The Stock Market Is Doing This! Do This Now!

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

Well well well why don't we have a little look at the stock market here today oh nasdaq right around an all-time high s p 500 right around an all-time high dow jones industrial average approaching an

All-time high beautiful green market meanwhile we have so much that is about to go down and so much that is happening right now it's almost on a scale like i maybe haven't seen in my 12 years being in the

Stock market we got a presidential election that is about to take off right you know this is gonna it's gonna be crazy one okay we have stimulus we don't know what's gonna

Happen with stimulus let's talk about there could be round two let's talk about there might not be round two we're gonna have to see that's kind of important right we have an unemployment rate that is in the double

Digits yes it has come down but it is in the double digits still and we're going to see how does all this get worked through as the economy continues to open back hopefully more and more over the course of the next several

Months if not the next year or so right unemployment went from 600 to now they're talking about four hundred dollars now they're talking about three hundred dollars and like unemployment situation

Is quite messy along with the mortgage forbearance and the rent forbearance and all those different things like how how's all this gonna work out over the next three six nine months it's gonna be very interesting right

We have the federal reserve that has actually backed off a little bit in terms of their adding to the balance sheet for the federal reserve this is quite interesting right so so how's this going to work out are they going to

Start increasing again are they going to continue to kind of decrease what's going to happen there okay we have rooney rona still going on the good news is in the u.s

At least numbers are coming down they're not as bad as they were a month ago month and a half ago that's very good news for us but they're still really high okay about 25 000 news yesterday you know

It's a that's still a very you know a very large number let's be honest especially for a time period when it's summertime when supposedly wasn't supposed to be that bad in summer

And in the fall in the winter it's supposed to spike back up we'll see what happens with that obviously that's a big situation right worldwide the numbers are still continuing to climb i mean they're almost at record

Highs in terms of worldwide numbers very recently the numbers are really high on a worldwide basis and those are just some of the bigger things we have going on out there

Meanwhile the stock market's over there sipping tea saying that's none of my business that's not my business i'm not paying attention any of that whatever i'm going up right now okay and this is kind of what we have going

On in stock market and with a lot of stocks in general okay i thought that was the best little like kind of meme i could find for this type of situation okay so the

Question is what do you do in a market like we are in right now with you know you know possibly more uncertainty than we've seen at least in recent times

Uh probably since the great financial crisis is the most uncertainty what do you do in a market like this so that's what i want to answer for you guys here today i want to go in depth about this i'm going to give you guys several

Pieces of information so you can kind of make judgments out there and kind of tell you what i'm doing and what i'm paying attention to the type of stocks i'm looking at in the market where i'm seeing opportunities

And where i'm seeing ripoffs in the market which there are definitely um you know some some not so good deals out there in the market right now so hope you guys enjoyed today's video as always if you don't mind smashing that

Thumbs up button that helps out the youtube channel in a massive way and i appreciate the thumbs up gang i definitely appreciate you guys you help out the channel tremendously and also i'm super pumped

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Link in the description down there if you want to check out that we still got a lot more team members to add on to that page over time okay so let's get rolling with this let's be honest guys this market

Is greedy as a mf okay that's how you know i want to get demonetized this market is very greedy very greedy market a matter of fact i will go out there and i will say this is the most greedy stock market

I have been in since i've been the stock market the last 12 years this is the most greedy okay no question about it at all let me just show you some huge examples of the levels of greed that are going on in the stock

Market right now okay let's pull up apple stock apple stock here today up another five percent today another five percent apple stock almost 500 a share here today hit absolutely insane

And this is basically on the back that they're gonna split the stock okay let's be honest and it's just ridiculous that this stock continues to roar higher and higher and higher to pes and price to sales ratios and every

Ratio pretty much out there that the stock hasn't seen in the longest longest time the valuation has gone insane okay look at this just in the past four or five months

This company has had one trillion dollars of market cap okay one trillion dollars that is beyond ridiculous in a matter of four and five months what has changed for apple in the past

Four or five months almost nothing has apple launched any game-changing product or services that no one knew about you know lately no has anything happened for apple that we didn't already know no maybe the numbers are a little stronger

Than we thought they were going to be they beat analyst expectations that's great that's it does that justify a 1 trillion plus dollar valuation move up for apple no okay

This is pure greed pure greed in the end it is just the valuations just gotten insane on this stock on the back of nothing other than the company had a really good earnings report

Other than that and i would say with an earners report like apple had the stock deserved to go up but did it deserve to add over one trillion dollars of valuation absolutely not okay that's just

Preposterous that's just ridiculous okay this is the greed that is going on in the stock market okay let's talk about tesla maya so let's talk about stock i own okay this is greed on greed on greed going on

Right now okay look at the screenshot i have the screenshot here it's from october 23rd 2019 okay back when tesla was dollars a share okay now after that tesla went on a massive

Run over the next several months okay and the market cap three x in about four month span okay three a four month maybe five month span at 3x plus and i thought that you know to 800

900 a share i thought that was justified the reason being is the company was growing massively i thought wall street had disrespected the stock for too long it was held down for too long

And it made sense for that company to have its valuation increase quite dramatically which that's a you know a lot of people said back then the stock was a bubble i felt like that was justified okay

Now the difference comes in in recently the move up from a thousand to two thousand let's go to this slide okay i do not feel like this is justified i feel like this is greed on greed on

Greed on greed okay the company is at a 200 billion dollars of market cap in less than two months on the back of nothing okay i mean absolutely nothing

Everything has been known that tesla has out there there's been no game-changing product or service launched from tesla everything is exactly the same as it was before it's just pure

Speculation and pure greed look at the move up since july okay from a thousand to now 2 000 plus dollars a share in a matter of less than two months and the green part i have circled there

I thought that was healthy when the stock started to pull back started even out around 1400 a share even a little under 1400 i thought okay this is healthy as a long-term investor in this company

I like what is going on there okay and then as soon as a company announces they're gonna do a stock split the stock goes from below thirteen hundred dollars to above two thousand dollars on the back of

Because they're going to do a stock split this is pure greed this is not fundamentals based okay this isn't people that are bullish on the company long term that are pushing

Up the stock this is massive funds front running this and saying there's going to be a lot of retail investors that get involved and buy all these shares because there's a stock split

Coming and we'll sell out before they sell out and we'll make money and they'll you know probably lose money okay in the end because those folks will get shaken out

Of the stock in general and i i hate this stuff okay as a long-term investor in companies i hate when you know short-term people come in funds individuals hedge funds anything like that and come

Play with the stock for a little short term like it's a little puppet and that's exactly what is going on with tesla stock right now that's why i think you know if they want to puppet play us okay

Let's puppet playing back raise money okay let's raise money right now why this valuation is absolutely massive and why it's gone up you know crazy because look at this now we're sitting at a stock that has a 382

Billion dollar valuation on this it's going to take tesla so many years this is coming from you know somebody that's insanely bullish on the stock and runs numbers on this company all the time it's going to take us a ridiculous

Amount of years to fill into this current valuation of almost 400 billion dollars and it's just frustrating this is pure greed that's going on the stock market amazon if amazon came out next week

And announces they're going to do a 10 to 1 stock split that stocks go into 4 000 okay because simply the funds the hedge funds the you know investment funds in general

The retail investors they're all going to pile in that stock left and right because oh my gosh i'm going to do a stock split so it's just going to go up and it's like this self-fulfilling prophecy that oh because it's going to

Go up i got to buy in and it's going to go up more and i got to buy in more and it's just ridiculous that stock will go to 4 000 a share in a matter of a few weeks if they came out and announced they're

Going to do a 10 to one stock split that is silly okay no there's no other way to put it that is silly that is pure greed that's it okay but we'll leave it there okay let's talk a little bit about valuations for this

Market we're in right now and you're going to see more greed okay this is out of your dna research here today okay we're going to look at some peg ratios we're going to look at a lot of forward

P e ratios which is looking at the next several quarters the next four quarters okay not backwards looking not you know all those roni ronin periods when a lot of

These businesses were shut down this is actually looking at the next four quarters okay and we'll look at some current p's as well okay we start out here we're looking at the 4p

For the s p 500 large cap okay and what we're going to find is that the four ps for s p 500 large cap are just off the charts they're just ridiculously high they're in greed territory right now

Flat out simply put okay look at that there's no time period in recent history that's even remotely close to this okay it's definitely greed on greed on greed right now

Let's look at s p 400 mid caps okay the good news is with this it's not as greedy okay it's not as frothy the large caps are actually where the most greed is right now in the market the mid caps are

Like yeah they have some greed but it's not out of control greed like actually the large caps have okay s p 600 small caps greedy as well but the good news is not quite as greedy

As the large caps which this is quite interesting this kind of shows you how much greed is really out there for large cap companies in terms of people thinking those stocks will just continue to go up and up and

Up and up and i got to get in i got to get in and it's not just people like i said these are big funds that are doing this as well and then from the other perspective it's

Also from a safety perspective of oh i'll hide out in these big large cap s p 500 companies in case the market goes down big so it's really a two-prong approach

Where one part safety the other parts hey man these stocks just continue to go up so i got to get in these okay let's look at this one this is s p 500 large caps for p e ratios okay and this shows you on a

Weekly basis i mean look at that guys this chart goes all the way back to the tech bubble and you really have to go back to the tech bubble to see numbers like this it's scary okay s p 400 mid caps okay

On a weekly basis this one obviously really high you have to go all the way back to the tech bubble to see numbers like we're seeing here that's that's extreme okay now let's go ahead and look at forward p

Ratios for the russell 2000 my goodness guys look at the russell 2000 growth forward pe unbelievably off the charts i mean look at how high that is that i have circled there it's you there's nothing there's no year

You can even compare this to and once again this is forward-looking this is forward-looking not backwards looking not the roni ronin quarters this is forward-looking you know we're

Just literally off the charts right now that is that's unbelievable that's the most shocking chart to me personally when i see that chart right there that's just like like are you kidding me you got to be

Flipping my flapjacks that's ridiculous okay you want to see another ridiculous chart look at this one this is forward p ratios for u.s small caps okay this looks at the russell 2000. look at

That i mean we're just in we're in uncharted territories you look at all those years in the past and none can even compare to where the market is trading at right now okay and it's it's just thing

After thing we can just keep going through these slides look at the peg ratio okay peg ratio for s p valuation peg ratios okay this is price to earnings growth like look at that you know it's come

Down a little bit recently that's good but we're still ridiculously high i mean absolutely ridiculously high based upon any historical standard you can't even go back to tech bubble

Days to find it this high i mean that's that's extreme you want to look at something like a trailing p obviously anytime in recent history we have by far and away the highest

Trailing p i think trailing p is much less important than ford p i judge ford p much more heavily but if any of you guys out there wanted to see the trailing p yes we are the highest trailing p

We've been at any point in the last decade and it's by far in a way okay what can we basically make for a judgment on the market by going through all those slides the market is bubbly okay flat out the

Market is really bubbly it's really frothy it's really frothy for a lot of companies out there in a lot of specific industries and types of companies keywords types of companies

It's just a bubbly bubbly whole situation okay i want to give you guys a lot of pieces of advice here okay number one okay be very careful of growth stocks right now

Especially popular growth stocks i'm talking about the type of growth stocks that you hear you know me talk about all the time or other people in general or or the big financial networks any of those super popular growth stocks

That you hear talked about every single day on cnbc or whatever you go on okay be careful of those ones because everybody knows about those growth stocks and it seems like you know almost all

The funds are already in those stocks and in terms of retail investors the average joe a lot of them are already in these stocks okay so i would just say be very careful of growth stocks

Especially the popular growth stocks that are talked about all the time okay that's my first piece of advice my second piece of advice is be careful of big tech right now okay and this is kind

Of weird to say uh to be say you know be careful of big tech but my goodness guys all the big funds are already hiding out in these stocks okay they're all hiding out every single big

Fund out there is hiding out in them you know all the index funds are obviously heavily investing these stocks you know all the retail investors even for the most part are already in these stocks

As well because they're big tech and they're looked at as you know just no matter what they go up over time and so there's just crazy amounts of money that's been pumped in those stocks we saw apple

What was it a trillion dollars plus in valuation added in what a four or five month span you know what has apple done to justify that nothing okay they beat an earnings report wow okay

Does that justify a trillion plus dollar increase in valuation of course not everything's known about that business model that was known a year ago iphones okay services

And all the other products it's all known there's nothing like and the huge adolescent came out it's like whoa no apple no it's just ridiculous okay so be careful and by the way the

Stocks i'm talking about apple microsoft amazon google even a stock i own facebook okay like i said i'm not afraid to give it to to stocks i own as well you know like facebook tesla

I will say you know facebook if i'm buying one with something in big tech i'm buying facebook over the others but regardless all those stocks all the funds are already in these stocks man they are okay especially

Apple okay they already jumped in these they're all hiding out in those particular stocks and eventually money will rotate out of those stocks into other sectors either because it's forced money it has

To be rotated or because just these funds are going to look at it and they're going to say dang these valuations these even these big tech companies have to grow into this for several years

Out and that's tough and by the way just because i'm saying this it doesn't mean the stocks can't you know continue to go up because maybe these big funds continue to buy in you know eventually the

Money's going to run out it's going to be more money to buy in with but you know hey you know it doesn't mean they're they'll stop going up today they could continue to rise those

Valuations could continue to rise those four ps and prices sales ratios could continue to rise all that means is they're getting more and more overvalued and that's all that means okay

Advice number three i would give you be on the lookout for beat down non-popular value stocks keyword is non-popular okay i'm not talking about coca-cola i'm not talking about pepsi

I'm not talking about procter and gamble i'm not talking about johnson and johnson i'm not talking about the popular value stocks that every big fund knows about and every investor knows about these companies

Okay i'm talking about the non-popular value stocks out there that are little kind of more hidden gems that are still you know good-sized companies billion dollar mark cap

You know two billion three billion five billion dollar mark cap but they're not talked about all the time and they're not the type of stocks that people instantly think of when they think of a value stock like

They do you know coke and pepsi and all those other stocks okay and mcdonald's okay and i could tell you me personally that's where i'm seeing the biggest opportunities in the market right now

The biggest opportunities i'm seeing in the market right now are not around big tech okay they're not around these super popular growth stocks the biggest opportunities i see for an roi over the next several years

Are actually these non-popular value stocks there's a tremendous amount of those actually out there in this market right now if you're looking for some actual good deals there's you know

Somebody in the discord chat sent me one last night and i was like uh i love this already i got to continue to look into this stock further but i'm like this is like another one of those perfect

You know way under the radar non-popular value stocks out there that i love and i will say right now as of recording this video here today there's at least five to ten underground value stocks that i

Love right now okay at least five to ten so that just kind of shows you where i think the value is in the market it's with these underground value stocks okay once again not in big tech

Not in these super popular growth stocks that everybody knows about everybody knows about tesla everybody knows about zoom everybody knows about shopify doesn't mean those stocks won't continue to go

Up but i'm just saying everybody already knows about those okay and everybody's already playing in those and so forth i'm thinking about you know risk reward it's not as

Attractive in those stocks i love holding some of those stocks and whatnot but i can tell you if you're just thinking about the next several years it's actually in those underground value stocks okay that's

Something i covered actually in that video i released yesterday a super in-depth video the gvd-123 strategy i talk about growth investing value investing dividend investing and this is why it's so important

Because a market like we're in right now the the big tech the growth stocks they're so frothy and everybody is playing those man and so you've got to look for other opportunities and

Man you can you can definitely find some value stocks out there right now guys that's all i got to say about that okay advice number four i would give to you guys is buy a tesla okay buy a tesla because

Think about this okay the tesla can drive you around and while it's driving you around you can actually research stocks right you can you know have your laptop your phone and you can actually be

Looking into stocks while the okay i'm just kidding okay advice number five i'll give okay uh oh my god a few of you guys you might thought i was being serious there advice number five cash cash

Cash is extremely important right now in my personal opinion okay now always regardless of the market you're in whether you're in a frothy market an undervalued market you should always be keeping 10 to thirty percent

Of your portfolio in cash essentially you don't have to actually keep the money in your portfolio you keep it in a savings account or something like that but you always have that ten to thirty percent so let's say you have a hundred

Thousand dollars worth of stocks then in my personal opinion you should always have ten thousand to thirty thousand dollars in that brokerage or in a savings account or something like that that's

Ready to go in case you wanna pump some money in the market never be cashless and what i find right now with how hot the market's been lately and it's on these growth stocks is people feeling like they have to

Buy everything in sight and they have to be 100 invest in this market because stocks just been going up so fast and oh my gosh you buying the stock and then it's up 10 20 30 and i got to get everything in just

Don't i've been in that situation before with you guys okay i got into that definitely a bit in the end of 2014 into 2015 because it had been a really hot market

For a few years and it kind of just felt like oh my gosh man i just have to be invested into all these stocks possible because the market's been really good and my returns have been insane and so the less

Money i have invested means the worse off i am no okay always keep 10 to 30 percent of cash around it's like me if i go for a la croix and there's only like one or two lacroix

Left in the fridge i feel like i got to get that lacroix right now because oh my gosh i mean it could just run out somebody could get it before i get it and if i don't get it

Oh my gosh okay don't fomo okay don't fomo around the lacroix and don't foam around the stocks okay and i can tell you right now in this market there's a lot of fomo going on a lot of

Fear missing out especially in big tech and those growth stocks okay a lot of that going on out there right now where people just feel like you got to get in any price it doesn't matter what price you buy in man

You just got to buy in that's perfectly fair to say if you're in a big dip situation in the market where the market's dipped big right or you're in a situation where a stock hasn't really moved much

And you're trying to quabble around a one or two percent or four percent or you know number or something like that that's fair to say but when you're looking at some of these stocks that have climbed

Hundred percent if not hundreds of percent over the last several months that's a little different okay it's not like you got to run out there and buy some of these stocks that are just you know have gone up like

Insane it just doesn't make sense okay keep some cash around okay believe me the market doesn't go up in a straight line forever you will get some dips and some great stocks you love you will get some dips

In the market in general unless there's some stock out there that you have to buy tomorrow you know you can definitely hold off on it okay but like i said man guys underground value stocks that's where

That's where it's at right now okay so hope you guys enjoy this as always if you don't mind smash that thumbs up button that helps out the youtube channel in a massive massive way and once again if you want

To check out that about team section i'm so pumped for that we got a lot more team members to add in there but i'm super excited for the ones we've already added thank you for watching and have a great


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