The Truth About The Huawei Mate 20 Pro: 2 Months Later

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

– What's up guys?
Saf here on SuperSaf TV,
and this is my Huawei Mate 20 pro review after using it
for over two months.
For the regulars on the channel,
you'll know in my reviews I don't go over specs
and things like that.
Those have already been covered in my unboxing video,
which is going to be linked in the cards
and in the description.
In this video I'm simply going to be talking about
my experience using the Mate 20 Pro.
What I like about it, what I don't like about it,
and what I think can be improved with the next version.
Right so starting off I've actually had my primary
SIM card in this phone for over a month now.
And there's one major reason for that
and that's battery life.
Let me just go ahead and say the Huawei Mate 20 Pro
has the best battery life on any smartphone
I've tested this year.
I'm easily getting over six hours on screen time on this
and I've been using this while I've been traveling,
so I've had two SIM cards in here,
and I've not needed to top it up during the day.
It's lasted me all day long, every single time,
and if you do need a top-up say for instance
if you've forgotten to charge this overnight
then you've got Huawei Supercharge,
which is one of the fastest charging methods out there.
Huawei claim you can get up to 70% charge in 30 minutes.
In practice it's roughly around 60 to 65%
which is still really, really good.
There's also wireless charging
which I'm a big fan of.
I have a wireless charger on my desk, on my bedside,
and I can just drop this on there,
and have it charged up.
Really nice to have and then we also have
wireless reverse charging.
Now let's talk about this.
When it was initially announced, people were really
excited and it was one of my top 10 features right away,
because I was like hey this is amazing.
I can use my me Mate 20 Pro to charge
another device wirelessly.
But in practice it really is a gimmick.
Yes it does work but it's so slow that it pretty
much makes it useless.
I've tried to charge another device with this.
Like over half an hour I only had a few percent.
So it does work, but it's definitely a party trick gimmick.
It would be nice if you could have charged
under the device at regular speed
like you can do with a normal wireless charger,
but this is definitely not the case.
Now let's talk about the build and design.
I think a lot of you guys will agree with me
when I say that the Mate 20 Pro has definitely been
inspired by the Samsung Galaxy devices,
with the dual curved display design.
It does look really nice but you might struggle
to find a screen protector for it,
but you do have Huawei's signature gradient look here
at the back, they were one of the first to do this.
We've got the twilight color here,
which looks really, really nice,
but here's the thing.
This thing is a fingerprint magnet,
so even though you've got this really nice-looking color
you're going to get fingerprints on it so easily,
and I tried to overcome this by using a clear case,
but then the clear case got a bunch of fingerprints as well.
So I kind of constantly find myself having to clean this.
Now if you do want to get rid of the fingerprint problem
altogether, then you can pick up a skin from our channel
sponsor D Brand.
They've got a huge variety now for the Mate 20 Pro.
They look really, really slick.
They're going to protect your device from scratches.
They're going to give you more grip
and get rid of that fingerprint problem altogether.
I'm going to be leaving a link to D Brand in the description
below if you want to go ahead and check them out.
But apart from that no real complaints
of the build and design.
Looks and feels very, very premium.
We've also got IP68 water and dust resistance.
Some of you guys might not like this camera
arrangement here at the back,
which is kind of weird-looking,
but it's also quite unique.
This is something that no other smartphone manufacturer
is doing, so I kind of don't mind it.
I think it looks pretty decent overall,
and let's talk about these cameras.
So for the longest time a lot of us guys have been saying
that yes it's all well and good having a telephoto camera
and that has been the most popular choice for most
smartphones, a primary camera and a secondary telephoto
camera, which is going to give you two times optical zoom
or maybe more, but my preference has always been
an ultra wide camera.
Having something that lets you get
in so much more in a shot.
Well Huawei have ticked all three boxes.
So you've got a primary camera,
you've got a telephoto camera with three times optical zoom
and then you've also got the ultra wide camera
and the ultra wide camera is my absolutely favorite.
I love this.
I use it so, so much especially when I was traveling,
I wanted to get in lots of landscapes and things
absolutely love this.
And the primary camera is really good, for me,
I still do prefer the Pixel 3 XL's primary camera
or the iPhone 10S Max's primary camera,
but the advantage that you've got with the Mate 20 Pro
is that you've got the two additional cameras
with that wide-angle and the zoom,
and this is what makes it a great allrounder.
You've also got a night mode, which works well like it did
on the P20 Pro and one thing that you do have
that you didn't have on the P20 Pro
is 4k video stabilization.
This is a big compliant that I had with the P20 Pro.
No stabilization at 4k.
You now have this.
I still think other devices do video better
but it's nice to see these improvements.
One area that I think the Mate 20 Pro definitely needs
improvement is on the front-facing camera.
It's okay but it still has that bit of a softening effect
even when you've got it switched off.
One thing that has been addressed, which I was ranting about
in my P20 Pro review, is the fact that Beauty mode
for video isn't switched on by default.
So you will have 1080p video from the front facing camera
unless you do switch on Beauty Mode at 720p.
Now let's talk about the security of the device.
We do have an in display fingerprint scanner,
and I was super excited to hear about this initially,
but it's okay; it's not great.
It does feel a lot more compared to a rear-facing
fingerprint scanner for example.
It's something that I do find frustrating
a lot of the times.
It has been improved since we had a software update,
but it's still not great.
Now you do also have 3D facial recognition,
which does work really well most of the time.
I still wouldn't say it's as good as something like
what we have on Face ID for the iPhone,
but it does work well overall if the fingerprint scanner is
something that you don't want to use.
Now touching on the display,
this is actually a really good display.
I know some people have been having some issues
with some green screen bleed.
I've not had any of those issues.
If you do have one of those issues,
I definitely recommend taking it back to your retailer
or getting in touch with Huawei.
I've not had any of these issues.
It's a really good screen overall.
The colors are vibrant, blacks are deep,
and details are very sharp,
but it's still not my favorite display out there.
I do prefer something like the Note 9
or the iPhone 10S Max.
And there's a few reasons for that.
Firstly the iComfort mode on this is not great
for somebody like me who uses your phone in the dark
a lot before you're about to go to bed,
then this is quite uncomfortable in my opinion anyway.
Now if you compare this to something like the Note 9
or the iPhone 10S Max, those get much dimmer
and are much much easier to view in darker situations
compared to the Mate 20 Pro.
And then we have this notch here.
Now generally speaking, I am not massively against a notch.
It's something that I've got very much used to
after using it for quite some time,
but here's the problem with the Mate 20 Pro
and it might be down to the software,
and that's because it's so wide,
there's no space for icons.
If you look here at the top,
there's so many icons are taking up all of the space
that I only get one notification icon at one time,
which is really frustrating,
because I have to keep swiping down to see
what notifications I actually have.
Now this gets even more frustrating
because of the always-on display.
The Huawei Mate 20 Pro's always on display
is two years behind everybody else,
and that's because all you see is a time,
the date and the battery percentage.
You don't get app icon notifications or anything like that.
It is just a glorified clock,
which in my opinion is pretty useless,
and I hope Huawei can update this via software.
Continuing on about software frustrations,
EMUI is definitely not one of my favorite skins.
You don't get an app drawer.
Yes you can download and install a launcher for example.
I didn't want to do that because I wanted to get
a proper experience like most people would be getting
with this out of the box.
And there's just a few little things that really annoy me
like for instance when I'm on Instagram stories
and I'm trying to zoom in to a picture,
then it's going to bring up HiTouch,
which I don't want to use.
I kind of want to do the default things
that I can do.
I don't want all these interruptions from everywhere,
and there's also other little frustrations like for instance
when you're in the camera app
if you're on the wide-angle camera
and you switch to for instance night mode,
it's going to go back to the regular angle of view,
and then you have to switch back.
It gets quite frustrating,
just little things like this.
Huawei if you're listening then please just clean
some of these things up,
and they will make for a much better experience.
Now when it comes to speed and performance
this thing has been absolutely fine.
I've not really had any issues with this.
Yes a few app crashes here and there.
This is something that's pretty normal.
Generally speaking this has been super fast and smooth
whether it comes to gaming, apps, whatever it is,
very, very good.
Finally just going to touch on the speakers.
You do have stereo speakers.
One is in the earpiece, and one is bottom firing
but it's within the USB-C port,
which is quite an odd choice.
Sound pretty decent but you can very, very easily cover it
and of course there is no 3.5 mm jack.
This is something that I've not really missed too much
just because so many of the manufacturers
don't have this.
Now for pricing and availability,
a lot of you guys will already know that
this is not available in the US.
I don't fully understand the situation,
but it looks like the US government doesn't trust
Huawei because if its ties with the Chinese government.
I'm not going to go into a detailed debate.
It is unfortunate that you can't get this directly
in the US.
In the UK, however you can get this directly
and it retails for 900 pounds,
which is a premium price for a premium flagship.
It's the same price as what you'll pay for something
like the Note 9.
And in my opinion it is worth it for what you're getting.
You're getting an all-round great package.
It ticks a lot of boxes for a lot of people.
It's a great all-rounder, and it did make my top five
smartphones of the year,
which you can check out in the cards.
That's what I think anyway.
What do you guys think?
Definitely drop me a comment below,
and let me know your thoughts.
I hope you enjoyed this video and found it useful.
If you did, then do hit that thumbs up button for me,
and if you haven't already, then be sure to subscribe
and switch on notifications.
There's lots more content coming up on here.
Thanks for watching.
This is Saf on Supersaf TV.
I'll see you next time,
and it feels weird being back in the studio.
I've been away for so long.
(peppy music)

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