by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

what's going on guys it's Carl here back
with another episode and this one has
been maybe the most requested over on
here and on insta since I've started
this entire social media thing it is
what I do to work out and the tech I use
to accomplish that to gain some of these
guys and the timing of this video is
actually perfect as I've partnered up
with dr. Scholl's for this video and
it's around a campaign which I fully
stand behind which is born to move and
although I do use stuff like my Apple
watch when I do workout it helps me
count calories it gives me that extra
little motivation there are pieces of
tech that do exist that I use that
perhaps help me even more just like
these guys these shoe inserts and
there's actually a lot of tech that
technically goes into these as well for
any of you that have followed me over on
social you know that I've dealt with a
ton of injuries
I've mangled my ankles they've been
destroyed and these guys have definitely
helped a little bit in reducing the
impact and reducing the chance of
getting another injury because we all
know how mangled this ankle is that is
the swollen ankle life and will always
remain so yeah and just like this
campaign emphasizes you got to get out
there you got to move you got to stay
active I know it can be tough if you're
sitting behind a computer the entire day
just like myself I crunch edits but I do
take the time out of my day and I
definitely encourage all of you to do
the same do you actually go over to
Instagram and check my corresponding pic
you can actually submit content of what
you guys do to stay active and you've
got a chance to win a thousand bucks
of your own to do your dream activity so
make sure you go check it out I will
leave of course info down below we're in
the place of Zen we're in the classic
workout zone were just in my condo gym
actually so the first exercise Mick and
I will just be doing if Nick can keep up
to me so this is purely hypertrophy
we'll be focusing on one muscle group
let's do back today we'll do four by 10
sets and this type of exercise is really
looking just to slowly build muscle
let's get the exercise guy
let's get it

so we're about halfway done our work at
right now we're isolating back as I said
so we've done pull-ups rows you've got
two more sets of exercises and two
really I guess focus on one muscle group
to build hypertrophy we are going to do
4 by 10 by 4 exercises 40 reps 40 reps
ideal affair it's ideal for building the

whoo so that is routine one done in the
books we will switch now to routine
number two one hopefully a different day
good job Nick another morning a nother
so this first class that I am doing
today is a nice and early one always
good to get done in the morning and out
of the way it's at oxygen yoga and
fitness and this one's interesting
because it's an infrared class so it'll
be very hot I'll be burning a ton of
calories and it's nice to switch things
up it will be my first time see you guys
can struggle with me

so this is the first foray into the
space you guys can't feel it through the
camera but it's hot it's very hot I
think we're doing a core class this is
it this is the end for me

the camera shut down halfway through cuz
it's so hot
calories I'm sure let's estimate double
it said 730 feeling really good that was
a core class like I said they offer a
ton of different classes to check out
something very different something that
I haven't really done not really used to
you probably saw in the time-lapse that
I was just lying down half the time I
think I might need a nap now though even
though I am energized ready for the day
so we're back for a second workout and
something cool when you're actually just
doing other types of activities swimming
is great because if you guys follow me
on insta you know that ankle life super
swollen from soccer
so I guess swimming it is an awesome
alternative to do otherwise just don't
judge me on my swimming technique

solid workout whoa
so we are back outside on the balcony
and those are three very typical
activities that I do to stay in shape I
hope some of you have found this video
useful and have learned some tips and
tricks to get into your own workout
routine and I get it of course the
technology it is important but the most
important thing is just getting out
there actually doing it I know it's
sometimes the hardest part and if
anything just like I said these guys
have actually probably been the most
useful these might be a tad bit stinky
as they're always living in my shoes as
they enable me to stay active they
enable me to keep doing my exercises and
I love them just remember I will leave
all info down below and I will also be
sticking around in the comments section
to answer all your guys questions
whether they're Fitness related tech
related and I'm also really stoked to
see what you guys are doing to stay
active I will of course catch the rest
of you in one of my next episodes

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