The Secret Camera I use for filming YouTube Videos

published on July 20, 2020

So in the last few camera reviews that have done if start mixing things up a little bit and I have done footage where I've been out on the street shooting and a lot of people have asked me in the comments what camera are you using to film the street footage on and what

Happens is I'll get like one comment and then you'll get another and another if you start answering nobody reads the replies so I thought maybe just be easy to do a video and share with you guys believe it or not this is kind of one of

My new favorite things I've been using the GoPro Hero 8 and I'm actually filming this on a GoPro Hero 8 so I know this is a little bit of an interception but basically the deal is is that GoPro reached out to me and said would you

Like to review and I said absolutely is it's gonna be a few weeks before we have some review models and I couldn't wait so I bought one so now I have two so I thought it would be pretty fun to do a GoPro Hero 8 review that's filmed

Pretty much on the GoPro Hero 8 so we're gonna break this down and talk about all the cool features that I find very useful in this but real quick I want to give a shout-out to our sponsor today who are the awesome folks over at gear

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This to be an excellent resource for not only buying equipment but also a way to offload equipment that you're no longer using so check it out and I wanna give a special thanks to the folks at gear focused comm for sponsoring an episode

Of the arts of photography so one thing that you should know about me I've got a lot of GoPros in fact I'm kind of a huge GoPro nerd the first GoPro that I ever purchased was the GoPro Hero 4 which was just this little box that you had to put

In a cage somehow and it did 4k video it didn't have any image stabilization it didn't have any wind reduction but in the right situation it could be really cool I actually skipped the GoPro Hero 5 but I did buy the Hero 5 session which

Is probably one of my favorite form factors for any GoPro it's kind of too bad that they've abandoned it then came the GoPro Hero 6 black edition which was the first GoPro to feature some kind of image stabilization which really wasn't

That great but at least it was a step in the right direction then came the GoPro Hero 7 black which up to date was one of my favorite GoPro heroes I think that the image stabilization which they rebranded his

Hyper smooth was exceptional in this camera and then this brings us now to the GoPro Hero 8 but of course we have to talk about the big feature in the Hero 8 which is image stabilization now this is a digital image stabilization

That GoPro refers to is hyper smooth and we have now on the hero 8 hyper smooth 20 will give you a little brief history of GoPro and image stabilization so right now I am filming on the GoPro Hero 6 and the wind has stopped but maybe

That'll come back up so you can hear a little of that kicking in but anyway this was a very frustrating model for me because it was the first one with image stabilization I've just put it on the same selfie stick I've been using it

Just wasn't as good now if you're holding still it's okay but as soon as you start to walk it is not the greatest in the world it was okay but then the hero 7 came out so the GoPro Hero 7 which I'm filming on right now was the

First version of the go to feature hyper smooth and this was version one and this was really a massive improvement and hyper smooth to is even better but I would actually go as far to say as if you are in a big

Budget and you really want to go pro this is the one that I would recommend this one gets the job done it's got the image stabilization you can do hyper lapses it's got all the essential stuff that the hero 8 has approved on it's

Still a very solid go pro but just to show you the difference this is the hero 7 and now back to the hero 8 with hyper smooth 20 this is one of my favorite GoPros and as I mentioned earlier it's completely replaced using a gimbal for

Me I've been using it on a lot of my videos and camera reviews when I want to go out and about because I don't have to bring very much with me which brings me to another point that these little tiny cameras used to be branded under the

Umbrella action cameras and I think elements like hyper smooth the improved low-light performance so and so forth has kind of put these in a category where they're just not limited to what we considered to be an action camera

It's more of an everyday you skin there have been some big improvements to the user interface in the hero 8 we still have the swipeable touch screen so if you swipe left to right this will change the mode that you're in from hyperlapse

Or time-lapse to video to stills once you're in any given mode we now have buttons on the actual screen to do things like turn on slow motion or change your lens profile or go into the boost mode for hyperlapse

For super steady motion we also have the ability to use different custom settings which is really nice if you film with different setups and you want to create custom profiles just to switch back and forth between them for sliding from the

Top down gives you your global settings and preferences and swiping from the bottom up is going to give you access to all of your media files the only problem that I've had visit that you use multiple models of different GoPros

While you're on a shoot things have moved around in there in different locations so it's a minor complaint and I know it has be done and I know it's hard to update old GoPros to be uniform but I just kind

Of wish there was a little more consistency there I really like this interface it's very clean it's very intuitive the first time you power up your GoPro it's going to give you a tutorial telling you what everything

Does so it's really easy to use the GoPro also pairs well with the GoPro mobile app which is available for either Apple iOS or Android which allows you to do things like adjust your global settings or update your firmware and

It's really well executed another change that you're going to see is in the actual battery now the batteries are the same size the same milliamp power rating but the big difference is that GoPro has redesigned them slightly to give you a

Faster draw performance this is done for some of the more power intensive things that you have on the camera for instance the image stabilization so on and so forth now these batteries are backwards compatible with older GoPros if you have

Firmware updates you can use the older batteries on this GoPro the difference is is that some features are unavailable and so it's something to keep in mind if you have a whole bunch of workflow matters another thing that I'm very

Excited about on the hero 8 is the low-light performance it is actually really good see part of the problem with an action camera is that they're really designed to be used in a bright light the truth is you're not really in bright

Light most of the time the GoPro Hero 7 I think was really good at low-light however the image stabilization would kind of fall apart and do weird things on you the GoPro Hero 8 seems to have that worked out just fine I'm not sure

This was the best day to do a camera review outside with 25 mile an hour wind gusts and rain but hey this camera is waterproof up to 33 feet I don't think we're gonna get anywhere near that today so one feature that is much improved on

The hero 8 is the way it captures audio and particularly the way it rejects wind noise now it's really windy out here you can hear it but what it's doing is it's using three microphones and then an hour

The behind-the-scenes to kind of work out the noise versus what my voice is saying and so I think it does a really nice job you still hear the wind but it's a little more ambient it's actually kind of acceptable GoPro has not always

Been this way kind of the early wind algorithms would kind of do weird things to the EQ and it would sound like you were talking in a toilet sometimes I think they've done a really nice job on this model the hero 8 has four different

Lens settings depending on what your resolution is set at this first one is super wide which is the equivalent of a 16 millimeter on a full-frame camera you've got standard wide which crops in a little bit on the sensor but still

Gives you up to 4k resolution we have linear which is kind of a standard view this is the one I use pretty much a hundred percent of the time because it looks like a regular lens you don't get that weird fisheye effect and if you're

Willing to give up just a little bit of resolution that this is narrow the highest this will go is actually 2k you're watching it upscale to 4k it looks fine we're gonna go back to linear because

That's how I like to roll interestingly enough on the GoPro Hero 7 the last model linear was not available in 4k and so you had to drop down to 2k for that so cameras got a lot better in a lot of ways another thing to note about the

Hero 8 is this is the first GoPro that we have that does not require an external housing to do any mounting with in other words we used to have the little cage it would fit in that's how you would mount it to a tripod or a

Helmet or a chest or whatever you want to do this one has these two little feet that stick out on the bottom you simply snap those out and it snaps into place it is a really good thing I know why they did this I'm getting to that but

The downside of this is we do not have the removable lens protector now if you film a lot on a GoPro you'll know what I'm talking about I'm not going to have this problem today because it's very overcast but typically when it's sunny

If you get the right flare and it gets the GoPro flare and a lot of times I would just take it off to avoid that but also use it to mount filters maybe a neutral density something like that the one downside to this is that if you

Drive your GoPros hard and you use them in a lot of extreme situations and you happen to scratch or crack that glass it's game over you have to get a whole new GoPro so for what that's worth GoPro do make some protectors for this it even

Got a cage system I'm not really sure how that works but anyway it's something to note and something to know going in depends on how hard you push these things if you use the hero 8 for photography there's some really cool

Features as well for instance you have the ability to do HDR photos where it'll take multi exposures and stitch them together in camera has a feature called super photo which applies its own computational

Imaging onto the image or you can just shoot raw or get JPEGs straight out of the camera of course you have the ability to shoot hyper lapses which is a feature that's kind of like a time-lapse but you can stay moving I filmed this

Whole sequence just while walking and holding the camera right in front of me also features voice commands you can do 1080p streaming on social media or on to YouTube it's got a lot of great features that I really haven't even gone into

Here because I don't particularly use them myself but I'm curious to know if this is something you guys would like to see me cover more often like what you can do with really powerful tiny cameras such as the Koch bro drop me a comment

And let me know I'm gonna try and get out of here before the rain starts again I'll see you guys in the next video until then later

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