The REASON Chainlink Will Hit $1000 Per LINK!?

by bigr10published on August 1, 2020

egg yolk what is going on with my people the chico army and if you’re a newbie a viewer of the tube my name is tyler the host of the crypto channel that knows you’ve been craving

To get your fill kinda like these ducks and peas oh my god slow down and find your inner peas you know how we dad joke it it’s time for chico crypto

You saw that right from the thumbnail and title the fabled a thousand dollar per chain link this number is something special within the stinky community and is a centerpiece for biz post meme

After meme after meme and even this famous stinky linky video i need you to my chain link a thousand dollars end of year but is that number possible not now but in the future a thousand dollars per

Chain link or is that number just an inside joke spread by biz and chan trying to keep a fomo and going and people buying their bags well it’s time for chico to get a bit

Deep on you guys which some might call me crazy but if they keep doing what they’re doing the meme magicians a thousand dollar chain link is possible in the future now why in the freak did i say meme

Magicians because it’s magic my friends i’ve got some magic in me chain link has the magic with them and something called me magic and i know some people are like yup

Chico gone crazy but just listen for a couple more minutes and i bet you might just be looking back at a few of those david blaine tricks orange soda hey what else is orange what

Else is orange i don’t know cheez-it jesus what the cheese fuck what so what the fuck am i talking about with me magic well i’m not necessarily talking about the magic you see on

Screen with bunnies cards and the like i’m talking about the cult and their spiritual practices of which the likes and biz and 4chan have gotten a hold of and have been creating their own type of

Magic not magic with a c but magic with a k on the internet astral plane so i’m not going to dive into their meme magic right away but we have to go through a history of

What has happened and this will lead us up to even our government the cia looking into it so to begin we need to go back in time when the cult was at its peak in popular culture during the late 1800s and early 1900s

One of the most famous practitioners was the notorious alistair crowley english man who is a basis for much of the occult practices and their religions today alistair got his beginnings into the secret

Underworld of the cult by getting an invitation to join a secret society the hermetic order of the golden dawn in 1898 this society was devoted to the study

And practice of the occult metaphysics and paranormal activities during the late 19th and early 20th centuries and was considered a magical order going to the wikipedia on it we can see it was founded by three

Members william robert woodman william nguyen wescott and samuel liddell mathers all a part of another secret society which has talked about controlling the world today the freemasons

And the golden dawn it contained more freemasons and powerful people throughout society arnold bennett famous british novelist sir arthur conan doyle author of sherlock holmes charles rosher

British cinematographer bram stoker irish author of dracula and famous british poet w b yeats and a whole lot more so alistair joined the magical order in 1898 and samuel mathers became his

Teacher and supposedly according to records the student began to flourish in the society jumping up in the ranks and quickly ready to join the inner second order circle

But he was unpopular in the group his bisexuality and liberal lifestyle had gained him a bad reputation and he had developed feuds with some of the members including wb yeats and here’s where

Stuff starts to get a little crazy wb yeats and his friends they believe crowley showed a tendency to use his occult powers for evil rather than good and thus didn’t allow him to join that

Inner circle and crowley did not like that so a magic battle took place in london on blyth road yeah like harry potter and here’s the thing you guys richard ellman who was hired by yeats to do his

Biography of his life spoke of it in 1948 after the death of crowley and elman isn’t some nut job he did the biographies for james joyce and oscar wilde and he won the us national book award

For nonfiction in 1958 yes writing that is based on fact here is what he wrote in 1948 black magic against white aleister crowley vs wb and in it he says

It became the unpleasant duty of william butler yeats to uphold the forces of white magic during the 19th now that crowley is dead the battle may be recorded he speaks of crowley not being allowed

Into that inner circle and ellen says crowley refused to accept their decision he went to paris and their persuaded chief of the golden dawn mcgregor mathers to deputize him to rest control

Of the london temple of the order away from yeats and his friends mathers furnish crowley with appropriate charms and exorcisms to use against recalcitrant members and instructed him to wear celtic dress

Equipped accordingly crowley arrived at the golden dawn temple in london making the sign of the pentacle inverted and shouting menaces at the depths crowley climbed the stairs but yeats and two other white magicians came

Resolutely for to meet him ready to protect the holy place at any cost which they did with magic supposedly ellman continues crowley’s defeat was not final he crepted many innocents in london including

A young painter alefia gales who was also a friend of yeats and she went to yeats for help to save herself from crowley and yeats replied bring me a drop of his blood and i will exercise it

Which she was able to get a hair from crowley and yeats according to elman cast requisite spells and exorcisms which crowley felt the effects of including a female vampire who would

Bite and attack his flesh during his sleep for nine nights okay wtf that is directly from the mouth of richard ellman and there are even london newspapers recording the event

And then even aleister and mathers authored their own account of the battle a book called the battle of blyth road a golden dawn affair so is it bs did magic go down on that day

In the 1900s it’s hard to tell unless you have a time machine but this leads me into that stanky link in the magic which comes from the biz forums a part of the

Chan now this goes back to the alt-right the biz boys who for some odd reason got a hard-on for donald trump you know pepe you know kek and if you dive into what is behind the frog and keck you see occultism staring you

Right in the face this article from the southern poverty law center explains it very well titled what the keck explain the alt-right deity behind their meme magic article states at some point someone at

4chan happened to cease on a coincidence there was in fact an egyptian god named kek an androgynous god who could take either male or female form keck originally was depicted in female form as possessing the head of a frog

Or a cat and a serpent when male but during the greco-roman period the male form was depicted as a frog-headed man more importantly keck was portrayed as the bringer of chaos and darkness

Which happened to fit perfectly with the alt-right self-image as being primarily devoted to destroying the existing world order hmm and then chaos manipulation and the dark

Side was central to aleister crowley’s own beliefs and the religion he created the lima which the limit in greek means will like self-will the controlling of one’s destiny

And the limit is the basis for one of the newest types of magic to come since aleister crowley’s death it made its appearance in the late 70s chaos magic from this reddit post we can see how

Thalema and chaos connect when someone asks about it a rodney duke 418 replies ramsey dukes is both a thalimite and a chaos magician he’s an oto in iot he’s not alone one of

The founders of chaos magic ray sherwin was isothelimite too there’s always been a lot of crossover and rightfully so so chaos magic what is that well this encyclopediacom definition explains it

Well chaos magicians do not believe in gods or demons who have objective existence and consider the source of magical power to be found within the subconscious of

The practitioner thus basic exercises for the chaos magician attempt to place the magician in touch with his slash her and herself rather than any outside power or entity ritual is used but is considered

Drama that arouses the subconscious to a fever pitch prior to the discharge of the power ritual should be designed by the magician using images that are most provocative such images are rarely found

In traditional mythology rather they are most likely to come from popular culture now do you get the memes now do you get why they have a very religious theme behind most of them praise kek

Those part of this group religion wizards or whatever you want to call them they do believe they got trump the presidency vice covered it trump’s occult online

Supporters believe meme magic got him elected the article talks to a theodore fariel an occult researcher who is neutral on the subject i’ve been observing this phenomenon firsthand for quite some time now and

I’m fascinated at the way internet folklore is turning into something new not exactly activism not exactly religion but something close to a new form of magic and animism in an era when

Communities have transformed into tribes and they are savage creative and as we know now really powerful he added referring to the online

Communities where pepe is literally considered a god varial is detailing what he calls pneumatic warfare the technique involves charging a symbol which will then act as a proxy for a

Clandestine plan in a cult tradition this is known as chaos magic the article finishes i think meme magic is going global and i think that believing in meme magic is a

Motivational key to success according to him creating a meme of clinton and a cat is not the same thing as building an entire mythology around pepe

These people are channeling power and then professor of communication at the college of charleston dr ryan milner wrote this blog about the 2016 election dark magic the memes that made donald

Trump’s victory so it’s not a secret people are realizing it that there might be more to this than meets eye and chain link’s supporters who came from 4chan now have taken it to the crypto industry

The same pepe and keck with the same religious imagery used over and over and over and the founder sergey nazarov always memed as the flannel god and some of these meme magicians are

Showing what is going on here’s one from facebook which posted a meme and the words give me your energy marines we are all going to make it a thousand dollars end of year has

Already happened we have all made it i love you all give me your energy yes like spiritual energy and then vice once again covered something that this all connects back to meet the redditors using astral

Projection to escape quarantine an article states here’s how he says it works a traveler creates an astral scape by visualizing a location in great detail how do you visualize somewhere you’ve

Never been well you use your imagination then you connect this visualization to a sigil an occult symbol that is energized with a certain intent by meditating on the sigil and recalling it in the out of body state you can use

It as a shortcut to the desired location mirroring fast travel in a video game there’s even a sigil for hanging out together like an astral group dm now that’s crazy but that’s just from vice

But if you didn’t know our own government has been looking into this for some time beginning in 1978 around the same time chaos magic was founded in 1995 the cia declassified the details

Of the us government defense intelligence agencies program called stargate which was nearly two decades worth of psychic research then in 2001 this was declassified which was titled

Analysis and assessment of the gateway process by the cia from the same defense agency and it didn’t get much look back then the declassification until more recently

And the document details astral projections transcendel meditation and the consciousness energy grid which they confirm our government is real that our world is just an

Energy hologram simulation of which can be controlled so you may say i’m crazy but the cia knows what is going on and chain-link supporters they do too using chaos aka

Me magic tarnis energy make things they want a reality like a thousand dollars per chain link that is possible if the internet is an astral plane which connects the human consciousness

Of this world which it does and the battle for control of how people think is only beginning cheers viewers i’ll see you next time


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