The senate judiciary committee mentioned methods to carry China to Account for Virus Coverup | NTD

published on July 2, 2020

the Senate Judiciary Committee discussed

ways to hold a Chinese regime

accountable for the cover-up of the CCP

virus outbreak the chairman senator

Graham asked if civil lawsuits in the US

could proceed against China

under the current law experts argue that

diplomatic and economic measures may be

the best way to respond to the regime

for its mishandling of the virus demand

the foreign Sovereign Immunities Act

senators and legal experts met on

Tuesday to discuss ways to hold the

Chinese regime accountable for covering

up the CCP virus pandemic Republican

Senator Lindsey Graham chairs the

Judiciary Committee he suggests the US

should consider whether new tools are

necessary to prevent what he calls

devastating and deadly behavior from the

CCP we also know that China failed to

inform the world about the nature of the

virus that they restricted travel into

China but allowed Chinese citizens to

travel throughout the world they knew it

was human to human transmission and they

fail to adequately inform the whu-oh in

my view and the world at large Missouri

and Mississippi have sued China saying

the regime concealed information about

the initial outbreak of the virus which

has caused their residents harm Senator

Dianne Feinstein a Democrat says this

claim needs to be looked into and let me

say this is the one thing that I think

we really need to look into was

information in fact quote concealed and

quote on December 30th Chinese doctor Li

wen Liang shared a report of a SARS like

virus with his medical school classmates

on WeChat warning them to take

precautionary measures two days later a

who've a health official told a genomics

company to destroy all existing samples

of the virus later that week local

police called in dr Li wen Leung and

reprimanded him for rumor-mongering when

he blew the whistle about the virus

president Trump signed legislation last

week sanctioning those who oppress

weaker Muslims in China an international

law professor suggests that Congress

consider sanctioning China even more you

could give the president further

guidance in the types of sanctions you

would like to see him impose as you

done with the weaker Human Rights Act

recently and I think those types of

levers are the ones that are much less

likely to boomerang back than the one

that your colleagues are proposing here

experts have cautioned against taking

away China's immunity to allow lawsuits

against the country because China may

retaliate against the US with lawsuits

of their own Kevin Hogan NTD news

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