The Real Reason Samsung is getting SUED.

by birtanpublished on October 2, 2020

so you might have already heard about
this Samsung situation the company is
getting sued for misleading customers
and this whole case goes deeper than the
surface level so when you go into a
store and buy a flagship phone nowadays
you'll probably be told at some point
that the phone is water-resistant all
that means is it is undergone of
vigorous testing to make sure that it
can tolerate fresh water with no issues
and they might dunk the device and spray
it with high pressure Jets and then
depending on how much it is torture the
device can withstand it is awarded an IP
rating it could have very slight
resistance to water and get something
like an IP six two rating or it could be
a much more well-rounded device and get
an IP six eight regardless it is easy to
forget that no matter how well a phone
does in this testing it is only ever
being tested in fresh water the obvious
thing would be to extrapolate this to
assume that swimming pools are fine that
the sea is fine but this is where it
starts to break down a swimming pool or
at least most swimming pools contain
massive amounts of chlorine which is
there to break down bacteria but can
also very quickly start corroding the
rubber seals on your device the very
ones that are there to keep the water
out and the salt in Zee water is even
worse so the Australian Competition
authorities which are there to make
companies behave themselves and kind of
to protect the consumers that end up
buying these phones other ones that have
built the case they've basically dug up
a whole number of cases where Samsung
has advertised their phones being used
near swimming pools near the sea as if
this was the usage case scenario that
they endorsed in fact one advert
literally just shows a guy fully
immersed in a pool using his Galaxy
phone as if he was just chilling on a
bench I would say this I've actually
personally been on quite a few of these
sets where smartphone campaigns are
being filmed and a lot of the time the
creative teams that are in charge of the
creative campaigns have nothing to do
with the people that actually built the
phone and so I could see a situation
where the engineering team has correctly
stated that these phones are water
resistant but then the marketing team
and the agencies they employ to build
these commercials have misunderstood
this to mean water proof internal
miscommunication would be my initial
suspicion unfortunately there's a couple
of problems with this idea that actually
made the situation for Samsung
even worse you see when the Australian
authorities were putting this case
together they found over 300 situations
where Samsung had advertised these kinds
of scenarios and they are present across
all sorts of formats
you've got full-scale video adverts
you've got product webpages and even
paid influencer campaigns that are all
pretty clearly showing these phones in
and around the sea and I guess the real
problem comes with what they did about
part of what Samsung is being accused of
is not just selling this phone in the
wrong kind of light but refusing
responsibility for phones damaged
because of it and on one hand you can
kind of forgive them for that it's
pretty standard for smartphone warranty
to not cover damage by liquids but if
Samsung is going to show people they're
actually our phones are safe to use
around all bodies of water then I think
they need to be ready for when customers
actually try it to then deny these
customers help because apparently this
liquid damage is not covered by our
warranty policy is almost denying that
there's any problem at all with the
marketing now I'm not gonna stand here
and defend what's happened it's not a
great situation but at the same time
this Samsung case is only a really small
part of a bigger problem in the
smartphone market the last five years
especially have been this kind of
whirlwind of extreme marketing of
stretching the truth and doing
everything you can to downplay your
competitors so let me explain the real
problem there are more smart phones now
than they ever have been the
long-standing companies are producing
more models than they used to
for example Apple has gone from 1 a year
to 3 and there are also now so many new
players that it's hard for anyone who's
not a massive smartphone fan to keep
track and so in a situation like this
where the message is that you're trying
to put out as a company are getting
drowned by the sheer volume of
competition the answer is to shout to
make claims to really exaggerate just
how good your phone is you might know
that Sony when they released their z3
smartphone did so alongside an official
unboxing video performed in what looks
an awful lot like a swimming pool
technically the phone was probably okay
because in that scenario they would have
controlled the water conditions very
but is it misleading definitely and it's
not just a miscommunication when it
comes to water resistance ratings it is
small fan marketing in general you might
remember Huawei's Nova 3i for which the
trailer literally showed a guy you
the phone to take a selfie but instead
of then seeing the actual selfie that
fern took while it shows us a shot taken
on a DSLR camera
it's treading a line they haven't
explicitly lied but they're definitely
suggesting that if you took a selfie on
that phone it's gonna look something
like this one and I've used the phone it
is definitely not
you've got AT&T which is a service
provider in the u.s. who also got in
trouble recently for what they call 5g
evolution it is not 5g it's basically
just a rebrand of the LTE networks
already in place but by adding this
little 5ge logo into the corner of
phones that were using AT&T x' network
it looks like they were almost trying to
trick them into feeling like AT&T were
ahead of their competitors anyways to
round this whole thing off does this
mean that you should stop buying Samsung
phones not really whilst they are
getting into trouble for making it seem
like their phones have more resistance
than their competitors it's not a case
that they have any less resistance and
their competitors so just take the
advertising with a pinch of salt and you
should be fine if you enjoyed this video
I've got a whole playlist on smartphone
news like this
so I'll leave that linked from this
video my name is Erin this is misty
who's the boss and I'll catch you in the
next one


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