The Truth About The iPhone XS Max: 2 Months Later

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

what's up guys sack you're on super
sacks TV and this is my full review of
the iPhone tennis max after using it for
over two months now although in this
video I'm gonna be talking about the
iPhone today's max
pretty much everything also translates
over to the iPhone and 10s which is very
similar apart from the size differences
so do better in mind and a lot of you
guys will also know that in my full
reviews I don't know the specs specs
have been covered in my boxing video
which you can check out at the cards in
this video I'm simply gonna be talking
about my experience what I like about
the iPhone 10s max what I don't like
about it and what I think can be proved
right so let's initially start off with
what I like most about the iPhone 10s
and 10's max and that is the cameras
this has some of the best cameras on the
market right now and we've got a big
improvement compared to last year and
that is thanks to smart HDR this makes
your images look absolutely awesome
because of the amazing dynamic range and
something that I have been ranting about
for a long time is that iPhones should
just have HDR switched on by default
unless you want to switch it off this is
something that lots of others do as well
such as on the Google pixels and it
looks like Apple has finally listened
and the tennis and tennis max have small
HDR switched on by default and it works
really really well some people might
think it's a bit too aggressive because
it does brighten up the shadows quite a
bit and this is especially noticeable
for the front-facing camera where a few
people were saying that it's Beauty Gate
where it's actually applying a beauty
filter I don't think it's applying a
beautiful it is brightening up those
shadows which gives you more of a
flatter image this is gonna come down to
your personal preference
I don't mind it too much it's not gonna
give you like a plastic beauty mode that
we've seen on many other smartphones
portrait mode has also been improved the
front facing camera portrait mode
actually works really well I wouldn't
say it works as well as something like
the Google pixel 3 Excel and portrait
mode and the rear facing camera I
absolutely love it does a great job in
terms of edge detection you can also
edit the blur after the fact both the
front and rear facing cameras but one
area that I think the 10s max can
improve is in low-light when you put it
up against some of the competition for
low-light photography the iPhone 10's
max does struggle and that is because
we've got others like the note 9 with a
super wide f 1.5 aperture and
manufacturers like while we at Google
are offering a dedicated night
which uses software processing and
longer shutter times in order to give
you better low-light photography this is
something that we don't have on the
tennis mags and it's unfortunate I hope
we will be getting something like that
by a software update or maybe for the
next version now what about video well I
would go as far as saying that the
iPhone tennis and tennis max has the
best video recording on any smartphone
out right now
colors a great dynamic range is once
again really really awesome we've got
great stabilization and this year
finally finally we have stereo audio
recording once again this is something
that I've been ranting about for many
many years because previously iPhones
only recorded in mono sound and compared
to lots of other devices which recorded
in stereo sound the previous iPhones
that did not sound good at all
this year it has changed we've got a
stereo audio recording and it sounds
absolutely great on the new iPhones now
I would recommend shooting below 30
frames a second on at the iPhone Tennis
Max and that is because extended dynamic
range is not supported at the higher
frame rate so although you can throw
them at 4k 60 frames a second I'd
recommend just sticking to below 30
frames a second because the video is
gonna look so much better so all of the
videos and images that you take on the
iPhone are going to be viewed on this
display and this display is absolutely
awesome it's one of the best displays
out there we've got OLED technology
which means blacks are deep colors are
vibrant and details also very sharp
because of the resolution now yes
there's a knotch
but we don't have a bottom chin like
we've got on other devices that do have
a notch so it's something that I think
you get over very quickly I was over the
knotch on the iPhone 10 after using it
for a few days it's not that much of a
big deal and I really do like the
display of the 10s Macs and I also like
this larger size I'm glad we've got this
larger size because in terms of physical
dimensions the tennis max is very
similar to something like the iPhone 8
plus but you're getting a much larger
display because of these smaller bezels
now within this notch you have a bunch
of sensors because our face ID and face
ID has also improved compared to last
year it's so quick and easy just check
this out boom swipe up and you're in
very quick and also very very secure now
there are certain issues that you're
gonna be finding if you've not used face
ID before such as the fact that if your
phone is lying flat on a table then you
are gonna have to live
it up and pointed at your face you know
just gonna be able to unlock it like
this like you would have been able to do
if it had a fingerprint scanner at the
front and also there's certain
situations which I mentioned before
these might just affect me personally
I'm somebody who uses my phone a lot
when I'm in bed and sometimes my face is
halfway sunken in the pillow and I just
want to quickly look at something but I
either have to kind of get up halfway to
be able to use face ID or tap in my
password neither of which I want to do
when I'm half asleep and just want to
quickly check my phone these are very
minor issues I don't think they're gonna
affect people that much face ID is
absolutely great I do like it now let's
look at the building design very similar
to what we had last year on the iPhone
10 although we do have this new gold
color now which I personally do really
like and the tennis Maxx also feels
really premium because of that stainless
steel band and the glass panels on the
front and back we've also got ip68 water
under systems which is great now we do
have a camera bump which means when
you've got the device flat on the table
it is gonna rock about once again not a
huge deal but just something to bear in
mind and we only have three color
options so we've got a space gray we've
got the silver and the gold however if
you do want to personalize the iPhone a
little bit more to your liking then you
can always pick up a skin from our
channel sponsored e brand I've been
rocking the black matrix skin and also
the marbled skin which I think goes
really well with the gold version I'm
gonna be leaving a link to deep brown
skins in the description below
if you want to pick up a skin for
yourself now speaking of speed and
performance the tennis max is one of the
fastest devices out there it's so fast
and smooth I've not really had any
issues in terms of lag or anything like
and I've done some speed tests on the
tennis max versus some of the
competition on the Android side and the
test max really does hold it solved that
is thanks partly to the Apple a12 Bionic
chip which is one of the fastest chips
out there but also because of how well
the tennis max is optimized with the
software of course we do have iOS 12 on
here and it works really well with the
iPhone at tennis max iOS 12 has also
been improved compared to previous
generations I do like it a lot more now
especially in the way of notifications
which is something that I've complained
about before now that we've got group
notifications it's a lot more organized
but I still think it could be better so
what do I mean for instance if you're
within a messaging app and somebody
messages you 10 different message
you're still gonna be seeing their name
ten separate times on each message I
mean what is the need of that it's just
wasting lots of space on your screen
these should be grouped or maybe
subgroups so that things a lot more
organized and the space within your
notification area isn't taken up by
repeated information there are also
other improvements that I think can be
made to iOS everything just seems to be
buried in the settings like for instance
if I'm within the camera and I want to
change the resolution from 4k to 1080p I
can't do that within the camera app I
have to go all the way into settings
find the camera app and then change it
there that's just too much of a long
process and also icon arrangements why
does everything have to be towards the
top this is a large device every time
I'm going to be using it my hand and my
thumb is gonna be towards the lower
portion of the display but all my icons
are here at the top so if I've got a
page where icons have not filled up the
screen I can't move one of these down
towards the bottom it's just not gonna
let me do that it's gonna snap
everything towards the top where my
finger or my thumb cannot reach I really
do think the next version of iOS should
really address some of these issues now
let's talk about the speakers very very
good we've got wireless stereo sound so
we've got a speaker here in the earpiece
and one bottom firing they do sound
really really good yes you can cover the
right-hand speaker a little bit
sometimes when you've got your device in
landscape mode no huge deal though and
of course we don't have a 3.5 mm jack
this is something that we've not had for
a long time and it's something you
should have got used to however this
year you no longer get the dongle out of
the box the 3.5 mm – lightning dongle
something you do have to bear in mind it
looks like Apple are really going for
that whole wireless audio experience and
don't want you to use a 3.5 mm jack
anymore now let's talk about MIMO jeez
you might remember from my review of the
iPhone at 10:00 when it came to an
emojis I wasn't too keen I mean I found
it a bit of a gimmick because I use an
emoji for the first few days but then
the novelty really quickly wore off
mainly because I don't like making
myself into a dog or a monkey or a pig
it's not something that I bust me into
but a emoji is something that I really
like my me emoji looks so much like me
lots of people have said that it looks
more like me than I look like me it's
absolutely awesome
and it also tracks really really well
G is also miles ahead of the competition
I mean we can just take one look at AR
emoji and see how bad that is and how
good emoji is in comparison but I wish
you could use an emoji a bit more within
other wraps a snapchat Instagram etc yes
you can use it within iMessage and for
FaceTime but I think it should be a
standalone app which should be
integrated with others so for instance
if I'm doing an Instagram livestream I
can do that as my emoji that would be
pretty cool and I hope Apple can do that
in the future we'll see now let's talk
about the battery life of the iPhone
tennis max it's been pretty good for me
overall it does get me through the day
on most occasions I am a pretty heavy
user I would say that the iPhone 10 odd
does have better battery life compared
to the iPhone tennis max now that is in
part because of the low resolution
display that 10r has and personally I
would pick a better resolution display
over better battery life that's just me
the iPhone tennis max will get most
people through the day without problem
and you do have wireless charging
wireless charging is something that I
really really like if you don't have a
wireless charger and you have a device
that supports wireless charging my
advice would be to pick up a wireless
charger and put it on your bedside table
so when you're about to go to sleep and
you want to leave your phone in charge
you don't have to go around trying to
find a cable in the dock you can just
drop it on your wireless charger wake up
on your phone will be charged you'll
thank me later trust me but all is not
good when it comes to charging on the
iPhone Tennis Max and that is because
although it does support fast charging
we do not get a fast charger out of the
box now this is something that I simply
don't understand why Apple don't include
a fast charger out of the box pretty
much every other manufacturer includes
the fast charge are out of the box even
for devices which are may be a few
hundred pounds of dollars on top of that
if you do want to buy a fast charger
it's gonna cost you around 74 pounds now
I'm hoping that next year the new iPhone
may have USB type-c maybe and if that is
the case then I'm hoping that Apple do
include a fast charger out of the box
because it really should be included
especially for a device at this price
and this device starts at around eleven
hundred pounds or eleven hundred dollars
which is very expensive making this one
of the most expensive devices out right
now and it does go up to fourteen
hundred and fifty pounds or
dollars if you want to go for the 512
gigabyte version which is of course a
lot of money now this is something that
I think is expected we had a thousand
dollars or pounds for the iPhone 10 last
year so of course because of the bigger
screen and the bigger battery etc you
are going to be paying more it's
something that I think a lot of people
were expecting and if you can't afford
that price point then I think you will
not be disappointed with the iPhone
tennis max in my opinion it is the best
iPhone you can buy right now so that's
what I think about the iPhone 10 it's
max what do you guys think of the iPhone
tennis max that means drop me a comment
below and let me know your thoughts I
hope you enjoyed this video and found it
useful if you did then do hit that
thumbs up and to me and if you haven't
already then be sure to subscribe us
which notifications we've got lots more
content coming up on here thanks for
watching this app on super snap TV I'll
see you next time

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