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published on July 2, 2020


I love Gregg uh what I love Greg Greco

Oh Orion chance yes speak it well I

don't man with a Greg Orion chant I'm in

they're both good this is the fourth

time we've been on one of these fellow

Shawn we're retracing the the steps of

Odysseus Greeks were camped here ten

years I can do a week tops with a pillow

I won't camp without a pillow it's a

shame we're getting the ferry I would

like to stay in the hotel lesbian come

come Mr Bond you like staying in the

hood lesbian justice what I do I can get

my head down in the lesbian I'm more

than happy come on you mean come on how

that's convenient


hello I look better as I get older lots

of women man is gonna say it as well I'm

saying it you look better or well thank


you were unpalatable as a young man

we're not got much time left you're

gonna miss me


become exhausting but God you should

meet you Oh

I could do that you could not let me

swim to the sirens you guide I would

gladly try and resuscitate you they

waving goodbye to me


before all Greek actors so I'll stab you

that will come easy how about you do a

sponsored silence now fatality for 97

minutes you forget what a self-regarding

asked Coogan is in real life my takeaway

from that is he thinks I'm a brilliant

actor that's what you take away from it

yeah doing Marlon Brando there's no G

factor though you tell event that we

were saying at the Cape of Good Hope I

will sail around the heart speaks with

you gotta push these things


what would you say in your most proud of

my seven BAFTAs name for maybe my


yeah well Gottlieb afters though you

have got children which is interesting


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