by birtanpublished on October 2, 2020

what's going on guys Carl here back with
the video that you guys have been
waiting for as mentioned I am here in LA
for e3 but more importantly about this
video we are doing a blind camera test
today of course we've got four of the
heaviest hitters and as a little extra
bonus if you guys end up guessing which
camera is which I'll be lettering each
not telling you till the end I am
actually giving away a one plus six
I got a mirror black version that one is
sitting back home in Toronto the rules
are super simple of you just got to
subscribe to the channel
guess which cameras which down below in
the comments and also on Instagram I'll
have a post with the same sort of camera
comparison that is your second way to
enter and in one of my next videos I
will announce who got them right and of
course announced them both here as well
as insta so you don't want to miss out
to the contenders of course in no
particular order first we've just got
this guy in head it is the 1 plus 6 we
know that this guy gets a ton of camera
updates it just got one for the
front-facing camera and I know that more
are slated in the pipeline and just
remember this phone cost 600 bucks
whereas the rest of these are typically
more next off we've got the Google pixel
2 XL arguably the King quote-unquote of
cameras this is the only one out of
these four that has just one camera the
rest had a dual camera setup we've got
the galaxy s 9 plus and this camera has
the lowest aperture so should
theoretically do the best in low-light
performance and of course got a show
team iPhone some love we've just got the
iPhone 10 yeah I think that is it and
theoretically at the end of this I
should be back home in Toronto with that
giveaway device as my flight leaves
later today after I am done testing
let's do it

– back here in Toronto in the studio and
these camera testing went really well
and I was actually super surprised by
some of the results and I'm hoping that
some of you most of you ended up waiting
till the end for the reveal of which
camera or which smartphone was which so
a was the pixel to excel B was the
iPhone x10 C was the one plus six and D
finally was the Samsung Galaxy S 9 plus
let me know what your thoughts are down
below in the comments I won't influence
the decisions by speaking on how good
the results were I will let you guys
decide as I said down below and here is
where the nifty one plus six giveaway
prize is this one is completely sealed
brand new in the package and remember if
you guessed right I'm hoping some of you
didn't wait till the very end of this
video and also there is an extra set of
bonus entries over on Instagram as I've
got an image of the very same thing so
go check that out for your second entry
I will announce the winners hopefully
soon as in t-minus 12 hours I am heading
to Russia for the World Cup make sure
you follow along on social to see what I
get up to there and I am about to pack
my tech travel pack for that trip I will
catch the rest of you in one of my next
episodes or vlogs base

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