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published on June 30, 2020

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there are moments in Hester day that

changed the world forever

when the real book is ripped up and

thrown away and then innocence is lost

one spring day in 1915 two thousand men

women and children boarded a ship to

cross the Atlantic unaware that they

would participate in such a moment


unaware that they would become pawns in

the great game of war I was one of those







the war had only just started when

Germany unleashed a new and deadly

weapon the you bored


torpedo is vindicated film transition to

be rose finishe cut from Swansea fair no

for Annette de ferran firm fondant we'd

been trying to starve them into

submission with a blockade of the ports

what we were doing was illegal but

effective and retaliation there you vote

commanders were ordered to attack any

British vessel they could find even

unarmed merchant ships


the rules of warfare were being

rewritten right


those quiet snows and that's why I fear

from sex


one ain't at the time the Admiralty used

to ruling the waves didn't take these

underwater ten fish too seriously still

to be in the safe side Naval

Intelligence reported any activity to

the First Lord of the Admiralty Winston

Churchill yes Oh what is it and just on

my way to see Lord Kitchener about a

matter of some urgency

I have half the fleet steaming towards

the Dardanelles and the damned infantry

to support them so we've just heard

German u-boats torpedoed another

merchant ship yesterday off the Scottish

coast war is 5 no warning given and the

ship was totally unarmed there flatting

every convention of international law

fine yes well we mustn't allow sobs that

is what they want no their submarine

campaign is a dismal failure they are

picking off tiny handfuls of small ships

after the many thousands that are using

British ports water off a duck's back

Hobbs we must show the world that here

it is business as usual we must continue

to attract neutral shipping to our

shores particularly in the hope of

entangling the United States with

Germany if some of its will get into

trouble no betting meaning a few

American casualties might hasten their

entry into the war

good day

I was returning from electric tour of

America when I first found out that the

Lusitania might be a target for these

submarines there it was right below the

DS sealing teams an extraordinary

warning from the German Embassy that we

might be attacked America hadn't yet

joined the war so I assumed this was

just a bluff to discourage trade with

Europe surely the Germans wouldn't

really contemplate sinking a ship full

of innocent people


this was Britain's flagship liner not

just a shit but a huge City and the

weaves nothing competed in size and


she looked indestructible what was that

question did you see the water at the

paper I did thought it was scare

mongering tactics they think they can

intimidate us that easily than they're


I don't like it Tom couldn't you talk to

him tell him I've changed our minds

after all we've got the children topic –


isn't your wife worried about you going

look three years ago I booked a passage

on the Titanic something made me change

my mind I guess someone up there is

looking after me was really dangerous

they really never saved anyway we'd

never get our money back

don't get yourself all worked up


the fact is madam we have a top speed of

25 knots no ship during more than 14

knots has ever ever been torpedoed to

get you all safely deliver pool I give

you my word on that and you'll be in the

capable hands of one of the best ships

masters around captain William Turner

can I get you to sign that loser I don't

like carrying munitions turning a rifle

cartridges shell casings that sort of

thing all part of the war effort captain


be careful with that captain can I ask

what you make of this notice on your

paper so I believe everything you read

in the newspapers as usual will sailing

under the guidance and protection of the

British have museum they looked after us

very well on all our previous crossings

now if you'll excuse me

we've just received this from our people

in New York belongs not the sailing

times of the Lusitania sir

yes the travel is intending to embark on

the Atlantic voyage are reminded that a

state of war exists between Germany and

Great Britain and that American sailing

and British ships do so at their own

risk it's signed by the Imperial German

Embassy that's a good one sir they talk

a good war Windridge threatening

something of the Lusitania size and

speed I hardly think so most amusing of

the Germans not normally known for their

sense of humor

thank you hundreds

you say





as we prepared to set sail we try to put

all thoughts of submarines and water out

of our heads and settle down to enjoy

our luxurious surroundings



morning sir what is it morning sir


figure out why I said that were 15

target repeater dead slow astern all







at 12:20 we cast off for Liverpool on

our seven-day voyage on board were

nearly 2,000 souls of my fellow

passengers 200 were Americans and 129

were children


what we didn't know was we sailed west

was that on the other side of the

Atlantic 3,500 miles away the German

submarine u-20 had also just left its

own port and was now heading in our





mr Koenig's an Akuma machine OMSI

attire is perfectly good

and Ginza man look don't go gonna be a

Suzy fibula has to find fat come Clara

Shabazz not give isn't yellow my dear

Molly in Holland obtain a Tonto and go

isn't zero tender mushroom from you is

it inept English niched headline




I don't see I don't see

I'm too shy to the head director Phil

soon immigrants come I'm going to play

that game






film it again would a hot pot by the

machine for las casas fat Schmidt again

who the heart over the homes in that 50

and ft Oh

good Spanish second Santa comma a

quadratic Costa and snow savings in

Oakland I love you yo fizzy


little did the u-boat commander know

that the Admiralty had intercepted his

coded messages


intelligence like this was a godsend

admit ships could be diverted out of

harm's way though it had to be used

sparingly or the Germans would gas their

codes had been broken


thank you so what are the eggheads

telling us Windridge they have

deciphered more u-boat signal sir

excellent and well so far they indicate

that you 28 here remaining in the North

Sea bother you 20 it's going west abouts

Island into the iris see also decoded

this earlier and from German high

command to all u-boats fast demon

Lusitania expected Liverpool 7th or 8th

May which must be a target sir I do want

us to do

she's to hundreds of miles off nothing

we can do Windridge for the moment


we were still four days outside the

range of NAU Bert but the Lusitania is

powerful steam turbine engines were

taking us closer by the

in first class we were suffering a

strict embargo on German wines and enemy

mineral water but there is no shortage

of movie stars famous philosophers

suffragettes entrepreneurs and among


multimillionaire Playboy Alfred game do

you how do we play it you buy a ticket

for a dollar and you have to guess how

many miles you're going to do in the

next 24 hours and whoever's closest wins

so what is it 100 miles a day or

something and 12 because I have 12

racehorses and I'll say 509 because the

9th is my birthday right

bring us some cocktails will you what we

have I'll have a gin sling No

excuse me is this chair freak


bad luck

have your parents go to

my mother's in America

and my daddy is dead

I'm sorry

grown-ups only say that

well growing ups are very little

imagination so there's looking after you

my name's Hilda

it's a Scottish hat I live in Scotland

under Nayland

no my wife and three boys there's some

other folk that

and I'm a very good cure for seasickness


about two of the ship


professor it was as if the crew shared

the Admiralty's calm confidence that no

harm would befall us


they showed little enthusiasm or

competence during the infrequent

lifeboat drills


I know what you're gonna say that's

meant to be taken by the Navy until then

we need to go on drilling this lot until

at least look like they know what

they're doing

oh and mr Vanderbilt has requested a

tour of the bridge

what Oh God apparently the master of the

Mauretania and detained him to a

cocktail party up the last time

another bloody nightclub I told him no


Kuhn and regrets special wartime

restrictions are in place sounded very

convincing infestation myself good

how she hadn't been Johnston carrying

two degrees of poor power to my tank or

sir weathers closing in sir yes I think

you might be right there of course shall

we be taking sir where we get to the war

zone what business is that of yours

Johnston Lancer more time navigational

orders are confidential to myself and

captain Anderson understood sir

carry on Anderson forget it Johnson it's

nothing personal

thousands of lives in this house don't

forget you've worked with him a long

time sir

a very long time


so we've just heard a small merchant

ships being sunk just off the south

coast of Ireland looks like new 20

started at work right mr Luthor

warships in the area so we troop ship a

Ryan due out of debt report tonight

Emily yes I lost a son away from the met

back to Liverpool the message sent of

her relative issues to maintain at least

20 knots and zigzag yes sir the ship

went down here and was last sighted at

1430 today near Queenstown so you two in

disposition must be somewhere near here

the Lusitania is also headed that way

maybe we could ruin out of harm's way

north abouts Island had an extra day or

so on to her passage I don't think we

need to impose such a great

inconvenience on the many hundreds of

passengers were in religion yes sir

the u-20 was having little success she'd

only sunk a small fishing Mountain know

she was low on fuel and supplies and

desperately hunting for a few trophies

before her return to Germany


the ningún speaking am sometimes a new

Thomas resonate liftoff




spender difference

ain't no food


connect an extraction see the English

refers Olga

because X thousand ton Kingston either a


the pylons a sticky by the machine for

house cause the father by the machine

for house cause of odd the Buddha was

really scared prices don't I see


wife is not fatal wine scum


love wines loss


foof sex seemed not knowing sane F so if

did I


sounds of coningsburgh lighthouse



hey let's be all that money


do you think the Germans really will try

again no no I just believe in being

prepared that's all prepare for the


and you can expect the best when we get

to Liverpool miss dolphin where will you

be going then just school now that says

they'll make a lady of me

my husband quite from Stuart collecting

one of us punkers the boiler room

we can't be no to me


surely I would and they have a cargo

holds philippi shells bullets all kinds

of snipe after all the glad when this is

over and we get to Liverpool to ride

this one's not been a big and worn

settler meshes in my arms those two are

so excited I've overslept

she's gonna have force walking around

with rats I'll see you in the dinner


Dorothy look at this only 462 miles

that's darn slow Nashville is a get-well

Michael Peters ever

okay because of Liverpool in Diana

Kristy vital of little best well the

facts committee if you lose it on your

spiel see mr Morgan his

atheria dampened clumsy El Sistema

Pasadena and bothered in British

informally keister that's provocative

squads agri-food

the amber feel years fantasy shifts


without interpeter we're making wasn't

try memories of the continued crustacean

for puzzle there's a vision the u-20

sunk another boat off the irish coast

sir we've cleared all our ships out of

the area

yes sir but there's still the Lusitania

sir chewing on that root first thing

tomorrow should we send a destroyer

escort sir windows close the door

we cannot nursemaid every civilian ship

out there

the Navy simply hasn't the resources

we've half the fleet in the

Mediterranean trying to win the war

just a super standard u-boat warning to

all shipping in the area the Admiralty's

standard new board warning was nothing

new it was centered nearly every night

of course we knew nothing of how our

feet was being decided we were more

preoccupied with that regular feature of

transatlantic crossings the passenger

talent contest


no I'm afraid I can't

I can teach you if you like I don't –


where is your nice tonight there's a

dance tonight blow she's gonna find the

sailors she says it's not much to look

next we are incredibly lucky to welcome

straight from Broadway the lovely Miss

Dorothy Taylor


I went wild when the band played how I

ran to the man when his hand swayed were

my pets


you can exert a signal from the

Admiralty avoid headlines steer

mid-channel course submarines of Irish

coast is that it that's also well then

gentlemen we're just at a u-boat warning

from the Admiralty they're far off but

we better take precautions price it's up

double the lookouts darken the ship to

prepare the lifeboats no I ask that I'll

inform the passengers soon so you can



I love to stop right beside an upright

or a height on baby

we are truly honored to witness the

performance of such caliber captain

Turner ladies and gentlemen I shan't be

singing a song we've had a warning from

the British Admiralty and that German

submarines have been reported off the

coast of Ireland however there's no

cause for alarm I'm entering the war

zone tomorrow morning we shall be

securely in the care of the Royal Navy I

would only ask you to take the

precaution of keeping curtains drawn in

your cabins tonight and asked gentlemen

not to light their cigarettes on deck

otherwise please continue to enjoy the

entertainment thank you

get up to the bridge as soon as you

finish you are they sending us an escort

no word yet captain

sir well I see by the ship's bulletin

that we're not reaching top speed and

I'd like to know why that is it's

because we've only three out of four

boiler rooms operational on this

crossing sir

that's a disgrace we were told no u-boat

can catch the ship and now he's slowing

us down

you know the chairman of Cunard is an

old friend of mine and I'm sure he too

would like to know what exactly you're

up to he knows perfectly well what I'm

up to he issued the instructions to

conserve coal supplies himself part of

the company's war effort but we're only

down from 24 to 21 knots and new boats

can barely make 12 knots with a

following sea goodnight

smartness Ellis be freezing up there

will be warming off with the blankets I

am NOT spending the notes deep down in

our cabin with submarines around I want

to be on top where I can see what's

happening a nice and narrow floor thank

you very much


vulgar it's the last thing we need still

has the last thing they need to in the

soap they'll be waiting for first light

I reckon



it's not so bad actually reminds me of

when we were pardon that seems like a

lifetime ago

it was just kids whimpered yeah

more was Dallas

good night sir sir I know




emergent yeah it's what Ilana shuffle it

turns me Matsu mind if a million

handbook had bad meets miss Resnick

never it is in black are there

it's an oxy be listening means my God

why not forget it



would you speed system knows reduce me

15 knots

we can't risk going any faster when we

can see romance in front of our faces

inform the engine room on the fool head

of steam

we may need full speed at a moment's

notice anymore from the Admiralty but

with any luck this will burn off in an

hour or two and get our bearings and

begin to pick up some speed yes until

then just go steam in the head and do

God knows

oh sure Lee that noise is just

advertising our position are you really

worried about those submarines

but if one came now then I die in the

arms of a beautiful woman dying forget

it I'll be serving for sure won't you

you can't swim oh I'll give you it so

what a girl you are look at you you can

swim you sing like an angel and you're

in a darn good living which is more than

I could say yeah well comes of being

born penniless look at my life and I

think you know what have I actually done

except pay a lot of people to do things

for me morning yes yes indeed sir of

course I understand now ask you to hold

for a moment please sir thank you

it's the chairman of q-not sir what he's

heard about the torpedoed ships want to

know what we're going to do to protect

the Lusitania q'l chilled telephoned him

every morning to check he's doing his

job tended bugger off thank you so much

for waiting sir won't be much longer

bar I tell him I'll issue a special

warning direct at her captain so we're

going to issue a special warning almost

24 hours have passed since the last u-20

attack and only now was that information

being related to the Lusitania eyebrow

head price that take it back up to 18

months 18 ah at last

submarines active in southern part Irish

Channel last heard of 20 miles south of

coming big light shipping what does that


last heard of when last week last night

an hour ago are they playing God knows

I'm just gonna fix in our position in

case the weather comes in again then

getting decent information I can act on

it I'll bring them in closely see if

that is brown head Johnston Lee

so stabbed or dead stop attend sir


with the fog lifting on the site of the

Irish coast spirits rules

see that


no one of us should really go down in

back or go Jorgen opening


that's why


if it's alone

I meant

there's less


yep's this as Moses I'm losing time here


as a good physician this guy's blood of

kotecha John

kilometer limited in meter meter

follow-up infants photo film come out

come out by the midget might imagine

good Einstein of 0tz

both Einstein of zero to10 star now see

what even


okay shut up like Santa Rosa Tania says

I think not


morning young lady you're packed and

ready to go ashore look that is Ireland

we're almost there Avis I soon see my

boys again

music will you come visit me at my


I'll tell you what even better you can

come and visit us claim the hills and my

boys will take you out and overboard and

you can catch crabs for your supper she

promised really from it my hope today

come on let's have some lunch


lutely its goodness

systematic but their pylon fingers an


sir pebble antiport sir two points about

the bow looks like old head of kinsale

okay excellent

I want a four-point fix on the

lighthouse please mr vesting steer

south 87 feet up so 87 East

mitigating she had nothing cause she

left directive also

in klamath intuitive our sorrows

White's glamour and somewhat of a social



time for me to the extraordinaire no too

sweet for me I'll say up the det cord


Nagesh village head often live in ONC

projects – P – finish cat places and

found on

after net peggeleh davidovich got eyes –

and channel art or not


okay why it's asclad centavo so shows

inspiration we know it's capital

Hawaiians babeson minions clapping


and I anticipate Assad – Clippers off as

a good sign that it's anxious


knish doesn't found king of blends

that's why


I see






if we have been hypnotist simply put

into page

I suggest to find ourselves like to




chips on on Freaks are lost britain


Royston not in command see I find out

what the problem is typically done by

engines are out of commission sir seven

degrees to starboard sir this rate we

won't make a deport lower the lifeboats

to the rail Anderson that don't launch

until loose load


one day





it's close it see you upstairs

there's been a torpedo that has indeed

come on us if we could visualize

Jacqueline I want you to hold my hand

very very tight they're not like all




signal son self-interests come up once

listening to the south of Oakland Salem

I think Redemption ooh

we times up you know

some competition




shall we thank you



we don't go down just stay up here all

right just be prepared as


is 30 degrees sir Wow mr pastor the

four buckets come in boiler rooms 1 2 &

3 are flooded I can get no further


that's me this awesome water into the

hub she's felling fast sex could be done

to slower so we can get a life goes down

this is 30 degree starboard sir



a little drowned anyway come on come on

we will lower the boats as soon as he is

safe to do so













this is 20 degrees sir



abandon ship Johnston get out save

yourself go on tell Anderson we slowed

enough to lower the boats that's an



says he's buried in space


where'd you get to





one at a time

don't push ladies

don't push please

























to us

that's mutant

let'em citizen but user

takes yourself

big enough I'm not close




some held onto life for four hours

before being rescued

but foremost the bitterly cold Atlantic

proved too much


so Windridge what the healthy new ones

Lusitania has been Sun sir

2:30 pm today 8 miles off the Irish

coast sunk torpedo sir

she went down in less than 20 minutes

impossible Coast Guard saw her from the

shore rescue operation is underway the

casualties are expected to be high

excuse me gentlemen we also intercepted

this from new 22 base saying she did the

job with just one torpedo one torpedo

yes sir and she sank in 20 minutes

Takako must have exploded this must not

get out understood

in fact

I want every Hubert message we've

intercepted in the last week in my

office under lock and key within the

outer Marion I need to get a message to

mr Church at once


all that evening a ghastly procession of

rescue ships brought the living and the


Oshawa over 1200 people had perished

just 35 out of 129 children had survived


and only four out of 39 babies have you

seen a young brunette boy in his father

among the survivors was captain Turner

he had miraculously been pulled

unconscious from the water




real hopes grave news indeed indeed

Prime Minister Watson inquiry questions

in the house and abroad did we do enough

to protect how could we have done more

naturally it is of the very first

importance that no blame or negligence

is attached to the Admiralty we welcome

an inquiry we have nothing to hide I

hope not Holmes

our navigational orders to the captain

were full and precise sadly he seems to

have chosen not to obey them I've been

studying his course whether he acted out

of sheer incompetence or because he's

been caught at by the Germans we don't

yet know well let us find out

he must be pursued without check we are

compiling a full report on him very good

no there is one other matter pertaining

to this affair the German government is

seeking to justify the attack by

claiming that the ship was carrying

armaments and that these must have

exploded in the hold

why else they ask would such a large

ship of sunk so quickly having been

struck by only one torpedo well plenty

of survivors think they saw more than

one torpedo funny how the memory plays

tricks and we can see to it that they

are the ones called to give evidence of

the inquiry of course with the ship at

the bottom of the ocean it's impossible

to prove absolutely either way

good work Holmes



can you manage this

anyone here by the name of Ho burn here


you're right yes child

not going to die are you good

I had lemonade and biscuits for

breakfast my saver employee

avis and i are among the lucky ones

less than 300 bodies were ever found the

rest lost at sea


worldwide reaction to the sinking was

unanimous in its condemnation of Germany

rioters destroyed German own shops and

British cities the New York Times

devoted an entire Edition to the

disaster featuring photographs of the

mass graves

our own personal tragedies were quickly

turned into wartime propaganda and

Germany was struck off the list of

civilized nations


now the British Admiralty had to make

sure that the one house was it awkward

questions might just undo the propaganda

victory they had saw only one I think

that those of us who survived have well

almost a duty to those that didn't to

find out why we were left so open to

attack especially when we were given

assurances right at the outset that we

would be under the protection of the

British Admiralty

the judicial inquiry was held just a

month after the sinking captain Turner

arrived unaware of the trap that had

been set


better give us some bloody answers

alright I declare this investigation

into the sinking of the Lusitania open

mr Carson what this isn't an ordinary

case for enquiry where we must determine

the cause of the accident that is known

and this inquiry the questions are with

regard to the conduct of the captain

whether or not he navigated his ship in

accordance with his strict instructions

and thus whether or not he could have

done more to save the 1198 lives that

were lost that day captain Holmes you

have I believe prepared the Admiral as

evidence indeed sir and I shall if I may

remain in court in case I can be of any

assistance in clarifying matters milord

without further ado I call captain

Turner to the stand

captain Turner you were given strict

instructions to steer a mid-channel

course we're not yes but first I had to

find and yet when the torpedo hits you

were just a few miles from shore we'd

come in close because I needed their

bearing on our position you disobeyed

orders they've been a fog earlier I

needed you willfully disobeyed your

strict orders from the Admiralty doing

so captain Turner you were inviting


we're not

the Admiralty's broadside was relentless

our traumatized captain was questioned

about instructions he couldn't remember

because in truth he had never been sent



how'd they FISA but you stuck to your

guns I'm beginning to think it doesn't

matter much what I say seems like

they've already made up their minds sir

that officer from the Admiralty you

interviewed me well he told me will help

the inquiry if I told them I've seen at

least two torpedoes even three the more

the merrier said but I told him there

was only one I swear that on the Bible

they don't want anyone thinking it was

the munitions exploding took us down so

quickly so we were carrying munitions in

only has lots of them man rifle

cartridges shell casings that minor

thing I don't like it any better than

you there are thousands of our lads in

the trenches desperate for that ammo

this is what happens in war everybody

gets their hands very dirty very quickly

those women and children on board that's

just what they were afraid people would

say which is why they're trying to cover

it up then I'm interested in the truth

Merson might I ask what impression the

captain made on you to play my

impression is a pervy straight an honest

man not shred of evidence to suggest

that he's in the pair of the Germans

I think the airport he has been quite

improper to suggest it

are you minded then to judge the man

simply incompetent captain Holmes you

made it very clear to me what the

Admiralty wishes the findings of this

independent inquiry to be however my

duty is to see that the truth prevails

to me he seems to have been a very good


but in wartime my lord there are things

more important than the truth in wartime

my lord the survival of the nation as a

whole becomes paramount any hint of

discredit to the Admiralty could lose us

important friends among the neutral

countries do you understand are you

suggesting that I declare an innocent

man guilty I'm suggesting my lord but

you find a way to conclude this inquiry

without damaging our chances of winning

the war

what will happen sir they find you

guilty here God knows

at best stricter matzah getting kicked

out that worst tried for treason and

hanged or shot here and then what they

do these days

whatever's cheapest to expect

all right

the conclusions of this inquiry are as

follows that the Admiralty diligently

and fully advised the captain of the

Lusitania of the route best calculated

to avert peril and that captain Turner

was a competent man who did his best in

difficult and perilous circumstances the

Commission therefore finds that the loss

of the Lusitania was due solely to the

damage caused by two possibly three

torpedoes fired by one or more

submarines of German nationality it was

a deliberate attempt to murder the

passengers on board and the entire blame

for this cruel destruction of life must

rest with death


it all had the feeling of a Sharad being

played out for the press with the real

questions left unanswered

was the ship deliberately left exposed

in order to bring America into the war

we'll never know the Admiralty did an

excellent job of covering its tracks


many years later Churchill wrote in

spite of all its horror we must regard

the sinking of the Lusitania as an event

most important and favorable to the

Allies although two years were to pass

before the United States declared war on

Germany the poor babies who perished in

the ocean struck a blow at German power

more deadly than could have been

achieved by the sacrifice of a hundred

thousand fighting men

on that day the idea of a good clean war

with a court of honor that protected

civilians vanished forever the gloves

came off and a new age of total warfare



I used to think a government was there

to protect its people but of course it's

there to protect itself





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deras Lari after we went into the line on the western side of the island the regiment stayed and continuously from the tenth or eleventh day until the 35th day...
Starting in the 1950s the USSR began giving aid to Afghanistan the Soviets build roads irrigation and even some oil pipelines before the arrival of the Soviet t...
Throughout goal there are two classes of persons of definite account and dignity as for the common folk they are treated almost as slaves venturing naught of th...
Hezekiah of judah who had not submitted to my yoke i've received 46 of his strong cities castles and small cities by casting down their walls and advancing ...
In the history of Europe the Middle Ages or medieval period lasted from the 5th to the 15th century it began with the fall of the Western Roman Empire and merge...
to Earth's residence which was situated here was said to be more splendid than his houses in other places it was made of polished boards and surrounded wi...
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haven't asked this bridge we received by that Lord Montezuma with about two hundred Chiefs all barefooted and dressed in a kind of livery very rich accordi...
We are in the summer of 1940 more than 78 years ago the world's who was at war Europe who was shocked by a very rapid expansion of the German forces in Pola...
you'll request that I would send you an account of my uncle's death in order to transmit a more exact relation of it to posterity deserves my acknowled...
This video is made in collaboration with alma-tadema a channel that is focusing on islamic history i really recommend to watch the video till the end to underst...
Wednesday May 30th towards nine o'clock in the morning we the judges repaired to the place of the Old Market in Rouen we were assisted by the Reverend Fathe...
Is the 12th century lately around eleven 6et Temujin was born Temujin the future Genghis Khan came from a clan that had a tradition of power and rule he was the...
I why the godlike heaven bread Turkish wise cog on I have mounted my throne here from the beginning to the end of my words first and foremost ye my younger bro...
Genghis Khan named his third son the charismatic okeyday a sin successor before he died in 1227 according to Mongol tradition Genghis Khan was buried in a secre...
To overtime of ramzan itis Egypt so the priests told me was in always well governed and greatly prospered but Cheops who was the next king brought the people to...
the Dutch colonial empire was made of the overseas trading posts and territories across the world controlled and administered by the Dutch trading companies Du...
I am Darius the great king the King of Kings the king of Persia the king of the provinces the son of Heist aspies the grandson of Assamese the Achaemenid thus...
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