by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

what's coming into July 13 2020 and the stock market is not going to go crazy although it looks like we're coiled up to make a move we have earnings season beginning and I want to talk about earnings what we talked about last week

While we saw run-up but last week all you did was see the overall market not really move too much but you saw crazy moves on stocks like Amazon Tesla and surprisingly not the companies that report this week so tomorrow we are

Going to start to kick off earnings season it is here ladies and gentlemen but you're gonna get pretty much the banks in some other stocks like J&J and not really the big ones just yet but we have the pre earnings run-up is what

I'll call it last week so this week could be interesting so I'm expecting big individual names with companies but I don't think the overall market will go crazy but since I have jinxed it in the title and it looks like a lot can happen

Here anything could happen so we have a lot to go over I have a pretty much outline for this week what to be watching for a little bit of the earnings plays the plays that we have in the earnings run-up in game plan that I

Want to go and also the place that we made on Friday so I said what you need to do chop your thumbs up on the video make sure you subscribed and if you don't know we are live Monday to Friday 30 minutes before open it's the first

Link in the description and it is pinned in the comments we better see you there in the morning it's free 99 it costs you nothing to join slash stock market you could post a place see the place

Watch the watchlist come to life and yes yes yes you could meet your soulmate like a walking buddy do you get it okay and the most important thing you need to do post or watch this below there so looking at get any place comments

Remixes anything post them below and source that info and today is the watch list what we need from you is to post a specific option play this right here is our lovely YouTube community accounts so we started this at the beginning of the

Year and what we do is we have every buddy on the Monday watchlist that's the one you're watching right now post a specific option play we will spend up to $100 on it or if it's too expensive we'll get something similar if it is

Selected we do a random comment picker and arbitrarily just buy the trade that is on the random comment picker so I need you to post a trade in the comments a specific one and we're gonna get it shout out to the last I guess month in a

Week Owens play is still killing it for earnings but this is fun it's a cool experiment we are documenting the results so post that below and thank you to all the people who have but well here it is right off the bat Yorkies coming

Into this week it is still going to be earnings mode but companies are going to act different that is the main thing I want to make across here for today and this week is that you got the pre earnings so last week but getting it

Last week I said get ready yet any like given random moment there's like a spark and it starts a wildfire before earnings so you guys will even see this next earning season and then all of a sudden investors in the market starts kind of

Positioning for earnings so that's what I was kind of pointing out here even last week although it look like the market didn't really do anything in it look at this this is the previous clothesline interesting previous closed

Area where at between the S&P and TLT we're going to talk about that but point is we didn't really move much but there was still very very big earnings moves in while some of these companies started running up into their earnings they

Haven't reported yet Amazon is going to report now you're gonna get some companies JP Morgan this is gonna be one I'm gonna look at tomorrow but they're gonna be reporting this week Wells Fargo Johnson & Johnson we're gonna get those

Companies so the market is pretty much going to be reacting to earnings however we are going to get a lot of data across the board this week so what I'm saying is that sometimes when there's a lot of data and then some of these earlier

Stage movements you are coming off of already a little pre earning spikes so now you can't also see the opposite happen a big point I want to make here is that the earnings run-up sometimes does the opposite yes sometimes

Companies will even sell off into earnings you got a factor some have already moved or even then they've already moved a lot so what I'm trying to say is like Amazon even though we're still a few weeks out from their

Earnings you're seeing it have this pre earnings run-up but what could start to happen it could actually sell off the three days two days before earnings I mean here's JP Morgan they're gonna report this week

Look at them but also you'll see you know big-name companies are gonna move a little bit different than the gross stocks and all that but watch out for that but this week again we're gonna get a lot of data all across the board

You're gonna get trade data from a bunch of companies we're gonna get retail sales in the United States there's like a European economic recovery plan that they're gonna be talking about bunch of different countries inflation rates oil

Manufacturing a lot of data so I wouldn't be surprised to see big pre market moves and that could move the market and then waiting till the earnings but sometimes we've seen the littlest moves off the biggest news days

And vice-versa again last week we didn't really have much news every day but stocks were banking a hundred two hundred dollar moves on some of these growth stocks coming in earnings so earnings and kind of this set up into

Earnings will take a big focus this week now besides earnings though this week there's still other stuff on the table there's stuff to happen over the weekend there's still stuff we've been looking

At and actually some interesting developments so one we have to be looking at the virus response that is another piece of news besides earnings that could affect us this week again the numbers are going up watch the death

Rates and stuff like that and again how the market is pricing that in and responding but China trade tension so I know we've been watching this for a while but it is getting interesting I think the trade to right to the Phase

Two trade deal you know there was hints at that and remember Navarro a few weeks ago I think this is gonna come back up and I don't think it's gonna be good I think that will really be the ultimate escalation but there has been some China

Tensions over the weekend specifically in trade is one thing I'd want to focus on and then finally oil this one is important as well too so oil kinda had a little bit of a move this week again it's kind of been holding them pretty

Stable here this is overlaid again with Shanghai but I think there's some news coming out of OPEC and then even just some of the data we saw last week with oil we're gonna get more oil data but don't forget the importance of oil with

Everything and even where we're seeing bonds and all that so that's what I'm gonna be looking at as far as how we're gonna play this how we're gonna trade it the main game plan coming into all of this is setting up for these free

Earnings plays so that's why I'm trying to focus on these earnings run ups how they're gonna play and the idea is try to get the premiums like we said either selling the premium on these earnings run-up so you're the one buying them so

It's a game of musical chairs we've been lucky on the last week we were early we got it right but don't get caught being the one buying too much premium into these earnings so I am gonna trim a few

Positions this week maybe one of those the videos we have and we'll see but what I'm gonna be looking to this week is finding these plays that have earnings trying to play these earnings run ups time um and then watch out for

Some of these other factors if they do end up showing up and affecting the market or even shifting the direction so that is pretty much it I hope you're ready and now I have a few plays for you so I hope you're ready but let us get

Into the plays right off the bat I have my place here again I am gonna watch banks and Johnson & Johnson I probably won't play J and J I'm gonna watch them for earnings I think I'm gonna go for JPMorgan honor earnings run up again I

Have to see there in the morning so please be there if you want to watch it live I could give you guys a cool little earnings run-up thing because this one's a few days before earnings so we will see but the other plays that I have I'm

Already in these I did not take profits and I have a lot I saw it in the portfolio so I'll have to see but Walmart I still really like again they're gonna have earnings a little bit later in August but I think are around

There but they're coming off that good news and and they're kind of coming off the bounce and even with the virus concerns remember they were a winner when our winner so I liked them we talked about Disney last week still

Entirely again both I've to like three thousand dollar positions in both of these I think they're both up 50% though I'm holding so this way I want to evaluate this week what happens what these plays and premiums are at if it

Does continue or if the earnings run-up reverses and then I want to see how the premiums hold but I might look to make these two free sell half take the cash that I put in and then walk away with some pretty decent earnings plays we'll

See and then there's Tesla so I stuff to go over the plays that we made Friday but Monday Josh will have to fix Friday Josh's crazy play apparently Friday Josh sold and naked at Tesla call very very aggressive nah but it's a it's

Statistically pretty decent so I'm gonna be watching them but Tesla is at an important level and again this earnings is gonna be very important to their future and some people are seeing it as a catalyst if they are profitable and

Are included into the S P but it could go crazy it's already already broke 1500 so Tesla will be a fun play I've been tempted I already played it before so I'm gonna be watching that and then there's W I'll go over the play but this

Was weird in many ways we talked about that some of the controversies that they have going on and he's been talked about a lot Twitter and on the Internet so far so it's a weird situation and also the

Premium is weird as well – we bought that outputs I got a few of them so watch out for that play and again given the nature of kind of the news and controversy I didn't get get until it like is really uh you know escalates and

Wait fair really gets clapped or in trouble then we will be able to see but I think there might be some volatility or error could move a little bit and then finally the final play I want to look out for this week is McDonald's

McDonald's calls if they get the earnings run up it's kind of like JP Morgan some of these and these will be the best – if you could find some of these that are gonna have earnings run ups and they've been now selling off

While this week some companies ran up think about it that's what I'm saying Amazon may not do good this week and then some companies like JP Morgan or even like McDonald's they have been waiting for their moment now and now

It's gonna be their turn so I'm gonna be looking at McDonald's calls for that tomorrow uh and that is pretty much it for the place that I'm really gonna be focused on tomorrow morning and then I want and then as far as the ones that we

Played on Friday we got those Wayfarers we got August 21 I only got three of them so I spent a hundred fifty bucks hundred-dollar puts again idea here if there is volatility I think they went up like almost like 50 percent on that

Contract throughout the day we got those literally nine minutes in the morning on Friday so gonna hold that I don't know if wafers moved a lot so it could move a lot I don't know if it'll really get in the money by pretty much viewing this

One as an extrinsic value flip as far as the other count guess we're just holding some of the other earnings plays how I did was I do a bunch of crazy credit spreads on fire on Friday and then here was that Tesla short we sold a naked

Called July 17th so pretty much this week if Tesla does not reach two thousand dollars a share I will make twelve hundred and twenty dollars if it goes above there I will be liable to pay anything above two thousand dollars so

This will be exciting I hope you're excited we'll see how that plays out this is a premium um but like I said we'll see how Tesla plays out but again this is a pretty statistically safe play but again you never know and I've blown

Up this tasty works account doing a naked call like this this is a lot more riskier than a put so again this is why we say none of this stuff is a recommendation we were serious about that you guys see these are crazy you

Don't know what you're doing you could be liable so yes I've lost thirty thousand dollars doing a trade like this and Tesla is one that will literally blow you out of the water so pray for me god bless you out

But that's pretty much it as far as everything else remember we still have earnings plays I sold out of that Amazon that would have expired this week anyway so I don't really have an Amazon plan I'm hoping Amazon does that sell-off

Remember those a Mets that we got we set up and this was the earnings run-up win-win as you could see here we bought September and August calls and puts it was a strangle but you could see it even though the stock went up we benefited on

The calls were up 150% but then based on the ivy this is what happens because as people start implying stuff they get worried about when the stock moves especially when it just moves $50 in earnings so even the prices go up too so

We're up on both of that I can make these free and this is what I'm saying I have a lot of plays yet that we've been writing it's about riding the wave but if you don't sell out and get greedy you can't really you could get a bad play

But if you do sell out good you could get a nice free play that could be good so again here's those Walmart's got those last week these have a lot of time but up 60% on those so holding those out and then Disney and then I'm showing you

Guys these because these are gonna be the ones that I'm considering you know I'm up 50% I like a hundred percent gain to just get my initial investment back and then ride the rest till expiration but I've been taking profits a little

Bit early so we're gonna see again I'm gonna be evaluating the market and even the pricing for options tomorrow but that is pretty much it as far as that I will still be watching those in the videos we still have that play I like

Those again like we said with Disney and those are other plays that we mentioned and then JPMorgan I like Wells Fargo I have those puts so I'm thinking again you guys have seen me go back and forth with it just gonna hold those Wells

Fargo puts and then prior to play JP Morgan calls for earnings and the earnings run-up watch beyond looks like they might have an earning sell off or sell off into earnings but watch any of these big growth companies I like them

All Spotify keeps going I think there's another set of news they even had Spotify in Russia a few days the premiums are just outrageous so again I stopped buying premium over here we've burned a few weeks I will take a look at

Them but we can still got shares so I'm comfortable with what those small amount of shares are doing because I've actually grown a little bit but watch them watch Shopify I really really like Shopify again this is almost a 300% move

In a hundred days so I think they're gonna have a pretty big move for earnings or at least they can and again don't forget some of these companies can have very very big earnings moves after earnings so

The continuation and after the market knows what and I think Shopify is gonna be one of those so even though Shopify is expensive I've been looking I think it's gonna be a good play but like I said too I might even bank on the after

Earnings but watch them watch Microsoft we have that one play on the random account play generator but I like it it's good but I want to also watch tech and how they rotate in and out of this week and then also Facebook and then oh

A good old snap I should have got that on there they're at an interesting spot as well I think at their IPO price they're a little bit above it so it's gonna get interesting watch the earnings and watch them above 30 that will be

Very very interesting but there's that watch your boy TLT again he's at an interesting level he's slightly edging up this is telling us something but put it into the context of everything that we're seeing you have to watch and

Really wait for it to kind of break out because it's held certain levels but this is at a danger zone again we saw some of that news last week with the Nigerian currency I talked about that a little bit I'm a little worried here but

I think earnings will be the judge I said watch for the Grim Reaper and I do want to start looking for those and setting up for those this week so remind me about that and I hope you're ready but that is watch this ladies and

Gentlemen make sure Hydra healthy ready to go make sure you post your watch let's make sure we see you there in the morning I need the armor on I need the helmet shine in the budgets balance you need a hat get prepared for earnings

Have the amounts ready and dust off your shoulders and shoes baby don't bring anything from the last earnings you're either going to win or lose you're gonna set an amount and that's okay don't be too timid don't be too hesitant don't be

Too jumpy it's better to be late than wrong but make sure your head is in the game baby but the cold loves you I love you almost see you in the morning let's go

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