The Real iJustine!

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

do you google yourself do you see what
other people makes me question a lot of
things yeah
so should we should we have a look at
some of these yeah okay lots of guys
laughs you want super safe TV and I've
got here a very special guest here on
the shelf it is of course Justine ezarik
okay I just eat that's me
so what some happy did I see your name
right you said it's like close enough
well how do you actually use Eric but
it's not use anything I don't ever
correct anybody oh so many people would
just think it's just like a mystery
there you go now you know it's easier it
is Eric yeah awesome so great to finally
have you on the channel I know this is
so exciting you know
Wow who's finally marinelli and you
brought the rain I'm sorry
it's sorry it's just this is like a
great cloud that follows me everywhere I
like wherever I go so I'm sorry LA like
it doesn't rain here
it really doesn't except it did it like
you just just like it got here and it
just starts raining I couldn't believe
it well it's okay you're here and now
it's the rain stops yeah so it's stuff
for now and we'll be going out in the
raptor later which is good I'm so
excited aren't you afraid of my driving
do we have you have seatbelts right
there our seat belt I think when I get
one I'm probably gonna get the racing
lon okay so there's like extra yeah
safety so as long as we've got those I
think it should be alright be good yeah
well this video will not go live if if I
don't have my seatbelt on potentially so
some try to think so if something
happens like you have to but then you
need to have a we need to have a
redundancy plan okay you're gonna be in
the car – this is getting super dark
this is getting to you okay anyway what
are we doing anyways so Justine yes

we're in the rap that with that good try
she's a very good dresser seat boss rock
I just want to ask get to know Justine
ezarik it like me or know me you don't
imagine see I want to know just didn't
they Justine but also like what can
attack your into as well as of course
something about people are also
interested in so firstly what is
Justine's go to right now camera
smartphone and a computer what are you
through oh my gosh probably the new
MacBook Pro I mean that's when I'm
traveling like that okay good I pretty
much do everything on the sony a7 3
that's what I'm doing pretty much this
is that right there that one there I'm
gonna be getting that now just feed and
they get have convinced me enough to to
get it incredible yeah it looks amazing
and you'll be seeing the quality much
better than what you've got on my
channel ok so yeah oh I don't tell us of
course of course of course that's not
that's not a surprise
probably not as right but of course I
mean like you use the iPhone obviously
as your daily but you also use other
phones which are they can you use lots
of other tech and what I also like when
I see videos is that if you do think
that's as a feature on another phone
that's better you'll say it it's not
like you're gonna be like nice to like
the iPhone better you'll say that this
phone has something better so if you
could take something from these are the
phones and put them into the iPhone you
know we're talking camera batteries etc
what would you take I'm from where I
love the pixel wide angle okay they did
such a good job with that and also the
nitesite I know I made a few videos
talking about the nitesite kind of
making fun of the press announcement
because they it was over exaggerated the
iPhone there's no way that that picture
you turn that exposure down like that
but I use it every day I know what you
did but that's not to say that the
nitesite it is really absolutely
incredible I got my sister the moon was
rising so that was massive in the middle
of the desert and I didn't even bring my
actual camera the only thing I had was
my iPhone and the pixel just try this
yeah it kind of like blew my mind how
great the shot was cuz it was completely
dark there was nothing but the moonlight
yeah this this is something that I've
been saying as well getting night
something like night sight and I
would be awesome yeah that's one area
that I think that he can they do and
then especially the wide-angle lens
because I thought that makes such a huge
difference in like taking selfies and
even just video and vlogging and things
like that of course yeah what else what
else would he get from other phones that
you like what else would I get I mean
that's really that's what I use most yes
I would love to have a front-facing 4k
camera okay yeah both lucky for sure
yeah every much phone it was that it had
the there was like a monitor on the back
or like a little screen display oh yeah
you can have a selfie camera okay I
still use the back yeah yeah for the
name of it it's um it's this one you
could just put it's like I want to leave
this in that is a pretty cool concept
because the refacing camera is obviously
the main camera which has the best
quality best for low-light cetera so
using that as your selfie camera oh yeah
sure sure I mean I think it's also hard
to because I think with a lot of people
do is when they're using the
front-facing camera they're looking at
themselves yeah so it's like you have to
figure out where that camera is look at
that not yourself yeah which is this is
why I'm oldest wearing sunglasses Casey
nice a heck oh that's yeah yeah that's
what you need to do but yeah I get that
everybody does do that but it'd be nice
yeah anything else that you'd like to
take from other phones hmm
you what about the color Oh color oh I
put a case on it so honestly it doesn't
really matter later you love these sort
of like the two-tone yeah it does look
it really does it's just beautiful
yeah but I mean I'd love like the look
of the iPhone obviously but it's just I
think I really wish that they would have
done a hot pink
although 10r if they would have like I
think I just seen edition oh I'd be so
cool if you're listening for the next oh
my god it freaked out yeah behind right
so let's talk a bit about your journey
here in youtubers and just as a content
creator what what are you actually refer
to yourself as by the way I'm the
grandmother of YouTube at this point
can you believe it like what I think
about how much time is passed like it's
been over 12 years of this crazy that
I'm making YouTube videos but that's
absurd it is a very very long time right
but it's but what's amazing is what I
think is amazing is that I've seen lots
of youtubers come and go but you've
consistently been making content which
is so inspiring to see what what keeps
you going um so I feel like I've charged
about that's like a very little bit but
I feel like every three years I sort of
go through this like cycle of like
doubting myself doubting what I'm doing
and I think everybody does that but a
lot of times we don't really talk about
it and I think this past couple of years
it got really bad where I actually kind
of quit YouTube but no one really knows
like I don't really make a big deal
about it like I was still posting
content yeah but I was just like so
unhappy I didn't like what I was doing I
don't like the content anything he's
like you know what's mean to me why it's
nothing happening what is going on is it
me that you I don't know and so I just
sort of like thought back to like when
was my most happiest time on YouTube and
why did I start doing this because I
really loved creating content I love
telling stories I loved editing so I
just thought one of my favorite things I
loved tech I love food I love video
games and I just sort of rebranded
myself kind of into okay
and you don't make it big deal about it
just did it just I just was like these
are the things that I love this is what
make videos about and I did and and like
that increased my overall happiness I
wasn't vlogging as much so I still had
like my personal life yeah and it was
just like everything just sort of
stemmed from that just going back to
like my core values even what I love to
do and and that helped me and it helped
my channel and and like I still like I
still love it
like if we do or I would not be doing it
no that's this this really interesting
you mentioned that because I think a lot
creators do go through that and they
don't get out of that line it's great to
hear that you kind of did take a step
back and see what you what you started
in the first place for right and I feel
like you just get sucked in by the views
and the numbers yeah I don't really ever
look at it I mean it's like I definitely
do I'm not going to say I don't ever see
when things aren't going well we're
doing this but a lot of times like
that's not your fault
it's like it's a YouTube issue it is
something like you need to tweak the
type of content I mean it's it's not
like don't take it
because most of time it's not you and
it's just outside things that are
affecting that and that's something that
you have to keep in mind yourself
because it is very easy to get into that
rabbit hole and kind of just like you
know just refuse subscribers numbers
which is and it's not what about that
yes of course that's part of it but it's
not what about that but it's like I feel
like for me when I switched my mentality
I'm really enjoying the content that I
was making and not just producing just
to produce stuff yeah and like if
there's a few days where I go and I
don't post anything or a week like that
used to just eat away yeah and now I'm
like you know what it's fine I'm gonna
go outside I'm gonna do other things and
like for me like video games was usually
like my escape like that I don't just go
and play video games and I feel like
that also wasn't very healthy because I
wasn't going outside it wasn't working
out it wasn't doing anything even this
year I focused a lot on like Fitness
health and that because also something
that was suffering because I would focus
all my time on of course on this or
playing video games yeah so it's like
trying to balance the gaming and still
going outside has been very very helpful
that's that's awesome and I'm glad that
you saw that and moving forward
positively which is which is awesome to
see you mentioned about YouTube and some
of the changes beyond you choose fall
and I've seen that you've actually been
quite vocal as well on Twitter if you
could change something on YouTube what
would it be I mean it's just it's hard
because this is not just YouTube problem
it's like you have subscribers you have
followers like you don't really own
those people you know it's it's like
you're on a platform that is free and so
they're giving you these things so it's
kind of like I feel like for you to like
it's a privilege that we are able to
make money like it's not a right so for
them to take it away from people like
that's it but that's fine like they can
do that like we're using their service
they're giving us money like that's
yeah to even like think about so and I
think that's where it sort of gets a
little bit kind of like the gray area
because people are like wow I'm
uploading content I'm putting my time
and effort into this but and they're
taking the money away but brands don't
want to advertise over content that is
not appropriate so I totally get it yeah
I don't think it's entirely fair to
creators who maybe had made money off of
last but it's it is such a fine line and
it's difficult because it's like you're
ripping something away from you
not totally and I think you know your
content you've not been hit by D
monetization oh no I mean every once in
a while sometimes by like Axia but I
mean your contents pretty clean very
family-friendly yeah which I think
gaming stuff I was a little got a little
rambunctious calmed down a little bit
with a play call of duty
yeah so whenever I'm watching your
videos what I do notice and even right
now like when we've been shooting
together is you very energetic and
really excited and any it is quite
genuine yeah right so that's really good
see but do you have like down days do
you feel like okay I want to do this
oh yeah there's even new videos I've
shot that I'm like I can't even post
this because I look miserable so I mean
again that's why I'll sometimes Bank
some content don't have like cooking
videos that I've shot before where if
I'm having like a bad week or I'm
traveling and I'm exhausted like it just
it is so important to take care of
yourself and noctem tonight just really
never did until recently and I'm like if
I don't take care of myself like I'm not
happy yeah my content isn't good so he
comes across as any on camera for sure
totally and especially when we're
editing ourselves I'm like oh my god you
look so miserable like yeah you can just
see it like you can eyes like Oh Justine
take a nap yeah yeah no because I
remember like I came back from the
flight like he was like twelve hours
right and I had another flight the day
after but I had to film a video because
it had been a week since I attend one
and I did it and like I can like see my
face just like like act like my face is
begging to sleep right yeah but this is
the thing that it's like no I had to
post the video so I had to kind of like
try to really like had a few coffees and
just try to boost up the energy but it's
good to hear that you know like a lot of
people will see Justine always happy and
excited but it happens to all of us
right if you're sure it does no I mean
there's definitely been videos where
I've had to push through and just like
you just have to get it done and that's
I mean that's a part of it I think it
was whatever the the MacBook Air and the
Mac Mini it came out I was traveling so
much but like everything that could went
wrong like I tripped a breaker all the
lights went off and I steal cars
corrupted I was about ready to lose my
mind but I was just sort of like a
laughing at it because I was like what
else can go wrong in the
say the battery died in my car I put dog
food in my oatmeal okay like the last
day but it's like it's good because it's
like when things are going so great you
sometimes take that for granted
sometimes need to be knocked back down
oh yeah oh god okay
it gets worse it gets it gets worse but
it does get better and it's just you
just have to work to get back yeah it
makes you appreciate the good days right
sure does what I like seeing about you
Jenny are that you're not just going to
YouTube you've you know open on TV shows
you've got a book you've been in movies
which is awesome to see somebody who's
an online content creator to kind of
venture out and do all of these these
are the things yeah is there something
that you haven't done yet which you'd
like to do I think so I think I would
love to do a movie myself okay yes I
think we've definitely pitched a lot of
things but I feel like that was
something that I've wanted to do like
the past couple of years but I feel the
time is right like it'll all work out
cool and I have so many talented friends
that are like writers and producers and
distractor so it's like when I can get
all those people together to do
something like that's what it'll I'm
looking for shame there if you need it
give me the Hat let me know I will I'll
be over here that's great Mele yeah
listen I love it I'll hopefully not
bring the weather with me no could you
go back yeah Kinesis might cancel shoots
cancel sap ca put the weather go back
yeah so many things like I want to do
like a children's book I'd love to do
like some animations and stuff and sort
of things that aren't really revolving
around me like I love telling all the
people's stories but also guys like
documentaries and things like that I
think are just so fun that's what I'm
looking forward to seeing some of the
best that come up hopefully so you've
been making content for over ten years
now oh gosh yeah but then I made like
your first website when I was in sixth
grade which was a very long time ago I
was teaching myself HTML like I said I
wanted to be a computer programmer the
good old days yeah I mean when I first
made – like I had all these animated
yes it's like everything just like it's
such a busy page what that's what it was
you did that yeah those the good times
so over those like yes what would you
say has been like you highly um I
honestly it's like meeting the people
that like we made videos for because I
feel like if I don't meet then you don't
understand that the impact that the as
creators have yeah and it's incredible
like just little kids coming up and just
crying and I'm like oh my gosh I had
this moment on my book tour we were in
New York and one of my favorite authors
growing up was RL Stein oh my god yeah
be the biggest daily I read every
Goosebumps book I had like three like
Fear Street like every single one I
loved them so much and I was standing at
the the book signing and RL Stein was
signing books next to me oh man this
little girl comes up and she's crying
and then I'm hugging her and I look over
and I see Aurel Stein I start to cry
just like it was one of those moments
that like I understood what was going
through her mind yes I was having the
same recession so it was just like such
a powerful moment just to know that like
you know people do have that impact over
you and it was like oh I have this for
you and he has that for me which is
that's awesome Mike remember we were at
CES together early in the air and you
had so many people like can I have a
conversation with Justine it's like
difficult if you're in public because
you just have people like Justine can I
get a picture
and I was like another side that one guy
was like oh you can mean the picture to
him like okay she's just be there to
sign it but yeah like you don't normal
like everyday like it's it's do you get
that a lot safe you were out in town
like just you just get that about yeah I
mean it's cool it's just like people
just want to say hi and you're usually
very friendly and nice and then take a
high-five hug that's all so that's
awesome and it's good that good to see
how you actually interact with fans and
being down-to-earth as well one of the
things I always tell people is the first
time so me just seemed like I'd
obviously seen a lot of Justine's
content as everybody else has for a long
time but then we interact on Twitter a
little bit and then we met at in New
York yeah I was like okay it's Justine
you know like you know she's how's she
gonna be like like I didn't know what to
expect and then just just seen kamo
she's like hey how you doing and
everything I still tell people I'm like
just seems so awesome so down-to-earth
and I really appreciate that it's good
to see it's like inspiring to see
because we do see some people who care
like oh yeah I'm like I'm better than
anything else or anything so it's so
good to see that you are down to earth
and that's uh that's something that I
kind of look
aren't you because I mean I feel like I
haven't doing it for so long – and I
feel like at some point you know those
people that may have that attitude I
mean that might be something coming from
deep down inside like they don't mean to
be that way so it just sort of may come
off like that yeah I don't know I'm just
always trying to think of like why is
somebody doing what they're doing
yeah but I don't know but it is great
meeting people when I was excited to
meet you yeah it's just I just being it
it's all a surprise that's a fun event
that we were – Anu that was that was so
awesome that was actually the time I
quit my job
loud flew to New York it's the best time
I think best decision I have made you
know got to hang out with just theme KC
everybody and he just it was so positive
to see the community and I think
especially you know in also community
you know people who do tech and stuff it
is really nice like that everybody kind
of gets along
you know we help each other out and it's
awesome collaboration one thing I'm
definitely there's a lot of tech
community is everyone is super
supportive and there's so many different
communities on YouTube and I feel like
I'm kind of like a mini part of a lot of
them because I produce so much you do –
it's been interesting coming from the
gaming community which I feel like yeah
it's very very harsh and not very
supportive and it's much better now I
think but like in the beginning people
like you don't actually play games I'm
like I grew like this is this is what
you do I've done yeah but even like this
past year like I took a step back from
that just to try to like you know go
outside and do things away but it's like
it's always something that I've loved
and just especially the nintendo's which
I can take it with me everywhere so then
it brings gaming with the whole set so
great this is it's interesting you
mentioned all of this BIC is being a
female content creator and I think they
don't want to talk about because I think
in the gaming and particularly the tech
space as well right I the attitude that
you get from the audience because it's
primarily a male-dominated audience it's
so different and personally I think it's
much more difficult being a female
content creator in the tech community
because say super-safe says something
wrong don't be like Zach you're an idiot
right oh if a female content creators
says something wrong I mean they'll get
really personal things like that do you
get that a lot and how do you deal with
it okay so I kept saying hard drive I
met solid-state drive and I'm
okay you guys know what call it my
family telling me I need to die because
I caught him like come on like it's just
yeah I'm so sorry yeah but it's so silly
because like I can be making the same
video with somebody else and they'll say
oh my gosh like she's being too excited
I'm like what but she's excited about it
and if I'm not excited I'm maybe I just
need to go to sleep or it's like
something that I don't really care that
much about but I usually only make
videos about stuff that I like so if I
don't make a video about it probably cuz
I didn't like it hmmm or any of like
editing you know it depends yeah but
yeah it is funny because I'll read
comments in somebody else's video or
they'll tell me that like my mom or dad
bought it for me and they're like I
would lie something you know really I
just spoil it if then somebody else like
a guy will buy it and they're like oh
yeah yeah see that's not something I
think you to change I make videos for
everybody you know it's like I'm not
gonna give you all the crazy stepping
specs yeah go with that in depth I mean
I definitely can mm-hmm but like most of
the time when I'm watching you video I
want to know like how does it perform
you know it's really cool and even like
I used to just do unboxing videos and
now I'm like no you need to do a little
bit more you know yeah so it's like I'll
do the unboxing which I love doing and I
go out and test said product in like a
normal way that people would normally
use it yeah I know cuz I actually like
that so so many videos in his sake Oh
laughter he was better than mine because
she like because I had box it because
it's unboxing live in a separate video
which was kind of review but then you
kind of you did the unboxing but then
you're like alright I'm going to go on
and check it out and it made the inbox
saying so much more interesting to see
and was something that I was like
alright maybe I need to do that more in
my video system because I used to
separate them mostly cuz I'd be like Oh
wolf I separated that I have two videos
but then at some point I'm like that
yeah no one's gonna come back to watch
the second ones and it's like I need to
just put it all in one and yeah so it's
and that's kind of made the unboxings
more enjoyable definitely made it a lot
more work ya can imagine because
especially like the Apple watch stuff
tutors like I had to have Jenna help
film yeah like just so much goes into it
but it's it makes it work as well I
still love to edit so much so it's like
coach telling that story from all this
random footage that we've shot
throughout the day is
like a favorite part yeah so speaking of
anything like you do everything yourself
yeah I just Dean I do everything myself
that's the thing I mean like I was at
the foot point when I find I first spoke
to you about it I was like I thought
that you've got like a big team but then
I realized it was pretty much just you
yeah I mean even like this setup it's
like we've got two cameras I could do it
it definitely would be easier with more
people I mean I do have people help
sometimes shoot some of cooking videos
and my sister helps me shoot a bunch of
like the out-and-about videos I think
definitely do want to get to a point
where somebody is editing half the
videos okay like half the ones that I'm
not that emotionally attached to it like
some of the cooking videos very
straightforward things I want to start
doing more gaming stuff so I'd have
somebody kind of do that happily the
vlogs and the tech and like doing the
reviews like that is so personal to me
okay it's like I want to have hands-on
and I love I just I love it like I
really really do if I didn't I
definitely would have somebody doing it
yeah but it's funny cuz one of my
friends we went I was talked about this
earlier he went to the desert with his
Ford Raptor
and we looks like we filmed a Ford
commercial and all I had was just like
my camera like my phone a drone and like
that little DJI Osmo pocket yeah and it
looked like an entire film crew I was
like nope that was that was just that
was just you and you look at it next to
this actual Ford commercial like it's
shocking well it wasn't an ad not a
third punch hashtag not sponsored do you
google yourself do you see what other
people are good I do sometimes see
question a lot of things yeah so I mean
should we should we have a look at some
of these yeah okay if you see boyfriend
husband married networth so those those
are some of the top ones
so we've got boyfriend married we've got
sister eh age they'll age do you choose
not to share them or I mean like what my
net worth will only give you guys my
taxes look so that um Twitter age your
boyfriend you know that's I mean
whatever I'd love to see your research
result what do you watch what does
Justine what is
justine watch on youtube you know who
would you say is some of your favorite
creators I mean I watch you I watched
I watched Jonathan and watch mine is
like I mean I basically just watched
like a lot of tech videos but what I try
not to do is watch your guys's videos if
you guys are covering something yeah
before I do it because I don't want to
like have something that somebody else
said in my head so it's like I get so
excited but I've done with the video
then I get to go watch everybody else is
saying so it's so fun
ya know that's one of the things because
you can like sublimity get their biases
like somebody makes just something you
alright I'm gonna be looking out for it
but then it's not your what it's not
what people have come to watch your
video for they come to your veil to see
your opinion right I'm like don't watch
oh my gosh they don't have the video up
I want to look at it yeah no I do that
all the so especially when it comes to
cameras like cuz camera comparisons I
don't watch anybody's I go out test it
myself put my opinions out there then I
watch every else's but generally what
you'll find is what I find anyway is
after I've put one of those online I
look at your video I look at marques and
it's like oh we have similar ports so
you can like yeah so I wasn't wrong
about that yeah this camera isn't so
good in this situation for instance so
that's that's interesting so tech well
what about other than tech Rosanna
pansino she does know me she does like
baking like Lilly Singh she's one of my
good friends as well she's all sterling
although she she doesn't post as much
because she doesn't like these crazy
music videos like so much time goes into
those but yeah I mean they're just like
now I just watch like a lot of my
friends and then I end up just getting
down like that recommended rather oh
yeah you just go on my heart that you to
where I've ended up like watching like
all these crazy just it just gets so
crazy that they recommended video it was
like it's shocking it's pretty crazy
it's when you mentioned Lilly because
she's superwoman I'm super sad oh yeah I
get that so many times to say you guys
are you like what is what's going on
it's just like oh because we have the
same first name yes super this is what
it is I get that so many times they just
get a lovely for as always like
superwoman super sad mean there's gonna
be a connection back she's great it just
like such a hard working person like I'm
like I mean you need to take a break and
she did and I think
that was one of the best things I think
that yeah everybody needs to take a
break it's definitely definitely I saw
that I was like really happy that she
was taking time for herself and
prioritizing yeah I was that was awesome
to see what is next please
I just seen Wow so I mean I feel like
next year like even this past year like
I really would have to start sort of
like a production company and to start
doing bigger projects so like a lot of
things got away from me this year so
went back to prioritizing like myself
and thinking about like you know why did
I start doing YouTube and now that I
feel like I have that under control I
think next year I want to do some like
bigger projects obviously wanna do movie
I wanna do another book yeah I can
really do a children's book so badly
like it's just it'd be so fun
what's the not really looking about to
seeing some of those things now we're
gonna be finishing off with super sad
Quickfire out oh gosh right now before
we do that I've got a little present Lee
just hold on for a second I'm scared
it's not alive or in his bag
oh god I see super safe Hey look at that
super Justine like a tree this is
awesome cool how cool this gives you
special powers like do you ever have
trouble of reflections reflections no
this is that well this is that I don't
actually wear them in videos that much
it's more pictures on Instagram you
won't see me without my sunglasses
that's just kind of like the thing
that's the thing but yeah I mean so
you've got your own panel with the
reflective lenses I love it it's funny
because when evident somebody talks to
me say oh yeah so I see yourself right I
mean I see me can probably see
yourselves exactly if you look really
really close you'll be able to see
oh that's great I feel super cool video
quickfire cool you ready to up since you
can't think about it I want an in
response straight away okay weird
trouble down are you ready yes all right
so super-safe quickfire out in three two
hot cold hot biggest small sweet sour
sweet tea or coffee
beef or ticket chicken pancakes or
waffles give a dip chip PC a Mac Mac
Xbox will place the spot raise that
Android is iOS desktop laptop laptop
Instagram with Twitter take too long you
think they like you right okay
no cheating no metal or glass ah metal
skin or case Hey 21 by 9 or 16 by 16
Sony or Canon Sony headphones Evo air
pops okay
3.5 mm jack will be a battery battery I
think it's kind of face ID face ID
better battery life and more pixels hmm
better battery life from front stereo
speakers or a bezel less disbelief bezel
is wide angle with telephoto wide angle
wireless or fast charging that's cool
okay it was okay I'm sorry it was okay
my brain is super slow it's fine it's
fine she did okay she did okay I tried
my best
Justine thank you so much for being on
the show it's so awesome being here and
you know it's great to hear about your
future projects um we're playing on wish
you all the best in it if you haven't
already subscribed to I just think then
please do go ahead and subscribe you
won't be disappointed believing all of
our channels linked in the description
below it's pretty consistent isn't it
yes just use one now you used to have
like 45 18 happy racing channel you had
recently I think I need to bring some
back now this word Raptor yeah well
there you go this is gonna be the new
one I just seen racing let's go cold
thanks for watching guys hope you've
enjoyed it if you did do hit that like
button and if you haven't already
subscribed to this show then be sure to
hopefully you'll be seeing more
collaborations like this thanks for
watching this is super safe with
iJustine on super staff TV and we'll see
you next time
so yes this has been awesome thank you

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