The Success Principles | Jack Canfield (As Seen In The Secret Movie)

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Jack canfield yes the jack cantle the author of success principles along with 150 other books and has seen as in my favorite movie of all time the secret is my guest today this interview is such a dream contribute for me personally because back in 2008 when I first

Watched the secret and learned how to apply the law of attraction I sat down and mapped out what turned out to be exactly my life now over a decade later some fun facts about Jack Canfield he's an award-winning speaker and an

Internationally recognized leader in personal development and peak performance strategies as the beloved originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series has taught millions of individuals his modernised formulas for

Success Jack is the author and co-author of more than 150 books including 66 bestsellers what with more than 100 million copies in print in 47 languages around the world in 2014 success magazine named him one of the most

Influential leaders in personal growth and achievement and he holds the Guinness world record for having the greatest number of books on the New York Times bestseller list at the same time now Jack has a brand new book the

Success principles workbook which is a companion guide to his original best-selling book on success which is translated into 41 language is called the success principles and today we're going to learn from him firsthand the

Success principles and the exercises that we can do to actually implement these principles especially right now with everything that is going on around the world so that you can get from where you are today to where you want to be

It's also going to share with us the one thing that his found successful people do in the times like these that others don't practice or don't even know about you do not want to miss out on all these awesome stuff so get comfortable because

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Out on the next episodes if you're new here welcome my name is Kiana Danielle and the founder of the invest diva movement a tribe of proactive moms who are in charge of their financial future and

Sleep soundly at night because their money works for them if you want to see how you can join the movement open up a new browser and go to learn investiga com4 / yes now let's go say hi to Jack Canfield and find out about his most

Important successful principles I'm super excited about this is going to be awesome my boy I am super excited excited to have you on the show because when I first actually saw you I saw you on the secret and that was back in 2008

And I was dealing with a lot of things and I vividly remember a lot of the things that you said specifically and I still to this day use for myself and for my own students one of them being you know you don't have to see the end road

Only for the car to get from LA to New York they just have to see see 10 feet away and that is just such an empowering thing to do so I am so excited that you're here today I'm excited to be with you I'm more excited now because you're

So excited I'm just and I've been going through this and I have I have a ton of questions for you about the book so and success principles in general and I know that you had actually your New York Times bestseller before he decided to

Come up with a workbook so can I tell people and viewers who have not read this book which way should the first book why I decided to write it and what they can expect to find in it and how they can actually use it to deal with

All the stuff that is going on around us today with the corner virus and all the uncertainties sure well I was lying in bed with my son it was 11 at the time and he asked me a question it was a Sunday morning he said dad why is our

House bigger than everyone else's house and I said well because we have a lot more money and he said why I because I become a really successful person he said well why are you more successful than other people and I

Started thinking about that and while I was in bed with my computer he was playing a computer game and I started writing about all the principles that I lived my life by that led me to this success principle I learned from

Teachers and mentors and books and seminars I'd taken a software I realized it was like over 60 principles that were guiding my life and I thought well that yeah really good book so I thought it would be thin I'd like three pages on

Each principle turned out it took longer than ever but I interviewed 75 of the most important successful people in North America people that own major Silicon Valley companies people like yourself there were top bloggers and

Podcasters people that were newspaper icons Olympic athletes you know top sales people whatever looking for what were these with the principles that I was living with a universal and and it turns out they were that everyone is

Really successful is thinking the same kind of thoughts doing the same kind of things and I said I want to share this with the world and that's how the first book came about and and what can can you tell us I mean I can just jump in

Because I've I've read it I'm but um what can people find in the book that they can't actually know yes there is the other way what can people find in the workbook that they can find in the book well the book was a lot of really

Great ideas and some things you ought to do but it really didn't show you necessarily how to actually do each thing I began to realize that the people that were taking my seminars my live workshops were two days four day seven

Days whatever they were and people that were in our ongoing coaching programs we're doubling their income doubling their time off at the same time you know losing 50 pounds starting businesses being very very successful and the

People that only read the book some of them were very successful but not at the same rate so I said I want to take what's going on in our seminars on a coaching program and see if we can put those between the covers of a book with

The worksheets the exercises the activities but the accountability all the different things and and we did we put it in a book took us about a year to write it because it really had a you know boil it down and her 17 principles

In the workbook there's before in the other but these are the core principles you have to know and then we beta tested it with an actual group of people said here you've never taken our seminars here's the book just

Do what's in the book and let's see what happens after six months and people who are doubling their income they were they were losing weight they were proving their relationships they were having more fun they were sleeping better all

The things that everybody wants so he said okay this works let's do it and so we literally just released the book and even though it's only been out a few days it sold out at Amazon on his first day and we're excited about that we wish

It hadn't sold out living more in stock but they sold everything they had and but they're restocking as we talked and the reality is that it's getting really great reviews the people that have people that have gotten advance copies

Of it so on and so forth people could expect to learn a system this is the thing a system that actually works it's like I say success is like knowing the combination to a lock if you know the combination it doesn't matter if you're

Black white young orbital female college educated or not the lock will open if you're missing one number I don't care if you have three PhD DS the locks not going to open and so what happens is we put all the numbers you need to unlock

The combination called success into this book and literally you could do each chapter let's call it each principle and maybe two or three days and then what would happen is seventeen times three was at fifty one something like at fifty

One days you could literally transform your life so with everything that is going on in the world today all right what is the one thing and I know it's very hard to just put it in one thing but what is the one thing that you've

Found successful people on your successful students do in the times that others are just so fearful what is the one thing that these people do that other people don't and they keep moving forward even though we were living in

Such uncertain and fearful times well the first thing they do is really – the first thing they do is they totally believe that they're going to come out just fine they know they can handle it they know that they've got the health

They need I've got the wealth they need that the ideas someone once said if you don't have the resources you have the source fulness so basically they're pivoting there very quickly saying okay

They're not going into fear that are in a panic because panic and fear takes you and they didn't make the little back of the brain takes you out of your prefrontal cortex you can't think rationally can't think creatively so

They're staying in that high state of I know I'm gonna be okay the second thing they're doing is they're then saying how can I be of service to the most number of people with the skills and resources I have so I can either start doing my

Business more online I can you know there was a gym owner I just talked to one of my students who said he was working with everyone coming to his gym they have memberships all of a sudden you're not allowed to come in to gym be

Close to people so he said okay what resources do I have I've got all this equipment people are home what if I rented them the equipment I have I'll sanitize it all take it to their home install it tell him how to use it then I

Get out of there and he said I'm making you more money renting my equipment than I was making on my gym memberships so the reality is that you can pivot it quickly and figure out what can I do that I can do and even if you can't do

Everything you used to do like you're a cosmetologist and you can't do people's hair right now you can start calling all the people that were your clients and say look here's the deal when we come out of this I want to make sure you're

Gonna probably have roots that show we're gonna need to color your hair is gonna be a little too long then you want this style to celebrate the summer coming on let's let's give you something discounted like a package of eight hairs

Appointments and I'm gonna give you a discount of 30% so you know you're gonna get your hair done I know that I can still be in business so when you get we still have a salon and people are doing things like that and finding hey I've

Got cash flow coming in and I'm serving my clients some people are going online and saying here's how to color your own here here's how to cut your hair here's how to cut your kids here and there they're finding ways to be of service a

100 person I actually do believe that this virus is shift is going to shift our society and help people become more creative with doing things online where it already was actually moving to that direction

But now and I've been telling my students that someone lost our jobs and therefore they cannot invest and I'm like alright if you actually pick up on a new skill online skill for exam become an affiliate marker something

That is going to add a passive income even after your going go you're gonna go back to your old job you're gonna learn the skill I'm gonna be able to continue having an additional income stream which is going to help with your wealth in the

Long run before I let you go for this session I actually had a specific think that I wanted to point out to people on the importance of this workbook and it's funny because I've been really applying everything that you've said in the past

Ten years of my life which is super crazy and like watching the secret in reading your books is one of the first assignments that I give my students is because I've seen incredible amount of success with everything that I've done

Exactly as these principles and the things that have not done and I wanted to give an example is interesting because I remember vividly that in 2008 I was in Japan I was a student in Japan and my goal I was writing down my goals

I have just been introduced to the secret and I was writing down my goals and every single thing that I've accomplished in my life right now like my daughter my husband everything really is a result of exactly what I wrote down

At the time so to your point taking action and reading just a book as the difference between that night and day it can just read a book and go to swim and do nothing or you can actually take action and it's interesting that in the

Past 3 years I've been having a goal that I thought I knew what it was and I wasn't reaching it and I've been very frustrated and I was reading the book and I got to the work with page 76 right and it's talking talking about how to

Write affirmations to your unique goals and so number one is start with the word I am which I always do use the present tense they didn't stayed in the positive keep it brief number five was what I was missing and

What I was not missing back in the day when I said okay I want to make like this amount per year so what is what has been missing in my goal the money go but I've had was the per year I only hit was saying I want to make this amount and it

Was like why am I not making this amount it's because I had not it's number five it's being specific as specific as you can and I had not set the timeframe so I'm probably gonna make that amount but the universe doesn't know when exactly

To give it to me stuck oh I feel I really I was like oh my god this is why I haven't reached this goal so um no specific is really important so on a house on the ocean until you determine which ocean your mind your subconscious

Mind is going Lanting ocean pacific ocean in you know you didn't you know what else should are you talking about here so he doesn't know where to go right or he'll left go to west coast go to east coast so you got to be very

Specific how much where and by when yeah exactly at the time exist so that was really the epiphany and that's the reason why i'm super happy that you put this out because I see myself as well oh my god I have books out and there are a

Lot of people who read my books who are not doing anything but people who take my course and pay for it they're the ones who are actually walking it so it's just it's how we are as humans we need to have a guidelines we need to have the

Roadmap so thank you so much jack for coming on the show people in the we're viewing at home please tell your questions down here a we'll make sure we get it take dad we're gonna have him again in the future episode so make sure

That you subscribe and like and share this video anyone who's struggling to find success in their lives your loved ones these stuffed work so I thank again so much Jack for joining us and we'll see you

Again in the next episode of the investable movement look forward today thank you

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