The US is Getting SERIOUS About China

published on July 2, 2020

President Trump is accusing the Chinese

Communist Party of covering up the

deadly coronavirus cracking down on Hong

Kong and corrupting the World Health

Organization and now the Trump

administration and Congress are taking

serious action


welcome back to China uncensored I'm

Chris Chappell

things between the US and China are

getting tense relations are more

fractured than this stock image I found

on the Internet

more aggressive than this image and okay

this is just an irresponsible way to

load shipping containers but the point

is this us-china relations are at their

worst point for a living memory for a

number of decades probably since the

1970s Wow

since the 70s I'd say things have gone


and relations just got worse after Trump

gave this press conference on May 29th

just to talk about one thing

China China's china china china china

china china china china china china

china china china china china china's

china's China China China China China

China China China China 28 times in nine


Trump is really going after China and

he's doing it big Lee more specifically

in the past month or so we've seen the

Trump administration take a number of

increasingly serious steps that are

changing the way the us is dealing

with China it's made clear in this 16

page strategic document from May 20th

the White House says that us-china

diplomatic relations were established in

1979 premise on the hope that deepening

engagement would spur fundamental

economic and political opening in the

People's Republic of China and lead to

its emergence as a constructive and

responsible global stakeholder but guess

what it didn't turn out that way

this approach underestimated the will of

the Chinese Communist Party to not do

any of the things it promised

how did this happen for so long they

were able to get away with the theft

like no one was able to get away with


because of past politicians and frankly

past presidents no past presidents in

particular I mean he could be talking

about anyone but the point is the Trump

administration is taking a fundamentally

new approach to China and he's actually

following it up with meaningful action

the Trump administration has told the

public about it but the public seems to

not be paying much attention I mean what

else could be dominating the news cycle

yeah that's a topic for our other show

America uncovered since this is China

uncensored let's talk about some of the

things the US is doing about China

first the State Department told Congress

last week that Hong Kong is no longer

free this comes after China's National

People's Congress announced that they

have a new solution to address the Hong

Kong protests against the Chinese

Communist Party they will simply take

away people's right to protest against

the Chinese Communist Party China's new

national security law is a little more

complex than that

but the point is it seriously undermines

Hong Kong's freedoms and it absolutely

breaks the promise Beijing had made when

Hong Kong was handed to China which is

they wouldn't interfere with Hong Kong

until the year 2047 if you're interested

in learning more about that whole

situation check out our episode from

last week in response to Beijing taking

away Hong Kong's freedoms the Trump

administration has told Beijing fine if

you're gonna rule Hong Kong like

mainland China then we're going to treat

Hong Kong like mainland China Trump is

using the Hong Kong human rights and

democracy Act which was passed almost

unanimously by Congress last year that

bill amended the Hong Kong Policy Act to

give the president the ability to use

executive orders to change any of the

special privileges Hong Kong enjoyed

under US law because it was autonomous

for example

the president can put the same US trade

tariffs on Hong Kong that it has on

mainland China separately it also now

allows the president to sanction

specific Chinese and Hong Kong officials

who are responsible for taking away Hong

Kong's freedom and Trump says he's gonna

do it the United States will also take

necessary steps to sanction PRC and Hong

Kong officials directly or indirectly

involved in eroding Hong Kong's on tana

me and so and just if you take a look

smothering absolutely smothering Hong

Kong's freedom the second thing the

Trump administration is doing he's

pulling the us out of the World Health

Organization because China has

manipulated it into helping the Chinese

regime cover up the corona virus here's

how Trump explained it China has total

control over the World Health

Organization despite only paying 40

million dollars per year compared to

what the United States has been paying

which is approximately 450 million

dollars a year we have detailed the

reforms that it must make and engage

with them directly but they have refused

to act because they have failed to make

the requested and greatly needed reforms

we will be today terminating our

relationship with the World Health

Organization and redirecting those funds

to other worldwide and deserving urgent

global public health needs now I just

want to make clear that I would never

personally say anything bad about the

w-h-o because YouTube doesn't like that

moving on the third thing the US

government is doing is restricting or

canceling visas for Chinese students

with ties to China's military

universities some Western media have

framed this as racism meets war

mongering which seems a little extreme

sure it would potentially affect around

3,000 students but that's less

than 1% of the roughly 360,000 Chinese

students in the US because again it only

targets students with direct ties to

Chinese military universities this has

nothing to do with 99% of the students

from mainland China not that Chinese

state-run media haven't had a field day

ignoring this fact they call the new

rules political persecution and racial

discrimination the fourth thing the US

government is doing is looking at D

listing Chinese stocks from the US stock


a recent Senate bill would require

companies to certify that they are not

under the control of a foreign

government which is basically aimed at

China since all large Chinese companies

are connected to the Chinese Communist

Party and the Chinese government on the

one hand the Communist Party would

publicly deny this but on the other hand

they have very clearly shown their

deeply integrated with so-called

private Chinese companies a 2017 report

and state-run China Daily said that

Communist Party organizations exist in

nearly 70% of some 18 six million

privately owned Chinese companies and in

2018 the Chinese Communist Party issued

new guidelines requiring all listed

firms at home and abroad to include in

their internal corporate guidelines an

expansive role for the Communist Party

so this new bill if it becomes law would

make it very difficult for any Chinese

company to be listed on US stock markets

and all the things I mentioned that the

Trump administration and Congress are

doing are part of a broad shift in how

the US treats China no longer a

strategic partner but a strategic

competitor one that doesn't share

American values and one that has a

history of breaking promises back in

2016 when Trump was running for office a

lot of media said Trump's tough talk on

China won't change a thing

and they were right tough talk didn't

change a thing

but the Trump administration with

growing bipartisan support in Congress

is following up that tough talk with

tough action and I think we'll be seeing

more of that in the very near future the

Chinese Communist Party is not happy as

you can see from their state-run media

that's a terrible picture they probably

should have gone with Kapow and now it's

time for me to answer a question from a

viewer who supports China uncensored on

patreon Bartha and asks Chris what are

your thoughts on Boris Johnson offering

Hongkongers British citizenship do you

think other countries will follow suit

US Australia Taiwan or will the domestic

economic difficulties caused by the CCP

flu make this humanitarian gesture a

non-starter do you think Hong Kong

citizens will take up offers to relocate

to other countries in any significant

numbers good question

so far the UK government has not offered

citizenship to Hong Kong refugees but

they will now extend the right of Hong

Kongers who are eligible to hold British

national overseas passports to stay 12

months in the UK instead of just six

months it could eventually pave the way

for UK citizenship for three million

Hong Kongers but right now it's just the

right to stay in the UK for 12 months

although that is extendable indefinitely

so while the new visa extension is a

good start the UK could do a lot more

and probably they should unlike the us

Taiwan or Australia the UK has a special

obligation to help the people of Hong

Kong after all the UK's capitulation to

Chinese pressure in the 1980s to give

Hong Kong to Communist China that's what

put Hong Kongers in this mess in the

first place the UK needs to do more than

just give a polite apology as far as

other countries so far it looks like

Taiwan will also try to help

kongers who want to leave some

Hongkongers say that it's time to get

out while others say they want to stay

and fight for their home it's hard to

say right now how many will leave thanks

for your question farthing and thank you

for watching

I answer questions at the end of these

episodes from fans who support us on

patreon go to patreoncom

to learn more once again I'm Chris

Chappell see you next time



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