The top 3 Android smartphones of 2016

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

plenty of smart phones were released
this year big ones glossy ones cheap
boring expensive headphone lists and
even flammable but I've compressed this
huge list under just three smart phones
that I believe are the best of 2016 the
one plus three Samsung Galaxy s7 edge
and Google pixel now I know some of you
will probably disagree with my choices
but this is just my opinion so if you'd
like to let me know your top three smart
phones up 2016 drop a comment down below
I'd also like to let you know that I'm
not going to be discussing every aspect
of each smartphone as that would make
for an extremely long video and you can
just check out our full reviews of each
of these smartphones I'll drop a link
down below instead I'm going to be
discussing what features stood out the
most when using all three of these
smartphones everyday anyway let's start
with the one plus three now I reviewed
this phone back in June and I was and
still am content with this $400 device
I'm fully aware of the oneplus 3t
I just believe that it's more of an
upgrade instead of a whole new flagship
release I mean it has the same
everything just a better battery
front-facing camera and processor I just
wanted to stick with the roots now
oneplus just knows how to make a solid
smartphone at a fairly cheap price if
someone were to ask me what makes this
phone so great it would have to be the
price and performance now I'm not saying
this is the fastest device out there but
it does come close with a Snapdragon 820
chip and six Q bytes of ram oxygen OS is
a breeze application reload time is
quick animations are smooth and it does
stutter once in a while as I'm running
an oxygen OS open beta release which is
expected but you should be fine if
you're on a stable version in real-world
use I had no problem scrolling through
my social feeds switching between apps
or even multitasking with two screens at
once this is thanks to that 5.5 inch
1080p AMOLED display that's not pushing
out as many pixels and the non bloated
software I'm currently running oxygen OS
4.0 which is basically Android newgate
with a few extra features and flourishes
on top and oh man does it look pretty
the oneplus launcher is a great example
animations are flying everywhere the
simplified layout shows all of your apps
while blurring out the background and
the shelf screen provides materialised
cards that show useful information
without going into too much detail the
notifications control panel settings
clock weather clear all button power
menu and
also display an attractive theme as
that's what oxygen OS has going for
itself a useful yet attractive UI the
fingerprint scanner is also worth
mentioning as it's super fast and can
unlock your device in milliseconds it's
definitely faster than the Google pixels
and the s7 and for a $400 device that's
pretty impressive what also surprised me
was – charge it's basically a fast
charging method used by 1 plus letting
me get to a hundred percent in under an
hour with the USB type-c port that's
something we don't usually see on other
flagships that come with a USB type-c
this is just an all-around solid phone
and even though you can't go out and buy
one anymore the 1 plus 3t is that much
better the Samsung Galaxy s7 edge is
also great but for different reasons
when I think of a Samsung flagship I
usually expect an awesome display camera
design and performance and the galaxy s7
provides just that just looking at the
phone screams exotic you have an
all-around glaston casing that makes it
feel nice and soft to the touch the
curved edges that drip down the shaft
for aluminum for an eye-catching spill
off the screen and a gold finish just to
tell the other smartphones hey I'm
sexier than you I mean it does sound
like a commercial but that's honestly
how to describe the s7 edge and with an
amazing design you need an amazing
display so the s7 edge comes with a 5.5
inch quad HD Super AMOLED display which
is one of the best-looking screens you
could get your hands on it has great
viewing angles color reproduction and
tons of details so watching videos and
playing games brings in some good vibes
plus the screen to body ratio adds to
that experience as I can get the most
out of the screen without having a giant
chain take up too much space I do have
to break it to you though the edges are
a little excessive they weren't nice at
first but over time it felt that it made
the phone harder to hold as I'd had to
wrap my fingers on a super thin frame I
guess that's why they provided a second
option with the galaxy s7 still it's not
a huge deal but something to consider
when choosing either one when navigating
the UI the performance is on par with
most of the other flagships released
this year it's not going to impress you
at this point but it's still worth
mentioning that this device can handle
your everyday tasks and any game you
throw at it when it comes to camera
quality the s7 never fails to disappoint
I really love that I can take the phone
out of my pocket
double tap that power button and snap a
quick photo without having to worry
about any motion blur this is one of
those cam
that you know will produce a nice image
especially in the right amount of
lighting giving you a bit of confidence
when you're looking for that perfect
coffee shot it does like to over
saturate and heavily sharpen photos
giving you some strong colors but that's
what I usually expect when shooting with
a stamp Singh nowadays pictures taken
and I usually come out looking fine as
well the F 1.7 aperture lens is the main
reason as you can get some decent
looking shots that show the entire area
just an all-around solid camera but I
can't say it's the best only because the
Google pixels is a bit better even
though the galaxy s7 comes at a steep
price I'd say it delivers with almost
everything you'd want any smartphone a
great display camera design and
performance with some useful features
that you can't find anywhere else
definitely one of the best phones
released this year and who can forget
about Google's newest flagship the pixel
everyone loved the rear camera the
software and the performance everything
else was solid but I'd say these three
features are what really makes this
phone stand out from the crowd google
claims that this is the best smartphone
camera anyone has ever made and I tend
to agree with that notion if you happen
to take a quick photo in whatever
scenario you may be in it will most
likely turn out to be a solid picture
there are a few exceptions but for the
most part I really do think this camera
does outshine others if you take a look
at the photos I've taken in both bright
and dark situations you can see that
they're very detailed sharp
natural-looking colors and there's not
much to complain about here video
recording is also on point thanks to
that electronic stabilization keeping
everything nice and smooth and 4k
resolution there are a few things that
Google could improve upon such as the
lens flare issue which they are fully
aware of and working to fix with a
software update manual settings in the
camera app and sometimes the
stabilization produces robotic looking
pans when I move around suddenly but
none of these issues will make you
believe that this is a horrible camera
in other words I love this camera but
it's not going to replace a DSLR and
renew gate also comes pre-installed on
this device with some exclusive features
that you won't find anywhere else the Y
navigation bar that animates when you
tap on the home button Google assistant
the pixel launcher with even more
animations and beautiful live wallpapers
just keep in mind that these aren't
exclusive 24/7 support from the Google
team right from the settings quick
gestures to check your notifications by
swiping down on the fingerprint sensor
and much more plus everything is
extremely smooth and performs well this
just flies when scrolling through apps
tapping on animated buttons and even
playing heavily graphic games if it came
down to one reason why you should go out
and buy this phone it's honestly the
performance packed in with the newest
version of Android yes I know that it's
a bit on the pricey side and doesn't
look as eye-catching as the Galaxy s7
edge but if you're looking for an
upgrade that will most likely last you
another two years with satisfaction
guaranteed there's no other reason why
you shouldn't go out and get this phone
I can personally tell you that after
using the pixel as my main driver for
over a month now that I think this is
the best smartphone of 2016 but not by a
if you're looking to get any of these
smart phones mention or even have one
already I definitely recommend you check
out and slap a D brand skin on it I've
been using these skins for every
smartphone I reviewed this year and I'm
very satisfied with the results it
provides tons of grip and allows you to
customise your phone without putting on
any bulk I'll drop a link down below
anyway that's it for this video make
sure to drop a like if you enjoyed it
once again let me know in the comments
what you think are the top three
smartphones of 2016 and check out Andrew
please come to catch up on the latest
Android news thank you for watching I'll
see you guys in the next one

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