The Ridiculous Life Of Dubai’s Billionaire Children

published on July 13, 2020

the rich kids of Dubai love nothing more than living the highlife in their affluent city across social media they'll upload images of their extravagant lives for the world to marvel at

However with wealth come some select rules that these wealthy youngsters must follow otherwise they may be shunned by their fellow elites today we're going to look at some of the pricey items that kids in the largest city within the

United Arab Emirates spend their cash on such as luxury cars massive mansions and solid gold items will also see what these unspoken guidelines are so let's get started one of the key items in a rich kids Arsenal is a luxury car well

Ross had bail hasa otherwise known as money kicks is no different in that regard even if he couldn't legally drive a car on the road at the time back in 2017 the Internet was astounded by a Ferrari f12berlinetta however it wasn't

Just any affluent vehicle bail Haase wrapped the Ferrari in a custom-made Louis Vuitton cover it's not the only time he's wrapped a vehicle with the designer label either he also had a Yeezy wrapped cadillac escalade a non

Wrapped Ferrari can be between 300 and 600 thousand dollars the following year bill Haase decided to sell his unique automobile it was put up for sale at a steal of 190,000 it wasn't long until someone swept in and

Purchased that Ferrari Dubai is well known for attracting supercars even their police force has a whole load of them in 2017 they went one better they splashed out on a Bugatti Veyron it holds the record for being the fastest

Police car in the world these Bugattis tend to go for around 16 million speaking of cars there's a particular leisure activity that attracts Dubai's wealthy youngsters known as Rajiv Allah or tough eat the

Activity is all about illegal street drifting the kids will use their SUVs and drive to a secluded area there they speed up to at least 100 miles per hour then they apply their hand brakes and drift across the concrete pulling off

Stunts as they go the higher the gear the driver is in during the drifting the higher the points yep it's a competition the drivers get more points the more reckless they are if the SUV can completely tip over then the driver will

Get a lot of points often the cars will crash and caused injuries to the drivers at times spectators have been injured during Hajj voila the United Arab Emirates have also been known to splash the cash for leisure in 2017 WWE

Went to Abu Dhabi to perform the first women's wrestling match in the country took place there the cost of this is unknown but WWE made a deal with nearby Saudi Arabia at a cost of an estimated 50 million per event image is everything

Amongst the Dubai extravagant youth if one is to be respected amongst their fellow elites then social media is the key the kids will post up many photos of their lives online often showing off their prosperous lifestyle such as

Holidays private plane trips or their jewelry on other common images showing piles of designer bags stacked up from their shopping sprees the more bags in the price here the labels the more respect the person gets from their

Fellow money spenders for example this image of katya penteli she shows off her pricey purchases as well as her luxury car in 2016 our Etha models are rooney showed his own luxurious spending habits for the

Sharjah number one license plate he spent nearly 5 million dollars on it he spent that much during an auction to get one of the most expensive plates of all time however it wasn't just any auction the proceeds from the sale actually went

To charity when interviewed about his purchase Zeroni stated quote i want to be in the lead in whatever i do be it in buying the best or in doing charity my aim is to go for the number one spot all of Dubai's wealthy youngsters live in a

House that many around the world would be jealous of such as rush ed Bell Haase living in a private Zoo but more on that later one of the most exclusive areas to live in in Dubai is Palm Jumeirah this is an artificial island shaped like a

Palm tree one of those expensive mansions on the market there comes to around 41 million dollars for that price the mansion comes with 10 bedrooms 11 bathrooms two elevators one is a service lift home cinema separate guest house

Separate building with four serviced bedrooms a gym a spa and a massive dining area for 18 guests another villa in the area was valued at a somewhat modest 31 million it also has access to a huge private beach this villa also

Provides amazing views of dubai skyline if these two massive mansions are too far out of your budget well the cheapest properties in Palm Jumeirah are around 1 million dollars Dubai has some of the

Most expensive and luxurious hotels in the world as such if the rich kid in the city wants a little break but also remain in Dubai they'll book a room in one of the grand hotels one of the most popular hotels with the wealthy is

Atlantis the palm one of their most extravagant rooms is the Royal bridge suite it's massive it can hold six adults and three children comfortably it also has a game room media room sixteen person

Dining room a library and a whole team of Butler's and chefs for this luxury it can cost at least thirty thousand dollars per night the next big hotel is the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah billed as the first seven star hotel the Burj Al Arab

Jumeirah is incredibly glamorous the most expensive room is the Royal Suite it takes up two floors the suite also comes with a private elevator and a staircase as well as a private 12-person dining area a private library three

Bathrooms a private cinema and a personal Butler all for the price of at least $12,000 per night like we mentioned earlier designer items are a must in the world of Dubai's elite rochette say 'if al-hasa is one such

Rich kid to take that to heart but mostly with one particular expensive item in his incredible house he has a whole room dedicated to just his astonishing trainer slash sneaker collection the room in itself is

Beautiful each pair of shoes has a dedicated area to be displayed and the value of the shoes is impressive more so since a lot of the pairs are limited-edition one of the rarest shoes bel has two owns is a pair of Nike Air

Yeezy 2 Red October a pair of these can go for as much as twelve thousand dollars he also owns a pair of Air Jordans signed by Michael Jordan himself but it's not just sneakers he owns he has an amazing array of rare football /

Soccer boots some of which were gifted to him by his footballing heroes that he's met such as Paul Pogba Bell Hafez whole collection is estimated to contain around 200,000 shoes and boots the value of Bell houses hobby is said to be 1

Million dollars while showing off wealth online is one way to impress fellow spenders another way is who the youngster is pictured with and the best type of person to be photographed with our celebrities the more popular the

More famous the better like we mentioned Rashid Shaikh bahasa has met one-time world's most expensive player Paul Pogba but there are so many more well-known faces that he's had pictures with musicians such as Wiz Khalifa Akon and

Nicki Minaj sports stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo Lionel Messi most of the Manchester United team and Floyd Mayweather actors like Jackie Chan Paris Hilton n's Salman Khan Bell Haase even has signed soccer shirts from

Ronaldo and many other players he also got a pair of shoes to add to his collection from Nicki Minaj with such a variety of big names the images have given Belle Haase a big reputation amongst Dubai's elite the photos have

Made him look incredibly cool which opens up a lot of opportunities in Dubai circles is there anything that screams wealth more than getting an item made from gold probably not as such many of the rich kids will splash cash on

Getting fancy gold items to show off with a particular favorite is mobile phones the Instagram for device rich kids is littered with pictures of golden phones of well-known brands on one website the price of an 18 carat solid

Gold iPhone 11 pro max can be nearly 50 $1000 for comparison that same phone but not made out of gold is sold for around $1500 well the whole of Dubai is known for loving gold in 2013 a model of a Lamborghini was sold for 75 million

Dollars it was scaled 1/18 of an actual drivable Lamborghini the model was carved from a massive 1,100 pound block of gold the finished item weighed 55 pounds but if you wanted an actual car made with gold

Then the Nissan r35 gt-r is for you it sprayed with 24 karat gold and was shown to the world during an event in Dubai in 2016 it's also engraved with an elaborate design it had a price of 1 million dollars another favorite image

Amongst the elite is showing off about the bounty before their eyes especially when it involves food and drinks there are a number of restaurants and cafes and divides that cater for those with plenty of cash in their pockets

Bloomsbury is a bakery in the city it sells an incredible cupcake called the golden Phoenix the cupcake is covered in 23 karat edible sheets of gold it's also presented on a 24 karat gold stand all for the price of one thousand dollars

For a small cupcake for those looking for something stronger the Sky View bar has you covered in 2011 they held the honor of the most expensive cocktail in the world this affluent tail was called 273 to one as that's

What it cost in durham which is roughly seven and a half thousand dollars the cocktail is made with 55 year-old Macallan whisky an exclusive dried fruit bitters and passion fruit scented sugar it can only be prepared by qualified

Mixologists honing dogs and cats is too pedestrian for a lot of device rich kids they have to flaunt their money and connections by owning a number of exotic pets Bell Haase has a whole private zoo in his house because it's private the

Family doesn't make money from the zoo they get the animals from around the world bahasa states that he and his family usually get the animals from private zoos and collectors that are neglecting the animals altogether there

Are around 500 creatures on the property ranging from cheetahs lions orangutans and bears to name a few due to his amazing zoo bahasa uses the privilege of meeting exotic animals to entice celebrities to his house as a result a

Number of the animals are named after those that have visited such as a monkey named after Paris Hilton he's also named some of the animals after designer labels such as Versace the lion the cost of buying a cheetah can be 20,000 and

That's not taking into account all the other bills which can cost hundreds of thousands per year and that's it which item do you think is the most excessive pop your thoughts in the comments below if you've enjoyed this video please like

Share and subscribe those things really help us out finally thanks for joining us we'll see you next time

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