by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

all right lessons coming in July 15 2020 in the stock market is going to go crazy the S&P is up right now about three points after hours you can see all throughout the day this line right here is the previous closed line where we

Open we kind of gapped down drop below where we closed came back up and then throughout the day we kind of this was a pretty big sell-off before kind of the rest of this stuff happened towards the end of the day but a lot of it had to do

With some China news that Trump was getting ready for so now that happened after hours but also after hours we got to bring up miRNA so we talked about this on the Thursday watchlist we made a play but it's actually a very

Interesting piece of news they had results after hours that they produced antibodies they said it was robust results or progress whatever you want to call it but some people are talking about this being kind of the same data

From a few months ago and that it just hit this study today so we will see but a lot of this fuelled stuff after hours you saw a weird effect with other biotech stocks we played some biotech stocks so this is very interesting like

We said yesterday the markets gonna move like a biotech that's why I'm telling you about moderna news right now so that you could get ready for tomorrow because it's either gonna go crazy and have a big move or a lot of the move is gonna

Happen pre market and then it will either chill out and do nothing or kind of reversing that as we've seen on some of these vaccine days it could still be a pretty big day but we got a lot to talk about I got the plays I have the

Keys everything else coming into tomorrow it is going wild so let us not delay you guys know what you need to do drop your thumbs up on the video make sure you subscribed and if you don't know we are live Monday to Friday 30

Minutes before open it's that first thing in the description and it is pinned in the comments we better see you there in the morning it's free 99 it costs you nothing to join slash stock market you could post a

Place see the plays watch the watchlist come to life and you could learn about economic concepts like crony capitalism maybe get put on to the FDA drug cycle product I meant to say cycle but yeah you get a

Lot of things hopefully we see you there just keep it positive in or aspect fall thanks bot don't be a little John Nathan and the most important thing you need to do post or watch it blow Glenda so we're looking

At get any plagues comets remixes anything post them below in source that information we have a lot of eyeballs a lot of you got posting some of these plays throughout the last few weeks so shout out the cult baby but right off

The bat the first thing is this moderna vaccine this is what causes the move so after hours although the market popped it popped on this vaccine new so like I told you guys it could potentially be a recycling of news in a big big point to

Notice it's having a balancing effect on the biotech so you'll notice some stocks like I&O and even n VAX or some of the other ones even v XR t they started to fall after hours because the dirt is becoming a lead candidate we talked

About this in the risk of playing all these biotechs but we could discuss that when we get into the plays but the main thing here is how it's going to affect the market again we've seen this over the last about five months at this point

Any vaccine news are really since March it is pop the market it has stabilized the level and then it has kind of even sold off but it leads up to something so I'm expecting crazy after our moves even crazy pre market and then the real

Question is gonna be how does the market respond what follow-up information usually when we get this overnight with the vaccines lately again it's kind of funny we've become a lot more versed with this process now because chances

Are by morning you're gonna get three or four different new sites professionals people like this they're gonna rebut it and say no this study wasn't this it was old this and that so depending on kind of how it holds up and now also earnings

That is going to be important but the market is moving like a biotech this is what we met yesterday again you got positive news they said it showed robust results and that it produced antibodies but watch how this plays in with the

Other companies even travel companies started to go up after hours off this to travel stocks casino all that it's actually going crazy on my high ticker right now but that was the first thing and then now after hours again it kept

The market up these are what we saw these little blips on but the next piece of news that was pretty big after hours again we should see this came off today again China sanctions have been increasing but this was

Important but it was still kind of old so he signed the Hong Kong bill it's already been passed I'm pretty sure but it's gonna treat Hong Kong like China and this is gonna include those bank sanctions and sanctioning certain people

And banks from working with them so watch those bank stocks but also this could impact trade and currency pretty much the bill is Hong Kong is now going to be treated like China it hasn't always been like that we've treated them

Like Hong Kong not the same so now it's gonna change some trade dynamics again we will see really now that's why I think currency and all that stuff but it's gonna happen at a longer run but we'll see how China responds however I'm

Not really taking this as a meaningful escalation and I think the market isn't either and that's why I think most of it will be the virus tomorrow but we will see but now finally you saw what happened yesterday you see what happened

Today the Dow surprisingly closed up five hundred fifty six points you're seeing this after-hours move but this was looking like a earnings move so pretty much you guys saw it run up run up run up individual stocks even if the

Market held the level premiums went crazy and then what happened market finally dropped off but now the fact that you stopped a consecutive five to seven day run-up on stocks like Amazon Tesla anything like that the premium got

Clapped so you noticed that today some of these plays that we took profit on yesterday the stocks came back and even went higher than where they closed yesterday but the premiums didn't go back to that level cuz now the momentum

Has changed the velocity has changed and now therefore it has changed the expectations of the market and other investors so that's what you saw you saw the premium get clapped this was a normal earnings run-up you're gonna see

This in phases so pay attention that's what I'm saying now watch for part two of the run-up so what you're gonna start seeing is pretty much after a big company hits or after a big industry hit that surprises or confirms something

Then the next wave of premium run ups for the other companies that were poor in a few weeks then those are gonna hit but in the meantime in between times you work y'all done you know work MA that was weird if you know you know but

We're gonna have to wait to let some of these companies report again you're giving me banks in health care or some those you're gonna get UNH I believe tomorrow or Thursday morning and then you're gonna start getting some of the

Text and that flicks and all that next week so play the week's accordingly balance the budget be smart I hope you've been doing good hopefully this makes sense in your learning but let us get into the plays so right off the bat

A few different things that we need to go over I had two different plays that I made today or three that I made the ones I like the most cuz they held premium even though it was a red day they were a little cheap and still the stock

Outpaced Amazon so I got Amazon puts again I've been telling you guys I'm kind of preparing for the Grim Reaper I got Facebook I got Microsoft I got Apple I haven't got Amazon Amazon's usually a little bit more expensive and we did end

Up spending a little bit more here so I did two for two different reasons one to cover earnings and then one to kind of even get exposure if it really started to sell off fast or quick or even coming into earnings and everything kind of

Decreased more but the first play I got was an Amazon August 2100 put at 765 so little expensive for this probably the seen you know again I had like $700 I think in calls on Facebook so I wanted a big one but depending on how this plays

Out if it goes up a lot my idea would be that's why I got two of these to give me some wiggle room if I could decide which one the rollout of if it gains premium coming and earning so I like that I'm gonna be holding that close to earnings

I'm not gonna touch it until before earnings or unless the contract moves a lot in value and it would make sense to roll over and switch it out but then I also got here Amazon July 24th and next week $2,300

Put 178 wanted to get one for a little bit cheaper and we talked about this on livestream you can see how I snake the chain or really with some of these stocks you got to really be careful because on is expensive some of you guys

Are like these are really expensive I can't play anything good even to get a dollar 78 it's still expensive but some people are well that's cheap for Amazon how do you get something good this is still I think two or three standard

Deviations outside the money it's not a high probability but if you don't know how to get filled on one of these companies that's thousand-dollar plus and it has $100 100 percent spread pretty much a lot of you could end up

Getting for the same hundred seventy dollars if you go on the ask you'll end up with like $1,000 put so the idea is look at the last tray to keep that in mind I would straw again if you even go to the livestream

Within 20 minutes of today you could watch me explain this because this alla this could save you a lot of money and you could see this live so that was the first play we got those puts then I got some Baba spend about 400 here I got

Baba September 155 puts I got 10 of them at 43 cents logic here is again Baba black swuan and the fact what kind of made me justify it some of just in case there was Hong Kong escalation or if it was bad towards China but I was I was

Kind of already expecting what happened so got it just in case but then that would even cover their earnings and then finally the last play that we got was UNH so I grabbed a July 24th to 60 put I grabbed him at 60 cents I have this

Small Robin Hood I sold out of the call we had the 334 earnings I sold out of that was like two hundred bucks or two hundred percent and I got like 70 bucks or something from it but I wanted some cash in the small account I still have

The ten calls but I was like well I don't have any puts on it I have an older put that's pretty much claps so I said I'll get a next week 60 bucks just got one just in case if there is a surprise or because again with this

Earnings season and given where the market is if there's any moment or any year the market would have random surprises it's it's gonna be in the next two quarters so I could justify these but be careful if you do a bunch of

These these will add up and you will still get claps so those are those three plays and then finally we talked about it I'll switch even to the Robin Hood but here it is n CN o and C no it's like a bank software company the IPO today

And a lot of you have heard me talk about my IPO criteria it kind of hit everything on that today but the only problem was the IPO was up a hundred percent so that means the company decides to sell their stock they would

Decide to go public they say we're gonna sell it at thirty dollars a share and then all the banks on Wall Street say okay we'll buy it they buy it all at thirty dollars a share and then they sell it to the retail market so then it

Opens up at seventy so that everybody the bank's double-dip they go crazy off you that's just how it works so usually if the premium the fact that this company was offered at 30 and opened up at 70 it was up over a hundred percent

So that doesn't meet my criteria however it hit the criteria of IPO trading 50 percent of the flow in the first ten minutes so I said I'll do it I justified it what i ended up doing was I grabbed the

A hundred shares of it on the IPO so we ended up closing up $1,200 we got it in at 78 42 so I like it I was gonna sell out and take free shares but I flipped the coin it told me to hold so the idea of what I normally do my exit I'm gonna

Be watching for this tomorrow but again if it does good I mean maybe maybe we do long term this I don't know but I am gonna be tempted my exit plan for this and I've already kind of reached the target here because it's large enough

And the initial trade was large enough my idea is sell back the initial investment and then get free shares for the rest of my life this is what I used to do in 2015 and I've actually built a whole entire portfolio off of this so

Some of you guys are 2014 some of you guys have been with me that long some even know me then you've seen this this is called the free share method this is where free options and free earnings originated from so in this case here now

Wow only 1,300 people on Robin Hood on this okay okay wait no that's an IPO that's why I was like wait wait a minute but wait that's the Colt prop the total cost was 78 hundred dollars so what I mean by free shares really think about

This is a brand-new company I didn't own it today I bought these hundred shares I spent 78 41 so now assuming I get this $90 let's say we sell it out at 80 now I'd have to do more maybe 85 now maybe a little bit

More maybe 86 okay one more 87 boom so if I sell these out right now if I sell the 87 shares at the current market price I would receive seven thousand nine hundred sixteen but what do you notice that number is higher than

What I paid so if it's only 87 shares we will have 13 shares of the company remaining for free so I'll just get to hold those shares its equity it'll never expire and I'll give those to my kids and then voila there you go or we wait

If it does hold up and this is another thing now if I don't want to do it what I could also if it does if it shoots up a lot and gives me a lot of cushion I might be down to hold it till options come around if there's enough activity

And then we just sell cover calls but that was the final play again watch how this one plays out just to even see how the IPOs move and then finally again I got a few other stocks I want to look at for earnings those were the main plays

But the the main thing is gonna be watching these biotechs and seeing because this is either gonna spark another event another thing I was considering again we've been talking about all of these so if you're

Only watching one video and watching one of these biotech plays I encourage you to try to come on livestream and ask and have me explain it or watch through the past watch list so you could understand but I'm considering the bio cig again

Maybe add more but I want it to drop more again you guys saw with VAX art we dropped 50% so at that 50% I just started big on my first position with VAX art so I didn't a verge down but that's what I'll be waiting for but if

It doesn't go down I'm not gonna buy any more of this so watching that one but then the real thing is gonna be VAX art it shot up again you guys remember we bought this it dropped after hours so they were even up

At I think they closed that like 17 or even up towards like 19 or something I don't know but we were up like 8090 percent on it but now they came down after the myrna news so my plan with this I want to keep holding it was up a

Lot today but I was looking for the covered call so there was some available but was that 25 the way it's moving I wanted to wait till more options were available so I could sell a higher strike price because I said this the

Other day there's gonna be a few more months of this so the real risk is if any of them fail so it's not like these are all homerun bets it's not an easy bet it's a game of literal musical chairs you see this overnight news boom

Murder comes out it rips up but then it's gonna cost some of the other ones so I'm bringing all these up because this is the reason why the market this is gonna be fuel for tomorrow but now I brought this up you guys remember we did

This last week I wish I didn't sell remember I sold the graveyard mirnas that was sad but what did we buy last week we got that August 9th eCall at 275 so that thing right here it dope right here it's gonna go crazy we bought that

At 275 it's at 548 dollars the other day but now you got till August and it clipped being in the money for a little bit of right below so gonna be riding that out maybe ghetto spreader roll that but hopefully you can see this is why

We're getting these different biotechs playing them all in this way but there is a real risk you've seen them get hyped up and then once the hype dies or if any news comes out you you get claps so don't underestimate that be smart use

Your oxygen level cash balance and that balance and well be smart but those are the main plays as far as everything else I'm gonna keep an eye on NetFlow coming into earnings like we said Microsoft Facebook we have those but now

Watch HSBC we have those old puts but even watch the banks JP Morgan did good Wells Fargo got clap but they kind of had weird moves at the end of day but HSBC that is gonna be related to the

China stuff so notice how it's moving and how it looks it looks like it's about it looks like Deutsche Bank back in 2015-16 so that means it could get clapped but it's gonna get clapped in a really really weird way and it makes it

Very very hard to profit off of honestly unless you just short the equity so I don't know if I'm really down for that it's a little too much risk for me so we still have that old September put that's about it but you could keep an eye on

Them then watch all the vaccine ones I'm watching Biogen again if I want this if it drops more gonna watch them earners I think that's gonna be a really big play tomorrow again vac sir I want to see how it reacts with everything and again I

Really want to see who's gonna be a winner and loser given how the market responds to myrna watch ino they sold off after hours again so you're seeing that balancing effect and then watch UNH so they've been killing it I still have

Those 10 calls I only sold this small account one just for cash balance sake even on their small account so you see I'm holding it on my big account cuz my I already have that one balanced out but my small account I hold I held one of

These UNH plays but I only had 30 bucks in cash the it was going up in value was like I need cash so it reports if they report I would lose that value I didn't want to risk it I took it on the small account so hopefully you guys could see

There and then finally watch TLT they really got clapped after hours so again this is telling you something and remember with how TLT he's been reacting a big drop would make sense and then like I'm saying if the bonds play along

And the bonds start selling off I said this the week before that but if the bonds start to drop and really run up off this news it is going to go crazy that will be a lot of juice and steam for the market so be careful be excited

I don't know what that what it is just there it is but watch TLT with that and then finally Walmart I still have those January plays but then here is another interesting fact remember these Walmart August well take a look Walmart is

Pretty much at like the high level from yesterday but remember those same August contracts and this is what I'm trying to tell you guys with the premium I sold five of these contracts at like 211 and then I even think they went to lay

250 or something but they're still not the same price so it's not as bad but the January contracts really came back but we still got our hand in the cookie jar they're doing good but again Walmart reports I think next week but they're at

An interesting spot you saw HD I would keep my eye on them and McDonald's as well – those contracts came back but other than that I'm expecting some action tomorrow uh and if it doesn't happen tomorrow it's gonna happen pre

Market so understand what I mean by that get prepared be smart control the balance don't forget this is earnings and hopefully you can put this in your memory bank moving forward and when next earnings comes around but there's a lot

Of moving parts it's difficult so stay in the game don't force it don't rush let it come to you but that is your watch this ladies and gentlemen mr. Hyde your healthy ready to go mr. poster watch this Mason we see you there in the

Morning I need the armor on I need the helmet shining and remember doesn't matter what you sacrifice if you don't follow the rules baby obedience is better than sacrifice follow the rules of gold follow the rules of wealth how

To make and grow money if you break the rules well then you might have to sacrifice baby but the cold loves you I love you won't see you in the morning let's go

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