by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

this episode was sponsored by Western
Digital what's going on guys it's Carl
here back with another episode and
sitting in my second desk setup area I
know that I'm usually in my studio I've
shown you guys my main desk setup that
has my iMac Pro this is the laptop setup
that you guys have been asking for it
lives of course in my living room area
it's a place that I just need to have a
different area to sit it's just
refreshing I can't be stuck in my studio
the entire time and it's a place where I
currently have my laptops and where I
test all of them out so I know a lot of
you use laptops as a primary device and
they're great for being on the go
obviously the portability but when you
dock them into a station you still want
to utilize a screen you still want to
have a couple accessories and I know
that you guys were asking what I kind of
do in my setup and how it kind of works
I keep it minimal I keep it simple but
super super functional I'm usually on a
Mac ecosystem but I have docked say my
surface pro here works completely fine
as well so it's very versatile so four
options the 2018 MacBook Pros my
personal choice was the i7 I did max out
the RAM at 32 gigs and even though Apple
did push out some of the updates for the
i9 it kind of solved some of those
throttling issues I still went for the
mid-tier spec and I got a 512 SSD do not
spend more on storage more on that in a
second I do still challenge a lot of you
though to test out the 13-inch MacBook
Pro it now finally has a quad-core CPU
so most things that you throw at it
whether it's for productivity like
emails browsing the net do your normal
day-to-day stuff you can still crunch 4k
edits on this it was a bit laggy in the
timeline but still completely usable
it's when you start getting into each
case some red footage that's where I
notice this guy bogged down it also
wasn't as quick at rendering as say the
15-inch obviously this guy has the
dedicated GPU but still a very capable
device and of course you got to love the
form factor and the portability I also
went for the 512 SSD which leads us to
this is the my cloud home duo from
Western Digital and this is my storage
solution and kind of helps me with
managing all of my content and as you
guys know as a creator I produce a ton
of content whether I'm shooting in 4k
whether I'm recording video game footage
all of it is centralized on this hub it
is a sixteen terabyte option and
definitely helps me utilize the I guess
low space that I've got over on my Mac
box this is the actual unit itself and
I've currently got it unplugged but it
usually lives over where my router is
located once this guy is hooked up
although it is a 16 terabyte option it
does have mirror mode so it does store
everything twice so you have 8 terabytes
of usable storage and the setup process
out of the box is I think what is the
simplest option you simply download a
corresponding app you log in and from
there you can download the application
on this macbook this macbook my iMac
pro's essentially every device that you
have and once you've logged in you can
access your footage from essentially
anywhere so super useful when I'm on the
go if I record video footage here in the
studio I need to access it say later on
in the week when I'm in New York to my
future potential video editor out there
you can access all of the footage that I
sheet and you couldn't help me out
it's quick it's simple it's easy and
it's a one-time fee and I don't need to
worry about reoccurring costs like cloud
storage options I mean super happy with
this upgrade and I'm still saving more
money in comparison to of buying more
space on either of these Mac bucks the
monitor right here behind which you can
plug any of these laptops into is an LG
4k panel
I'll leave the exact model code here but
we're getting to a time where USBC is
becoming more of a thing I definitely
urge you if you pick up a new MacBook or
a USB C enabled device get a USB C
monitor it is a game changer can now
power and get video signal and of course
sound through one cable and it makes
your life so much simpler and it makes
your desk setup so much more clean and
so much easier to manage especially if
you're OCD like me and
to keep your cable management game on
point I went for the compromise because
I've had ultralights in the past but
those were lower resolution having a 4k
panel is clutch especially if you're
doing any sort of photo or video editing
you do notice the difference trust me
accessories wise as this is a minimal
desk setup we have two of them the first
of course is the Logitech MX master the
best mouse that you can grab you compare
multiple devices on the fact and behind
everything we have a blue lounge cable
management box as it's simple there's
only one power cord which of course
powers the monitor and that in turn
powers and charges the laptops and
obviously it's orange what more could
you expect from my setup I lied that
there is a third accessory on this third
a laptop here this is actually the 12
South book arc and it's perfect for
docking your laptop you can have this in
a closed mode if you do say have an
external keyboard that you want to use
it just keeps things once again very
minimal it matches the space great
finish to the Mac books and it's not
that expensive everything of course
linked down below I actually excluded
any speakers because you do get sound
output from the monitor it isn't the
greatest but once again keeping things
very very minimal I hope you guys
enjoyed today's episode and I hope to
catch you in one of my next ones or in
one of my vlogs face

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