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by birtanpublished on August 5, 2020

Hello and welcome to crimson duties in Soho now it's time for a master class and I thought I would give you a master class on meringues because meringues are a little bit of a mystery to some of you there's a lot of different kinds of meringues there's a lots of different

Things you can do with those meringues and a lot of you ask me questions about them often and why they're going wrong what you should be doing is been imperfect for example so I need a break meringues down for you

So before I start telling how to make meringues I am going to tell you a little bit about why meringues even happened so egg whites are made up of mostly water 90% water and 10% protein but the proteins are made up of amino

Acids and some of those amino acids love water and some of them hate water and when you whisk them up together what they're doing is the different water loving and water hating amino acids are kind of gravitating towards different

Parts of the phone so the water hating ones go towards the air bubbles and coat the air bubbles because we're trying to get away from the water which means that you can whisk up eggs and it gets sort of tighter and stronger and stronger

There are things you can do to make your meringues more stable of course and I'll go into that little bit more but to start with there's a few basic rules on making meringues to avoid all catastrophes so the first thing is make

Sure your hands and your equipment and anything that's going to come into contact with the egg white is completely clean and grease free the reason being is the grease and that includes egg yolk which do have which do have like fat in

Them stop the amino acids from clinging onto the bubbles so they'll just basically make the bubbles pop so if there's any egg yolk in any of your egg whites that is an absolute disaster get rid of those egg whites before you start

Whisking otherwise it might work but it might take forever or it might just not work at all so clean Bowl clean with clean hands if you're using your hands to separate the egg whites and what I like to do is actually clean my bowl

Again with a bit of vinegar so I just use a splash of vinegar and rub it around all the bowls I'm using and the wisp in addition to making sure all your bits and bobs are clean I would highly recommend using

Metal bowls or glass bowls for your meringue rather than plastic because plastic has a tendency to retain a bit of grease even after you've washed them whereas metal and glass are a lot easier to clean and make completely grease free

And the next rule of thumb is to always use room-temperature eggs and even eggs aren't like SuperDuper fresh as well because when the when they're cold or when they're super fresh the proteins are really bound up and they're really

Really tight so it'll take a bit longer to whisk them which may mean that'll take longer for the proteins to break down which may mean you might over beat them you don't want that so I'm gonna be focusing on French meringues that I'm

Going to be talking about the three different kinds of meringue so French meringue Swiss meringue and Italian meringue and what you can do with all of those things but I am going to focus on French Brown because I think that so

With French meringues the basic rule of thumb in terms of ingredients is two to one sugar to egg so that means you're going to need to invest in a pair of inexpensive electronic scales like I keep telling you so if you haven't yet

This is your moment because if you want to make perfect meringues and will just perfect anything you should definitely get some LM Troy scales guys because you're gonna need to wear your egg whites so I'm gonna start by weighing

Three large egg whites which I'm going to separate and I'm going to separate them using the shells rather than my hands just in case I've got any residual grease on my hands

so that's 106 grams of egg whites which means I'm gonna need 212 grams of caster sugar so I'm going to measure that first now so I've got it ready right that's 212 I'm gonna put that to one side

Because we know we don't want to add that now and what we are gonna do is start the mixing process so another good rule of thumb is to start the whisking of your egg whites slowly rather than just kind of straightaway doing it

Really fast because what you want to do is just sort of tease out those proteins and help them to unfurl so that then they kind of do their thing in a much much more structurally sound way and another thing that I recommend with

Making meringues it's not a hundred percent essential but it will help is stabilizing them by using a little bit of cream of tartar if you don't have cream of tartar you can use a little bit of lemon juice or vinegar it's

Essentially adding an acid which is going to neutralize things and just help the proteins do their fighting so I'm going to add it's like an eighth of a teaspoon now before I start whisking

So once you see a few little bubbles forming on the surface a little bit like bubble bath and your bucks and just gradually add more speed and that will help the bubbles perform evenly and I'll just be a lot stronger so what we're

Going to be looking for before we start adding the sugar is not quite soft peaks I like to kind of get them to some like a really phony bubble bar consistent speed and what you don't want to do is add the sugar too soon if it's too soon

It'll actually prevent the bubbles from forming but if it's too late then it's not going to be able to do its thing and you'll get too much air in it before you add the sugar which means you'll end up over these in your

Meringue which is definitely a thing that can happen what happens in the overbeat is that the water is leached out of the egg white and your lender it was like a grainy solid and a liquid liquid so I'm just gonna keep going for

Another minute or so and then gradually start adding my sugar so I think that's pretty good it's it's like really floppy peaks I can still see individual bubbles which means I haven't gone too far and become too tight for me to start adding

Sugar so now it is sugar time now I've got some more rules for you so let's just turn this on keep it on a steady speed similar to where you had it before and with the sugar you don't want to add it all in one lump because that's gonna

Knock a hell of a lot of air out that you've just created all in one fell swoop so you want to add this gradually you can do it as soon at a time just make sure that your mix is still going and

Just not too overloaded so what the sugar is doing is it's not going to encourage the amino acids to split off into their water facing and water loving a different part and the

Water hating one to wrap around those air bubbles which are going to get smaller and smaller as the whisk goes through it meaning that you'll end up with a nice structured tight air bubbles and a much much more stable than around

And also it makes it taste a lot better than just plain old egg white and that's what happens when the when the egg white is turning philosophy I'm gonna turn it up a little bit as well because I need to start adding more volume so I'm gonna

Let that whisk for a few minutes that's how long it takes for the sugar to order goals and one of the worst things you can do is to stop mixing too soon and have granules of sugar left in the mix because what will happen is you can bake

Them and they'll be just fine but over time the water will be attracted to the granules of sugar and then your meringues we've got weeping if you've ever experienced that that's what's happening so you want to make sure that

All your grains of sugar are completely resolved and incorporated in the retina meringue this has been going for about eight minutes now and I think it's nearly ready but before I take it off I'm going to add a little bit of

Flavoring so just a pinch of salt and a little bit of vanilla extract right my flavorings have mixed in I'm just gonna test it just to make sure that my sugar is disolved I'm just gonna do that by rubbing a little bit between

My thumb and forefinger and that is fine so I am going to declare this meringue ready well not quite ready because we need to bake this of course because with French meringue this isn't the kind of meringue

That you would want to top a tart with and toast for example not only because the egg whites obviously completely raw but because it's just not going to be as stable as some of the other meringues I'm going to do later this this one

Worked way better for cooked meringues so get it all off your whisk you don't want to waste any of it and then you're gonna do whatever you feel with the meringue so you could pile them up in sort of little small nests you could

Spoon them on to make a big pavlova you can even stir things like cocoa powder or maybe even raspberry key before you bake them to make sort of chocolate or raspberry favorite ones or you can do little meringue kisses which is what I'm

Going to do it's very very straightforward I'm gonna start by preparing my piping bag so I've got a nice big piping bag and this is got a big fat round nozzle on the end you can actually color French meringue as well

You can call it all the way through and we're gonna be doing a Tuesday tips on how to color your meringue but you can also kind of cheat when you use a piping bag you can color your meringues on the outside only by using color paste and

Gels inside your bag so I have a variety of colors here on my palette and I'm going to use a paint brush to just paint stripes of each color inside my piping bag

So that's all my colors and of course you don't have to use all of those colors you can just use one do you like stripy Pink's or just choose a couple of colors but just stick with the rainbow for today and then you just want to put

All your meringue into your piping bag but see all my meringue is in there there's going to be quite a lot of concentrated color at first and so usually I discard the first few but

Before I do that I'm just going to use some of that meringue to stick my baking paper onto my baking sheet so I didn't fly about in the other and then just squirt out some of your meringue it's it's more sacrifice because you don't

Want to have really really food coloring meringues and then when all your colors are coming out nicely you can start piping so I like to do mine from obviously on top but keeping my bag nice and vertical a small amount of pressure

And then pull away at the last minute so that's all my little meringue kisses piped out and I'm going to bake these now obviously and whether you're doing little meringue kisses or slightly bigger piled up nest you want to bake

These low and slow and that will help the water to evaporate slowly and for the to prevent the meringues from burning and it will end up with a nice coat of crispy outer shell and a sort of soft mallow inside and I'm going to bake

Them for 40 minutes initially if you're doing a slightly bigger meringue you might want to do them for a bit longer the way that you test whether they're ready is when the forty minutes is up just pick up one of the meringues and if

It comes off the off the baking paper nice and cleanly then it's ready but it doesn't stop there because what you then want to do is to turn the oven off and leave all your meringues in there to cool down really slowly and that will

Help to prevent any cracking in we obviously use a lot of meringues here at comms and early so I haven't waited for my minds to cook I already made and this is what they look like and they're very very sweet and they've got a nice

Crispy outer shell with a slightly soft inside and that is exactly as it should be I really really love that kind of meringue but this kind of rowing is not good for everything it's not good for for example making buttercream which is

Why we use Swiss meringue or Italian meringue my preference is always Swiss meringue because it is a lot easier to make in the kitchen so I'm going to show you how to make this I have done a masterclass on Swiss mind but it's super

Super easy I have a kind of boiling water here and which I'm going to use to just start heating my eggs and my sugar because Swiss meringue it starts off with mixing the sugar and the eggs together rather than adding the sugar a

Bit later and this way it gets to a sort of safe temperature for the eggs and so that we don't have to cook it in the oven so I've got four large egg whites and I'm going to be putting 300 grams of caster sugar in with that and

Straightaway just start stirring it either with a whisk you can use or a spatula you can even do it with your hands if you have rubber gloves on don't to do with your bare hands because it can get quite hot what we're doing here

Is we are just mixing all the sugar together so that the sugar dissolves with the egg white so that you don't have grains again a little bit like before and the sugar is actually also going to prevent the egg whites from

Cooking too much but what you do want to make sure is you don't have your hob on like the highest heat possible and also not too much water in the pan you want it to be touching the bottom otherwise it will get too hot and you may end up

With kind of scrambled sweet scrambled eggs which will not be very nice I mean at this point I'm not trying to whisk it particularly I'm not trying to like incorporate air or anything like that I'm just trying to

Use to start to break down some of the egg white proteins but also to dissolve that sugar now you can use Swiss meringue to bake like to make meringue cookies or little meringue poops it's not quite as good I don't think but if

You are doing that then this would be the point at which you would put your cream of tartar in for stabilization but we don't need that remember making it's my buttercream it's ready if you are using a thermometer you want to get

It to between 60 and 70 degrees C which makes it safe if you're worried about war eggs and rub it between your fore finger and your thumb and if there's any grains just keep them to keep on stirring it but it is ready to roll whoo

So I'm now going to transfer it to my big mixer with the balloon whisk I'm just going to pour it in and get it going so this one doesn't need quite so much the gentle approach with the speed obviously it's absolutely fine if you

Want to start it slow I usually through anyway just as a precaution for it flying out in my face which is just you know practical but start your mixer and get it going on a medium to high speed and obviously because we've already

Dissolved all the sugar we're not gonna be looking for a grain free mixture because we've already got it right now what we're doing is creating those bubbles so in about 10 minutes depending on the sort of volume you're doing maybe

You've doubled this up to make a massive load I don't know it may take a little bit longer than that but what you're looking for is for the mixture to be completely cool to the touch so at the moment this bowl is really really hot so

I'm just gonna keep it going on this medium-high speed maybe even a little bit higher in a bit just until it is like tripled in volume maybe even more than that gone completely white and glossy and it's cool to the touch

Okay so this is nice and cool to the touch and you'll see that it is much glossy er at this point than the French and it's much kind of gooey air as well and you can use this for making meringues and baking them you bake them

At the same temperature for the same amount of time and it's completely up to personal preference I actually don't like the result that you get they tend to bake quite sort of chalky and dry which isn't what I like I like a sort of

Crispy and fluffy crispy on the outside Buffy on the inside and these tend to go a little bit kind of like dry but if that's your thing go right ahead but I'm gonna carry on with making my Swiss meringue buttercream and that means I

Need to add some butter right now so let's get all this back on the machine and I'm gonna get the machine back on medium to high speed again and I'm gonna start adding my butter and I've got 400 grams of SuperDuper soft butter so I'm

Gonna add bit by bit obviously if your sugar and egg mixture it's still warm or god forbid hot and obviously your butter is going to be melts at this point so it is really important to get it to you know sort of cool ish room temperature

And a few people struggle with the temperature and you know avoiding a sloppiness and it may well be that at some point in this procedure your buttercream is going to look like a real soupy mess especially if you're living

In a hot country or something like that don't worry though it wants all your butters in you can just blast it with some extra speed on the mixer or even if you're really worried and if you're it in a really hot country you can work it

In the fridge for a little while just to cool down a bit but it usually comes back and got just fine alright so that's all my butter in and it's starting to look lovely and fluffy a much more like buttercream now and it's at this point

Like I said if it looks a bit soupy then just prop the speed up give it a bit more air and it will come together just fine but my girl right so I'm going to add my flavorings and this is a really versatile actually because you can add

Things like peanut butter or I did a recipe for baclava cupcakes a couple of weeks ago where I used pistachio paste you can add chocolate you can add I've done a recipe for Ruby chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream which is

Really tasty it's really yummy stuff and I'm actually going to be doing a bisque off cupcake in a week or two so make sure you turn them for that it's really delicious I'm just gonna keep this really simple and use vanilla pictures

Book so I can just get this thing to work and that is my Swiss meringue buttercream already and it is lovely and silky smooth so perfect for decorating cupcakes bigger cakes it's really nice to decorate layer cakes with because it

Is so smooth and you know because it tastes really really yummy and that will keep for about three days at room temperature maybe four and if you want to put it in the fridge if you're in a super duper hot country then put it in

The fridge but make sure you bring it back to you room temperature before you use it and give it a good kind of whipping with your your mixer just to smooth it out but this is one of my all-time favorite butter creams and the

Best way of using Swiss mine so we've done the French meringue which is best for actual meringues we've done the Swiss meringue which is best for buttercream now we're gonna move on to Italian meringue which is the best for

Blowtorching which is my favorite thing to do in case you haven't heard you can actually do blowtorching and toppings with Swiss meringue so you would just use it before you put the butter in you would maybe cover your lemon meringue

Pie with it or whatever and then blowtorch it or not if you don't want to but it has a tendency to weep and it's just not quite as stable as Italian meringue so this really is the daddy of all meringues if you want a blowtorch

And top your amazing pie or cupcakes I've done heaps of recipes with Italian meringue so the viscose was brownie the small cupcakes where else salted-caramel party pies chocolate pie that thing that was delicious

And so there's tons of recipes on my channel that you can use this for so it's really super simple so same ingredients sort of in different ratios we've got the egg white sugar and then flavorings but this one has water

Because we're gonna start by making a sugar syrup with sugar and water so I've got a pan here I'm going to put 480 grams of caster sugar in and then I'm going to add 150 milliliters of water and just give that a little shuffle and

Then over a medium-low heat we're gonna get that going bubbling away to make a sugar syrup and the first stage of this is to get it to 110 degrees C and it's really important to use a thermometer at this point

Because sticking your finger in it is not going to work and you can't really tell necessarily by eye so I highly recommend getting a thermometer like a probe thermometer like this or a stringer thermometer or even a laser

Thermometer okay so it's reach 110 degrees C this is the time I'm gonna start my egg whites so I'm gonna put them into my mixer which obviously I've cleaned and it has the balloon whisk attachment as per usual and I'm just

Gonna get that goin on a low speed just to start the bubbles for them so with my egg whites being broken down all the proteins they've being bashed about by the whisk I'm gonna keep on heating my sugar syrup until it reaches 118 120

Degrees C anymore Dena and you're gonna end up with really really really sticky gooey impossible to work with an Italian meringue so 118 and 120 is really the sweet spot and this is just going to carry on forming bubbles so that when we

Want to put this in these are ready so we're nearly there and what 118 degrees 120 degrees is it's soft ball stage which is what is gonna make this meringue really really stable like I said any more than that and it's

Gonna end up really tough and gooey but any less than that and it's gonna be really floppy and it's gonna use and weep and it's not gonna be very nice but we are at 118 and my egg whites are a very floppy stage so they're not quite a

Soft peak but they have a lot of nice bubbles which are starting to form so now is the time to add the sugar syrup to the eggs and this happens very very slowly and carefully down the side of the bowl avoiding the Wescott all cough

The reason I'm not pouring it directly onto the whisk is because the risk is moving incredibly fast when this is incredibly hot stuff so hey you don't want it to fly in your face and B if you hit the wick it's just gonna help it's

Gonna spin the sugar syrup all over the side of the bowl which is not where you want it you want it in the meringue so that's all my syrup in and my whisk is now going around a medium to high speed and this is very very hot so just like

With the affirmative Swiss meringue I'm gonna keep it going until it is hand cool so it's super hot I don't want to touch that so this will take about ten minutes and it's already really fluffed up it's gone like triple the volume

And that my friends is that now meanwhile you didn't see this but I did put a pinch of salt and some vanilla in it for flavoring and as you can see it is really super glossy its holds its shape really well on lovely stiff peaks

And this is gonna be perfect for toppings of pies and cupcakes so because of that sugar syrup this is going to be a really nice stable meringue which is means that if you want to decorate your pie or your cupcakes with it it's gonna

Hold up for a little while and hold up all day which is good because it means that they're not going to start looking really rubbish towards the end of the day but I am needs to get my blowtorch on I think because I feel like every day

She'd involve a little bit of blowtorching so I'm gonna load up my piping bag I could get these cupcakes decorated now I've got a nice shaped nozzle on the end of my piping bag and that's really just to demonstrate how

Pretty this looks when you kind of lick it with the blowtorch but you know feel free to use a round nozzle I've actually done a s'mores cupcake where I use this as well so check that out I'll put the link to that in the description box but

Now I think it's time to pipe and blowtorch so much so they are the three main meringues that you need to look out for

And what I like to do with them and I hope that you've enjoyed this and learned something and if there is anything missing from this video if there's still some unanswered questions and please put them in the comments box

Below and I will do my best to answer also if you know a fact about meringues that I've missed then please feel free to educate the rest of us by writing it down there so um I will be back next week with a cupcake recipe so tune in

For that and in the meantime there will be a Tuesday tips video on how to color meringue so tune in for that as well and in the meantime make sure you subscribe to my channel I click on the notification belt so you don't miss any

Of this great stuff ah so get meringue everyone

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