The War On Cash Is Over – Do This Now

published on August 2, 2020

There have been three monetary shocks this century each one devastating to the people that are holding money and in this video i'm gonna go over what i see as the fourth monetary shock we're gonna look at what this means how

Bad it can get how fast it's happening and of course what we should be watching and we should be doing so stay tuned all right welcome back to the channel my

Name is mark moss i believe that the only security we have in life is for us to take responsibility for ourselves the system is broken no one's going to

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Right now and then hit the subscribe button hit the bell notifications so you're notified every time i put a new video out all right so today we are talking about a fourth great monetary shock that's on

Its way like i said three in the last century and the fourth one is happening right now so let me ask you a question do these dates ring a bell for you 1907 1933 1971 maybe

Now to most people these dates probably won't mean very much but if you've been watching this channel if you've been watching my channel following along for a while then most likely you know what those

Dates mean if you are one of the people that know what those dates are then you probably know that those dates are the dates that we had previous monetary shocks these monetary shocks are really resets

Or maybe even complete changes to the entire monetary system and not just for the united states but for the entire international monetary system

And so you know i talk a lot about the dollar but it always has implications for the entire world and today we're going to talk about that now each one of these panics each one of these shocks

Had major impacts to both savers and investors and as big as all three of those dates were we're sitting on the edge of a fourth one we're sit on the edge of a fourth shock

And i think this final shock is going to obliterate all financial privacy and put all your savings and dollars at risk no matter which currency you hold them in now again if you're one of the regular

Viewers of this channel this might not be such a surprise but for most they will be completely caught off guard and even if you do know what i'm talking about have you made the needed adjustments

Have you positioned yourself to be safe and better yet to profit as these changes happen well today we're going to talk about this but first let's recap what the first three shocks were like if

You don't know what those dates are we're gonna talk about that i'm gonna go back through it pretty quickly you know that if you watch this channel you know i love to talk about history

So let's jump back into that time machine let's take a trip back all the way back to the panic of 1907 now we're stopping at a time called the 1907 bankers panic and this was a financial

Crisis that ended up leading to basically a nationwide collapse of banks this is the united states a nationwide collapse of banks and the panic of 1907 and the collapse that happened is partly

What helped usher in the establishment of the united states federal reserve now i'm not going to go super deep into that but the bankers had basically been trying to establish a central bank in

The united states for quite a long time it was kind of coming in and going out now there's a book titled the mystery of banking by murray rothbard now it's a great read i highly

Highly recommend it and as a matter of fact in the description of this video i'm going to link to a free pdf version of the book it's in the description it's free i highly recommend that you download it

Read through it at least skim through it if you want to know anything about what's going on with the banking system now back on track so after the banking collapse of 1907 uh we had many

Americans that just were completely wiped out financially when the banking system collapsed then we had a second major shock happened on april 5th 1933

Anyone know what that date is 1933 talked about it quite a bit on this channel as well well on 1933 april 5th 1933 president franklin d roosevelt signed an executive order

6102 does that ring a bell anyone order 6102 basically what already uh order 6102 is when the us made it illegal for americans to own gold they confiscated the gold and as soon as they

Took all the gold back which was money at the time right gold was money the dollars were backed by gold once they took all that back they revalued it and what they did is they

Basically they revalued the gold which devalued the currency so immediately everyone that was holding onto dollars lost 40 percent of their wealth overnight

Because they devalued it once they revalued the dollar now this as you can imagine caused americans to get completely wiped out i mean losing 40 percent of your money your purchasing power

Overnight was devastating for many people and then that brings us to the third monetary shock the third and final before we jump to the fourth the third one this was on

August 15 1971 anyone know this one i use this date quite a bit hopefully you all should know this one this is when president richard nixon severed all ties

Between the us dollar and gold and when he did that he ushered in paper or fiat money basically the fiat money fake money the fake money system that we have today now i've talked about

Many many times how this date 1971 how this shock was the biggest it was the most destructive of all the shocks that we've seen and really since 1971 it's caused

All kinds of problems we've seen real wages go down we've seen the divide of the rich and poor grow huge we've seen inflation take off price is unaffordable price of gold has

Shot up on and on and on i've referenced before again i highly recommend people to go to the website wtf happened in 1971 uh for more it's just a website full of charts and you can see

Everything that's happened since 1971 and i will link to it in the description as well so just go check that out now this brings us back to what we're talking about today

This is the fourth shock all right now this fourth shock is happening i think that we are going to see the end of physical currency altogether now i've talked about um going to the

Digital dollar i've talked about that before but i don't think most people are ready for what i would say the new reality for everyone anyone who

Earns uses or saves us dollars needs to be ready because this new this new reality is coming and it goes pretty deep there's a lot to unpack here um and there's a lot a lot at stake i mean this is the reserve currency of the

World so there's a lot at stake here now i'm going to stick to the most important pieces here but if you want me to dig in deeper on any of these topics any of this stuff like always leave me a comment down below tell me

Specifically what you'd like me to dig in deeper i can make additional videos to talk about that all right but we're going to try and skim through this a little bit so the first thing that you must know is

That drastic changes like we just saw in those previous three shocks i mentioned and the fourth one that's shaping up right now they're devastating they're completely devastating for your

Savings and for your money and the thing that you have to know is that they happen immediately they happen without any real warning um it's not like they announce it ahead

Of time and say hey everyone get ready we're about to take away half your money they don't tell you that they happen really quickly so that's why it's so important that we start that we pay attention

Right we see things that are progressing we see if you want to say like how the stars are aligning so we can be prepared we can take actions ahead of time and it's also why i give so much

Background information in my videos now i see in my comments quite often people are like yeah you talk too much just get to the point get to the point right but i want you to understand and i want

You to have the full picture so you can avoid the fallout and i want you to protect yourself protect your hard-earned savings and i want you to be able to have the chance to make you know whatever small simple

Strategic investments that you can because right now we're setting up to have some massive massive moves i think some of these moves have the potential to hand us more than a thousand percent

Returns if we do it right now this might sound a little bit far-fetched that physical cash is on its way out a lot of people maybe won't won't realize that uh but cash has powerful enemies a lot of people

Want to get rid of cash governments hate it you know because they can't track they can't trace your transactions if you or i do a deal in physical cash they don't know about that only you and i know about that which is

The way it should be but but the government doesn't like it the banks hate it uh because the banks you know at the bank it means that you don't have to rely on them to do transactions right you don't have to

Rely on them to earn to spend and if you're not relying on them to earn spend then they can't skim off profits right they can't skim the money off each transaction the elites whoever they are they also

Want to get rid of cash now one good example is ken rogoff he's a harvard professor he's a former international monetary fund the imf international monetary fund chief

Economist and he's the perfect example of what i would call quote-unquote establishment economist in 2016 he published a book called the curse of cash which of course from the title

Of it sounds like he doesn't like cash uh the curse of cash and in it he argued that the us should basically get rid of all cash right he said we need to phase it out of society we need to get

Rid of it he says that cash just helps criminals hmm only criminals use cash it's interesting i thought people that need to buy things and feed their families use cash too but

I guess we're all criminals but anyway he says that only criminals use cash only people that want to avoid taxes use cash anyway here's his solution he said that all paper currency should

Be phased out so what you would do is you would start with bank notes of 50 or more so get rid of the hun get rid of the hundreds get rid of the 50s and then eventually you work your way down next eventually

You get rid of the 20 eventually get rid of the 10 and then maybe you're only left with like dollars and fives and then probably eventually you get rid of those as well now in rogoff's world governments run

The money system right they run it directly now there's no messing around with stealthy cash um no payment options that you can keep private that you can keep out of view of the government all of

That has to be banned is what he says now i hate to break this to you but in many ways this war on cash that i'm talking about it's already over it's already over like

It's game set match if you want to say that uh checkmate whatever now in 2016 this is beyond the us now in 2016 india wiped out 86 of its cash

Overnight they just basically said uh they woke up one day and said hey all bills over 500 and a thousand rupee all the bank notes over 500 a thousand but they're no longer valid so all those people that have a bunch of

Cash piled up in their house or saved or wherever it is sorry your money is no good now they did give them like a really short time to turn that money in before it was worthless in my opinion it wasn't really

Enough time especially for people in india that maybe weren't act didn't have access to the news and things like that but it's not just india australia claims that they want to be cashless by 2022 it's two years away

Denmark says they want to be cashless by 2030 10 years away now ecuador was the first country to launch a digital currency last year the eu the european union they're getting rid of

Their 500 banknotes or euro notes i should say in france and italy you're not allowed to do cash transactions over a thousand euro now in the us we already have super strict laws as uh as well

What we call capital control laws they want to control the capital um so for instance if you deposit transfer or withdraw 10 000 or more your bank automatically alerts a bureau

Within the treasury department and basically they have to file what's known as a currency transaction report same thing if you exchange foreign currencies anything that's ten thousand dollars or more

And the bureau is called the fincen financial crimes enforcement network because i guess it's a crime to use more than ten thousand dollars it says it right in the name pretty weird right and basically its job

Is to monitor analyze collect all the data on all americans financial transactions now you can get in trouble with the feds even if you deposit transfer withdrawal less than ten thousand dollars as a

Matter of fact if you choose lower amounts you can still get in trouble if they think you're trying to evade their reporting then the banks have to report to you as

A matter of fact they file something called suspicious activity report sars reports and the banks have quotas they have to file a certain amount of these and if they see you withdrawing cash

Under that and they think that you're trying to evade the report then that's a felony it's a felony they call it structuring i was trying to find it for this show i couldn't find it there

Was a lawmaker a legislator i forget a couple years ago that got um sentenced to uh this for structuring um if anybody if anybody knows leave it in the comment down below but basically for structuring

For pulling out money your money out of the bank less than ten thousand dollars it's a felony you can face a decade in prison for that amazing right now or what we have now is we have a massive

Catalyst something really accelerating the fourth shock and if you want to take a guess at what that is well if you guess the cv pandemic you'd probably be right so the cv pandemic is accelerating this of course

Uh it's celebrate accelerating the phase out of physical cash maybe you've already seen the signs all around lots of places where i live have signs no cash accepted credit cards only accepted for payment

Things like that uh we're starting to see signs about you know coin shortages cash shortages all these things and of course thanks to thanks to the pandemic there's all types of fears now that cash is dirty

Cash could hold diseases and all these things so that's why you know we see retailers coffee shops restaurants et cetera and they're all saying no we don't want your cash we don't want it and so that's probably

Going to be the final nail in the coffin like i said it's really accelerating this and you might have heard the old saying the old government ethos if you will the quote unquote

Never let a crisis go to waste well that's a perfect analogy for what we're having right here um they're using this pandemic crisis to push their agenda to get rid of cash a crisis allows them to do lots of

Things they wouldn't otherwise be able to do and so they can push for things like getting rid of cash like they normally wouldn't be able to do that now moving to a digital cashless society

Has been it's been on their bucket list for a long time like i said in 2016 that professor rogoff was already pushing for that countries have already been doing this

But the pandemic the cv pandemic the hysteria the emergency whatever you want to call it gives them a perfect opportunity to really push this through and they're all ready

The central banks they're already standing by ready for this to happen like i already mentioned ecuador was the first to already launch their digital currency i did a video i'll link to it right here

Where i talked about china's central bank and how they're already launching their own digital currency and how it could be backed by gold i think more than two-thirds of the world's central banks

Have already said they're exploring and working on rolling out their own pure digital currency the bank of england they're researching how to create a digital currency linked to britain's

Currency the pound sterling the bank of canada is looking at issuing its own crypto version of the canadian dollar sweden's rix bank it's the world's oldest central bank they're exploring

What they call that e krona it's a digital only version of the swedish krona we got japan we got singapore we got denmark we got norway they're all among countries that are

Working right now to put out a digital only replacement for their national currencies now there's a plan in place the highest levels of the united states i've talked about this in other videos

Where they want to introduce a digital only dollar payment system i did a video recently about the showdown that's inevitable that's happening now in this new system the fed

Will be able to simply just credit people's account right your fed account and they'll just put their fed coin right into your fed account digitally and it would really help getting the stimulus money out to people

Right however if they can just put money in your account they can also delete money out of your account not only can they delete money at your account they can monitor everything that you're doing financially

Prove what you can do disapprove what you can do block it etc now look i'm not trying to scare you any more than you might already be i know um people's stress levels and fear levels are sky

High the cv pandemic is definitely doing that and it's created a lot of market turbulence we don't know we're gonna do for jobs what we're gonna do for money we don't know what's gonna happen with

The markets we don't know anything right now and a lot of people are deeply confused and i get that all right now some people are even more paralyzed by this because not only are they

Confused but they don't know what to do but i just want to let you know that in times of profound change like this the most lucrative wealth building opportunities are around all right when there's times

Of change when people are moving people get scared but this is the time this is where the opportunities are now you might be asking yourself where are those opportunities well those opportunities are going to be in

Places where you already hold your wealth now but where do you hold your wealth outside of your dollars outside of your currency outside of your country's

Paper fiat dollars and as uh people start to realize this and start to flood into these other areas to put your money then it's going to continue to push those up so not only will we be protecting your wealth

It's also going to be increasing because the demand is going up it's always supply and demand always supply and demand so as the dollar's value go down these other areas will be going up based off

Supply and demand now what do i have in mind well again if you're no stranger to the channel you probably already know what i'm talking about of course my favorites gold and bitcoin

Come to mind for me gold's been money for 5 000 years just uh yesterday i think it got back to its new all-time high and it has smooth sailings clear skies as we say

And i expect to do really really well has a long way to go of course my favorite a little bit riskier bet but has way more upside is bitcoin now bitcoin also just crossed a key

Level just yesterday got over ten thousand dollars the very very key level and we've seen it jump from ten thousand to twenty thousand in like 18 days it can happen again so it's more risky

More risk more reward right now the thing that i want you to take away from this fourth shock that's coming is that history shows us that when these changes come

You know these massive changes to the monetary system people get crushed all right now this is not a prediction this is what history shows we've connected the dots this is what it's saying

The wheels are already in motion this is happening the only question is are you prepared that's the only question so let me know leave me a comment down below let me know are you prepared do you see the dots connected

Are you prepared for the end of the dollar or for this new digital dollar that's controlled leave me a comment yes or no let me know give me a thumbs up on this video if you

Like it if you don't like this video give me a thumbs down either way it's okay let me know i always want to hear from you i try to answer every comment but now i'm getting so many comments

I find it hard so the first day or two i'm trying to answer all your comments all right leave me a comment give me a thumbs up on this video and that's it to your

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