The Ultimate Google Android Comparison.

by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

Welcome to the complete comparison of every Google smartphone ever starting at the very inception of Android with the t-mobile g1 this phone is actually a partnership between Google HTC and t-mobile and for some perspective it came out a whole year after the first

IPhone Google was already late to the smartphone game and so in a way the t-mobile g1 had to be better and sadly most would agree it wasn't quite the packaging is a two tiered affair we're talking about an age when buying a

Smartphone was a massive deal so in the top half you're getting stuff like some ancient-looking earphones as well as a mini USB cable even before the micro USB that's on its way out now there's also a t-mobile pouch and to be really honest

The bottom half is even wackier t-mobile g1 CD containing the user manual and some really interesting looking stickers you've got to remember Google was designing this thing before they knew about the iPhone and so it's built like

A lot of the not so smart phones that came before like the early blackberries with the slide-out keyboard and it shipped with Android 1.0 before Android versions even had nicknames I also want to thank ez skins for sponsoring this

Video but we'll get to this Google's first phone did a lot right but the second smartphone was a big jump towards what we know today I should clarify at this point it took a long time before Google actually started building their

Own hardware and so for their early smartphones instead nominated another manufacturer to build for them in this case HTC so inside this box again Google threw in a pouch which was just a much more common way of protecting your phone

Back then we still got that same mini USB cable as well as a headset this is much simpler packaging than last time and one more thing is a removable battery completely standard at a time after their first phone which had a lot

Of relics from the non-smart era by the time this thing came around the company had a much better idea of what the smart phone should be so with the HTC magic they ditched to the physical keyboard and went for a smoother slimmer chassis

Plus Android 1.5 cupcake this is combination of it being more pocketable and having a better display meant that the phone made waves not as many waves as this guy because yes Google turned from HTC to Motorola to launch Android

2.0 Eclair the packaging is unlike any other Google phone and you could say the same for the device this thing is pretty wacky oh and the Droid was the first Google phone to use a micro USB the Droid is badass with

Its aggressive design its top tier specifications and premium materials we're talking about a display with a resolution of 854 by 480 this was class-leading at the time also instead of Motorola's not so great moto

Blow UI you be getting a plain google experience 2010 Android was booming in popularity but the one problem Google faced was that each of these manufacturers making Android phones like Samsung were loading their own

Third-party interfaces on top of Google's to the point where Google's based software was almost unrecognizable so Google introduced Nexus they teamed up with HTC again to make the Nexus One pure Google software and sold directly

By Google online we've got a small thermal top and below that we've got the throw back we've got a pouch with the original Android logo on it the Nexus One was a beastly phone it was a flying start to Google's new lineup they used a

First generation Snapdragon chip and it absolutely flew and more importantly the phone got an update which gave it multi-touch finally this was a small but also massive thing for Android we take it for granted now but everything from

Zooming in using the camera app to finding a location using Google Maps takes advantage of this so this was a great phone it's just a shame that sales didn't take off the whole idea of paying full price for a phone off contract

Without getting to try it first like people were used to in stores it went down like a lead balloon also in 2010 we saw t-mobile successor to the g1 that kicked everything off this is the t-mobile g2 one thing to know is they'd

Completely redone this hinge mechanism and I gotta say I like this one although because it wasn't a launch platform for one of Google's new Androids we'll move on in fact 2010 was a crazy year for Google it wasn't just the year

The original Nexus One came out the year of the t-mobile g2 but also the year the Nexus S came out successor to the Nexus One now I realized that having an S on a phone is nowadays associated with a very small increment but this was a

Completely new phone very much the Nexus 2 and that s in the name is signified that instead of working with HTC Google had shifted to some and you can tell it's got a Samsung Super AMOLED panel Samsung's typical

Plastic finish they used at the time and firms also very slightly curved this was Google's way of showing off their new Android 2.3 Gingerbread it looks like Google learned big-time from their mistakes with the Nexus One

Because they made completely sure that you could buy this in stores too and so it was a big improvement but what came next really shook things up 2011 was the year Samsung launched their all-singing all-dancing galaxy s2 they had pretty

Much the best display you could get on a phone and a dual-core chip that steamrolled the single core phones before it this would have been a problem for Google had they not decided to collaborate with Samsung again for the

Galaxy Nexus which is Samsung's Galaxy fused with Google's Nexus and by this point Google has massively streamlined the packaging on these phones apothem the handset you're not really getting much else

There's no pouches there's no CDs but it is nice to see we have some half-decent earphones in there for the first time the emphasis on the half so this phone in a way was the best of Samsung and Google it was one of the very first

Phones with not just a Super AMOLED panel but a 720p resolution Plus aside from the mediocre camera it was very well rounded and came with quite possibly androids biggest overhaul so far 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich here now had

A completely new visual identity centered around the theme holo new fonts new home screens new icons everything and quality of life improvements across the board things like being able to drive icons on top of one another to

Make folders and being able to dismiss notifications with a swipe the cherry on top here was that the Galaxy Nexus came in at $399 compared to 529 for their last phone when have you ever seen that happen it gets more bizarre because the

Year after Google partnered with LG for something even more affordable the Nexus 4 at just $299 was a phone good enough to make people jealous it has glass on the front and the back in a way that I instantly loved it was also in my

Experience the first Android phone ever to be completely lag free for two reasons it shipped with Android 4.2 jelly bean for which Google pretty much focused on performance with a scheme called

Project butter and this is one of the few phones powered by the Qualcomm s4 pro chip which was kin it was a big win for both Google and Qualcomm for the first time ever the Android experience was catching up in

Polish with the iPhone experience after such a top-notch collaboration with LG Google continued this within X's 5 and it wasn't as much of a statement as the Nexus 4 coming in at $50 more but it was a very nice iterative upgrade so the

Phone compared to the Nexus 4 it bumped the display size from 4.7 inches to 5 inches and it brought the practically god-tier Snapdragon 800 chip into a still affordable price the only criticism was its camera its kind of

Easy to forget given how good the pixel cameras are the cameras used to be one of the weaknesses of Google branded phones the Nexus 5 was also known as the KitKat phone being the launch device to use Android 4.4 KitKat and for me one of

The biggest things here was immersive mode all of a sudden developers could use every pixel available on your device by hiding the navigation keys whilst all of this was happening at around the time of the Nexus 4 on the Nexus 5 Google had

Bought Motorola and the Nexus 6 was the first fruit from this it is big on one hand this was easily the most delightful software experience Android had ever seen Android 5.0 lollipop assured in the basis for

The material design that's still being used today bright colors and subtle animations that made it feel instantly modern it's just the hardware itself with a Nexus 6 was a little less liked with a roughly 6 inch display meaty

Bezels and a 10.1 millimeter thickness it was a tough sell for anyone without large hands and even with this bulk the battery life wasn't great this would have been far easier to swallow if the price hadn't just skyrocketed as well

From about $350 to about $650 but look at the difference in size just for a quick point of reference Nexus 5 Nexus 6 the size difference is crazy it was at this point when Google strategy started shifting 2014 was the first year where

They had a two device launch strategy and this is something they've stuck with ever since because of their past success with LG Google tapped into them again for their lower cost Nexus 5x and for the top-tier phone gue

Gambled they brought in a new player Huawei to build the hardware for this phone okay let's take a look at the 5x first and I've got to say this year Google really stepped up the packaging this presentation is just way more slick

As a nexus card on top which also doubles as the instruction manual plus this was the year of us BC which at the time had some people scratching their heads but it's stood the test of time the Nexus 5x was an exciting phone

Noticeably price constrained with its 1080p LCD display but at the same time in 379 dollars for the a great Snapdragon 808 chip and clean Android 6 marshmallow software people were happy the 6p was a little more polarizing I

Was bad aside from being a little hot to open the packaging is fine it's more the phone design that people had a problem with it was criticized for looking like something out of the Futurama show although to be honest I don't hate it

The way aluminium met glass on the back was new for sure but it allowed for better signal transmission plus a house Google's best camera yet by a long shot it's also kind of a stepping stone to the two-tone design Google ended up

Adopting for the pixel phones and this phone is a great example of Google not just experimenting but learning from their past mistakes compared to the Nexus 6 this was way more manageable a smaller display panel slimmer vessels

And a thinner body finally it was time for the pixel the first smartphone designed and developed by Google and never made it clear specifically why they made this move but I could take a good guess by controlling both the

Hardware and the software Google could guide the markets show other manufacturers how to make Android feel its best but also introduce a little bit more competition to push companies like Samsung to make even better Android

Phones and also just hardware sales and getting people to buy a pixel locks them into Google's hardware ecosystem encouraging them to buy things like Google daydream chromecast and Google Wi-Fi anyways the phone itself was it

Was good it was good and you can definitely say that Google has found their stride when it comes to presentation and if you look inside the box you can tell everything is a little more uniform than with the Nexus line

And Google also started including an adapter to allow you to switch quickly from your old now the pixel looked and felt unlike any Android before it it was definitely treading the line of looking a little

Bit like an expensive toy but you couldn't argue that the build quality wasn't great and there was now zero compromise with the camera the pixels shipped with HDR plus mode and I'd say this was one of the most important leaps

In computational photography in smartphone history from the moment I started using this feature I was instantly attached to the phone the results in photos of both dark and bright areas well exposed the plus on a

Software front the pixel launcher was a delight to use uniform circular icons buttery smooth animations and Google's answer to the iPhones 3d touch and I really liked how the company offered unlimited full quality storage if you

Got one of these phones this had never been done before now considering how exciting that first pixel firm was its sales were a bit of a slow start when it comes to phones people stick to what they know and pixel

Was just the new kid on the block there had to prove itself it sold around 3 million handsets in the time that Apple sold about 20 million iPhone 7s so they tried again the pixel 2 came with nicer materials this kind of matte finish on

The back which people liked it had a dual front facing speaker and an even better camera and it still didn't set the sales figures alight there is a bit of a misconception though nobody buys a pixel therefore pixel is a failure but

You've got to remember that a Google is new to making phones very few of these companies are instant successes B Google is only selling two versions of one phone at this point compared to Samsung who has like 50 models a year and Z many

Google phones they're not globally available a lot of regions that are covered by their competitors are not part of Google's plan that leads us on to the pixel 3 you might remember this photo and you saw it about five months

Before was actually unveiled it was the most leaked phone ever at the time and there were two reasons to start with the design leaked due to I guess just too many people being involved with it but then with still two months till the

Launch a Russian phone dealer called Binh shop managed to get the actual devices they began selling them and distributing across Russian media so of course at this point everything leaked anyways the phone when it eventually did

Release was pretty well received it was of course even better than the pixel two before it but I do remember sitting out the launch event of the three just wishing Google had made it a bit more balanced for example taking

Standard photos with this camera incredible especially at night with the introduction of Google's night sight mode but if you wanted to take a video or use a zoom or an ultra wide camera it fell short important things like battery

Life and storage they also took a back seat and yet again pixel three not a sales Marvel but in 2019 Google has done something different and I think this could be their best decision yet as well as their flagship phones 2019 is the

First year they've also released a light phone in this case the pixel 3 a it's a really good phone and in a way I feel like Google's software advantage over other companies lends itself well to creating an outstanding mid-range phone

Better than it does a flagship they can turn a mid-range processor and mid-range camera hardware into a film that's fast and one that can take photos rivaling flagship quality the three a might be the start of something for Google it's

Release completely flipped their hardware sales from being down on previous years to being up and I can't wait for the next one and that leads us on to the pixel for and whilst I don't think this is the most competitive firm

Google's have made I will say this I love the design direction Google is moving in the matte finish they have running all the way around the sides the mouth finish they have on the back in the other color variants it makes the

Phone so much easier to maintain anyways let's get to the comparison alright so the process of setting up this many phones from this many generations was well to call it long would be a bit of an understatement

I faced what felt like every single issue I possibly could have phones being so old they no longer supported phones which lack the security to actually log into your Google account on for which I had to create special one-time pass

Codes for and just straight-up unexplained errors it's almost embarrassing I spent all night on this but the satisfaction when I was done when these phones were ready to test unreal we'll take a look at this we're

Gonna quickly start by unlocking each phone to show how the kind of visual design has changed over time and to start where there was a simple as just tapping the Menu key and you're in and this evolved into the slide mechanism

Which Apple claimed Android stole from them so Google then switched to a padlock that you had to drag to the edge of a circle to unlock and then 2012 and onwards google has stuck with the simple swipe up they've slightly adjusted the

Animations when you do unlock but the concept of this has stayed the same the only one major recent change was with the pixel phones where they introduced live wallpapers that then start to animate when you get inside this is a

Nice touch I really like this it brings some life to the phone anyways one of the main reasons we have all these phones together is so that we can compare performance so I pulled up the Play Store on each of them or at least

All of them that supported it the Nexus One in 2010 and behind that none of those phones actually got the Play Store they're stuck on the Android Market which doesn't work anymore but you can see how the place was evolved over time

Anyways benchmarking and for this I'm gonna use the pass mark benchmarking tool because it's one of the only benchmarks are still supports older versions of Android even then it's still not gonna work on those first three

Phones because those are running super old versions of Android but we can extrapolate the score for those phones based on the things we know about how powerful their components are anyways watching this performance figure rise

Through the years is kind of fascinating you'll see that in 2011 big jump 2012 again big jump between 2012 and 2010 that's like a three times performance difference and it continues to rise until 2015 where we get a bit of an

Unusual drop this is because the Nexus 5x has an upper mid-range chip and the bigger Nexus 6p had the Snapdragon 810 which was famous for its overheating but then after this pixel performance skyrocketed with the latest one in

Particular the pixel for being well ahead of the rest and as we always do on this series comparing first to last there is a 130 times performance bump on this benchmark at least now just before the camera test I do just want to

Quickly show you what ez skins is about so I've dropped a color-changing chameleon skin on our pixel 4 and just for comparison another one of their skins on the iPhone and this is one of the most affordable ways to get a new

Look and scratch resistance providing you install it right even the edges which usually super finicky wood skins they look really good oh yeah and everything's made in Britain

But with free worldwide shipping no fully camera tests and actually while we're here while you can see each of these phones lined up with their back facing upwards there is one thing I'd say I generally think the design has

Gotten better each year there's a couple of exceptions a couple of strange decisions but I do like the direction Google is gone in and their pixel lineup especially is a massive jump over what came before now I still have the problem

Of how exactly I was going to transport 15 phones together to go and do a camera test width and I settled on using well okay it's actually just a box anyways the way I like to do these comparisons is by starting with a photo taken on the

Very first phone and then cycling through the years taking the same shot with its successes and seeing how the HDR how the colors how the contrast has improved over time and then right at the end once we've gone through them will

Flash back to the beginning so this right here is t-mobile g1 on the left hand side and Google pixel four on the right we'll try again with a different set of photos and let's see if you agree with me here

I think Google's biggest improvement happened with the Nexus 6 in 2014 and after this the camera has had a whole load of new modes and features but the base quality of the image has not changed too much

Of course comparing first to last is a big difference but maybe not as big as you were expecting where you will see a massive difference though is at night time see phones barely improved in this category it was almost like an

Unobtainable feature to be able to shoot bright shots in the night for many years until nitesite came along and the pixel to pixel 3 and pixel 4 are well ahead of the rest comparing first to last here is

Literally night and day with selfie cameras the first four didn't even have one and then after this pretty subtle improvements for the first few years with I'd say the biggest jump coming in 2015 with the Nexus 6p after this of

Course the pixels were slightly better and with the latest pixel for Google made the standard main front camera a wider lens to fit more people in so that's every Google smartphone ever and again a massive thanks to easy skins for

Making it all possible they've got the widest collection of ski on the market and they've literally just won the Queen's Award for enterprise which I don't think any other phone accessory company has done before so

Check them out link is in the description and thanks a lot for watching I'll catch you next time

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