The WHO Knowingly Lied About China

published on July 2, 2020

the World Health Organization has been

keeping a secret and now it's been

exposed welcome back to China uncensored

I'm Chris Chappell

at this point everyone knows that the

World Health Organization has done

nothing but praise the Chinese Communist

Party's response to the corona virus

here's the head of the w-h-o China took


massively at the epicenter at the source

of the outbreak this is heroic the

actions of China is making us safer on

January 30th the WHL wrote the speed

with which China detected the outbreak

isolated the virus sequenced the genome

and shared it with w-h-o and the world

are very impressive and beyond words

so is China's commitment to transparency

now this is strange considering Chinese

leaders knew about the corona virus but

didn't warn the public for six key days

but what's even stranger is that the

World Health Organization was praising

China even while they didn't agree with

it that's right

the w-h-o knew China wasn't being open

and transparent was frustrated by it and

yet publicly they still praised the

Chinese regime that's according to this

piece by The Associated Press

somehow ap got access to recordings of

internal meetings held by the w-h-o in

January and what those internal

recordings say is very different from

this the actions of China is making us

safer even though publicly the w-h-o

said China shared the genome of the

coronavirus quote immediately the leaked

recordings show that China actually sat

on it for more than a week on top of

that China's stalled for at least two

weeks more on providing w-h-o with

detailed data on patients and cases this

was incredibly frustrating to w-h-o

officials despite what they were telling

the public so why did they do it why did

they praise China when they knew that

this delay would cost lives

well the w-h-o suffers from the same

crippling world view as a lot of

organizations politicians and academics

you have to appease the Chinese

Communist Party if you want to gain

access to China giving in to

authoritarian regimes has a history of

working out really well anyway the WHL

feared that if they pushed too hard the

Chinese regime would just completely cut

off the w-h-o and give them no data I'm

sure it didn't help that the head of the

w-h-o dr Ted Rose was elected to his

position with the support of the Chinese

regime it also didn't help that China

was investing heavily in his home

country Ethiopia like building a 500

million dollar railway for more on that

watch our episode coronavirus how w-h-o

corruption helped it spread so the World

Health Organization has a special

relationship with China but it doesn't

have a problem putting pressure on other

countries for example the APS leaked

recordings show that dr Michael Ryan

the executive director of the WH OHS

emergencies program knew that China was

being treated differently and that it

would hurt the wh o–'s reputation

according to AP last September the w-h-o

had issued an unusual public rebuke of

Tanzania for not providing enough

details about a worrisome Ebola outbreak

we have to be consistent Ryan said the

danger now is that despite our good

intent especially if something does

happen there will be a lot of

finger-pointing at the WH oh well they

were not consistent do you think there

could be finger-pointing at the WH Oh

China has total control over the World

Health Organization we have detailed the

reforms that it must make and engage

with them directly but they have refused

to act what's even more shocking about

this whole thing is it really reveals

how China's control over the w-h-o has

grown take out the WH o responded back

in 2003 to the SARS epidemic from China

early in the out

break the w-h-o issued a rare World

Health Alert it carefully investigated

Chinese hospital wards proving senior

Chinese officials were lying about the

disease they even told people in Hong

Kong not to travel to southern China

even though that corporate travel was

worth big bucks as The Wall Street

Journal said at the time by taking a

zero-tolerance approach to the disease

with governments as disparate as China

and Canada the w-h-o may well have

limited the toll of SARS at the crucial

early stage that sounds like a very

different World Health Organization to

the one we have today what happened well

the Chinese Communist Party saw how the

World Health Organization really kept

them from being able to successfully

cover up SARS so Beijing backed the

appointment of Margaret Chan a former

director of health in Hong Kong has

w-h-o director-general from 2006 to 2007

teen while Chan was the head of the

w-h-o she disinvited Taiwan from the

organization's annual meeting because

according to Chan Taiwan wasn't

recognizing the one-china principle but

it was totally not because Beijing

wanted her to do it by the way after

leaving the WH o Margaret Chan is now a

member of the Chinese People's Political

Consultative Conference a Chinese

government advisory body here she is in

Chinese state-run media in 2018 talking

about how much China has improved since

SARS in 2003 when China was dealing with

sauce it didn't know how to handle it

and of course know for whatever reason

China was heavily criticized by the

world but since 2003

China's has invested in improving its

health care system in improving you know

the information system in reporting to

World Health Organization and being very


right China's very transparent to the

w-h-o that interview didn't age well and

after channel left the w-h-o Beijing

back Ted bros as foreign minister in


he had previous relationships with

Chinese authorities and when Ted Gross

was Health Minister in Ethiopia there

were accusations that he had helped the

government cover up several outbreaks of

Cholera so clearly he was the right man

to run the w-h-o at least to run china's

w-h-o and now it's time for me to answer

a question from one of you a fan who

supports China uncensored on patreon

today's question comes from Alfred

Schneider crisp given the recent changes

in Hong Kong law will you guys at China

and censored feel safe traveling to Hong

Kong in the future a very good question

not that I really felt safe traveling to

Hong Kong last year during the protests

police were a tad aggressive at least I

can now say I know what teargas feels

like it made me sad but now Beijing is

pushing a new national security law they

will likely strip away many of Hong

Kong's freedoms already people critical

of the Chinese regime have been blocked

from entering Hong Kong and a few days

ago Hong Kong extended its current ban

on foreign travelers until September

which I'm sure is all about the

coronavirus and has nothing to do with

all the Foreign Press that came last

year to cover the protests so moving

forward it's less and less likely we'll

be able to get in we would still like to

go to Hong Kong but we'll have to

evaluate the situation once travel opens

back up thanks for your question and if

you'd like me to answer your question on

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Chappell see you next time


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