The Real Reason I’m Renovating My Farmhouse (And Why You Should Too!)

published on July 9, 2020

Hey everybody welcome to my farmhouseyep it's a beast and she's in the middleof a whole work over listen we're doingthis video today to give you an updateon all of the projects that we're up tojust so you have an idea what to expectfrom us in the near future and also you

Can get a good idea what it's like tolive when you're working in a roundellike this so this is my side yard and Idon't have a neighbor living hereanymore so they don't cut their grass sowhat we're doing is we're putting in a

New berm we're gonna put in a brand newcedar hedge the idea is we have a oneacre property and in order to increasethe value of this property we need alittle bit of privacy and someprotection from the road noise that's

Right we're gonna put a cedar hedge allaround the whole perimeter not a hugeone just about a five or six footer andthat'll clean everything up you know sowe're gonna be making a video talk abouthow to do the berm and all the different

Technology for installing cedar hedge soit doesn't die on you that'll be a lotof fun but today we've got a skid steercoming so hopefully we'll be able to getinto that action real soon but I justwanted to give you an idea we have a

Really bad property it's so sloping andit pulls up full of water in the springso we're going to be bringing in someextra dirt and leveling everything offhopefully we'll solve that problem beable to plant some fruit trees have a

Really nice living space with a fire pitback here so you can see that we have acouple of sheds on the property andtheir life span has kind of expired whatwe're gonna do based on all the feedbackwe got from our shed series is we're

Gonna actually build another shed onlywe're gonna do it a lot bigger and we'regonna make all the modifications neededfor people that need a shed that theywant to work in right so this will be amodest size it'll probably something

Like a 10 by 12 right but I'm gonna putrolling doors on it and hopefully agreenhouse and we'll do some videosaround that project as well so that ifyou're looking to do something a littlebigger like a sound studio I got a lot

Of people wanting to make a shed have asound studio in the backyard it's kindof a great idea so we're gonna show youthat and all the options you have tokeep it simple right because if you canmake it simple you can make it quick and

You can usually save a lot of money thedirt is actually because we've beenexcavating for a retaining wall aroundthe back of the house knowing how tobuild your own little retaining wall ishuge because water

Management is one of the most importantoverlooked not thought about things on ahouse and if you don't manage the waterwell it'll manage you so this year isthe outside year right I mean last yearwe did a lot of work inside but as you

Can tell this year we've got the newwindows going in we got the siding weput in the new door you have videosabout all this stuff now we did thesiding video already it's linked up onthe channels we put a card up here for

You if you're in the business of doingsiding at your house that's a greatvideo to help take those the fear out ofit it's a relatively simple process andit makes you a ton of money if you do ityourself

So I would definitely suggest that as aDIY project I'm doing my own soffit andfacia windows siding everything rightright I got another full day here justto finish buttoning this up because oncethe skid-steer gets here we're gonna be

Excavating a thousand square feet for anoutdoor patio that's rightwe can rent the equipment and we can doall this ourselves no need to hire acrew it is an amazing DIY project has ahuge return investment so those videos

Are coming as well so if you haven't yetsubscribe to the channel do so and hitthe bell for notifications because whenthese videos come out you're gonna wantto be a part of that action this isgoing to be a game changer showing

People how to create a stay homevacation paradise that you can doyourself and it's affordable and it hasgreat return investment oh I almostforgotwe did a little quick video on how to

Put together your scaffolding if you canrent scaffolding like I got three stageshere is less than $500 for an entiremonth that's the only real expense youhave if you're gonna do your own sidingjob it's worth knowing how to put that

Together so on the back of the househere we have what used to be ascreened-in porch work transforming thisinto a three-season porch which meansthe vinyl windows an actual steel entrydoor insulated wainscotting walls and

Tongue-and-groove wood on the floor sothat we don't have any more bugs we'regonna insulate the roof bring in somepot lights TV electric fireplace littleoutdoor so faction it's going to beperfect little place to hang out

Canada's brutal because our summer islike seems like three weeks long sowe've got to extend our lid or livingseason and this is the way we're goingto do that now if you follow us into thewe're gonna show you some of what's

Going on inside the house and we'regonna talk about an amazing opportunitythat we have for you okay guys so beforeI get talking too much I want to sharewith you something like a news above thechannel we're crazy three weeks ago I

Said to my wife I said listen I justfeel like I need to get this house donefor some reason and I can't do thatwhile we're living here so we moved outthe funny thing is is that kind of goesagainst my advice my DIY advice is do

One room at a time but the reality is isfor us we want to hit the road and assoon as this Cova 19 thing clears up andthe borders get open we want to starttraveling again we have a plan to cometo a city near you we want to pop in to

All of our members houses and say hi anddo consultations about your projects andput them on film we want to bring thatkind of information back to the channelfor everybody to watch because honestlythere's nobody in the world that's doing

Consultation videos all the L ever seeon television is well we take over yourhouse we're gonna destroy it and fix itup again and hopefully you'll like thecolors we pick I mean that ain't realnormal is it so what we want to do is

Have those conversations to talk aboutoptions and and design choices and whichwalls to blow out and and the processand where to shop and how to save moneyand we're gonna have that kind of avideoconference consultation in order to

Do that though we need you to be amember so that we can communicatethrough email all right so if youremember and you've got a project comingup and you're interested in that sort ofthing then drop us a line and we're

Gonna see if we can start schedulingsome of this stuff soon as possible butin the meantime that's why we got out ofhere we need to get this house finishedso what we're gonna do now is we'regonna take you on a quick tour of where

We are in the process and updates sothat everybody has the sameunderstanding like right now we're inthe kitchen it's basically done and ifyou haven't seen how we renovated thiskitchen it's gonna blow your mind before

And after you should click the playlistup here and watch the whole processthere's a ton information to learneverything from flooring to building anisland doing the cabinets and the tileand the trim and the appliances it was a

Lot of fun now we're gonna go and take alook at the rest of thewe're gonna just touch real quickly onthe videos that we've got coming up andall the other projects we're gonnafinish here and then I'm gonna ask you

In a really important question of theirvery end that I want to get yourfeedback in the comments section so staywith us well this is the front entranceand I know it's crazy because I have afull custom bathroom in here

We've moved the door this used to bewhat I think was an addition more like awood shed with a loft totally unusableit wasn't thermal it wasn't able tomaintain the heat in the wintertime wehad to do so much work in this it wasn't

Even funny so if you're curious to knowhow we got to this result from a woodshed from an 1880 farmhouse and you wantto click the playlist up here this isgoing to take you to our other channelreality run a vision it's exploding I

Tell you people are really digging theidea of the project-based videos and soyou can watch this project here and theexciting thing is behind this door isour brand new bathroom and if youhaven't seen the project video then

That's gonna be on reality run divisionas well in that video I'm discussingwith my wife about the process and theshopping and all the selection issues sothere's a lot of fun it was really a lotof fun having her on the channel so

Hopefully we can do some more of that inthe future too oh yeah and the loftnot just a loft anymore we actually madethat a soundproof room it's gonna doubleas a Murphy bed guest room slashstay-at-home office this is the way of

The future folks right so everybodywho's gonna be staying home you need asoundproof office that is the way to goso all of the videos how we did thataround the channel we can put a playlistlink here but the project itself isn't

Quite finished so we're gonna show youhow to do a Murphy bed how to buildglass railings for around the staircaseit's gonna be awesomelet's go upstairs it's an awesomeproject from a master bedroom but I

Really wanted to share with you get youexcited about some of the videos werecoming up Wowso welcome upstairs and of course nofarm house would be complete without areally awesome huge master bedroom now

This one actually is a lot bigger thanit looks right now because I built acloset into this big half of the housewe're gonna be ripping this out we'regonna be raising the ceiling I'm gonnaactually put in a wall-to-wall closet

Door system all along this entire wallit's 16 feet it should be enough spaceand then I'm on the other side we'llhavewas it for him closet for her we'regonna do an accent wall vaulted ceilings

Huh I can't wait to get this donebecause we can't sell this house if wedon't have every corner of the housefinished right so that is really one ofthe considerations you can't just do thekitchens and the bathrooms and leave all

The bedrooms looking like this so we'vegot new windows coming we're gonna putin new flooring because the truth is Iknow this is kind of fun and it'sromantic but it's softwood lumbertongue-and-groove it cannot be

Refinished this old house just doesn'thave the structural integrity to keepthings from moving so anything I put onthis floor it's gonna end up chunkingout and popping out and looking likejunk in just a couple years so what

We're gonna do is we're gonna go rightover top I'm thinking we're gonna goengineer hardwood because wheneveryou're renovating that's your bestreturn investment if you do it yourselfit's like putting money in the bank okay

All right so what we have up here guyswe got laundry behind the doors nice tohave your laundry upstairs by thebedrooms and this staircase I know it'sa bit of an old beast but it's gonna begorgeous

We're gonna paint the whole new post andhandrail and on this staircase I've gota really special treat I've been gettinga lot of questions from a lot of peopleabout putting different kinds offlooring on stairs so what we're gonna

Do was we're filming a video we're gonnaput in seven different kinds of finishedstairs I know it's gonna be crazy Ithink it's gonna be a whole lot ofinformation packed into one video but Ithink it's gonna be really good because

You're gonna see not just what we'redoing but how to do it and then you'llbe able to choose based on your ownskill sets which one you think is rightfor you all right now for the excitingthing we're gonna get down into the

Great room and we're gonna talk aboutthe huge news and I can't wait to hearback from you about it all rightso welcome to the great room it's prettygreat here's the deal I know I didn'tbeginning the video I mentioned I had a

Surprise you know is gonna be kind of acool thing at the end because we movedout and our plan is to have this wholeproject finished in the next six monthsI don't need six months to finish thisroom it's a huge space and I've got a

Lot of flexibility here so I think we'regonna do something for the first timeever in YouTube and that is thisI'm gonna treat my house like a studioand I want you guys to tell us what youwant us to film for you okay so here's

The deal I'm gonna put in some optionsin the comment section check below andthen you just hit the like on thecomment as a voting system if you likethat idea for video or if you have yourown idea for a video then write a

Comment say here's a great idea for avideo and let's let our community allvote and decide together what videosthat we can produce to help you out afew the suggestions we have was doingthis pretty texture as a series write

How to apply it how to paint it how toremove it what to do if it's asbestosright great questions we can tackle allthat and one or two videos another videoa lot of people have asked us to do ishow do I tile around a window and

Waterproof it for my shower I got awindow I can put waterproofing on it andshow you how to do that toonot a problem so let's go a little crazylet's let's really dive into the worldof what you need whatever situation

You're living in if you want to learnabout metal framing or a five-pieceplastic wall shower kit because that'sall you can afford that's cool thatsystem is actually so underrated Iwanted to store one just to prove to

People it is one of the most efficientsystems ever built it's low cost it'sguaranteed to be waterproof the biggestmistake most people make when they'reinstalling it is they use the wrongproduct so it fails but the truth is if

Used the right product it'll last justas long as a custom shower that'll costyou 10 grand now the reason we'repushing to get this house done just sothat when the kovat restriction isloosen up and we can start traveling

Again we can come to a city near you Iwant to take your mind cut your head offand pour all kinds of great ideas inthere and really mess you up so that youhave a hard time deciding what you'regonna do with the renovation but I think

The process and filming this idea isgoing to give a lot of people at homethe ability to think outside the box toenvision opportunities or possibilitiesfor their house that maybe they haven'treally thought of before

It's amazing as soon as you tear a walloh how obvious removing that wall shouldhave been from the first place right butit can take a thousand years beforesomeone says hey maybe this wall doesn'tneed to be here we want to eliminate all

Those possibilities do a tour talk topeople we want to see you at your houseand help you up that's it nice andsimple this is why we made the otherchannel reality Rena vision it is thereto help you dream now listen if you

Haven't been there before you're notfamiliar with it in the videodescription below there'll be a link gothere subscribe watch the videos thoseproject videos were all done by me andif I can do it I can help you to do the

Same thing alrighttake the limit off have some fun makeyour house a palace and make some moneywhile you're at it so if you rememberhit us up in the member's email alrightlet us know about your project and the

Approximate time that you're thinking ofstarting this can be project for nextwinter or next spring okay or if youlive in the local area around Ottawa itcan be something you want to do thissummer let us know we have time to come

Out and film at your place too the ideais really simple all right I don't wantto just film what I'm doing because Idon't think that's as much help asfilming what it is that you need to seeokay so let us know in the comments

Section your favorite ideas for videoslet us know if you remember and your gota project coming up we'd love to be ableto try to organize to get that filmedokay not the entire project but at leastthe consultation and maybe even some

After photos and that sort of thing Ithink we can make some great videos tohelp a lot of people together and thisis what it's all about right doing thistogether we want our community to be areally tight community its members

Helping members help and subscribers andI'm here to help so take advantage of myhouse all right put me to workfind a great project for us and we'llget it together and put out a videothat'll help you with your situation so

Thanks guys for everybody who's beencommenting and subscribing and becomingmembers and and purchasing on ouraffiliate websites all of that love andsupport has been really appreciated ithelps make this channel possible because

This is what we're here forwe're here to help you okay so listen Iwant you to click up here if you're anew DIY er and you're not sure where tostartthis video is a live show toxic water

Top 10 renovation pics that you shouldbe choosing and why you should bechoosing them don't be afraid to dipyour feet into the DIY world you'regonna love it and it's gonna make you aton of money

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