's a very

vile storyline the fact that this woman

was kidnapped was forced into using her

body in ways she did not want to and

eventually came around to falling for

her kidnapper that's really fucked up

the film doesn't really get a lot of

credit for its darker themes and

directly after she tries to torture and

kill bond by using a machine that's

slowly choking him he kills her right in

front of him

you wouldn't kill me miss me

yes die so despite some of the

one-liners and despite some of the more

humorous scenes that are in the world is

not enough they were attempting to go

back to basics the script is not as good

as it could be the villain is acceptable

the action sequences are also acceptable

they're nowhere near as good as

goldeneye there's some serious staging

issues in the final confrontation

between bond and this guy who can't feel

pain both actors are drenched in water

more than likely the set was too and

there's bars everywhere this was

probably a nightmare to set up and shoot

and you can tell while you watch it they

can barely get around this set to make a

convincing looking fight it's really

awful but the storyline is rooted in

more suspense and tension than Tomorrow

Never Dies was there's action sequences

galore in this movie and while some of

them aren't that great like the skiing

sequence which is okay at best due to

some poor setups again this could be

second unit directing issues I'm not

entirely sure but there's a lot of

action sequences in the movie that could

have been great with a steadier hand

behind the camera but I found myself

mostly interested in this film because

of that storyline the idea that this

woman was kidnapped and eventually fell

for her kidnapper and this betrayal that

bond feels as a result it's not like the

trails and Bond movies are new or

anything they're very common but the

movie also gives a lot of screen time to

em and any screen time given to Judi

Dench is a good thing she is taken

captive in the movie and you get to see

her trying to use her resourcefulness to

get out of that captivity and there are

things they did with the characters in

this movie that I surprisingly like

rewatching the film made me want to

review it I was literally just gonna

watch the movie and have it on like in

the background and I kind of got

invested I haven't seen the movie in a

long time and I was surprised that I

enjoyed the movie as much as I did

because the film is by no means a

favorite in fact most people don't like

this movie and I can understand that but

a couple years ago when I got that box

set behind me I rewatched all of the

Bond films in a row from dr know all

the way to

believe Quantum of Solace was the newest

one at that time because it was right

before Skyfall came out and I got to

watch the progression of the series and

it was the best way for me to experience

the Bond series just watching how all of

them changed how some of them went back

how some of them tried to go forward and

how some of them were just absurd in the

case of the world is not enough you can

tell that there is definitely an attempt

to go back to basics it's just that the

script wasn't as good as it could have

been let's talk about what is easily the

thing that everybody can agree on

whether or not you like this movie or

not the casting of Denise Richards as a

nuclear physicist okay you guys know

that I get a little uncomfortable

trashing actors in film in this case

though I can't deal with it she is

horrific in the film this is some of the

worst acting I've ever seen in a

big-budget movie it's absolutely

embarrassing there are scenes where

she's supposed to feel like she's about

to die and her face is like a fucking

Stonewall nothing is moving here it is

just pure bland it is a horrific ly bad

performance and the casting choice seems

entirely based on the fact that she is a

beautiful woman easily one of the worst

casting choices I have ever seen her

dialogue and her delivery is all

horrendous the fact that she's in this

movie really really affects it poorly

but Brosnan does his best here I think

he's pretty good in this movie I liked

seeing Robbie Coltrane back after having

him in Goldeneye there are things about

this movie that I definitely appreciate

I think the villains a lot stronger than

the fucking guy who's gonna control the

media or and I appreciated that bond

does some really cold-blooded shit in

this movie he doesn't feel like he's

having a good time he seems kind of

pissed for a lot of the film and I

appreciated that but it also suffers

from some late 90s effects there's a

sequence where they're going through a

tunnel on this fucking thing I don't

even know what it is the green screen is

pretty rough and as I said there's some

staging of the action sequences that

could have been improved significantly I

wasn't there obviously but it feels to

me like

relying on the second unit to just get

it done that's how it feels to me and I

think that was a poor choice still I

actually think the world is not enough

is kind of an underrated Bond movie I'm

gonna give the film of b-minus

so I've got one more bond review coming

for you guys in a couple days which one

could it be well I'll give you a hint

it's license to kill guys thank you so

much as always for watching look forward

to more reviews very soon and if you

like this you can click right here and

get stuck mine eyes


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