The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be INSANE!

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

will the Samsung Galaxy S 10 beat the
first truly bezel a smartphone and how
many cameras will it have what's up guys
SAP your on super-sad TV and let's break
down these rumors and many more super
sad style right so the s9 was clearly an
incremental update to the s8 but the s10
will be the 10th anniversary edition of
the Samsung Galaxy S series the flagship
phone for Sam saying so we can expect
some big changes and there's lots to be
excited about
so let's initially talk about the
display a lot of you guys would already
know that Samsung has teased their first
foldable smartphone concept a few weeks
ago I've covered that in detail in a
previous video which you can check out
on the cards unfortunately it looks like
the s10 will not have this affordable
technology however during that keynote
Samsung did show us some diagrams of a
few different displays that they are
working on the first one of these was
the Infinity you this is a knotch
that is similar to what we've seen on
the essential phone there's an infinity
V which is kinda like the U but in a
v-shape then we have the Infinity oh and
this is really interesting because this
actually has a cutout within the display
for the front-facing camera something
that we've not seen before and finally
we have what Samsung are calling the new
infinity which is an almost bezel as
display design so recently a lot of the
leaks rumors of the s10 have been
pointing towards an infinity o design
with the cutout but we have also seen a
leaked screen protector of the samsung
galaxy a8 this also has this infinity or
cutout design so this could mean that
the s10 is gonna have the new infinity
design which is gonna be almost
bezel-less and that's very very exciting
we've also seen some leaked screen
protectors to this effect which have
pretty much no bezels at all but these
screen protectors could potentially also
work on an infinity or display where
they would just be covering that cutout
samson do have the almost bezel-less new
infinity design for the s10 then where
is the front-facing camera are gonna go
well we've already seen some
implementations from manufacturers like
apple with the Oppo find X and a vivo
with the vivo next
have some motorized and mechanical
solutions but it looks like Samsung
might be having a camera that's going to
be sitting behind the display and if
they managed to achieve this this is
gonna be seriously cool now how many
different variants of the s10 are we
going to be seeing usually we have two
each year we have the regular version as
well as the plus so we're likely to see
a Samsung Galaxy S 10 as well as an S 10
plus however certain rumors are saying
that we're also going to be seeing a
lite version this will have a flat
display and it's going to be cheaper but
a recent report from The Wall Street
Journal states that there is another
device that Samsung are working on which
is codenamed beyond eggs this is likely
to have a six point seven inch display
now that sounds really big but if
there's no bezels then the device itself
physically shouldn't be too much bigger
than something like the Samsung Galaxy S
nine plus and this report also says that
we're likely to have six cameras on this
special device as well as 5g support six
cameras on the phone how is that gonna
work well it looks like we'll have two
at the front and four at the back the
front cameras are likely to be similar
to what we've seen on the Google pixel
three and three XL where you have a
regular angle of view as well as a wide
angle for your group shots and regarding
the four cameras at the rear we've
already seen a Samsung device with four
cameras in the rear which is the a nine
and this has a primary camera which has
a regular angle of view then there is a
telephoto camera which is going to give
you optical zoom then there's an ultra
wide camera as well as a fourth camera
which senses depth for your portrait
shots so it's likely that we might have
a similar setup to this for this special
samsung galaxy s 10 moving on what about
the fingerprint scanner well we've seen
some recent reports that Samsung is
going to be using Qualcomm
third-generation ultrasonic in-display
fingerprint scanner so currently on
devices such as the 1 plus 60 we have an
optical fingerprint scanner which
actually takes a 2d image an ultrasonic
fingerprint scanner will be much more
advanced and more secure if you do have
this then this will eliminate the need
of having a fingerprint scanner at the
back and that's gonna allow room for all
of those cameras and what are the new
Samsung Galaxy S tens going to be
powered by Walt's
has already announced their new Exodus
9220 processor which does pose some
seriously cool features like 8k at 30
frames a second as well as 4k up to 120
frames a second
now all the s10 is gonna have 8k video
recording I very much doubt that and
that is because you need around about a
33 megapixel sensor to be able to
capture 8k footage this is something
that I have tweeted about before but we
can be hopeful for 4k at possibly 120
frames a second that would be seriously
cool for the software we already know
that something's been working on their
new one UI which is supposed to be more
optimized for larger displays bringing
lots of the controls more towards the
bottom and this will be especially
beneficial if we have a massive six
point seven inch display now in addition
to those leaks in rumors we've also had
that big Samsung Galaxy S 10 may have a
ceramic back so this would make it very
very premium and also that it might have
Wireless reverse charging like we've got
on something like the huawei mate 20 pro
this is where you can use your device to
charge another device wirelessly and
that will of course be another welcome
change and those are the leaks and
rumors that we've had so far all summed
up for you what do you guys think of the
new Samsung Galaxy S 10 so far are you
as much as I am definitely drop me a
comment below and let me know I hope you
enjoyed this video and found it useful
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coverage of the s tense coming as soon
as we get more leaks of rumors
thanks for watching this is SAP on super
SAP TV and I'll see you next time

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