The Real MKBHD!

by birtanpublished on October 3, 2020

– What's up guys? Saf here on SuperSaf TV and today we're going to have– – How did you, get into the building and– – I, uh, the door was– – This is a private loc … (fast footsteps) (hiphop music) (claps) – More claps? (claps) – I clapped like five times, but. (Saf laughing) – Unnecessary. – What's up guys? Saf here on SuperSaf TV and we've got a very special video today.

Here, I have one of my favorite creators. Somebody who I look up to … Not just because he's very tall. It is of course Marques Brownlee, MKBHD. Great to have you in the chat man. – Great to be here. Great to be on SuperSaf Tv. – Marques or Markus? – Marques. – Marques. – Yes. – Cuz' if … So many people like, "oh yeah so, how's Markus?" "Have you seen Markus?" And I'm like, "who?"

(laughs) – Yeah, it's surprising how often it gets said wrong. But that is it. – So, Marques guys. You got it here, that's official. Now, we're going to start off with some general tech questions, of course. But later on we'll be talking a little bit more about YouTube. Kind of your journey, your story in YouTube because everybody has a bit of a different story. So, first up. Tech. Smart phone, computer and camera of choice? – Camera of choice, oh man.

Okay. Well, there you go. – I mean, this … That was obvious to see … Just there– (laughs) – Smart phone of choice, Pixel 3XL at the moment. But here's the thing about October is like, you can't get settled for like a week before a new phone comes out. Um, I carry an iPhone 10s Max is my iPhone of choice and usually, it's those two. And what was the second thing, computer? – Computer. – Computer. Uh, iMac Pro–

– iMac Pro? Okay. – Is the desktop. But I've lately been on Surface Laptop 2, that is my laptop. Matte black. – Of course. – Of course, and then you said camera. – Yes. – Ah, so that would be … I mean it's the RED. So, I take some photos, sometimes … Which is not … I can't say that I regularly pick one camera. But I have the Hasseblad X1D over there and it's ridiculous.

But, the RED 8K Monstro is the video of choice. – The beast. – Yeah, it's a beast. – Right, so. Now when it comes to smartphones obviously, that's something that everybody has, everybody's interested in and I kind of find that those videos for us, work the best cuz' they appeal to such a wide audience. Um, and we both talked about … We've had a chat about this before and you've said this in your videos a lot of times that there's five pillars of a smartphone. – Yeah. – So if you want to find the perfect smartphone, for you. Look at the five pillars which are most important to you.

– Exactly. Put 'em in order. Cuz' if you just look at the five pillars, which let me say are: a great display, great performance, great camera, great battery life. What did I leave out? Build quality. If they have all those five but you don't really care about build quality, put that last on your list. So put them in order and then figure out what's like best on those five things. – Okay, so are those your top five pillars? – Oh, in that order? Well, I'm a sucker for a good camera and I usually wouldn't put it number one.

But as it turns out, this camera's been so good, that I'm willing to sacrifice, like design. Like, its got this notch and there's things I don't like about it. But I guess I just like the camera so much. So I think camera and display and just software and general performance are probably the top three. – Okay, so … Alright, how's this then? Because we've had, obviously, Techtober has been crazy. – Yeah. – We've had so many new devices and so many good devices as well. Like, I think it's difficult to pick a bad phone from some of the main flagships out there now, right?

– Yeah. – If you could create a Frankenstein phone, with the top five, what would it be? So, lets start off with the camera, I think that's quite. – Okay, so pick one of each of the five things? – One of each. – So the camera. Yeah, it's going to be the Pixel's camera. Uh, if you're going to pick build quality … This one's subjective. Some people love, like the glass thing. I find it like slippery. But I also kind of like the premium feel. So, I'm a big fan of the way the Note 9 is built. Every time I go back to a note, it just feels good and

It looks great. So I'm going to probably go with the build and the display from the Note. – Okay. – Um, which leaves us with battery life. – Yeah. – And I'm going to go totally weird here and go with the RED hydrogen One battery life. The battery life is easily the best part of the RED hydrogen One. It's amazing. – Yeah? – And uh, what does that leave me? – Software? – Software.

Software, I'm back to Google, I'm back to the Pixel. – That's interesting. So then, the top five are covered by– – Three phones – But four of those pillars are covered by– – Two phones. – Two phones, the ones that we've got here on the table. – Yeah. – That's really interesting. I thought there might be, you know, other picks from some of the– – Yeah, we're getting to that time of year where I'm going to start to have to consider my smartphone awards. – Yes. – And I just have recently started thinking about "alright,

What are we going to think about for MVP?" "What are we thinking about for best design?" Things like that. So, this is getting the gears turning. – Yeah, I'm looking forward … That's one of my favorite videos. – Yeah. – Towards the end of the year. And of course we'll also be doing the SuperSaf collab with, one of you guys. Ah, you've been on 'em from the start, which I appreciate. The first time I actually reached out to Marques, I was like thinking he's probably like "who's this guy, forget it." But he actually–

– I watched the videos. – And I appreciate it man and this is the thing. Like, you were part of it and you have been since we've been doing it and of course there's going to be a new one, this year. So we'll be finding out what the go to smartphone is for Marques of 2018 but I think some people might already have a bit of handle of what it might– – At the time of the recording, it may be different. The mystery is alive still. – Things could change, things could change. Right, now because of all these new smartphones coming out, do you think that we have already reached a peak? When it comes to the smartphone? Uh, what is next?

I know there's been lots of talks about, in-display fingerprint scanner. There's a list. Do you think we're reaching the peak? – I don't think we've reached the peak. I think … I mean, look at the notches we have. We're clearly trying, we're clearly trying. Um yeah, tech keeps getting better and we keep finding new creative things to do with phones. Ah so, the whole … So Samsung is interesting, cuz' Samsung is one of the only people, companies who doesn't have a notch and keeps around the headphone jack. – Yep.

– Very interesting choices by them. But people love that. Ah, tech is trying to find a way to push the limits of this whole all screen thing that we might think is cool. I don't know what happens when we get there. Maybe that's the peak. Um, but on the way there we have these notches. – Yeah. – So uh, I think what's next is shrinking these notches, getting rid of them, finding clever and creative ways to get around them. That just happens to be the thing for 2018 smartphones. But 2019, that might be, you know, wireless audio, it might be figuring out a way to get cameras out of the glass or out of the display.

So, I don't know if we're ever going to get to like a "peak." But it'll stay interesting as long as we're trying. – Cool, good stuff. Alright now, we're going to be talking a bit more about YouTube. So, I want to see if you remember this. Cuz' the first video I saw of yours was a good few years ago. And it was around the Nexus 4 time right? So, a long time ago. So basically, what happened is, I just started out on YouTube. So I didn't really know what I was doing. So I did kind of like a reaction video after the Nexus 4 event, right?

And so did you. – Right. – And I was kind of obsessed about seeing where my videos ranked and such. So, put in Nexus 4, mine is second, yours is first. I'm like "who's this guy?" – Who's this guy? – "Who's this guy who's taking over?" – "He's first and I'm second." – I think you were on just, either had hit a 100 K or just getting close. So we're talking a long time ago. – This is a long yeah. – So, I watched this video and I don't know if you remember in there, there was …

You were like "Google, take my money." And you actually were putting dollars on the screen. – Oh yeah, I do remember that. Take my money, take all of it. (money shuffling) – So everyone, I was like "this guy, this guy is actually quite good." Because I enjoyed the videos. I was like … First I was kind of a little bit like, lowkey hating on you cuz' you were ranking higher than me. – That's funny. – But then I was like "actually this guy's good." And I subscribed. – Wow.

– So you rocked that video. – That was a while … I don't even … So I kind of like remember videos, how long they were based on where I was. So it's either studio or college or pre college. And I think that was a college dorm video. I don't remember. But I do have a memory of throwing a bunch of dollars at the lens and it kind of hit the lens and then it fell down. And I was like "well, that's now just in the video." (laughs) – Yeah, that was a good video. I'll link that, that's like a proper throwback video. What's funny is, everybody that watches your video is like

"what's happening on YouTube?" I won't say recently, but the past few months is. Some of your really old videos will get recommended. – Yeah. – Your homepage. – Yeah, why? – Like, I don't know. Like, some really like some of your first videos. – The algorithms just trying to embarrass me. Literally, my first video ever. Like, doubled in views this year. – Suddenly. – Like, what are you doing YouTube? Gimme a break. It's a lot.

– So, how long … I mean, for those people who don't know how long. How long have you been making YouTube videos? Like, till now? – Till now? This is year ten. So, a decade. A full on decade. – Ah, creator of the Decade Award as well. – Thank you, thank you. – Very well-deserved I have to say. – Thank you, thank you. I appreciate that. – You're welcome man, you're welcome. That many years, that's a long time, right?

Of course, you're quite young. – Mmhmmm. – Much younger than me. Um, in terms of YouTube, how much longer do you think you'll be making videos? Is it something … Do you think there's an expiry time of the career of a YouTuber or do you think that it's going to be forever? What do you think? – Yeah, I mean. I think about just online video. Because YouTube is one of the video platforms and generally that's where careers thrive the longest, as far as video. I don't know if I can vie on, we know how that went. Yeah, YouTube is the place to be for online video.

But I feel like I just kind of found a niche of tech, reviewing tech and then it happens to be in an online video format that I really enjoy. But as far as the career arc of a YouTuber, there's a crazy big range. Like, have you seen Shane Dawson's stuff lately? – Yeah, yeah. – Shane is one of the like OG, original YouTubers from like year, probably three of the sites existence. And his career arc is something crazy like, he's killing it right now. So I don't even know if I believe in like an average lifespan of a YouTube career. But, if the day YouTube ever disappears … It was down the other day and I thought about this a lot.

If YouTube is ever gone, we do have to think about what's next. Which for me, I think will still stay in reviewing tech and online video. But maybe it's somewhere else. – I mean, I think … Cuz' this is a conversation I have with so many YouTubers. Like, kind of talk about "okay, what is the lifespan?" Is it going to be like, you know … If the algorithm changes, obviously a lot of YouTubers struggling. Um, I think one of the advantages that we have is that because there's always new tech … I think you said that in one of your videos. There's always new tech coming out–

– Yeah. – That kind of plays to our advantage. – We're lucky that the tech is the focus of our videos. So it's not as dependent on us being entertaining. I sympathize with a lot of vloggers and entertainers cuz' you're trying to keep yourself entertained. That pressure is on the tech industry, we don't have to worry about that. So yeah, we do have that advantage. – But I guess, we're a little bit of entertainers. – Oh well, we have to supplement it to make it our own. Its not like we can just point a camera at the tech and then that's it. But yeah, it's definitely an advantage for us. – Now, when it comes to the …

We were talking a little bit about the algorithm. Has it affected you, do you think? – Um, it's hard to tell, it's hard to say. Like, I think if anything, its been positive. I know some people can view like a graph and see where it impacted them negatively. Um, by all metrics, my channel, just in general has been thriving. So if anything, like this is where the algorithm helped me. But if there has been an impact, I bet its been positive. – So, would you say that comes down to adapting your content? Because, I've been watching you for a long time and I remember some of the very earlier videos you did which

Were on your webcam. I remember see. I mentioned this in one of my videos. Um, giving advice about YouTube. Ah, how to start on YouTube. And I remember this quite clearly because I always use it to kind of encouragement new YouTubers. You had a 100 subscribers and had uploaded 84 videos. Oh no, you had uploaded 100 videos and you had 84 subscribers. Is that right? – Yes, that's right. Yeah man, less than a 100 subscribers. But like, at that point … Here's the thing about that.

I was just uploading, like everyday. I didn't care, like I just wanted to make videos cuz' that's what I wanted to do. Um, I don't remember the question. But that's like an interesting thing. (laughs) – It was about adapting. So like, from what I see on your content after have watching videos for a long time, you're not just making the same content. You're expanding. – Yeah. – You've got a team. – It's really easy to just … You find, like people find something that pops and they

Just try and do that over and over again. That's the easiest mistake to make. Um, yeah. So you do have to adapt. Like the style has sort of evolved. You find your niche, that's a common word people use. But, if you kind of find what you're good at that is somewhat original, other people maybe aren't doing it. Um, and then you kind of play to that. But don't get comfortable with it cuz' people are going to see it and like it try to do it also. So you got to find the next thing. So yeah adapting, that's a good word for it, is important to us. – Awesome.

So Techtober has been absolutely crazy. I remember we met at the Apple event. Me and my friends Michael and Josh came over and we were like "man, I'm exhausted. Like Techtober has been like crazy. We've been flying around all over the world from place to place trying to cover all these …" And we came and spoke to you and you were like "man it's awesome." It's just because you're so young. Like do you … Obviously everybody looks at … I think, from what I see online anyway … A lot of us guys … I don't share much personal stuff online generally.

Because I think it's nice to keep that separation. But I do rant a lot and … What I think, you know, from what I see on the outside is you've got Marques Brownlee. Does Marques have does MKBHD have down days? Are you ever like "I don't want to make this video?" Are you ever bored? (laughs) – No I mean. I have the luxury of … I'm in a really, really lucky position where I get to choose what I want to make a video on. And there's never been a point where I feel like I have to make this video. If there ever is that …

Cuz' this has been … I've come close to this, where I'm like "man, like everyone is talking about this, I've got to make a video about this thing, but I don't care." So I don't and not everyone can do that and that's really a fine line to walk. Cuz' I know, not everyone can say that. But I honestly don't make any video I don't want to make. Um, which is pretty awesome. So at this point, I have really had any like, felt down about a video type of thing. I do look back at old videos and think "ah, I could've done better than that." Uh yeah, but it's been up and up I think. – That's good, that's really positive to hear.

So like, what do you do to keep motivated? – Yeah, from the beginning I said the goal the channel is to make videos that I'd want to watch. And that's sort of evolved a little bit into making a channel that I'd want to subscribe to and that I'd want to be into. And I think that's sort of a broader goal. Because then you start to include like video upload frequency and sort of topics you're willing to cover and maybe there's merch and there's other things attached to it. Um, yeah. So you consider all that stuff. But at the end of the day, it's just like, I'm motivated by how much fun tech is. You walk into the studio and there's no way you can't be

Pumped about something that's … Mail shows up every day, I'm like "what's in this box?" It's going to be awesome. Yeah, it's kind of like christmas every day. So there's never really any challenge to get pumped. – That's really positive and I think one of the things you said there is, you know, making videos that you'd watch yourself. We're essentially our own target audience because we're into tech. Our mail, which is what our demographics show us most of all. What is your breakdown by the way, do you know? – Uh, I think it's probably 95/5 it's– – Mine's at 90/10 here.

(laughs) – Really? Yo, this is going to be a good collab for us. (laughing) – And when you go, you're going to get a smaller number of female viewers. – Yeah, it's crazy. And actually I've thought about that. Cuz' I think I tweeted that a couple months ago and there's a lot of interesting questions and comments that come from that. Like how can you share tech with more females, or how can we get more female creators so that there's more females watching tech videos. Tons of interesting questions there.

So I'm interested in that. But, at this point, 95/5. – That's a very common ratio. Cuz' I remember when you shared it, uh, we all– – There was like a thread. – Yeah we were just like "oh, here's mine, here's mine– – Who has the highest? Somebody was like, was it John? John was like 75/25 or something crazy? – John yeah, so. – It's the hair man. I don't know, I need to get that hair. That's crazy. – I mean, generally across the board, whenever I look he's got that ratio in tech.

Um, but yeah. We need to get, hopefully more female creators onboard and make tech more accessible to everybody, hopefully. – Yeah. – Cool. Alright, so. The next question I was going to talk to you about is, um. The MKBHD exposes series is what I'd like to call it. – Mmhmm, okay. – This is on Twitter. – Right, so this is where you uh, can see a lot of these high profile celebrities. Um, tweeting … – Tweeting from the wrong– – Wrong phone–

– OS, the wrong phone. – Yeah, it still happens. It's kind of crazy that it still happens. – It should be so easy to avoid right? Like you, especially at this point you know. It's a thing, you know it's coming. So if you're, whoever. You've got an endorsement from insert company here. Like, at the least you could tweet your ad about that thing with that thing. – Yeah. – Right? And not a direct competitor. – Exactly. – It's just hilarious.

So it kind of started as a joke, it was just funny. It wasn't really anything serious. But– – You're the guy … Because whenever I've responded to some of your tweets, like I'll see them pop up on news articles. – Mmhmm. – Of uh, YouTubers exposed. So far I've got here Gal Gadot, Wonderwoman. – Uh huh. – Ah, you essentially used a lasso of truth on her. (laughs) – Basically. – To get it out of her right? – I'll take that.

– There was Anushka Sharma who is a Bollywood actress, who was tweeting about– – Pixel from an iPhone I think. – And then the most recent one, which I found absolutely bizarre was the Razer phone. Cuz' that's actually a– – Yeah, come on. – That's not even like, an influence. So that's the phone. – That's the company. So, that's like some next level … I tweeted that too, yeah. So, and it was the official announcement, for the Razer phone 2 and not only did they not tweet from any android phone or even one of the Razer phones, they tweeted

It from an iPhone. Come on, come on. – So, Marques is watching. – Yeah. – Just make sure– – Yeah, for real. – Which Twitter app do you use to see there? – Uh, Tweetbot on the desktop or Flamingo on Android shows you where it came from. So if I'm on my phone I can expose you. – So those are your go to apps as well rather than the native Twitter app? – I mean, I have the native Twitter app just for notifications and then I'll see that and then I'll open Tweetbot.

– That's interesting because I remember I tweeted out quite some time ago about what Twitter alternative apps and you recommended a few and one of things that was quite annoying for me in those apps was notifications. And it is Twitter kind of limiting that isn't it? – Yeah, the api kind of ruins 3rd party apps. They keep making it worse. But at this point, yeah it's just … Notifications will come from the Twitter app and if I want to take action on them, I'll go click on them. But for the most part, my scrolling activity and all that, and replying to people is happening in Flamingo or Tweetbot. – Sweet. – Yeah. – Now, the next question I want to ask is,

This is something that … A lot of people see YouTube and they're like "oh man, this is like, amazing, you guys have the perfect life, perfect job." And if you even, like. Not necessarily complain but kind of state the hard work that goes into videos or anything people just go "oh stop complaining about your perfect little lives." Right? – Yeah. – Um, what are the sort of challenges that you face when making videos? – I mean, so obviously, the whole production process is like, pretty straight forward. Like you're pointing a camera at something, you're talking

About it, you're editing it. But there's the whole pre-production process which involves deciding what to make a video about. All the channel analytics and all the listen to comments and figuring that part out, the thoughts bouncing around in your own head and then you decide on what you're going to make a video about, the research, the writing and all that. That's the part that they don't see. So when they see a video they just think "oh, he sat down, he turned the camera on, he started talking and then he uploaded it." Like, there's a lot more time. So, that's one of the things. There's just a lot of time that stretches out in between videos.

Um, and then just the general, getting better at what you do. A lot of times, you're editing a video and you're like "this just isn't quite right." And it feels kind of helpless, like there's nothing you can do about it. Like, I just want to get this shot right, I just want to get this color right, I just want to get this part of the script to match what I want to say. And it just doesn't feel right. Um, and people will never know when they see the final video, what you intended. They just saw the final end of it. So yeah, it doesn't even sound like a struggle. But it's just like all the massive amounts of time and

Effort that people don't see, that go into a seemingly effortless video. I said this before, maybe not out loud but. "A magician's greatest trick is making it look easy." "A creators greatest trick is making it look easy." Um, it's not easy. – I'm going to cut that out and I'm going to post that. That's uh, really wise words there. Uh, you mentioned about a script. Do you script your videos? – Yeah, yeah. I have a complex where I struggle with information density. So I want, especially for a review or like an important video. I want to fit as much information, in as concise a time

As possible. I just uploaded a 17 minute video, which makes it seem like I wasn't really trying to shorten it. But if I was just rambling and just had some points and I just wanted to get through it all, I could've taken half an hour. – Okay. – So, I do write down everything I explicitly want to say and make sure I say all of it. – Okay, cool. So, it's not like you're reading off a teleprompter or something like that? – No, I don't do teleprompter. But I literally will have everything in a Google doc and I'll have my phone with me right here and then I'm talking

To the camera and then I'll check to make sure I said everything and I did. So I'll move on to the next piece and think about how I want to say it. Deliver it, say everything and I just keep going like that. – Cuz' I mean, it flows really well. And what was funny … You know, the collaboration video that I just did a few days ago are on the iPad Pro. – Yeah. – Like everybody had outtakes, you didn't have outtakes– – People thought I was like some sort of superhero for that. – I kind of played on that. So at the end I just put "MKBHD doesn't do outtakes." – I don't do outtakes.

– I mean, he just does it in one go. But, that was just a bit of a gag. I'm just having a bit of a laugh with uh– – I have outtakes. – Marques, but he does have outtakes. – I have a whole video on Twitter of me trying to record outside. But that's not even my fault. That's just like, truck after truck driving by making noise and banging in the background. But yeah, I do have outtakes. – I mean, so when you're doing it yourself do you like, do you mess up a lot? Or do you think it's like … – It's not even …

I mean I do like flub words and whatever. But like, a lot of it is just me saying it and me like "nah, I can do that better, I can do that better." Then I do it again, and I'm like "oh, I can do that even better actually." And I just keep doing it and these guys can attest, I'll say the same sentence 15 times and be like "actually, the first one was probably fine." And then edit that in. So, it's a process. But you kind of just learn what you're good at and write around it basically. – That's really good to hear cuz' sometimes like, there's a lot to remember. Especially when it comes to, like a smartphone right?

Cuz' you can't get anything wrong. – Yeah. – Doing what we do, we can't get anything wrong. – Trust me, I know. The second you get something wrong, they're on you. (fist claps) – Boom. – But that's the thing like, you got to do your due diligence and I'm getting better at this. But you got to do your research and get all the facts right. And not only get them all right, but include them all. – Exactly. – So you don't like omit anything or forget or … People may call it lying by omission saying "you forgot that on purpose."

There's all kinds of different things that can happen. But, yes. Extra effort to information density and making sure everything is laid out and then you can make your choice from there. – So, kind of continuing on from the challenges that you face as a creator, when it comes to producing content. One of the things that I think, you know a lot of people don't see is the kind of hate that a lot of us get online. Um, you know. There's all kinds of people out there, they're behind a wall of being anonymous, right? So, you know we get all kinds of racist comments, all sorts. Do you get much hate and how do you deal with it? – Yeah uh, when you've been on the internet for 10 years,

You've seen some stuff, you know? Um, my answer honestly for dealing with it, is just ignoring it. They hate that, they hate that. And it's the most powerful thing you can do. A lot of people, I think make the mistake of directly addressing it, giving it attention, shining a light on it, screenshotting it, tweeting it, "look at this idiot." Um, stuff like that. I've never done any of that. I still see the comments and like people have like random awful things to say and all you can do is think like "alright, well this person is sitting at their keyboard, waiting for … they're trying to type as crazy a thing as possible to get you to respond."

Just don't. And it ruins their day, it feels great. – That's, that is … I've tried to do the same. But there's been occasional times where just, you know, maybe you're having a bad day and somebody just pushes you over the edge and you just like, you just tweet it out. Do you never get that? Do you ever have that? – So, I feel like I've gotten pretty good at distinguishing the difference between meaningful, useful constructive criticism and feedback on a video and just useless … Just trash, right? And, I usually can just dismiss the trash because I know there's no backing to it, it doesn't mean anything.

They're probably just typing it because they think they'll get a reaction and so when I narrow it down to the bucket of actual useful criticism, that's actually the part that can have the hardest effect on me. Like, I'm reading this stuff, I'm they're like yeah "you screwed up this part of the video." And I'm like, "yeah, you're right. I did." And I feel bad about that and it hurts cuz' it's true. So, that's the kind of stuff that motivates me to do better and I can forget the … That's never going to help me. The trash and the random comments and stuff. The useful constructive criticism is the worst and the best cuz' that's what really gets to ya. – That's good to hear.

That's something I need to learn. Cuz' like I said, I generally try to filter out the rubbish. But there's just those certain occasions where you're just like … And you just got to post it. – It's slipping at the right time and you re, you're like, yeah. – Yeah, it just kind of hits you and like … But I need to learn … I think that's something that … Like from all the creators I follow, I think like, we all do it. I think you're probably one of the best examples of somebody that doesn't have that filter, which is great. And I think I need to kind of learn that from you.

Right now, speaking of YouTubers right. So um, obviously we're both here YouTubers. What do you watch on YouTube and who would you say are your top three creators? – Hmm. Ah, I watch a lot. So my viewing habits have changed. Like I've watched … I watch a lot of YouTube. I don't watch TV that much. Um, so I watch a lot of Tech on YouTube just cuz' I'm interested in tech in general as if I'm one of the viewers of many of these channels, cuz' I am. Um, but then I watch a lot of sports stuff. I watch a lot of random ESPN clips and highlights of things

That just happened last night when I didn't watch TV. Um, as far as specific creators, at the moment. I could go through my sub box right now but, I'm a big fan of videos that John is doing right now. Uh, Tod. So, really … Tech channel, I tend to watch those videos too. Um, Casey's been doing great first person vlog style stuff forever and he's a constant inspiration for like shot style. There's always a new shot in his videos where I'm like "I have not seen that before, that's an interesting angle." Um, let me just open my sub box and see if I can find something else, cuz' there's tons. – Yeah, it's interesting you mention Jonathan.

Because, um. I even mentioned this to him like "Jonathan, I hate you man. Because whenever I post a picture, I put a tag underneath it. I'm like, is it really though?" – I took this picture and I swear I took it on this phone a couple of years ago. – Yeah, it's like. "Dude, what have you done?" It's so funny though. It's like, it was really interesting, what he did. Uh, which was, you know that bias that people have. – Yeah. – Well, I know you do the blind test on YouTube for your camera equipment comparisons and that's great. And I used to do them before, but it used to take

Too much time. But, what I've been doing on say Instagram is I've been posting pictures. But not saying where they're from. – Yeah. – And it's so interesting because the reactions you'll get because of that bias … Someone who's maybe an Apple fanboy or an Android fanboy … When they see that, oh that photo has been taken by a competitor, they'll trash it. They'll try to find things wrong with it. – Yeah, that's one of my favorite things and I think we'll have something really interesting upcoming with blind tests. Cuz' I think that's the best way really, to like try to

Understand some. But, another weird thing happened. I was on Joe Roegan's podcast and I was like revisiting this old, like camera test I'd done and it was ABcd and it was blank again. And I was like "I don't really remember, which one was which." But as I was looking at the photos, I could … Even though it was still blind to me, I could identify characteristics about the photo that made me believe that it was a certain camera and then I went into my bias. That's like a second layer deep. – Yeah. – Anyway, so we're going to mess with that. But, I do think we'll do some more blind tests.

Um, I think that is the best way to do it. – It is. Did you find your creator? – I found another one, Philip Defranco. Right, like I said. I don't watch a whole lot of TV and if I'm trying to figure out what, like happened today, I either ask Google "what happened today?" Or I'll watch Phily D's last video and I know what happened today. – Yeah, cuz' he summarizes it in a nice sort of concise way. – Yeah. – That is easy to understand and breakdown. – And another editing inspiration of mine. Because there are a whole lot of little neat things you can

Do in a video. Something I've been like stubborn about, even though I probably should change it, is that I never have background music and it's a challenge to keep things flowing properly without some sort of beat behind it to transition things. And Phily D is another guy that never has background music. But I've never minded it. So, it's good stuff. – So do you put much background music … I kind of notice it in the intros and maybe towards the exit? So you generally don't have– – None, yeah. Just the intro.

Sometimes there's a second clip or a third clip or sort of a break in the video, where music makes sense or it will be just silent. – Yeah. So, I generally don't put music in my videos. But there's sometimes when like, the audio isn't great and I'm like "man, I need to cut that out." – Yeah. (laughs) We've all been there. – Low key, just put something in the background to cover it up. – Yeah, a little beat over the hiss. – Everything is going great, like thankfully your channel. I mean, ever since we saw you, you've been adapting you've

Been hustling and you've been making great content, which we're all inspired by. What is next for MKBHD? What can we expect? – Hmm, big question Saf, big question. – Going deep man. (laughs) – Um, yeah I mean. I guess I'll go back to sort of what I said before about like … I'm into tech, I'm into all these new things coming out. These new gadgets, new phones, these new cars, these new whatever and I'm into video. So I guess what's next for MKBHD is probably going to have something to do with those two things.

Tech and reviewing it, evaluating how good things are. If you should buy it or not and online video, online presentation, sharing the experience with people. Whatever that ends up being. So at the moment, YouTube is a great place to do that. Um, if in ten more years … I'll be so old. In ten more years– – Hey man– – There's still that, I'll be there. (lauging) That's thing about like getting old or whatever. It's like, when someone's like nine years old, they'll be like "oh my god, I was such a baby when I was six." And I was like, that was three years ago.

So, as a 21 year old, obviously 30 … Or as a 24 year old, obviously 34 looks old to me. But my dad is like 50 plus and he's like "yeah, I remember 30 years ago." And I'm like, "what, 30 years ago?" I don't have the perspective yet. – That's more than your life. – Yeah exactly. So anyway. Yeah, tech, YouTube, videos just some sort of a … Just a branch of all those things. – We'll be looking forward to seeing more of it. I did put out some questions on Twitter, like on the way here. But a lot of the questions I think, you know because you

Have your Ask MKBHD series that you answered it in there and which is why I kind of wanted to do something in this video which was a little bit different to stuff that you might not usually get asked, cuz' it's usually a lot of Tech based. But there was a few questions that just keep coming up. The first one, which I've asked you before as well and I know you're probably not going to answer right now is, what does the K stand for? That's something that people keep going on … Okay, I know you're not going to answer right now, that's fine. Is it going to be answered at 10 million? – It is. – Okay, so that's going to be–

– That will be, not a secret anymore at 10 million. And like, whatever. It's like … It's not a big … It is what it is. I think it's funny that that's been such a thing for a long time. But yeah, that'll be revealed officially and the rumors can die at 10 mil. – 10 mil and well, how many subs are you at right now? – At 7 mil. – 7 mil. So, we aren't a long way away and I'm sure like, you'll be hitting that very, very soon. Um, so make sure, if you haven't subscribed already …

Which to be honest, I think– – If you want to uncover the K, this is your duty. – This is what you got to do. But I'm sure like most of my subscribers are already subscribed to you. Like, anytime I have you in the thumbnail, like boom. Did you see that I photoshopped you into … Because we took a selfie. – I saw that. I didn't realize … So I thought that was like a really good photoshop of everyone from different scenes. I didn't realize you were all there at once and I was the only photoshop. That's so amazing.

– Well hey, I mean, you thought the whole thing was photoshopped so that's quite impressive. – Yep. – Another question that people have been asking is "are you ever going to be joining the beard gag?" – Man I … Yeah. Someday, someday. I mean I don't have an official answer for that. But like, it's not easy. You know it's not easy. – Man, I only started like properly growing a beard as I got older. – Right, yeah. – So I mean … I actually did a beard video where one of the things I was

Saying was I never used to get this link. You know, from … Which I, which you also have to get. – I'm attempting. – But, I never used to get that and the Craig David line beards were so famous back then. And I really wanted one. – Yeah. – So, quite an embarrassing fact is that I used to use … There was a little gap here and I used to use fill it in with eyeliner. – There's way worse things you could be doing with that, yeah. – Yeah. – Yeah, that's definitely …

Yeah, I'll work on that. – Cool, alright. So, I've got something, I've got a little something for you. Which I'll quickly go out. This is a little gift. – Oh I have a feeling, I know what this is. (laughing) – I think you do, I think you do. (case unzipping) (laughing) – My very own pair of microfibre … Oh, is that built into the case? – That's built into the case, yeah. – Oh that's cool, alright.

– He's got some SuperSaf style sunglasses. I don't think … Have you ever posted any pictures with sunglasses on? – Probably not. – Well, you will be on my Instagram with this on. – This is the one. – This is it. So you're going to keep these on. – Alright. – We're going to finish off with, um, what I'm going to be calling The SuperSaf Quickfire round. (techno music) – Rapid fire, alright. – So, the way this is going to work is, I'm going to give you two things, I'm going to say two things right.

So, A and B and then you can't think about it. You just have to say your response. – Just blurt it out. – Yeah, so just straight out right? – This is my favorite way to embarrass myself. – Yeah, so I've got a bunch of questions which I'm going to go in. Start off a little bit easy. – Like a preference thing? – Yeah, yeah so, just pick one. Don't think about it at all, just pick it and then just say it. – Alright. – Okay, 3, 2, 1. Hot or cold?

– Hot. – Big or small? – Small. – Sweet or sour? – Sweet. – Beef or chicken? – Chicken. – Tea or coffee? – Neither, tea. – Pancakes or waffles? – Pancakes. – Gif of jif? – Jif. – PC or Mac? – I'm a Mac.

– IOS or Android? – I'm an Android. – Desktop or laptop? – I can't live without the desktop. – Instagram or Twitter? – Twitter, all day. – Final cut or new cut? – Final cut. – Metal or glass? – Uh, gimme metal. – Skin or kiss? – Skin. – 21 by 9 or 16 by 9? – Uh, gimme 16 by 9. – Headphones or earphones?

– Headphones. – 3.5mm jack or a bigger battery? – Bigger battery. – Fingerprint scanner or Face ID? – Face ID. – Better battery or 11 more pixels? – More pixels. – Front stereo speakers or better lens display? – Going so fast, uh, front stereo speakers. – Wide angle or telephoto? – Gimme that wide angle, yeah. – Wireless or fast charging? – Cool. There we go. – Marques.

– I flubbed some of those, I already know. – Thanks for the– (laughing) Thank you so much for being on the channel, having me in your studio. We have a little studio tour on AGTV as well. It's so awesome to be here and see you. As I said, very much inspired by your content. A lot of my audience are inspired by a lot of the stuff that you do and I know for a fact that you'll only be getting stronger and stronger and the 10 million will be coming very, very soon man. Thank you. – I appreciate that. – I appreciate it man.

– Good to be here. – Alright guys, if you haven't already, then make sure you subscribe to MKBHD. He's MKBHD everywhere. – Everywhere. – Nice and consistent, which is great. – Those five letters are everywhere, that's it. – MKBHD, it's not going to change to MKB4K or 8K it's always going to be HD, high definition and if you haven't already then be sure to subscribe to this channel as well we're going to be having lots more videos coming up. I hope you enjoyed this video and found it useful. If you did, do hit that thumbs up button. This is Saf with MKBHD on SuperSaf TV. See ya next time.

(hiphop music) (claps) Sweet man. Awesome, thank you so much dude. – No problem. Oh got mad bright when I took those off. – This is it, that's your pair man. I want to see those on the gram now. – I'm on it. (techno music)

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