The Wolf Queen and Cubs | Kingdom of the White Wolf

published on July 3, 2020

NARRATOR: This is the
high arctic, a land

too hostile for
tall trees to send

roots into the frozen ground

Few are able to live
on this barren expanse

This is the realm
of the Arctic wolf

[music playing]

These wolves are mysterious
and rarely studied

But on Ellesmere
Island, their line

is unbroken, reaching
back 10,000 years

to the end of the last Ice Age

They've never been hunted,
never known human cruelty

They are among the last
of the truly wild ones

On a hillside below an
ancient den, a family plays

The play has purpose–

to teach skills they'll one day
need to help their family hunt

[wolves growling]

For the matriarch,
an older female

with a prominent white ruff,
like a scarf around her neck,

it's a rich time

She's surrounded by three
seasons of her young

Her two-year-old daughters are
next in line to lead this pack,

but only one can be
the next matriarch

White Scarf's breeding
partner is [inaudible],,

with a bright, clean coat

He's father to
the pups, step dad

to the one and two-year-olds

These 10 week old pups know
only sunshine and soft grass

They haven't yet
faced winter, when

temperatures can
drop to 60 below

and darkness descends
for six months

[music playing]

Six-year-old White
Scarf has lived

longer than most wild wolves

Every instinct is aimed
at preparing her family

to thrive in this brutal place

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