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published on July 2, 2020

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there and I still tell me the Valois I

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famous dynasty you're speaking well kind

of comparable or totally I mean if you

want scandal if you want like wars if

you want blood agua or your guys like

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well because there's lots of stories of

silver I can share with you so I think

it's so interesting to think about you

know early modern Europe and you look at

all the dynasties and the Valois is to

me the most intriguing Tennessee oh the

early modern period okay brilliant so

now let's just get our senses update

what when do they begin and what is

Frances start Barry okay so with a

flower dynasty it's a bit complicated

because we have different types of

Valois so we have the val was early on

we have the val was uncool em and that

wasn't with him with folks is the first

of France they started with him and we

know well I think most of English you

know speaking people know France the

first because he's the rival to Henry

the eighth but the ones that we

completely don't you forget know gave a

damn always like the ones who come you

can after France the firs who are henry

ii in 1547 he became king of france

paris is the second who married mary

stir it and come on like we can talk

about this it's the first marriage let's

discuss it then we have Charles anoints

and we have Henry know certain islands

love long Henry who said with the

passion as you can tell something it

this is the end of the that what I want

to discuss I want to discuss the end of

this dinner stay because we have the end

of the tutors with Elizabeth the first

and we are at the end of them Valois

with Henry the third in 1589 okay

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talking the valve one with a stealth

ring still Francis the first we know

about cos he wrestles in fact five

hundred years ago this year he wrestles

Henry the eighth field on the cross of


so is it like the Tudors and was was is

this is this a is this a dynasty where

personality image was hugely important

very much so but on the sanction for the

otherwise the image was so important but

the ones who came after from to the

first it became very complicated because

of the political and religious situation

in France at that time and what I'm

talking about

here is the French Wars of Religion the

country was a rage between you know the

wars between Protestants and Catholics

and this is why it's so interesting

because they didn't have the room for

propaganda like Elizabeth had for

example and what's even more interesting

is that all the kings that I mentioned

ruled drink Elizabeth laughs time and

during our brain and so she had to deal

with all these different personalities

and different kings Keith in Adelaide

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that sir that's very kind indeed Henry

the same he was married to Catherine de

Medici in 1533 Catherine de Medici the

orphan of Florence also one of the most

powerful queens in 16th century and he

was the father in Mary Stuart and he

really liked that much for his son for

Francis a second between you know

Francis second and Mary he really pushed

for hit he thought that Mary Street was


right match for Francie what the right

alliance with Scotland and with her

claim to the throne of England they

really hoped you know strongly helped

you out with the three Thrones which

didn't works in God because we on

Elizabeth's team here but that's that's

exactly that's what happened you're

talking about Catherine de Medici what

is it about the sixteenth century that

sees all these powerful women in

important positions in Scotland in

England and France is it that we don't

see them in other centuries but they're

all there or was it something about a

sixteenth century that is producing

conditions in which these women can

flourish and take charge it's a very

good question down because I think it

Devore wooden they've always been there

because inventing the medieval ages we

have Elizabeth erm Ileana Akutan and we

have Isabella Castle as well and we have

all those like you know she-wolf you

know and and so many others like twins

in medieval ages and then in the 17th


we have Marie de Medici we have a Maria

Teresa of Spain during the wife of we

the 14th we have you know even enraged

Maria that I've truly love and adore so

we have very powerful queens in any

centuries but what's very different in

the 16th century is that full 30 years

we had two queens very much in power and

I'm talking about Elizabeth of England

and Catherine de Medici and not only

they were very much in power but they

also had a very complex relationship

going on I think that is in that

relationship was one that influenced

politics and religion and diplomacy in

16th century Europe I wouldn't learn

more about that under henry ii because

it's a big event france finally and

manages to capture the last piece of

territory held on by england is this a

big event in english history or is it

remember that is it considered important

in france as well tell us about you know

what it's a funny to remind me on light

of my PhD driver when i completely

forgot to mention the loss of Calais and

why is a sternal examiner said of course

you don't care about that because for

you it's so ugly

I was like maybe I think France didn't

you forget about Calais and the fiber we

got it back in 1558 but a hundred a

second yes it was

what's interesting though is that he

France lost the war against pain but

managed to get candy back so in a way

they lost the war against pain but then

the honor was saved because they got

Kelly back and it was massive in a blog

for um for Mary the first of England and

it was something that Elizabeth could

not accept and she's gonna spend the

first five years if not ten years of her

reign asking the French to give it back

to her and she tries to find compromises

she's tried it she's even trying to use

force she's trying to get an alliance

with the Yuga news so the French

Protestants to get it back but it didn't


and anyway the second is not in France

remember as the king who lost Kelly who

want that Kelly he is remembered as a

king who had a very strong sexual

appetite especially with the under party

that's that's he that's what basically

we learned and the way that he treated

his wife was appalling so Catherine de

Medici and this is what we tend to

remember him for more than Calais

basically funny what you didn't remember

now how did how did he achieve force to

settle upon Mary Queen of Scots as a

wife for their successes well need to

all work with the gears is ray who were

a very noble powerful family in France

so it's more the geezers who pushed you

know Mary Queen of Scots as a potential

bride for France is the second the

obviously strong Catholic family as well

the French monarchy is strongly castling

so it worked well and she was but let's

not deny she was probably the perfect

match in Europe you know like they there

was no one else who could like who had

better pedigree she she she she was the

daughter of a Scottish King she had a

claim to the English throne like I mean

let's not

that no Catholics really rocked nice and

Lisa the first is a true you know here

and then Queen of England so that you

know that just helped massively Mary

Queen of Scots and yeah and what she

could offer France

and she came from a very powerful

princes of blood you know you hear about

the geezers so she was just perfect she

was absolutely perfect just a perfect

future Queen of France and it's what she

became you know in 1515 59 so like this

is this is very interesting to see that

henry ii and catherine de medici saw her

as the perfect kind of daughter-in-law

until they realize especially Gunderman

she realized that mary surratt could be

highly problematic oh why was she so

problematic tell us problematic because

mary shirt lost power so we had to

remember that mary shirt came to france

about five years old she came to the

French Court to be raised with the

French royal family she actually stayed

with the French princes and princesses

and she developed strong friendships

with them so with Elisabeth of Valois

who's gonna become queen of Spain and

she obviously developed a strong

friendship first with such as the second

and then I believe I strongly believe

that there was like a romantic

relationship between the two of them

Marisa was beautiful frankly ii i think

if you look at the portraits i'm but you

know you can see he's quite okay maybe

he was really nice I don't know liked

him better than the point though what I

believe there was a romantic

relationship between between the church

and but the you cannot forget that Mary

sir also knew who she was and what I

mean by that she knew that she was the

daughter of a Scottish King that she was

not gonna women because her father like

died you know really when she was baby

and she knew she was the daughter of

Marie de Guise who was like from a very

powerful family

she was Mary Mary Stewart was really

influenced by her uncle's from the very

beginning in my hair basically to make

it simple for everyone and something

that I you know I received questions

always about this

Mary Stewart was more Aggies than his

turret she has the name sure or she did

everything for the B's family she did

everything for France she did everything

for French political agendas and what I

mean by that is that she didn't give

that much about Scotland or Scottish

people are Scottish heritage what was

the plan for Scotland so so Frances the

second what when does Frances a second

and Mary ascends to the throne so in

1559 so in July 15 59 and they're very

young yeah they Krong I think if it's

not mistake 21st July I did not oh damn

that I'm sure it the crown de and yeah

and and in 1559 you have 90 degrees in

Scotland who is the gentle Copland

ruling for her daughter

and the idea if you if you think about

it the idea is to make Scotland and

France and then England kind of from a

French power you see like it's basically

French territories it's in their mind

it's what they have in mind obviously

like when you think about it how could

it work have you ever seen a Scot like

agreeing to that never in hell would

they agree you know especially for them

when in 1560 they start their own

Reformation you know they start like

being protesters so then that we're not

gonna be ruled by a Catholic country

that you know no one travels to you

almost like it's not gonna happen so

it's quite weird that the French rule

family and from the second immerser was

thinking about this with Nephi dogies

because there we have exchanged letters

discussing how can they bring these

countries together and how can they

invade England and make it French as

well Wow and so the plan was that Mary

Queen of Scots and Francis's children


if they had won would would rule both

Scotland and France as a dual monarchy

and England yeah

so it's quite I mean it's quite amazing

that they were the perfect couple

yes sir like they were young

they had power they were supported by

strong families and yet you know fate

decided otherwise so yeah well quickly

tell us about the fakers we're gonna go

and watch a film in a second and extract

my documentary could quickly tell us why

did fake getting away what happened to

Francis so you know 5th December just

5th December 15 60 60 for instance a

second died and it's a very like rapid

like illness he died and Mary stria is

left completely shocked she's distraught

like it she's completely devastated

she lost her childhood friend she lost

her probably her lover and like someone

she really truly cared about but then

she also realized Catherine de Medici is

not her ally Catherine de Medicis

telling her you have four months to go

back to Scotland I don't want you in

this country and then I do understand

why she did that I mean Mary sir is a

pain in the ass isn't she so it's quite

it's not that surprising but that's fate

like changed everything from Mary up to

everything she lost the French crown

well we're gonna go and see now what

happened when Mary Queen of Scots obeyed

Catherine de Buci headed back to

Scotland eventually further south in

England let's check this piece of

documentary out until now the Queen had

kept Catholicism under control but Mary

gave English Catholics especially those

in the North a figurehead around whom

they could rally and even repeal the

north of England have been the scene of

the biggest rebellion against Henry the

eighth now insurrection was brewing


the population had remained largely

Catholic and felt little loyalty to the

Protestant Queen far away in London


the northern Earl's were Catholic too

they had been prepared to put up with

Elizabeth providing she left them alone

but slowly the government was nibbling

away at their independence the Earl's

looked to Norfolk for leadership Norfolk

was not a natural rebel and he too was

aggrieved and disaffected ripe for


in June 15 68 marah's envoi approached

the Duke of Norfolk with an

extraordinary suggestion he proposed

that the Duke should marry Mary Queen of

Scots and retake Scotland Norfolk could

then exchange a ducal coronet for the

royal crown of Scotland whilst his and

Mary's children will be the natural

heirs of England also attractive but

dangerous Norfolk had in his pocket a

commission from Elizabeth in which he

said that anybody marrying Mary will be

forthwith adjudged a traitor and Norfolk

himself was convinced of Mary's guilt as

a murderer and an adulterer okay

everybody we're back with Estelle Frank

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talking about 50 years that transformed

France we've been hearing about some

pretty remarkable characters and faked

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on to Charles the ninth tell us about

this King okay I say I think that we

need to give him some love right now so

I'm gonna spend a bit of time on him

because he deserves it so in 1560s only

nine years old and yes is all this

oldest brother who died and he is now

King of France but he obviously can't

rule and you have the Privy Council this

like oh we need to get it controlled

that kid otherwise is catherine de

medici is gonna get control of him and

catherine de medici manages to basically

become Regent without having the

official title so she's basically in

charge get some control of everything

gets rid of Mary Stewart good move gets

rid of the gazes at the same time and it

controls her son for I would say it's

gonna last like officially the region C

of three years but then she's gonna

control him for six seven years after

six seven years we

Charles who's like he's a dashing king

and he's gonna choose his own wife and

he's gonna choose Elisabeth of Austria

soon maximilian the emperor maximilian

ii daughter and he's gonna have as well

a role mistress

he's gonna be different from many kings

she lot coming mistresses he's gonna

only gonna have one because he fell in

love with her so we have a real roll off

story basically and i think it's really

amazing because it's really rare when

you look at this and when you look at

men and when you look at kings and

what's magnificent with them is that

people think that he was evil that he

was controlled by his mother and

actually there's more to him there's

more to him because i'm not saying that

he didn't want to go on tours against

protestants he did but he also very much

tried to keep the country together and

she'd be the King to old French people

so the Protestants and the Catholics and

he felt miserably but he really tried

and so for that I would like to insist

on this because I think it's very very

important because people tend to forget

that and what's very that we remember

especially in France chosen because of

the 15 you know 72 the the night of the

23rd to 24th of August 15 72 where we

have the massacre right the same person

in his Day Massacre what is it is

basically margaret of valois

who was Shaw's sister got married she

Henry of Navarre the king of Navarre who

was a big enogh leader and the wedding

took place in Paris and drink that night

the gazes started wanting revenge on you

know Collini and candy and they're

charged the Protestants and it's it will

basically let your massive massive

bloodshed we have Sir Francis Walsingham

you know Elizabeth trusted advisor and

lassiter the time in France who had to

hide you know at the Royal Palace thing

begging for his life and then writing

this atrocious letters saying oh my god

you have no idea what's happening in

front they lost their minds

they're killing children women in the

streets and all Protestants and

Elizabeth was horrified but not as

horrified as we think that was that was

extraordinary so I'm gonna just drop you

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yeah we this is the symbol in these days

Massacre is one of these but the central

events in modern French history can we

just explore a little bit more France

was divided between Catholics and

Protestants well that was it as many of

its neighboring countries and how was

the king attempting to balance these

competing religious groups okay so

basically first of all we have to

understand one thing in my hand I feel

like it you know if my students are

listening to me please listen to me

again because you need to get this for

your exam and but basically I think what

we really need to remember is that in

front we don't have a perform a ssin

like we had in England when I when I see

what I mean what I mean by that is that

it didn't come from the top we have

people who converted to Protestantism

because of John Calvin john calvin for

you in switzerland and that created

tensions and then you had strongholds of

protestant cities like la rochelle like

me you know for professor Susannah

Lipscomb you know who wrote a book on

that and you know a new Tobin we have

struggles of Protestant cities and we

have the kingdom of Navarre who's next

to Frances between between France and

and Spain and who has a war Prince of

blood so it means that they have a

strong claim as well to the French

throne and it means that they're pushing

as well for Protestant Reformation in

France and this is where we have the

Wars of Religion but truly the Wars of

Religion or actually political wars

between the Jesus was the most powerful

noble you know Catholic family and

the Protestants family you know as I

said like the people of Navarre and the

Polly knees and come days so this is

what we are dealing with really we're

dealing with political maneuvers and

we're dealing with a king was young who

doesn't really want to deal with this

and who doesn't know what what is you

know what is tolerance in 16th century

how do you accept someone who doesn't

have your own faith we knew we knew with

a Crusades and you know with heretics

and Islamic you would know that it never

works so why would we accept another

religion you know the borders of our

realm you know that's what it it's on

their minds really how does that affect

his relations with Queen Elizabeth

sitting on the other side of the channel

who is a Protestant exactly so at first

it's obviously Elizabeth was shocked at

the news honestly you never have a Masek

in London like that well all Catholics

were murdered you know in one night it

didn't happen so she was really shocked

but what you truly condemned and this is

where you have to go to archives and

manuscripts in it and I'm sorry if I'm

big on on that base for this is the best

place in the world archives guys as soon

as it's open again but basically we have

like this um this kind of dynamic where

Elizabeth realized by being shocked and

appalled she's becoming kind of in power

and in control what I mean by that is

that Charlie's is so scared of losing

her friendship that he's about to let

her have the hope her hand in the

diplomatic relations so she's telling

him that you should have a trial if he

felt like he was in danger because it's

gonna be in this case he felt like he

was in danger and he's gonna excuse the

pieces you know what they did

by saying that they were trying to

protect him um and she's gonna say but

what she cannot excuse it's not what

happened in Paris because she said okay

fine you maybe you thought you were in

danger maybe you were in danger but what

she cannot excuse is the fact that um in

love ocean and all the Protestant ceases


people were massacred as well and then

she said and then administer you have no

authority in your AMA as a king you

should have authority as a mana you

should be in control of your people you

should be in control of your cities and

then she said you're basically a weak

King and she said any of your wing King

I should be like a second mother to you

and advise you because apparently you

need my advice I see you I see where

Elizabeth gave me that in fact now it's

Mark Gonzales thank you very much for

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appreciated before that lessons we talk

about Queen Elizabeth let's watch a

brief clip of a documentary about Queen

Elizabeth which of course is available

on timeline right now be back with a

cell arranged after this now have to

decide Mary's fate the two queens have

never met

although Mary had been Elizabeth's

prisoner for 20 years it Elizabeth

agonized over the decision she was

reluctant to execute Mary because she

too was a member of the Royal Club

cutting her head off might set a very

unwelcome precedent

Elizabeth has Mary's jailer sir Amyas

Paulette to assassinate her by poison or

suffocation so that the Queen would not

have to take responsibility for her

death Paulette refused


as Elizabeth hesitated England sees with

rumors the Spanish had invaded London

have been burned finally on the 1st of

February 1587 Elizabeth signed the death

warrant seven days later the sentence

was carried out in the Great Hall of

fotheringhay castle Mary herself behaved

with the theatrical courage she included

Elizabeth in her final prayers then her

ladies removed her outer clothes to

reveal a petticoat of scarlet the

Catholic colour of martyrdom she knelt

at the block but the executioner bodged

his task and he took two strokes of the

axe to remove her head still worse when

he tried to hold up the head he found

himself clutching only a wig whilst the

head with its thin graying stubble

rolled at his feet the channel Charles

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Estelle although you know you've seen

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head of steam er this she's our Valois

Valois expert let's talk about Catherine

Deneuve district but more about this cut

that you refer early and you hinted

about this relationship between

Elizabeth Tudor and Catherine de Medici

these two dominant female figures on

either side of the channel what was

their relationship like to think did

they converse with each other yeah so I

think I think it's such a hot topic

because I'm actually working on a book

on Elizabeth and Catherine and mostly

because for 30 years they were ruling

together basically and they're also

exchanged dozens and dozens of letters

directly having this kind of direct

relationship but they also use their

ambassadors to build this relationship

and what's so fascinating is getting a

million Elizabeth the first is that the

relationship changed well you have to

think about it as I said Catherine de

Medici was the orphan of flora

Elizabeth was the good bastard at three

years old none of them were meant to

rule were meant to be Queens and yet

they became the most powerful queens of

16th century Europe and what's so

exciting is that we have kind of a weird

dynamic of their relationship where we

have catherine de medici trying to just

she offers obviously she offered all her

songs to elizabeth she was like please


you know Charles please Mary Henry

please Mary Frances and for Francis you

know Frances Duke of Anjou she's gonna

try for more than ten years please give

the boy you know like please just just

just you know get married to him and

when she's gonna do that she's gonna use

her sons to try to build a

mother-daughter relationship and why is

it so important because in a

mother-daughter relationship who's in

control of the other the mother is in

control the daughter so it helped F in

becoming the most powerful queen of all

Europe and Elizabeth is like hey honey

that is not gonna work with me I like

being single on my own and ruling on my

own and I don't want your kids ruling

for me she didn't say it that way but

you know why didn't she really like when

you look at the letters it's really

pretty much what she said we got Natalie

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it's really really kind of you so okay

so the two of them had she wanted

Elizabeth to marry one of her sons was

that wasn't respect and admiration they

did Elizabeth learn from totally there's

lots of respect and admiration and

there's a lot from each other

and what's very funny afar is that

Elizabeth there are moments where their

true rivals they really can't stand each

other and Catherine honestly you read

her letters she lost the plot in a

letter she was almost insulting

Elizabeth and Elizabeth replied

Elizabeth is always like that Elizabeth

Elizabeth and I think it's a British

thing maybe she's always very calm very

like why are you so mad you know this

passive-aggressive thing that some

English people have well is that the

habit for sure and Catherine was more

like you know Italian French I mean like

come on like that combo that's not a

good one I don't want to offend anyone

but you I mean and what's very

interesting is that the 1584 when

there's no more songs to marry because

Frances Duke Avant who died then

Catherine had enough of Elizabeth being

more powerful and then we have a true

rivalry happening between the two queens

first of all they stopped writing to

each other and they stopped in a way any

kind of nice

corresponding to each other so we don't

have any more nice letters between them

after that date you lose your son's okay

that's so let's go back to France and

religious turmoil because we we are

about to get plunged into an era of

pretty savage civil wars that does that

come under the following thing that

follows Charles Finney finished

Charles's story awful okay so first of

all did French readjust Wars starting in

1562 so under charles knights and ended

in a 1594 were they edited not under

Henry the fourth who was a bull Don not

to Valois but but we you're obviously

doing that page you just don't have wars

one no you don't you have some some some

years where there's more it's more

peaceful but there's a massive war it's

last one

it's thought in 1585 and it started by

the Jeezy's who did not accept that the

next heir to the throne was Henry the

like the future Henry the forceful Henry

of Navarre the king of Navarre and

what's very interesting is a dynamic

here where Elizabeth is warning and with

a third that the true enemies to the

French and English crowns or the Jesus

and Mary Stuart and that all along the


relationship the true friendship the

true alliance should be between the

French crown Henry the third and their

Lizbeth wingman all getting a bit still

getting a bit Game of Thrones round here

what was was Henry

what kind of King was he Henry the third

is seen as the weak King who only like

dancing who had a pearl you know in one

of his ears who was too weak there's

rumors he was homosexual obviously I've

no parameters but he wasn't and we have

such a bad reputation and even in front

is completely hated and when you read

his letters and when you look at his

letters actually of the volumes here as

you can see then you realize that he was

a fantastic King he was he just had the

wrong country if I can say and he

believed in tolerance he believed in

grunting yeah religious freedom the

Protestants but he couldn't because

otherwise he would be seen as a weak

carefully key Catholic King and oh what

he truly wanted was to rule a peaceful

country and he never had that and the

sad story as well is that he was truly

in love with ruiz de la gente de man his

wife and then never had kids and i think

for him it was he was really hurt by

that because he he knew that then the

Valois dynasty was about to end with him

and i think there was a kind of a very

horrible thought for him and for his

mother Catherine de Medici and so the

fact that they had no children that

helps presumably exacerbates this

religious political struggle for for the

French the French throne its luckily

that's why the geezers are like maybe we

can take power because yes the next heir

to the throne you know Jenny I would

feel like it's it is about Henry of

Navarre should be king but maybe if we

kill him then it can be us because we

are Prince of blood and it's what

they've always wanted was to become you

know king of France and what Henry the

third is gonna gonna

he's gonna do he's gonna make a big

mistake basically in December 1588 he's

gonna order the assassination of the

Duke of of the Duke of Keys Henry Duke

of keys and Elizabeth wrote to him what

have you done you cannot as a king

because your father to your country your

father to your people

you cannot kill your children without a

trial you have to do like a date with

Mary Stuart you need a trial and then

you need an execution but what you've

done is the biggest mistake and then she

told it should keep telling him she kept

telling him you know you're not gonna

win the war like this you're in big

trouble now your life is truly in danger

and Rosa kept listening to her mate was

too late the second August 1589 he was

assassinated by a Dominican priest and

that was the end of the VAWA that was

the end of I mean so many decades of

blood of scandal and enough problems

really man that was a busy time Spanish

Armada going up the English Channel in

1588 the King of France killed in 1589

this was this was a really turbulent

period in Western European history

wasn't it can you uncanny let me like

tell me give me a sense of we look today

at the Tudors and we feel that they were

very important in terms of our

parliamentary system our religious

settlement relationship with the ocean

of the rest of world what are the Valois

remembered for what was their biggest

contribution do you think it to creating

modern films 20 runs maybe you know like

the fact that we we had to we had to

think or we had to rethink about

religion probably I mean Henry is a

force that though who succeeded you know

was like I have to deal I have to do

something we we cannot have that my

dynasty the Bourbons cannot have that

they obviously they they did have other

problems with Louisa 14th and then with

the 16th but I think it's done it's like

the the ways we looked at religion I

think that we we owe it to the Darwin

and this really difficult years okay

here we go so that was a basically that

was me just

a question from Susanna sharukh if

you're watching that Susanna that was

one of yours what's the biggest thing

they did for France um what how did this

is from an up Samuel how should we think

about the van Valois comparing them with

like the Carolinians the other dynasties

of France the ball bombs whether they

have to be compared

well they've seen us they you know the

weakest link if you like but actually I

think that they are they are and

especially you have to remember the

developer or more than just the ones

I've just discussed as I said is the


on Coulomb but this is not just a valve

what we have different that was and but

I think though the valve on columns have

to be remembered as as powerful but also

like I don't know know they made some

mistakes as well and they they didn't

they were quite unlucky let's put it

that way I think at some point it just

really unfortunate because when you

think about it Catherine de Medici had

four songs when you think about it she

really thought yes I'm you know I've

done my job

I got my sons they're gonna be fine I

mean for like of them like became

obviously adults and then they died and

Henry thought should not have died this

way yes he had some problems like some

health problems I'm good very tiny stuff

like honest and let's not go into that

because he's very graphic in his letters

when he discusses bowel problems I don't

want to get into that but but one thing

is that it's about it he he should have

lived it was just very unlucky to marry

someone who could not watch sheet she

she had a miscarriage and then could not

have all the babies you see and then he

refused he didn't want to be like every

be eighths and he said it I will not be

like in really eighth and get a divorce

Oh or kill my wife and and I think yes

he had values right I tell you we get

ourselves in a real mess when we allow

individual men and women to rule with

absolute power over us and it's all

about their it's all about their

reproductive abilities and their state

of health crazy stuff

Estelle prompt tell us what new latest

book is

called because I want everyone's going

by okay so I'm working on a book on so I

don't have a final title bait will be on

Elizabeth the relationship with

Elizabeth of England and Catherine de

Medici no one has ever told their

stories I'm it is time for you to know

the stories and I wanted guys thank you

very much guys we are Jim plum I came in

with ten bucks thank you so much buddies

the coded Relief Fund thank you very

much dude thank you everyone for joining

us we are here every Monday Wednesday

and Friday for the rest of lockdown for

the foreseeable future we really thank

you for all of your thank you for all of

your donations and questions please go

and watch documentaries on timeline

channel please sign up to my new History

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in the meantime everybody see you next

time and thank you very much to Estelle

Parra thank you so much buddy thank you

for watching history hit live we are

here for the long haul it's gonna be a

regular slot 4 pm on timeline that's

youtube's best History Channel 4 pm UK

time 11 am Eastern we're gonna be

doing Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays and

we want you to tell us what topics you'd

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eruption of Mount Vesuvius

right up to the fall of the Berlin Wall

so let me know and when you do please

use hashtag history hit live


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