by birtanpublished on September 25, 2020

for perfection all right ladies and gentlemen i got your watch that's coming into june 20th 2020 and the stock market is going to go crazy we have a lot of important biotech vaccine news

That is supposed to come out tomorrow morning but then we have earnings season ladies and gentlemen so i hope you're ready but we're gonna get microsoft tesla some of the social media stocks snapchat and

Twitter but then we are going to get a lot of the chip makers and that is going to open up an opportunity for the earnings plays next week after this week so i hope you're ready

We got a lot to talk about we have a lot even from last week don't forget we had netflix and some of the mini earnings and even some of the biotech stuff so this week should be excited i hope you're ready i got the place for you i

Have three specific stocks that are reporting that i'm looking at we have plays in some of them we did make some plays on friday so we're gonna go over those i have the keys kind of what to be

Watching out for and that is pretty much it so let us not delay you guys know what you need to do drop your thumbs up on the video make sure you subscribe and if you don't know we are live monday

Through friday 30 minutes before opening it's the first link in the description and it is pinned in the comments we better see you there in the morning it's free99 it costs you nothing to the join you could post the

Play see the plays watch the watch list come to life and you could get the fastest stock news in the world uh i don't that's not a recommendation i'm traditionally just getting those

Financials off and there's a question about something thank everyone fully but you know i mean actually just go check comments can you yeah tell them and you'll have a lot of fun and the most important thing you

Need to do post watch this below let us know what you're looking at get any plays comments remixes anything post them below and source that info

And please please please let's make this a special one for earnings we have the random account so here on the sunday night watch list coming into monday morning what we do is we have a well it's a

Science experiment we want to see the performance if you just traded one time a week the random just trades you see on the internet so that is what we have this random account for so we started this in the beginning

Of the year you could see what happened all we ask from you you post a specific option trade below in the comments in the morning we're gonna do a random comment generator and we're gonna pick it so we'll spend up to

A hundred dollars put a specific expiration stock everything and if you get selected we buy it in the morning let's make it special you know time is always good and ones that cover earnings so

Thank you for those who participate i look forward to seeing those and trading them and here's even just a little you could take a look we still have that one oh wait did that microsoft wait did that

One microsoft expire i think it did oh man i thought we had that for earnings well here all we have left but good luck and i can't wait but right off the bat the first thing is there's big bio news

So we saw some of that run up on friday you can't forget how the whole smp and everything looked we really didn't do much the last few days have been very categorically earnings mode

Earnings run up especially until some of these big companies report so that's why this week and like microsoft the chip makers and some of that ibm that could tell us some stuff but we

Also have to keep in mind that s p is like a giant biotech all of this vaccine news is very important we saw astrazeneca were in that play but they're the one who's gonna have a report tomorrow but

We pointed this out the other day that you're seeing this weird uptrend with this round of vaccine news in the past it was they would pop off of it and come down that's pretty normal for biotech but now this

Is where it gets crazy because usually in the biotech world if it has that good news it pops and then it doesn't come down well this could lead to some mania so that's what i'm gonna be looking for i

Think this is important in and of itself just how when we first talked about the biotech gold rush but now this could be a shifting point if all of these vaccines if

More news comes out it pretty much we're gonna enter in a whole nother stage or cycle of kind of the winners and losers and that could do stuff towards price so i'm holding on to those plays we have

Those that is gonna be something very very important tomorrow but at the end of the day earnings is still around the corner so now there's two different things going on here we have a important week here but it's still not

The biggest one so relatively speaking this week is still very light however now we have enough for some big moves so microsoft intel ibm those are big companies right there

Alone and just like we saw with netflix hopefully you guys have been paying attention to these watch lists if not it's still very very early in earnings season so if you guys really want to learn how this works or at least get

A good learning experience for the memory bank go watch all of the last week watch lists all the way up until netflix you've got to see netflix on thursday friday

You're going to see netflix tomorrow but now this same concept is going to apply for a lot of these companies so now you're not going to get all the leaders and this is one example i'll bring up but apple they're one of the bigger

Companies they report in about two weeks here or next week not this week but now with like intel and skyworks reporting however these companies do they're tied to apple in a way and it

Could give you an idea or more insight into how those companies performed especially if they're big partners with apple it tells you a lot about the other industries and as well as how is the

Investment community really taking these reports i think jim cramer over the weekend said that investors want to sell regardless of earnings well you don't really know that until you see all of the earnings and what do they like what

Don't they like how do they bid up good news bad news etc so that's gonna be important though we have these big earnings i hope you're ready for that but that those two things i pretty much think

Virus virus slash the vaccine biotechs that is going to be the important part but then there's going to be the whole earnings and what they do it could be like last week where there's

Still decent size moves but the market still kind of cucks a little bit just because you it really wants all the data and then some of the bigger again leaders that have been keeping the market up so

That's important finally as far as economic data this week you're gonna get some real estate data existing home sales and that could lead to a play like redfin if you guys remember a few months ago

But we'll watch that data and see there's going to be like pmi data but nothing really too crazy i think there are some basic initial claims or jobs reports like that but it's clear what the market really is

Going to be focusing on in this week and even next week and even then we had a little bit of the fed that primary dealer facility stuff that will come up but the data is important but i think

Wall street wants to see more of it reflected through earnings and then probably in like a month and a half two months that data will start to get really really important again so that's my time frame that's my estimate that's

What i'll be looking at as far as this week this isn't just for tomorrow but we will update these periodically so we really really like earnings it is popping every quarter uh it is earning

Season my friend like we are chewing on the mic i uh i'm aware that you heard we are eating so we are going to cover every single earnings on here

As they come and you know our attitudes could shift as one comes out and another we'll talk about the premiums and all that so stay tuned with all the other watch lists but these are the main ones this

Week if you guys have any other companies that are important that we missed again we set up for something like servicenow and anet last week or a few weeks ago so there's anything that reports today and

I miss it please comment that below but this week we're gonna have ibm microsoft tesla snap texas instruments you're gonna have some of the airlines like united airlines uh some of the biotechs like biogen casino

Stocks like las vegas sand a t intel and skyworks now like i'm saying this is not a comprehensive list but these are stocks that i know kind of have some effect and can do bigger moves or just

More important i usually don't like the airlines uh and the casino stocks but i guess given this earnings you might be able to trade them but all the other ones i think those are

Companies that can make big moves and could have some exciting responses or at least move the market so those are going to be important to follow but like i said we will update this throughout but that is

Pretty much it i hope you guys are ready i wouldn't be surprised to even see other news kind of come in if it's bombshell lately just with the virus and how things are if there's a random shutdown or reversion and then also on

The same thing with some of the positive virus news so we will see i hope you're ready it is earnings it is going to get crazy but that is pretty much it so let us get into the plays

So right off the bat i have uh three different plays for you guys one you guys know it's snapchat i'll give you the best one that i like but i need to see it so i'm telling you about this i haven't made this trade

They have earnings i want to see stuff it all depends on the premium and what do i mean by that go watch the watch list from last week even about yeah i think all last week remember i was showing you kind of

The contracts that could frog and playing the pre-earnings run up i think that was two weeks ago but the idea here is that if txn texas instruments if the premium is cheap

This is one of those low key runners it's a big name company we've played it before you guys have seen me hit thousand percenters on texas instruments that's why i'm bringing this up i like it but

If and only if the premium is good so we're gonna be looking at that in the morning hopefully we see you there and again i think they report later like wednesday or thursday so

We will be willing to wait but at the beginning of the week even from today till they report i will be watching texas instruments i don't have a play i don't know if i'm going to make a play but i

Have to see the premium so watch that that's the first one i'm going to be looking at now the next one is snap obviously there is going to be microsoft and ibm i might play what i'm going to be

Doing is checking the criteria on a lot of these we have earnings criteria if you don't know what it is you can watch the old video it's called how i turn 160 into 1600 trading tesla but i'm sure as we get into this earnings

Season we might bring it up again but it's good video if you want to get ahead but i like ibm and microsoft i already have the play on microsoft i don't i think i'm only puts but we will see but for the most part i

Don't have a play on stamp and i want to see but i'm really thinking snap could be a mover before earnings and even after earnings you can't forget we love snapchat we have this in the

Long term portfolio but now from a trading perspective it is entering in that ipo level at earnings this is a key level for them they're at all-time highs they haven't been this high

What happens here will say a lot about their profitability so it could get a little bit crazy here or even it could be really disappointing but at the end of the day i think the follow-up at the very least

Should be good so don't fomo yourself out of this one because snap again you guys we've been trying to get long-term shares we have a lot of it but it's been getting more expensive i've sat out a little bit but now even from

The earnings perspective watch the premiums if it's too much you don't have to play it but if it does have a good earnings and breaks out and does crazy things there will be more than enough

Opportunity afterwards so just keep that in mind or at the very least start looking at contracts pay attention to the prices and then finally netflix continuation we talked about this

And surprisingly netflix didn't move uh it didn't really give us too good of information because at the end of the day it ended up staying exactly in the range that was priced in so

You could kind of see it might wait for the other company so it's going to go it's going to pick a direction i don't know which direction pretty much if it could confirm another 30 40

Either up or down that's the direction i'm gonna pick but it might wait for other earnings however the digestion from this move could create a big move again netflix has moved a lot so

I'm gonna be looking out out for that we have that put play but they got clapped like 50 60 so only way is if it confirms down are those going to come back if they do we'll be good if not earnings would have

Been a dud and we should have sold the premium on it surprisingly we'll see how that plays out but those are the final plays as far as everything else i'm still looking at a bunch of different companies we did make

Two more plays towards the end of the week or on friday and again shopify i talked about this one with you guys on the friday watch list or thursday just what i was saying with what netflix

Showed and all that so i got one put i got august 500 put at 185 it's pretty much a 50 drop it's kind of crazy to think 500 is like right there for them so i mean it's it's really really

I mean honestly i i really and this is what i'm saying the opportunity here is that like you look at the stock it's like yeah a stock can't you shouldn't drop 50 but then it shouldn't go up 50 that

Pretty much what i'm saying is that this 185 august put again if they have again depending on their earnings but it's like so unreasonable but it's reasonable because 500 is still like was their all-time high up until this

Year i mean there's a lot to it so i like that play it is a little bit expensive but i like shopify in general and even what kind of shopify just shows this is going to be the opportunity

And dilemma with these earnings is that anything is possible my friend but then at the same time it's like what are you willing to pay for it's gonna have to really stretch your imagination and possible and probable is very um

Obscure uh to a degree here so i hope you guys are ready but there's that then i got unh i was expecting the unh breakout we've been looking at them remember we burned

A lot of play pretty much we burned week after week i had that bigger position i should have sold it out before earnings we got clapped on it we sold the small one on the small account and that was good

But now they started going up i put another 120 got a little bit of time but it's like almost like a 20 move or something so we'll see but the idea is if unh does break out that would be very very good for them

And if it gets any of the hype from any of this vaccine stuff and all that but those are pretty much it he says i have beyonds that expired i know we did play beyond too so still watching those and everything

Else setting into growth i think twitter reports as well too we have those puts remember we got those for different reasons but they will cover earnings so that's going to be good and bad because we get to

Get the earnings but then that means we paid a premium but besides that watch all those companies again watch all the ones that report and what happens with skyworks texas instruments and intel

It could tell us about apple so i might want to set up another apple play but again i think we have some stuff i don't think i have any calls on it but depending on if any of those companies surprise if any of those companies do

Really really bad it could clap apple beforehand so we'll see again even watch what happens with microsoft but watch them watch all of the vaccine stocks i'm still holding that myrna it's like 275

Bucks in a 1500 so we still have those we still have the shares but we're gonna see pretty much tomorrow i might decide to take profits or not if the astrozenic is good and then it pops in the morning i might

Sell off in the morning because i'm gonna be nervous for one of the big pops and then just sell off all day like we've seen so watch out for that watch i know all the vaccine stocks astrazeneca is going to be very important tomorrow

Again we used to call this astrazeness low you guys remember it look how it's moving it shouldn't move like this so we still have that 65 call remember we had 10 of them i sold out seven of

Them to get my money back because remember it was moving so slow and then it got clapped and all of a sudden you just get like the most volume almost in like what a very very oh this is a lot of volume at this point

Again it's just crazy astray center because shouldn't move like this so we have those other calls for astrazeneca august 65 those are 55 cents in a 300 bucks a pop so we'll see still holding those gonna ride those out but watch

Them and anything related to that watch walmart again they're kind of peaking remember they did very very good they started breaking out but walmart likes to stay in certain ranges

Remember it is not a growth stock it's kind of like abby vi that's what these stocks do so keep that in mind but watch them still in that play we still have the earnings place set up for january and august but

I want to watch them to see if they rotate so again with all of the earnings again how i said it could affect apple all the companies you're getting today or this week watch out for walmart to see

How does the market respond do people rotate in and out of it or no so watch them watch unh they said myrna oh don't forget about boeing again i have both those plays my strangle from a few weeks ago

Even though stock hasn't done anything they both went up in premium i think something's going to happen with boeing here again like i said either at the earnings or after it so get ready i don't know if you're going to want to

Play it's going to be a little expensive but even with what i said about shopify i think anything is possible so we're going to see i might want to add that to my list depending on what happens in the market

Boeing can become very very attractive as a black swan play so we will see but that is pretty much it watch tlt watch if it snitches or not again all the other metrics we saw but earnings is going to

Be important the follow up any other news and i hope you're ready keep the bounces controlled but that is your watches ladies and gentlemen make sure hydra healthy ready to go make sure you post your watch let's make sure we

See you there in the morning i need the armor on i need the helmet shining i need you to understand its earnings you can't blow it all on one play don't listen to the yolo demon keep them

In the cage set the budget keep it small they all expire or they make money it's one or the other control it you don't need a lot and you have enough to do it baby but the colt loves you i love you and

We'll see you in the morning let's go

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