THE TRADE OF THE MONTH!!! – My Watchlist – Jerome Powell Vs THE FANG – 3 STOCKS TO BUY NOW!

by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

for perfection all right ladies and gentlemen i got your watch that's coming into july 29 2020 and this is the trade or the play of the month now i love you thank you for supporting

I'm going to break this down for you i'm going to tell you what tomorrow is we have a really big event with the fed it's lining up with one of the tlt plays and we have a really really big earnings on thursday

I think we got tipped off a little bit based on how gold and other things have been moving so be on the lookout for this title uh that's what i'm saying so this is the start this is me giving you

The heads up hey this is a special event coming with the fed tomorrow and then earnings and kind of how it's setting up in the next few weeks so i this is the early warning but pretty

Much when i do make the tlt play or if i do go after gold or after the market or anything responding and i do make one of these plays i will use this title of this video so

God bless you but that being said we have a lot to cover i'm going to talk about what we saw today in the market it was pretty boring despite moving down 205 points surprisingly

We moved pretty decent but the real key came from the earnings we saw after hours but we're gonna get a lot more data now tomorrow morning the market will move i think actively in the morning because of the earnings that

We're gonna get on thursday as well as some of the bigger companies we're getting tomorrow morning so that is gonna be when everything starts but thursday is a very very big event as well too and

Then tomorrow is the fed so we have a lot to cover i have the keys for you i have the plays and i want to talk about really what this event is and how it's going to lead to the trade of the month

It pretty much will be tlt gold or uup the trifecta but pretty much the trifecta is playing out exactly how we expected but the premiums have not yet so even with gold even if you bought gold when

We were even talking about it the premiums are just taking off so we talked about this on stream we will go over this we will go over the plays and you will see why tomorrow is an event and so you could use this in

The future you could know what type of events to look for so this is very important i hope you guys are ready but and we're not doing a premiere tonight because i am going to be playing halo on twitch

So i really want you to focus on this video and i don't want to distract you in the chat so we're going to be on the twitch you could join me before or after there i don't know depending on what it is but slash trading fraternity hopefully we see you there let us not delay you guys know what you need to do drop your thumbs up on the video make sure you subscribe and if you don't know we are live monday through

Friday 30 minutes before opening it's the first look at the description and it is pinned in the comments we better see you there in the morning it's free99 it costs you nothing to join

Stock market you can post the place see the place watch the watchlist come to life and watch stocks being traded at the same time playing halo

That actually happened and if you want this smoke i'll see you on the twitch channel okay and the most important thing you need to do post watch this below let us know if you're looking to get any plays

Comments remixes anything let us know below and po i messed that up but yeah post that okay but right off the bat i'm really really excited we talked about this on stream if somebody wants to tag when we were

Talking about that on the live stream i would do that and hopefully we see you tomorrow during the fed all of that we will be documenting that live we will be streaming the fed live and going over

All of that in real time but play action is coming so this was the analogy that we did it's pretty much gonna be a play action the simple thesis is tomorrow you're getting jerome powell in the fed

Then on thursday you get the big kahuna apple amazon i'm not sure about facebook but i think it was originally designed that they were and then google all report after hours and that is huge so the play

Is pretty much going to be depending on what jerome says tomorrow and what happens from the fed it's either going to be the fed or the fangs but i'm calling it a play action because now one or one thing or the

Other is gonna happen it depends if they run the ball or if it is a play action and they end up faking a run and then passing using a football analogy here but pretty much either there's gonna be something

That happens with the fed that will be a pivotal shift again we've been watching a rush to gold and bonds again here's gld here's tlt and a lot of people asked

About this and again if you are really really interested in tlt some of you guys are really really obsessed with it a lot of people are forgetting we've hit tlt twice so we did this at the same exact date

Last year one year ago july 29th that was the last tlt so it's funny because that last tlt let me let me bring you over here that's tlt in 2019 not the one we hit here this year in 2020

It was the first and 40 or the first and ten you guys remember that well this time around it is the fed or the fangs so i'll elaborate that but hopping back here this was the first time tlt

Happened and pretty much the point is it moved really really slow but you kind of saw something similar with bonds and how they've moved people have been seeing bonds move you've been watching gold move

People are saying what's happening so i've been talking about it i've been expecting earnings but now we don't know if the grim reaper hits and there's bad earnings guidance that could bring down the market but now also

With the fed tomorrow and that being a live meeting they also have guidance and expectations and that could make sense why we've been seeing certain things happen even the japanese yen today was strengthening

There's been a lot of moves in safe haven currencies coming into the big earnings but then there's also the feds so pretty much either jerome and the fed is going to have something big

Or fang stocks are going to have something big so pretty much by thursday we will know the idea here is cover i'm not saying blitz so again if it's a play action all we have to do is if we know

Some type of trickery is going to be happening here we just got to focus on the ball and just cover and get ready that best thing that we'll find out tomorrow so hopefully we're there or hopefully

You're watching the watch list is that and that's why i'm telling you with the title thing because we're going to be watching this day after day here is if we could read the qb jerome powell so depending on tomorrow's fed meeting if

There is a clear giveaway and we know it's going to happen that's going to be the pick six you won't need we'll know what to do because we'll know what assets to go after we might be like a week or two

Early but i wouldn't be surprised but even then the idea here is i think earnings is going to distract from the fed or fed is going to distract from the earnings

And then give it like another week or two after we might see a real bigger move and then that would explain what we're going to see coming into august the timeline aligns pretty perfectly with what we've been saying but

Kind of too perfect it sketches me out so like i'm saying though stay covered and we need to watch what happens tomorrow with the fed we will be able to determine from there or if there is the fed and then bad

Earnings we'll find out but if there's something with the fed and the earnings don't move then get ready for tlt or something of that nature but don't blitz that's the whole idea if you

Go too early this is why i even showed you tlt from 2019 it moved really really slow a lot of people it was like a lot of my plays i got into it it made a little bit of a move on the

Way up but then at one point it stopped going up it was moving really really slow tlt was a slow mover the first time so don't forget that like i'm saying if you're interested in tlt and you haven't

Watched those past videos from even 2019 i mean you may be missing out on some key info but that is the whole thesis this is why tomorrow is gonna be important you guys it is an event you're gonna have an event with both

The fed in powell and then earning so it could be pivotal maybe nothing does happen you know i think that's still in the cards as well too but we will see and i think given the timeline and everything it

It's kind of aligning and now what we've seen with gold the vix bonds all of this it's starting to make a little bit more sense putting this into context so i'm excited for it i hope i see you there tomorrow

I hope you don't jump the gun be cautious be safe don't get ahead of yourself always play small that's what i do and none of this is recommendation option trading is extremely risky you can't lose all if not most of your

Financial investment and i myself am not a financial advisor i consult with a coin and patricia before i make a play so i love you god bless you but that is

Pretty much it so let us get into the plays right off the bat uh you may hate it or love it the underdog is on top but fang puts or spreads that's pretty much

It that's all i got for you i want to look at the continuations i'll go over the plays that i made today i made earnings plays so these are gonna be your continuations we

Made one of the plays on boeing and spotify we could talk about that but as far as everything in context the real idea here is wait that's what i'm saying based on what powell says tomorrow now the best

Part is we will be able to know if we're gonna be able to make a big play tomorrow or if i'm going after earnings so like i said i will tell you in the title if i'm going after a big move like that

But at the same time now if there's nothing from the fed then the play might be earnings but we already have other earnings but the only play i see and even we kind of saw it with stx

After hours there was a few after hours and even though starbucks and amd really surprised amd killed it we'll find out a little bit more tomorrow how companies move but i'm just really looking for the put side

On some of these plays to get them as cheap as possible or some of them i did get calls on boeing just really depends it's the same logic i showed you guys yesterday do agree or disagree

I really only want to buy plays that are cheap so so part of it has to do if i care or not so like let's say a call was really cheap but i didn't think it was gonna go up i wouldn't play

It for earnings but now even if i'm like kind of on the fence but the put is just depreciated i'm just gonna buy put so that's why that's how i'm looking at fang tomorrow i'm gonna look at just buying some of

Those cheap uh depending on after the fed so that's gonna be coming into the earnings or be looking at credit spreads or debit spreads i think debit spreads will help get

Some of the fang stocks closer to the money that might be the best bet it'll cap the gains but at least give you a better opportunity at profiting so i'm gonna be looking at those tomorrow trying to set those up

But then amd boeing shopify spotify all continuation these three report in the morning amd already reported and if you guys saw after hours with nigel it was crazy this was a huge move so

They beat even like the highest expectation pretty much with all the volatility priced in and again they are coming off of a 15 move so it's like 23 percent

Off like this is this is a monster move again considering where they've been at even in the last hundred like it's it's crazy again they were even eaten off of intel's plate

So you saw the downside on that too so i think it's gonna set up to good continuations on both sides we'll see but amd moves a lot the premiums will be good i think to even sell premium in the morning and

Then try to flip it buying it later in the day so i might get a little bit aggressive with amd tomorrow we'll see so hopefully you're there again too don't let me get too crazy maybe i have

To throw in a game of halo but there is that but now as far as everything else with the plays here are the two plays that i did i think i got a better play i was trying to get uh different fills here i think i

Got a 160 on the small account and i did these plays on the small account and that's one thing that we talked about today was that if you guys have noticed it's the end of the month but this small

Account i haven't really made a play a lot of people ask hey should we make it play well i said no and i said this other day on the watch list this is the best time now for the small accounts because all the players have

Depreciated so i use this as an opportunity to get some good small plays but here's the spotify i got a little bit closer to the money put it at 60 bucks it's at 65 to 70 pretty much went up a little bit held

The same price there but spotify went up so this is pretty much implied volatility notice i got time we talked about this yesterday same thing even with the boeing and now i really like the boeing play i just

Liked it on the upside we did the coin we were up 40 on this i bought the 370 call at 40 so you'll see these tomorrow morning ask me about these i'll even talk about them because depending on how those play out

It will kind of even let us know if there's going to be a continuation or not but boeing was only pricing in seven dollars so we'll see but i got time on those because i believe boeing it's gonna be

It's gonna take time even after earning just keep that in mind even any of these plays i'm looking forward to even if they have some earnings i'm thinking about playing the earnings in a week or two after especially given

The context of jerome powell and the earnings keep that in mind so think a little bit ahead but those are the only two plays that i made today holding those we'll see again continuation and getting information is

Going to be a little bit more profitable it seems like this quarter but we have our event to look for tomorrow so we know so watch those watch the fang again double check to see what happens with facebook

There was starbucks after hours again i don't watch them they didn't move too much i think they might have a bigger move during i just didn't want to play them they weren't really expecting much and this moved pretty much with in

Guidance so it really it's like a decent sized move you can see even the vault even the volume honestly this has been a pretty much weird earning season or after the first couple reports uh wall street's uh hype

Died down pretty quick so you could watch them in the morning we'll see stx drop they had a 11 candle i think this will be a good continuation but they're not i mean they're already at 44 bucks you don't

Really have too much meat on the bone and it's not like they were really in a crazy like uptrend like some of the other chip makers so keep that in mind don't overpay for some of those puts watch intel we're in this

Play i think intel can move more now intel is a slow mover it's not gonna drop like what's it called but it's pretty much gonna inverse amd that's what it's been doing mixed with everything else so we'll see what

Happened but they're entering a danger zone we still have that intel play those continuation plays are helping us out even with amd as well too and then boeing i really think it's going to be a good continuation or even

Again like a week or two after tomorrow's earnings so this one's going to be a swing trade but watch them and how they move tomorrow will even tell us about some of the other earnings so keep that in mind and

Then finally tlt and gld you will find out tomorrow again watch the levels watch the tenure again you could see the safe havens but they're already been moving everything's

Been moving bonds gold all that the key is what piece of information is going to confirm it now and i think it's going to come from federer earnings so once we get an idea again if you know how this plays out you

Don't need to be too early sometimes just right before it's good so let's not blitz we'll be there remember we still have old plays from the last march that go till august so you're still in the game in a really

Really weird way you have some plays like again uup all that just imagine if if the accelerator was to hit very fast you would be covered so don't trip and just control it okay but

That is watch this ladies gentlemen make sure andrei hope you're ready to go make sure you post your watch let's make sure we see you there in the morning i need the armor on i need the helmet shining and i need you

To appreciate so you could get ready to take risks don't take a risk without appreciating and examining what you got but get ready to push it but be smart don't push it until you appreciate

Or you're ready and then well don't force it it's still earnings you've got to be patient finesse it just cover defense defense defense well it'll win the game baby but

The coat loves you i love you i'll see you in the morning let's go

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