by birtanpublished on September 22, 2020

for perfection all right ladies and gentlemen i got your watch that's coming in at september 22nd 2020 and the stock market just went negative on the year

Today was a crazy day we were down almost a thousand points at one point but as you can see here we touched a little bit below right where we started at the beginning of the year this is clearly a good reference

Point that old original wuhan zone then we started dropping but today was very very crazy there was a lot of different pieces of news there's a lot of stuff we still have to digest and process and then

We have some important events this week mainly powell tomorrow morning so we have a lot to talk about i got the plays i got the keys everything we're looking at tomorrow as far as the schedule for

Mr powell and munchkin but let us not delay you guys know what you need to do drop your thumbs up on the video make sure you subscribed and if you don't know we are live monday through friday 30 minutes before open

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The plays watch the watchlist come to life and yes if you want to learn how to pronounce words that you've mispronounced your whole life the chat is a good place to come and learn and we're glad you're

There and thank you for being positive okay and the most important thing you need to do post watch this below let us know what you're looking at get any plays comments remixes anything post them

Below and source that info shut up to chat baby so right off the bat first thing is there were a lot of bad things today more things than not were bad today first there was the rbg death and now

How the market has to take it we talked about this today the real thing is there's going to be a lot more politics you're going to see it a lot i talked about it yesterday but mainly now there's a lot more at

Stake for the election so what is this going to mean moving forward how can that affect stocks or why would that affect stock value or implied volatility literally people expecting volatility because of the

Election now because it will create more partisanship people are going to be spread between this side and that side now with a lot more at stake with the scotus but that usually leads to a lot less things being done

Because now people don't make as many decisions with more things on the line so that could slow a lot of things down especially even the stimulus or anything of that

Nature so that is what wall street is going to be looking for but now as far as the bigger picture for today surprisingly we the nasdaq almost closed green but everything else got clobbered

And it's because there was a lot more happening there wasn't just the rbg death and how the market was taking that but now you saw a lot of bank drama

This time with money laundering and fraud so i thought this was very very unique why we've been talking about bank stocks we said watch september 30th we've heard from mr jerome powell and

The fed on the stress test and then last week we saw citibank get clapped for some similar nature and now today this was uh very interesting it's from a leak it's these financial documents that have

Been leaked and apparently they've been out so i mean you could call it tinfoil call whatever you want but even deutsche bank said that this news was already came out and that they've already been punished for it again

Deutsche bank has a weird history but essentially deutsche germany's biggest bank is getting accused that like over half of all suspicious financial transactions the last like decade have been through them so they went down a

Lot but now every other bank stock got clapped and again i think the broader picture is there's kind of a trend leading up to these banks getting hit right before we have some pivotal

Dates so i think it's very very interesting watch that but that was another awful thing to add to the list today and then now you also had more coveted lockdowns or the potential

So uk they closed down bars and pubs but now a lot of different places even people in the chat were saying in europe that they're experiencing that or that they're preparing for a second lockdown

So i think it's very interesting again i'm looking at the death rate with stuff however we saw this get some traction a few weeks ago and this is bringing about

Certain fears even whatever happens in america i think wall street is going to react accordingly i don't think they're going to react the same however if there is a lockdown in europe it could have financial implications now

Doesn't always mean bad because if europe goes on lockdown and we're not we're gonna have our domestic economy maybe people would come here or even then they're gonna need some stuff i mean it could change

It could change things again we've already seen weird reactions so i think it's interesting to see how wall street's responding to that and now collectively all of this stuff it's really hard to say what was responsible

For the biggest impact today so moving forward this week we are going to be watching that and that is going to be important however definitely could have been worse but now

At key levels where we started at the beginning of 2020 and all that kind of clipping below there it's gonna get interesting moving forward so that's the first and main thing now tomorrow jerome

Powell and mr munch 7 30 a.m pacific time live stock market you will see mr powell there it's not like it's like an exclusive with us but like he's gonna be yeah we're gonna watch it but it's

Happening early they're testifying before congress uh regarding the cares act however if you want to get a head start some of you will get surprised even though we watch these

In the morning fun fact mr powell has a prepared statement he cheated so he's already released this today congress is going to look over it again think about all the times they talk to each other in the past so powwow kind of

Gets to address stuff they're going to talk about different things so if you want to read that it's right on the fed website pretty sure you will see it like right on the home page right here so god bless

You enjoy that but we will see tomorrow again it should get a little juicy when they ask questions but anytime powell has been talking lately he's going to get some importance but it

Seems like we also have a lot of different things happening in the market so see you guys in the morning that will be pretty much the most important thing this week i would say

Unless anything else starts to happen but you will start to see some earnings will kick off but i would watch for early signs again maybe a grim reaper or any certain signs depending on how big a company is if

They report anything happens but i think the market is really going to do its thing up until the end of the month and then as we start approaching closer to the election the end of the year the final

Quarter and then the big earnings then we'll kind of see what's gonna be happening from here but one more thing we did trigger down friday day on monday today

It was hard to say again we talked about this today if you guys aren't familiar we explained it down friday down monday it's surprisingly rare to see stocks all indexes close red and then on

A friday and then close red on a monday that usually gives you a little bit into the psychology of how investors are feeling coming into the weekend and as they digest it and then

Opening the week so does it happen too many times it's kind of a signal to signify a top or bottom or more or less volatility it's not just bearish but technically we saw that today even though the nasdaq almost closed green

But keep that in mind i think coming into the end of this month once september is kind of out the way we saw cuckening most of the month we are going to have something interesting around the corner again

With everything taking place it should be exciting so i hope you're ready but that is pretty much it so let us get into the plays so right off the bat we talked about this all

Last week and even yesterday but the bank puts you saw what happened all of the bank stocks got hit but i was able to grab wells fargo puts and now it's gonna be kind of the broader thesis with a lot of these plays there is still

Opportunity there could be volatility but there also could be nothing so i'm using my same strategy of sniping plays that have kind of made the move but not having to pay premium so that's what

I did with wells fargo puts we'll go over those but all in all with where we're at now we have old plays we have plays that are still holding up you guys remember these eem plays

We already made these free during that first volatility session but i even looked today we're up 50 overall so some of these are still holding we still have exposure to the downside

Again that's why getting time and even what i'm even saying now moving forward get a double whammy with a lot of these plays again down this recommendation obviously risk you can a little much financial

Investment this is what i'm doing but trying to get plays that can now cover earnings and get some of the movement we have here but overall ride the wave watch the premiums take advantage of

These premium tricks or take advantage of looking at the premium and not paying too much of a premium or any at all sell the premium small that's even what i'm going to be looking for here as kind of

Volatility picks up and nothing's been confirmed and even if you want to buy buy a little and spread the seed so that's kind of how i'm focusing on this because you could even see it with the vix and

Everything going on where it's like kind of high but it was just low it's not what it was a few weeks ago so it's interesting we're entering new lower levels despite that happening

You're not seeing the put premiums go up too much again take a look here at the vix so there's an opportunity to get things for cheap but at the same time it could still be

Expensive if nothing happens so waiting for the confirmation is key that being said the first play i've only made two plays today i grabbed these wells fargo puts i got october 16

22 puts at 36 cents i got 10 of them so 360 dollars the thing i didn't like about these contracts is that they are brand new you could tell by the open interest these contracts were just added today so

I think that is uh very interesting again you did have the witching but the contracts that did exist you know the idea was you could even see they didn't go up too much in value and

This is what i was trying to take advantage of so they were up 40 but if you kind of got in at the morning you could have gotten around 12 to 13 cents they were trading at 10 cents the day before so about a 20

Gain but again banks were down like i think five percent or so they gap down pretty hard but we bought the bank puts in the morning so we were able to profit off those however i said i was going for the banks

I wanted to go for him again the broader reason why i played this not just because bank stocks went down i'm aiming for that september 30th it's covering time it could get some of the exposure and

Even though the stock dropped today i didn't get caught paying too much of a premium so i could get some profit out of those but not enough to make them completely free so i'm still holding that entire position

That was the first play today the second play i grabbed five apple weeklies 92 50s at 23 cents so just about a hundred dollars but the idea was i wrote this here on the keys but it's a yolo if anything heats

Up again i have enough to ride the wave but you could see if there is a short-term bigger velocity move things to happen getting quicken out i've gotten some good gains with that on the weeklies but

That's how i'm kind of looking at it if not i'm going to be patient kind of ride what i'm already having but the apple is literally its own vix that's why i'm getting it because

We talked about it today you saw at the end of the day apple really did carry it carried the nasdaq it's literally moving like the nasdaq but it's just doing things a lot more faster and compounded so that's why i'd rather just

Play shorter term options on that because if people are going to buy something it seems like a lot of the market is just focusing on apple they have a bigger impact on the broader market if people are losing money it

Looks like they're going to rotate out of apple so i like it for many reasons but it is it's very good to trade right now or um at least that's what i'm looking at but we will see the key is always in the

Premiums but those were the first two plays those are the plays i'm gonna be watching again everything else will be riding the wave i do like the hd and mcdonald's plays but i looked at him

Again a lot of plays today went up in value a little bit in the morning but when things kind of leveled off everything really just chilled out even with the premium and then if the market kind of bounces up

They are it's still just very very weird so i'm being picky but i'm riding the waves again if i want to get exposure i'm going to take advantage of some of the shorter terms however just don't get caught up

In the cycle of being on the higher end of buying premium even if it's cheap or anything like that so watch them there's going to be tesla tomorrow there's that battery day draftkings we're still holding this long term of

Course but they had some movement uh some people even talking about them on the options but we're watching they're nice they got a little bit of action today tesla has

Battery day i believe tomorrow or wednesday or something i don't know ask the tesla people they'll tell you they'd love to tell you but this thing is going to probably move again i don't really have too many thoughts on

It i think if it's bad or if it disappoints this could start to look like a bitcoin 2018 chart so we'll see but should be exciting again nikolai was all up in the news

Funny story funny rumors but watch them snap did positive today which i really liked i just like how they're holding again we added some shares the other day but keep a watch on them

Still have that one october play but now it's kind of back to break even then akasia communications and then i think it was another company today but there was a piece of news about china putting out their own ban list and i

Think they would be a loser but keep a look out for that again watch those values hd mcdonald's i wanted to look at our plays deutsche bank got absolutely clapped and well i don't know if you guys have ever

Seen the long-term history on this i mean it's i mean i don't even know already this is the definition of clapped but i mean they're still here but now watch the other banks again we'll see if there is any contagion or

Anything else gets discovered confirmed even rebutted anything of that nature could even change the story as well too so watch that walmart did good and it looks like the deal again even

Oracle moved today they were a big piece but the fact that they actually moved a lot like i said that's going to kind of be the decider of the weight of the news so we're kind of getting some deal fatigue but

The fact that stocks are moving it has my attention but we will see how this plays out but this one is going to take a lot for me to get my hopes up however it's still moving with the market watch the uv xy again the

Relation with the market today really did show a lot and you kind of felt some of the pressure in the morning so keep an eye on that again if not come on stream always ask about i'm sure you're

Gonna hear about it or ask when we talk about it but watch that and then finally the dollar actually moved this is what we were looking for it's breaking out of the range now

See if it continues this upward direction but that's going to have an effect that could change some stuff but again i'm not looking for a play as much as this is going to set up

To some other things that we need to look for so that is to watch this ladies and gentlemen mr hydra healthy ready to go make sure your poster watch let's make sure we see you there in the morning i need the armor on

I need the helmet shining i need you to skip the stone baby one at a time success is saying you're gonna do it and doing it follow it through set the goal small half humble humility everything but that cold loves

You i love you i'll see you in the morning let's

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