The Race All-Star Series – Triple Crown [LE MANS] ft Alonso, Montoya, Fittipaldi, Magnussen + more!

published on July 2, 2020





























































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hello and welcome yet again our finale

of the rocket triple crown as we get the

all-star series powered by rocket phones

into its final week in the crown jewel

that Isla mall Monaco Indianapolis and

ylim all three tracks and three very

different disciplines together they form

the Triple Crown of motorsport

over the years many have tried and some

have come close but history has proven

that Graham Hill remains the king and

the sole victor of all three races

tonight's we head to the world-famous

lamothe circuit where since 1929 the

road course has been Motorsports

ultimate test to both man and machine

and has provided some of Racing's most

triumphant tragic challenging and

elating moments this week the rocket

Triple Crown will bring together the

fastest sim drivers the best real-world

racers and the biggest legends of

motorsport all together on the same

track despite having left Monaco with

six drivers still in contention not one

driver could repeat their success in

Indianapolis as since the rocket Triple

Crown might be out of reach but we still

have three championships to fight for in

the aptly named sim masters the best

virtual racers from around the world

will once again go head-to-head well in

the Pro Cup stars for me one the world

of Durin's championship formula II an

IndyCar will aim to take glory and the

legends icons of Motorsports will be

back on track at the circuits they

became heroes at drivers that have

conquered to the long 24 hours including

Darren Turner David Brabham Mika Salo

and Fernando Alonso will be looking to

repeat victories they have enjoyed at

this iconic venue time to find out who

will be victorious tonight's in the race

all-stars series powered by rocket


II as we get ready to get into things

immediately like we say first time we're

gonna have all three classes on track at

the same time albeit in different cars

will have the sim masters in gt3s we'll

get to that in a minute in fact L mp3s

LMP twos will explain it as we go we're

gonna get pretty excited as well because

as much as we said that there's not a

Triple Crown contender still able to win

it Alonso came very close last week more

or less this is about the championship

and there are double points for the

final race in fact why don't we bring up

the cars and track map for you now I'm

sure you all know them all very very

well but as I say the difference this

week being the fact that we've got

different cars for each class and it's

kind of in reverse order of speed in

theory because the Pro Cup guys they'll

be in the middle in the LM p3 car while

the legends have the advantage in an


and then the Callaway c7 gt3 essentially

a Corvette is what the sim masters will

be in again doesn't matter how the

outright speed is they're all competing

for class honours and we start with a

qualification and a sprint race for each

respective class that sprint race will

then determine the starting position for

the 45 minutes endurance finals so tons

to be had we've got winners as we say

the Triple Crown Montoya is one to

Alonso's one to but specifically this

week we've got drivers that have won at

Lamar David Brabham is won outright in

2009 with Puzo obviously Alonso's won

the two most recent class winners and

Darren Turner Jody Adams Mika Salo so

we've got tons and tons of experience to

get us underway and of course it's going

to be interesting to see how 45 minutes

and the concentration really comes into

this because we know in Tsim the mental

aspect of it can sometimes be extremely

extremely challenging I'm gonna be

joined in a minute of course by Jack

Nichols and hopefully Julian Palmer I

think he's just got an internet issue

that we're trying to sort but that said

I'm pretty sure they would both agree

that Lamar is the most unique challenge

that we've had yet and it you know if

Vaughn says the met you know the the

Cathedral of Speed this might be the

mecca of madness in a lot of ways 24

hours is a

lot to do in a race card flies by when

we look at it in retrospect but man oh

man it's extremely difficult Jack I

think you're on there with me now that

this has to be one of the biggest

challenges in all of motorsports and

always has been yeah it's such a

historic race isn't it there was a there

was a there was a Who Wants to Be a

Millionaire question the other week that

was like for a million pounds I think

and what was the oldest motorsport event

was it the LeMond 24-hour the Monaco

Grand Prix the Indy 500 or the Isle of

Man TT so obviously the the Isle of Man

is not in the Triple Crown of of car

racing but LeMond is has that level of

historic nurse about it and you know the

grids urban flow you have great years

you have weaker years you could say but

whatever the essence is there the

history is there and and it's and it's a

really really impressive place so really

looking forward to seeing these drivers

take it on a much longer lap than usual

as well which in theory will mean that

qualifying times will be a little bit

more spread out but we've seen so often

how close it's been that theory doesn't

always necessarily be may end up being

true well and and not only will the

qualifying times potentially more be

more spread out but you're gonna have

less chances because qualifying time

means you're probably only gonna get one

lap in so not only might they be spread

out you've got to be dead consistent

you've got to be super accurate to get

things started we're about to get into

that because there is so much on the

line today Championships aplenty all

three of them still to be won

well talk about the standings in a

second as well because there's been a

slight change we'll see in just a sec


welcome back all right we've got things

sorted Jolene's Internet's come back Jax

lovely faces suddenly got its makeup on

and ready for camera so we could talk

about yeah I know I'm sorry I got to

throw you under the bus every week it's

got to happen at least once we could

talk about last week as well because as

we say Triple Crown we had Monaco it was

a bit chaotic we had Indy what a battle

that was the drafting I think the sim

masters race was exceptional because you

had two drivers potentially going for

this Triple Crown and then of course the

button Alonso battle we're gonna look

back at the highlights because there's a

lot to talk about I want to get your

thoughts afterwards weak agreed and it's

a good start from Montoya and there goes

Bradley Smith in the red car to the

inside to the outside there oh and

they're squeezed into the wall and

there's the big one

Tristan voce across the line to take the

win on someone's phone in the middle

already there's a huge accident before

the race even starts a girl gets a great

run here and he's gonna slingshot past

the poofy taps him and that's huge

checkered flag is waiting angles got the

draft angle pulls out yes in front if a

air takes the win we get the green flag

as we get underway in the sim masters Oh

Lucas Blakely out this next feed caught

up in that as well Roman Edy's was hit

and now our losing cars I know New

York's Keith's gone out of shape and

he's lost it and he's wrecked but it is

your ace image across the line to win an

epic race Oh something we got two more

into the wall at the start of this one

look at the ball swarming over the line

instead of one this has been such good

clean racing and as soon as I say that

we go three wide and there's a bit of

contact a bit more contact cast open New

York ski drive to the lie

is caste or just and there goes Montoya

very quick stop and Montoya finds

himself down in third place he's up in

the wall also bear hasn't seen him and

he Spears across quite sad Alonso wipes

out pre-owned Dillon says lost it all by


and they hoped of a virtual Triple Crown

slip away but David Brabham takes the

win and now the race gets underway

Alonso drafting outside of me it's easy

to go inside a Coronel he is and Jenson

Button might come with him as well and

Hanzo to the front a lot so spins Alonso

throws away the Triple Crown and kids

the button wins at Indianapolis well

Jenson Button gets the last laugh in the

battle of Indy remember in season two we

also had Indy for the legends and it was

Alonso that took a double with a battle

against button but guys this is that was

a lot to look back at I mean like we say

that was it was very different we had

three four cars three or four tracks and

Indy might have been the most exciting

in some ways Jack mr oval over there

yeah it was good actually it was a lot

of fun I think it was a new experience

for a lot of the drivers I think there's

something about the online oval racing

that that that makes it feel a little

less realistic than than some of the

single seater racing we've seen or maybe

what we've seen from LeMond today I

don't know if that's because the sort of

crashing and wrecking is such a big part

of it that when that doesn't quite have

the same impact it it doesn't quite have

the same impact in terms of reality but

it was very enjoyable and some really

great racing and and some non-stop

action I'm expecting something a little

karma today but I'm probably wrong

interesting you were talking about

wrecks instead also what's happened to

check there's a wreck man as a wreck

down the back straightaway yeah you got

some good French lingo for this one we I

just to pick up on the point interesting

to say it might be that fear factor the

fact that you know there isn't as much

to risk going side by side three wide at

Indy and I think in real life you're

right there is a bit more to that we're

gonna get into limo on a second no we'll

talk about the difference

there because as I say there is many and

there's lots to look forward to we've

got so much on the line with all three

on track at the same time


while experience at LeMond is one thing

but experience of dumbing it doing it in

real life is certainly another we've got

someone who has someone who's done just

about every discipline in motorsport in

fact he's raced all three races of the

Triple Crown Rubens Barrichello joining

us again this week which is an absolute

treat yeah let's have a word with him

now showy Rubens

welcome back great to have you with us

at the race again looking forward to

LeMond you raced it a few weeks ago

didn't you yeah I did I did race the 24

hours actually we got lucky to get back

into the race because of the problem

initially but they saw that we had

nothing to do with the fact that we got

caught up in a situation so it was

lovely to race back because that we did

practice for a couple weeks and it's

nice to be back on this car with the

Brazilian colours now yeah absolutely

what are you hoping for today do you

have any particular rivals that you're

keeping an eye out for in the legends

trophy I love every one man it's just

nice to have everyone around and I'll

give my very best trying to win the race

obviously I try I I know a little bit of

the tricks since I've been testing you

know for the for the 24 hours and you

know force feedbacks and things like

this the car is well set up so actually

I just sent a message to Helio

Castroneves just to tell him because

whenever you see someone struggling they

are so competitive is because maybe they

may have not tried the force feedback

because the car gives you a number and

it's the stream with so much heavier

than normal then you gotta drop it down

and off you go okay well good luck for

the race Rubens thanks for joining us

thank you

there you go man all the tech insight

from Rubens borracho times etc it's such

a matter of fuel especially without the

back end of the car really coming

through the seat horse feedbacks

everything like you said tons of

practice went into the 24 they did two

weeks ago he was Alonso's teammate he'll

be going against him here Peterson to

compare some of the guys who did that

race and who didn't this week and maybe

that practice pays off someone who's

done this in real life and he's been an

overall winner in 2009 is David Brabham

he's also joining us and I'm looking

forward to hearing his thoughts on

virtual perspective Jack yeah absolutely

well of course David won in Indianapolis

last week now we return to a track David

that you've won on in real life you

looking forward to this one I am it

doesn't actually mean that I'm actually

going to do as well in India so I'm here

because I'm still trying to figure it

out I'm not really being able to get

much practice in and I'm still trying to

learn some of the tricks to get a really

quick like point okay and what what do

you think the differences are going to

be compared to Indy last time like it's

such a different discipline and I think

that's why we're seeing the difference

is in this Triple Crown

yeah for sure I mean obviously we've had

different cars you know we're in the

ARCA p2 car and that that in itself is

something that we've all got to get our

heads around and learn I think that the

challenge for me is you know you can do

things in the sim racing that you can't

do in a normal car so it's just getting

your head round what you can and can't

do which is sort of really

pre-programmed for four years of racing

at the morning particular coming here I

can do things I'm thinking I can't

normally do that so obviously that might

be quicker so I'll give it a go yeah

okay well best of luck thank you very

much for joining us David thanks


so much insight in terms of again the

differences of feedback the difference

is Asim David comparing the fact that

he's pre-programmed four years of racing

and it's very different now you know

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head to rocket phones calm right now to

check out the dudes while many of you

will be familiar with LeMond many of you

may not have actually watched a full

onboard I'm sure most of you add that's

a line but it is a longer lap it's about

I would say what four minutes guys for

the gt3 cars just under that we're gonna

take a look now we may not even have

time to show it all but let's get

started we're with an lmp2 car my

favorite onboard lap is you can find it

on youtube and it's Mike Hawthorn

driving around in the sort of 1950s and

it's still public road and he's just

banging around dinner you know I think

it's a Jaguar or of a Sadie's it was

really cool anyway but this is the the

start of it as we come up to Dunlop

curve and then the S is and then unto

Tet routed onto the first of the big

long back straights which is I think

we're gonna see a lot of drafting here

Jolie and a lot of slit streaming down

the back straight

hopefully not any big recs like we saw

last time as well

tricky first section then through the

Dunlop curves and then this corner is

critical tetra rouge and then as you say

Jack Lord of drafting down here down the

Mulsanne legendary straight where those

Mercedes cars flipped out back in 197 or

something just such a long straight they

used to be

no she gains but now there's going to be

some big braking zones to look out for

down here yeah but it is always

surprising when you look at it when you

look at a track map you kind of look at

it at the same scale as other circuits

so you think okay it's a long straight

but it's not a hugely long straight and

then obviously the whole track is 84

miles so it's probably but it's at least

double the length of most Formula one

circuits par is maybe four or five miles

isn't it so it is very very long this

LeMond circuit we're still on the bull

sounds straight the second section of it

across the hotel are poor or I used to

stay when I used to go and drive through

dams in gp2 Oh have you driven Labonte

oh I've driven this part of it Toyota

gt86 on the road public roads you know

yeah so yeah down into more Sun hairpin

next another so this would be an

important one especially with some

variances in top speed between the GT

cars and the the prototypes that's such

a big stop down into into Mulsanne

hairpin and then straightaway back on

the gas another really long drive past

where Mike Rockenfeller had a massive

crash in the alley a few years ago as

well another critical part up to

Indianapolis and Arnage and now we're

into the final section of the lap

yep through the quick ride into the

tightening left and the right hand road

and Arnage in a couple of moments time

and there will obviously get to see a

lot more of this

Livan circuit as we get underway with

the racing in the race all-star series

the final round well again we get

underway with the race all-star series

powered by rocket phones and one thing

we've got to do first

as I mentioned despite that everyone is

on track eventually in the three

different classes together today we

start with sprint races and that means

the Pro Cup will take us away first the

LMP three cars we saw these cars a

little bit earlier on in series one if

you can't if you don't remember what was

that eight weeks ago now Jack a little

bit more so we've got some familiarity

but not at this circuit and it's a

longer lap we just saw part of it this

will be a very interesting race yeah

we've got Oliver lowland in there Ross

gun in there actually Hamilton bikes go

vissa who was a guest on the race

eSports podcast last week which you can

of course downloaded but it's a g'sten

canopy know who is leading the

championship at the moment now job fen I

said in second place he's just finished

a real life race at the Nordschleife er

so he's not going to be competing today

so really it's canopy neo Dillman and

Roland who are the three in contention

but to be honest yeah FA and some of

those other drivers in there aren't out

of it because it's double points for the

for the final race the final sort of

40-minute long race is double points so

there really is a lot to play for

but qualifying now is underway in the

Pro Cup and we're looking at Bradley

Smith now dropping down in the in this

Norma L mp3 that as matt said we saw

race earlier on this year at the at the


NOLA I think the the pros were in these

no they were still in the little two

liters at that point weren't they but

anyway Bradley Smith coming through

sector one long old lap so it'll take a

while for us to get a look at exactly

what sort of lap times we've got we've

got Bradley Smith down there in the

bottom left he's had an OK season

Bradley Smith he's sort of he's kind of

always there or there abouts without

getting in the sort of big results a

podium in the second race in Monaco but

to DNFs mean he's down in 15th place of

the championship it about to be in that

top group but he is as you say always

sniffing at a good result and he did

manage to get a good one last time out I

tell you what in these cars this trade

it's gonna feel long as well they're

fairly low powered with a bit of

downforce these normal L mp3's we saw

that already in those earlier series

that we had really nice cars to drive

wrecked some good racing bit of dirty

air as well with them but that shouldn't

be much of a factor around this circuit

did it feel long the straights in your

GT 86 I tell you what I did yeah I had

the speed limit or the speed limit oh

yeah yeah that's true yeah but I I gave

it some remorse and hairpin so when it's

okay good fun car if you didn't it don't

have anymore but

on board with Agostini Pino the

Argentinian racer he is just coming down

to the Mulsanne corner now through the

hairpin right and then outside with a

straight towards Indianapolis and Arnage

I don't believe canopy neo has ever

raced in the real world at Lamont

famous last words but I'm almost certain

he hasn't he is the championship leader

to second places at Monaco and

Indianapolis and then in the reverse

grid it Monaco he got a tenth in the

first race in Indianapolis he's got a

fourth so just very consistent for the

canopy know who's been simracing for an

awful long time was racing in Formula

sim racing when I was commentating on it

back in 2009 2010 kind of period so a

lot of experience on the sim for canopy

no and he's showing in here by leading

the championship yeah if it's strong

he's got quicker and quicker as well and

I think he first joined probably in

these cars and was it was a front-runner

and then became well championship leader

favourite now into this final day of

action so Bradley Smith into the porch

curves now the final section and then to

chicane 'he's coming up to complete the

lap and we're gonna get soon a first

look at who's on what level of pace long

right-hander quite narrow these these

corners you can run a little bit wider

there where it's people more tarmac and

then into the final two she gains take

as much speed as you can through the

apex is and let's see what the times

we're looking at here already over at

three minute 30

spits taking a lot of speed in there or

huge amount of speed he's got a horribly

out of shape too much through the first

chicane and he's got it quite wrong

there at the end and I think you can see

the frustration on his face as well

crosses the line three minutes 48 canopy

no a second quicker 16 Erica which is a

bit surprising it's only that much

quicker considering that big moment for

Smith here comes Olly Rowland across the

line Roland who competed in the Lamont

24 hours

couple of weeks ago he spotted the

second place behind Tom Dillman bazooka


goes 13 Jaeger phase in third Ross gun

has gone up into fourth position so

canopy neo down in fifth place

Martin Plowman goes into 10th but what a

huge field spread which I guess is to be

expected on such a long lap and these

drivers are only gonna get one look at

it aren't they really because there's

only a minute and a half left on there

on the timings on board without the

rozier as he comes through the final

couple of chicane sees had a good middle

sector here he's in with a shot of the

the front of the grid comes across the

line the Frenchman and its third four

tenths away from Tom Dillman in the end

Dillman who finished second along with

ena Simmons hitch in the bursty sport

bike Ollie's entry at the official

LeMond 24-hour virtual race a couple of

weeks ago so certainly hooked up and

Denis start on pole I think Dillman

actually and yeah got a drive-through

penalty for jumping the start but he'll

be hoping not to do that today and that

is cutting a corner there Adam Krista


and yeah that won't count meant for

Christodoulou but yeah Dillman he was

quick in that the virtual 24 that was a

couple of weeks ago and he's on

provisional pole now and I don't think

he's gonna get beat see there's any big

guns yet to put in times James hope he

should get across the night he won't get

across the line at all so for the

championship that's quite big you got

Dillman and Roland on the front row in

canopy no down in sixth and the grid for

the second race of today will be made up

from the finishing results of the first

race so you really need a strong result

in race one to be in a good position for

race two here is James Headley now he's

on another lap but he's not gonna get

time to complete it because there's 20

seconds left on the clock and we don't

run qualifying like in the real world

where if you've started the lap you can

finish theirs

mastermind here Headley gets a little

bit loose out over the curves and he's a

second down after the middle sector

anyway but it is going to be then Tom

Dillman that takes pole position at

Lamont for the for the pros and as a

look at the Dario Franchitti LMP car

that will be out a little bit later on

in the legends trophy but there we go

then Tom Dillman it is who will line up

in first place Ollie Rowland alongside

him on the front row Arthur Rozier and

third yeah you're paying for throws gun


I just think canopy no only in six spots

so really interested to see what happens

here's a look at the grid Dillman and

Roland on Row 1 after Rouge young road

to along with yeah of a and then you

have to look all the way back to sixth

place for championship leader Augustine

canopy no just ahead of Bradley Smith

and Tommy Ingram really interested to

see what happens in this one a three-lap

race so we're looking at about you know

12 minutes or so for for this one so

it's gonna be yeah as you know it's

gonna be a sprint race there's no doubt

about it because these guys are gonna be

pushing all the way through by it's good

vistas 16 and one of the drivers has

found their horn button have a day so

they keep giving that little to

hilarious I race in championships where

the horn button is like absolutely

banned if you press the hoard you get

banned from the series because it is

that annoying well how do they know who

presses it

telemetry we're about to get underway at

LeMond Dillman on Paul Roland alongside

him on the front row the race gets

underway three laps of action begin

Roland's got a reasonable getaway a

standing start for our races today and

Roland might even be up into the lead

that he is so Roland the man from

Barnsley gets up ahead of Tom Dillman at

all but Tillman sends it flying back in

and surely he's going straight on here's

cuz the chicane and just like in the

virtual LeMond a few weeks ago Dillman

has cost himself time at the start of

the race he's managed to recover into

second place just ahead of ya if a

canopy no video up at the port canopy no

had a great start and he made a lot of

places just off the line there yeah your

failure I think came back round him at

the first corners but Tom Dillman then

lost out that inside line off the off

the grid seem to be pretty effective

everyone that started first third fifth

has lost out including rouget as well

and second fourth and sixth of all

jumped up a place just been a bit of

shorter distance around that arcing

right-hander and that's given Holly roll

in the lead and a canapé no here a

chance to pass yeah you have a already

for third place but look at the draft

he's not gonna make it I was gonna lose

out yeah those two are teammates with

the with the Williams team so

interesting oh and there's Russia 8th


canapé know just got away with that one

and accrues yay spun back in front of

there or was that not Russia a that went

spinning was that a gun that went around

so whatever canopy no holds on to fourth

place just Russia a is fit I think it

was Ross gun that is the driver that got

sent spinning further back here is

Bradley Smith in a row bottom going side

by side behind James pull as they come

down the Mulsanne but it is Roland out

in front eight tenths of a second ahead

of Tom Tillman

oh we're all going into hot we're all

going into hot for the second chicane

and Bradley Smith cut the corner and I

think James who got away with that as

well it was three into one all for sixth

place and it was a spinner and it didn't

work out very well

Roland's still leading eight tenths of a

second ahead of Dillman Archie Hamilton

now going to the inside of Martin

Plowman Plowman doesn't leave many room

so he picks them into the grass and now

they're coming into bowls and corner

Bradley Smith still there Nathan place

Palmas going a bit wide keeps it all

together someone having a Larry moment

behind I think that was Archie Hamilton

getting sideways now he's having to

defend from the recovering Ross gun this

is on board now with Arthur ooh ga

watching yay affair Nagast in canopy no

swap places canopy no gets up into third

spot rouget is getting the slipstream of

all slip streams now he gets one place

ahead of rouget no he doesn't backs out

of it there and sensible stuff I suppose

from the FA and I thought for a moment

but in the bottom left that was a

picture of a 2016 Julia Palmer on the

wall but it wasn't Oh arch Hamilton in

way too deep in Indianapolis he's going

straight on and lost a few places now

Ross Gunn trying to make up for that

earlier error on Martin Plowman does

make it through but the slipstream

affect the draught effect it's just so

big where every time I go on board

there's massive closing speed to

remember these guys are all in the same

car it's as if they're already racing

with with the GT this is the replay of

the stars on board with Dillman and he

just sent it here look at that and never

getting that one stopped tell you what

Roland must have absolutely nailed his

break point I think Dillman it looks to

me like Duman was just knew in his head

he was just gonna outbreak Roland again

but Roland just got it spot-on so

Tillman only broke great slightly later

through into the corner never was going

to make it

Rowlands back through 13 seconds of the

lead he's still got some work to do

Dillman's staying with him

Archie Hamilton was off again in the

gravel trap his Ross gun trying to get

up into eleventh place on Tom Ingram but

Ingram is a robustly working margin

Plowman has been given a penalty but

Gunn has made it through now I've been

to 11th place he'll be frustrated with

that opening lap Ross gun because he has

shown a bit of pace so far this season

but he's first sixteenth in the

championship her best result of eight in

the second race in Indianapolis last

week so I've been to 11th now I'm

chasing down Michael Benny here on board

it with Tom Ingram and the top riders he

tries to get ahead of Ross gun and in

fact may well do now those who continue

their squabble but in the main picture

we're seeing Yeager Fay up behind Arthur

Rozier and there you see in the bottom

left Rozier that's what I mean about

that looks a bit like a 16 Renault

doesn't it is it 17 I think it's I think

it could even scare me there you know in

a Formula Renault or something it looks

like the cow to me but forgetting that

Rouge it's on the attack get put on a

par CAFA into the first chicane you

phase also got a slipstream from canopy

no ahead so that's not making it as easy

as it might otherwise be for Rouge yet

and kind of he knows not all that far

from Dillman so the gaps not really

spreading out and that is thankful to

this sit stream that they're all getting

difficult to get away is great

in Formula Renault Euro Cup in 2018 did

Arthur Russia a has a Renault driver so

why it's got that kinda Renault e5

where they raced up

we have got Arthur Rozier's still there

in fourth place yep a behind Ingrid

Gunn going side-by-side again on the

second lap of the race Butler also the

penultimate lap of the race Roland's

lead up at the front that for 15

seconds so Dillman not really having an

answer this is a pretty commanding run

from Oliver Rowand up at the front

canopy no in third Russia a fourth year

Fay and fit Paul Smith Adam Robottom

Infinia here the rest of the top ten and

the Ross gun doing a bit of bump

drafting there I think with Tom Ingram

now as they tried to catch up with the

rest of the pack that their squabbling

has dropped them away from this is I'm

encouraged by this the racing no one's

getting away at all canopy no is now

pretty much caught up again by Rozier is

now ahead of year fate in their battle

of forth of it that's going to go on now

down to Indianapolis really difficult

part of the circuit to overtake on

sweeping through the quick right on the

brakes down into the left and then over

a short glass stuff to Arnaud the look

canopy no is back in this gaggle three

white cars third fourth and fifth and

Dillman not that far ahead of the me

that he's dropping slowly from Roland

out front and he's the risk with with a

lap and a bit to go of getting caught by

canopy no in this lot as well I reckon

that's Mirabeau I've decided in the

bottom left coz Rozier raced there in

2018 in Formula Renault Europa that

looks like it's got a bit of Mirabeau

vibe to me yeah I did wonder I did

wonder but in Molly's birthday

Oliver Rowland out in front here he is

coming through the Porsche curves and

towards the finish line to start his

final lap of three very neat and tidy

through there for Roland 18 seconds the

gap to Tom Dillman behind gun and Tom

Ingram still battling over eleventh and

twelfth places James Poole has just

received a penalty presumably for track

limits there

there'll be settings where if you go

over the track limits at more than five

occasions and you will be automatically

given a drive-through penalty oliver

Roland sets the fastest lap of the race

at three million forty six point eight

eight two as gun a game goes side by

side with Ingram and again is up into

eleventh position but a couple of

seconds of drift of Michael Pena here in

front but he drops a wheel in the gravel

so Ingram's going to come back at him

nice fight these two are having yeah

good fight Ingram now is gonna have the

shorter run up to the first proper

corner which is the the chicane they'll

have the outside for the left hand he

might be cleaned through already yeah

through he goes Tom Ingram past Ross gun

and a nice place to do it because he got

a few corners not to try and breakaway

it possible before the the long Mulsanne

straight but then a lot of nice battles

all the way through the field


Savan Christodoulou running in 18th

position at the moment he cut a corner

on he's happy though isn't he by the

looks of things if he's having a little

chat with someone so running in 18th

place but still happy

Ross gun looks like he's out of the race

so I think we've got a DNF there for for

Ross gun so he is not gonna have a good

starting position for the race later on

where we're going to have almost 60 cars

on the grid for a 40-minute race which

is gonna be quite something the

Christian who have no rear wing there or

if I made that up I didn't notice it was

gone so that'll be that'll be why he was

struggling down in 18th position he's

all he roll and then down the Mulsanne

on the for the final lap James pull he's

battling with Johnny Adam over seventh


Adam booked moving across and it wasn't

quite room there


you came out onto the Mulsanne once more

Rowlands need 14 seconds over Tom

Dillman canopy no in third Adam has got

the run here on James pull though me Zim

goes to the outside but that's going to

be a tough one to pull off Johnny Adam

who won in the GTE class a few years ago

2017 I think for Johnny Adam he is still

running in eighth position behind James

Cole but Roland and Dillman the two

drivers with canopy no and third it's

basically a reverse of the of the

championship order Roland is fourth in

the standings he's winning Dillman's

32nd canopy nose-first he's third so it

is absolutely a reversal for for the top

three in the championship excluding job

and itit is not racing today here's a

look at a replay of Adam Christodoulou

okay so this might be where he lost his

rear wing he's there behind Tatiana

Cowell there on someone has a spin over

there wish to do Lu whoop someone gets

sideways cadherons stuck into the wall

but it's curvy so now is in front and

she comes across and hits Christodoulou

after he got hit from someone else and

there goes the rear wing he'd be quick

on the straight

he's scary down the Straits


Oliver Rowland then into the final

sequence of corners he looks like he's

going to book himself a place on pole

position for the final race of the race

all-star series powered by rocket phones

the rocket triple crown Rowland got a

win in Monaco didn't get a win in

Indianapolis but he is going to get a

win at LeMond so close to the Triple

Crown Oliver Rowland but two out of

three ain't bad as he comes across the

line takes the win one point seven

seconds edit Tom Dillman I suppose more

crucially pulls himself closer to a

Gerstein canopy know at the top of the

championship that's going to be a real

thriller later on

James Paul is going to finish ahead of

Johnny Adam who puts a couple of wheels

in the gravel coming out of the final

corner Daniel Rowe bottom in ninth and

here comes Tatyana counter on 14th place

for her as she 12th is it because she's

getting pretty aggressive on bicycle

vissa and I'm not quite sure and I think

she knows that that was a legitimate

boom so counter on across the line in

11th place in the end after James pulls

penalty but not sure that was a

perfectly clean move there on bicycle


it was um ya know ambitious to make a

bit of a grudge match there between the

the two women in the field and Calderon

I think fairly unfairly that's the wrong

phrase very unfairly and making that one

count but yeah its citing for the

championship then Roland Dillman canopy

no double points at stake for the big

finale that's gonna go down to the wire

and Roland and Dillman looked really

strong there in terms of pace once again

Dillman converts a pole into a second

place at lamont almost identical but

over it just to give a lot longer to do


than the official LeMond 24-hour virtual

the other week

Ross Gunn the only retirement despite

Adam Christodoulou losing a rear wing

bicycie vissa there in 14th position

that's behind Tatyana cow thereon we'll

see whether that gets looked up by the

stewards Tom Ingram finishing in 11th

ahead of Archie Hamilton who went off

into the wall at various points and a

busy race for Martin Plowman and Adam

Christa to do and Ross Gunn completing

the 18 races they will all advance

through to the final race where they

will go head-to-head well not really

head-to-head in different classes and

cars with the legends and the sim

masters it is going to be the sim

masters that we have coming up next at

LeMond and really looking forward to

seeing what happens but Oliver Rowland

weather with a pretty good Drive man

yeah he's super consistent as well

there's some guys that are really fast

and sim certainly a lot of the pro

drivers who maybe haven't been doing it

as long but they struggle with

consistency I was in a race with Ollie

few weeks ago and he's super consistent

over the course of just about any car in

any track so that's gonna matter a lot

in the 45-minute race coming up you

mentioned as well Jack we've got 60 grid

slots the only exception to

qualification is all of the pros we'll

get through all of the legends we'll go

through this Sims a little different so

the top three qualifiers which we're

about to get to in a second we'll make

it in the top three finishers accepting

the top three qualifier so if the top

three qualifiers finished one two three

then four five and six then would make

it through and then and the rest of the

grid slots are filled up by championship

orders so it seems weird cuz I can

qualify for fourth and finish

fourth and potentially not make it

through but it gives us the best

championship battle at the end so bit

different way to do it but kind of nice

case someone gets spun out or taken out

just a point on your point on

consistency for Oliver Roland so he was

the well we're gonna speak to him now I

was about to tell you the story of how

he's been a sim driver for a couple of

f1 teams and that's where consistency is

important but he joins us now anyway

Oliver congratulations on your win at

LeMond talk to us about Indianapolis

first I guess because you could have had

that you could have had the Triple Crown

yeah I know let's be honest now he's

trying to stay out of trouble a little

bit than that

and yes this race is someone's fan and I

hit them so yeah bit disappointing but

it was a good win today yeah what do you

do you have to do much practice for this

considering the amount of laps you would

have put in for the virtual Lamont

for a couple of weeks ago yes it's funny

I actually haven't I've been quite busy

in the week haven't switched my sim on

until this morning since since

Indianapolis last week so yeah I jumped

on this morning I probably done it's

quite a long lap so probably 35 laps

this morning when that when the server

opens not not too much now and now

you're in championship contention

probably yeah I'm not sure what's the

situation there oh well you're close I

think kind of penis still leads it but

but do a good job in fries too and

you've got it so good luck for then

thanks I guess you consider the lap time

Joey and that's a lot of laps thirty

this morning handsome

I know well well well over an hour or so

yeah by an hour and a half just arrived

over the bus because I didn't want to be

the math slime big man but yeah he's

good at getting up to speed it was a

Formula One driver with me at Renault

and he's quick on it well we'll see if

he's quick enough when we get to the

45-minute race to potentially win the

championship double points on offer

we've got the sim masters coming up


so Matt if I could just like finish the

little point you were saying his

resistancy when he was when he started

doing the f1 sim stuff he would go in

and he'd try and be as fast as he could

and he went to Williams for his first

test and he was quicker than ba TAS or

match bought us or something and he

thought yeah I'm great and then they

called him up and said that wasn't very

good you were really inconsistent so he

went in there trying to be the quickest

but what they look for is consistency so

he's been there at Williams Mercedes

Renault and he said on the racy sports

podcast that he's currently doing stuff

for her for a current f1 team as well

and so that's I think where the

consistency is so inbuilt for these

simulator drivers but not necessarily

the the outright pace yeah and just adds

it I remember hearing something similar

when Rudy Van Buren won world's fastest

game at one and went to McLaren they

said we don't care about your patients

in that's not gonna win us races they

want the consistency so that they can

get good feedback if he's making

mistakes they can't necessarily get the

feedback on what they're testing in that

sense that's a good point

and and well brought up too because it

ollie rollin certainly has shown that

it's interesting to hear that he didn't

have that necessarily at the start of

his sim career so something he's had to

improve on uh we've got our obvious sim

masters coming out now this is different

cuz they're a new Yaffe's key was

dominant the LMP three in season one

he's gonna be looking and thinking my

goodness I wish I was in that car there

in the Corvette's this time around Jack

yeah I think just before we get into

that we can speak to Johnny Adam he's a

driver who knows all about these GT cars

at LeMond that the legends are sorry

that the sim masters are gonna be

driving having won LeMond in GT Johnny

good afternoon how are you enjoying this

this experience at LeMond how was that

race yeah it was good very good fun

quite different in the lp3 car and the

tour is massive so is as long as you're

in the pack is is good fun very much but

I'm yeah to do extra laps and I'm always

always good fun we didn't we've done the

24 hour race there weeks ago with Aston

but this car is quite different on how

it rides the curbs how it drives so it's

a taking oil just to get used to and how

we haven't really spoken to you a huge

amount during this the race all-star

series so apologies for that on our on

our side

now how have you been doing the whole

championship as a whole yeah it's been

good today I had a few weeks off but I'm

overall just enjoying just using a sim

pretty much I'm quite new to it but in

lockdown obviously we've been using more

and more obviously at this end just to

get keep myself sharp etcetera but the

reason it's good this fun to race

against failing or competitive step

obviously we are rare we're up against

in it in the real game but um yeah it's

really enjoyable to try in different

cars there and suck it and then yeah

it's all good fun okay great good luck

for race too yeah thank you very much

yeah I guess I guess interesting with

Geoff's key is obviously he'll be

wishing he was in the LMP through Johnny

being a GTE winner in 2017 might be

wishing he was in the gt3 Callaway that

were running today the Corvette so

everyone's in a little bit different

machinery I do think it's gonna be

interesting to see the pace comparison I

guess Julian when we get into the final

race because in theory the sim master

still should be pretty rapid yeah well

they're exceptionally quick drivers

we've seen that over the last 15 weeks

but they're being the slowest machinery

so we're gonna have a bit of an offset

really the pro drivers and the legends

should be quick enough in their

respective cars but 60 cars on the track

for the final with various paces it's

gonna be really interesting to see and a

close table as well Jack when you

consider the double points on offer

today in the second race there is still

points for the sprint race I should make

that clear and it's your friend in first

Jack Duvall there in first position but

he he didn't compete in either of the

Lamon races I don't think either the

neither the VC or the LeMond 24 virtual

not sure about Mohammed Patel to be

honest with you but certainly Eureka's

stop was very impressive he finished he

won in fact the VC LeMond race earlier

on so we'll see what he can do here


welcome back again to the race all-star

series powered by rocket phones it's

time for the sim masters a bit of GTE

you look more of me I think a little

more RG bargee we'll see if it is

because the first race was pretty clean

the action was actually quite good Jack

all the way through we did see one rear

wing go missing get dislodged but this

might be a little bit more competitive

maybe more consistent I don't know what

to expect with the sim guys I think it's

gonna be super close I think I think

that's the main thing because you look

at the list of the drivers that we've

got here they've all got huge experience

in in LeMond in racing overall we see

her hand Yaffe's key there you've got

Eureka's daub who as I say won the VC

LeMond 24-hour race jordi spheres was

Castorp teammate there Risto kappa

dinner and yoyo ski were third in that

race Allen ters each one in the lmp2 and

yam Vonda Hyder in the bottom left there

he won the virtual endurance

championship LeMond race not the

official LeMond 24-hour but the virtual

endurance championship race in GTE class

so I think yam von der Heide is gonna be

one to keep an eye out for as well then

we've got mohammad patel who's second in

the in the championship standings we're

gonna need to see what he can do and the

same is true of Lukas Blakely because

he's only 19 points off awfully I'm the

Val in the lead of the championship so

really interested in this one I'm

interested in them all of course but I

think there's quite a interesting level

of complexity to this competition in the

sim masters yeah and Varnado is

obviously one of the monaco winners

again there is no Triple Crown contender

left but we've had some incredible

battles among these guys we'll see how

it goes because qualifying is on track

and we've got the rumble of allowed via

thinking that as soon as we turn to have

a look at the Italian man well Bianca

Lila that the sound is just marvelous

six and a half minutes to go in the

session they're gonna be mostly on their

out laps at the moment as Bianca Lila

comes through the final couple of

corners and out on to the start/finish

straight again didn't take part in India


had a xxx DNF in Monaco so it'll be

difficult for Bianca Leland not to get

his best result of this Triple Crown

this season as the former f1 eSports

racer comes down into the Dunlop curve

and then into the chicane and then up to

the esses and through tetras and out

onto the back straight this is your H

Simmons hitch though who finished second

with the Baikal is bursty sport team in

the official LeMond 24-hour virtual race

a couple of weeks ago alongside Tom

Dillman so I guess he and symmetry are

going to be relative favorites all those

of course in that race they were in the

LMP cars as opposed to the GTS that

Simmons which is at the wheel of now

yeah first time we've seen these GTS in

action suitably at l'amour and symmetry

it's been quick pretty much the whole

way through so it'll be interesting to

see how it translates he's fin really a

single-seater specialist predominantly

and this is as far away as you can get

from that low grip a reasonable power

still but a lot of drag so compared to

the the more slippery prototype cars

would be a little bit slower on the

straights as well and so it's a big

challenge for these sim racing experts

keep an eye out on Alan Tirzah jazz well

he so he was the fastest driver in the

GTE class at the virtual LeMond 24 hours

two weeks ago so we'll keep an eye out

on Terzi ch2 he also won in the in the

virtual endurance championship lmp2 race

as well so turns into a bit of a expert

Kevin siggy is out

his Corvette as well he has not had

quite the season we would have expected

it and he's off

is that siggy off that into the wall and

I'm gonna set a qualifying time that was

a bizarre one to me that looked like he

just straight I don't think that may

have been actually a technical glitch

perhaps because he certainly just seemed

to be on line everything looked composed

and then suddenly he's in the wall I

just wanna make another point about

these cars Joe Liam was talking about

obviously the straight-line differential

if you watch these guys under braking if

I'm not mistaken this is the heaviest

car that the sim Masters will have been

in over the entire 15 week period that

we've been doing this so that does

change braking the most yeah absolutely

there is Hannah off ski my point on

Stiggy was going to be that he's only

had one point spinach in the four races

so far which was a third place in the

reverse grid in Monaco at 12 for 15th

and a sixteenth are all he has to show

for the rest of the season as we see her

Hannah offski who is down in 19th place

the Macedonian only the second place

finish in Indianapolis was his only

points of the season as well they've

been so unpredictable the Monaco and the

Indianapolis rounds that no driver has

scored points in every single round and

you only have to finish in the top 15

to achieve that so I think that shows

you the the level of difficulty and the

just the pure level in this sim masters

section of the competition and I think

huge difference from the start of when

we did this series when we had we didn't

have seven different winners I think

remain different races but there was

still a lot of consistency among the

frontrunners and there was kind of a

group we always looked to a lot of these

guys have been doing a ton of Sim over

the time you got a wonderful burnout

could be a factor are they not focused

as much on one challenge or one

discipline but you're right there's just

so many skilled drivers that a small

mistake or a lack of practice can cost

you that many points against someone

who's been putting in the time

here is a handy Yaffe's key to the final

sequence of the lap now as we said

before we will really everyone will only

get one lap at this you see your offski

working pretty hard at the wheel there

it looks like he's got a curved wanted

to set up but he's not using the the

left-hand one as we look at in unless

that's just the interior of the car he

shakes his head and goes second Daniel

Yaffe's key nikodem vince Nevsky is up

at the top Nuno Pinto slots into third

position here nice image which goes him

into forth his Alex Siebel we're

watching Allen tears each slots into

fourth position seven tenths of a second

away from nikodem business key and he's

bouncing over the curbs coming through

the final two chicane where is this

going to put Siebel very neat and tidy

through there to the naked eye and

Siebel goes well quite see 12th last

Brookman now across the line Yuri

Castorp goes up into fourth place Penta

Burley I gives fifth avenue rock check

into sixth position but really those top

three Joely and have got a huge

advantage over everybody else from

fourth down to 10th there's nothing

between them for the top three you've

got a sort of a half a second gap room

yeah three and a half tenths from third

to fourth it's not huge around three

minutes fifty three of laughs isn't to

be honest but yeah we so used to these

guys will be separated by nothing just

the longer lap length means that the gap

will be bigger like they were in the in

the Pro Cup race as well let's see what

David Greco can do through the final

corners he's your second favor isn't it

Jack to the old-timer Democrat go and

what's he gonna do not jump up too high

really competitive field it's those so

so much depth as well it's so anyone

that's great in the top is absolutely on

it yeah absolutely

here's your tea Spears who was gone a

little bit later than everyone else he's

not set a time and I'm I don't think

he's going to set a time here am I

missing something because he's there's

only 30 seconds left on the clock and

he's at least well he's well over a

minute away from from finishing the lap

okay so I'm gonna get it in is he he's

gonna lay Tory's on a second lap and

just not particularly wrap it on his

first but but it says no time on the on

the bottom right so unless he had a spin

and reset to the pits or something I

don't know

yeah if his are you miss that's a

mistake that you wouldn't expect these

guys to make but you're right check the

flags out as it is it's near the end of

the lap but he's still not he's not

gonna make it forty seconds

no it goes away so you're these fears

who won the vc LeMond race is going to

be starting at the back of the grid for

this one really tough for Spears but it

is nikodem business ski that will be on

pole position where did Duvall qualify I

didn't see him out so we'll have a look

at the full order in a couple of moments

time Duvall Patel cazador and Blakely

are the other four drivers up at the top

of the standings and we'll see where

they start this race in a few moments

time again it'll be three laps for the

GT cars nikodem business ski will start

on pole position ahead of a hanger off

ski alongside of him Nuno Pinto 13

Eureka's stop then in fourth position

he's the first of our front runners

early AK is in fifth position Devin

Murat check-in six Allen Tirzah CH

seventh on the grid ahead of yearn a

Simon chick Yan Fonda hi des in ninth

place ahead of Risto cap it with Dennis

Jordan and Mitchie hoya completing the

top 12 then we have got muhammad patel

in 13th place

Alex Siebel 14 for Mike Epps 15th kuba

Brzezinski in 16th spot pay up EV in

17th 18th for Gege Bao demon well Bianca

Lila in 19th David Greco in 20th and I'm

now wondering whether well we've got her

we'll keep an eye out for Liam Duvall

maybe he's not even racing the lights go

out and the race begins

nikodem vis Nevsky gets away fairly well

new yacht tsuki slots into second

position Pinto gets up into second place

though as this huge grid of cars comes

charging down towards the Dunlop curve

and the chicane for the first time

business ski out in front Pinto 2nd year

off ski third Burleigh a cup into fourth

place now Simmons hitch now back up into

fourth place ahead of Burley AK and Kaz

doctors each Murat check Thunder hider

and cap it the rest of the top 10 early

at just run a little bit wider that

chicane and that's giving them a bit of

a break the top three your yachts Lee

losing a place to Pinto off the line but

the top three just about escaping

slightly from from fourth place in petty

burly AK but now let's see the

slipstream effect onto the Mulsanne

straight and now this is where this

should be pretty huge with these cars

punching a big hole through the air and

long spate with big braking zone at the

end here we go for the lead

Nuno Pinto in second place going for the

lead you can see he's wearing his

formula e t-shirt that he was sent as

part of raising in the foreman area race

at home challenge nice nice piece of get

got one of them he also got a hoodie and

a little cap lovely stuff but it's

nikodem business key who is holding on

in front at the moment ahead of Pinto in

second gear Yaffe's key third now

has so yeah Yuri Castorp in third place

in the standings has dropped down to fit

at the start but he's still up there in

the battle for big points and worth

making the point again that it is the

grid the race result for this race that

will decide the grid for the second race

turns each were on board with in the top

right in seventh position trying to get

ahead of Yanni's image it's but he's not

quite able to do so as they come through

the second chicane on the on the

Mulsanne straight now who's next we set

out in four up by four tenths of a

second pit row following in the top

three have made a bit of a break away to

Petra Burrill important it's important

early they don't fight each other too

much because if they can break away just

a little bit longer than burly Acton

will be out in their sit stream and

it'll be a top three race to the flag

get a thought and look at most they are

it's their ski looking back at Pinto and

then your your ski the three of them

almost separates by 7/10 and they're

burly act with his mirrors full of

Eureka's wa7 chips two of our fastest

drivers out there that's going to be a

tough job for him to keep them back the

whole race but yeah the top three look

they're breaking away very slightly if

they can keep doing that then that'll

make the next couple of laps much easier

this is just so big

this Nevsky Pinto Yaffe's key the top

three and it's Eureka's drove him forth

looked like swimmin kids got past

present at to get up into fifth position

and actually Alan tears it just followed

through as well so turns eat revered the

fifth and the calves dog ran a little

bit wide so cast-off moment the fourth

spot it's worth pointing out that

there's a hundred points on offer for

the winner of race two and Liam Devon at

the top of the standings at the moment

has 130 points so pretty much everyone

is but basically there's a hundred and

fifty points on offer today

so everybody is in championship

contention technically obviously that's

not real but you know it's a we could

have a big swing today as thick and mb's

Nevsky continues to lead 4/10 ahead of

Pinto with you ah've ski behind and then

the gap back to the casbah doctors each

Marat check Thunder hider Capet jordan

Brzezinski trained than a bit of a gap

from Brazil ski to to mike epps in 11th

position as they come towards the end of

lap number up early and simin Church got

into each other at Indianapolis and

that's why they've here we go this will

be y then that is Eureka stop taking

fourth place image which i think is now

on the inside there he is

and bam very difficult to go through

side-by-side and really quick corners

image completely alongside Burley at

burly actor nearing simit it's just with

the natural momentum run a little bit

wider and there we go out of fifth and

six and to meet it wide open but no

longer for these two happy debris

joining as well didn't he burly oh yeah

big damage on the front of that's a

Callaway Corvette so second lap of the

race he could have his Nevsky out in

front still and he's managed to gap Nuno

Pinto a little bit in Tony offski still

the rest of the top three then you've

got to cast open turns it you are right


then they mail wet baby Wow they may

well try to work together to close in on

the on the top three confront

potentially using the slipstream down

this Mulsanne straight we're on board

with Yvonne to hide her in the top right

running in seventh place at the moment

design shows import racer as he goes

past David Murat check and moves up into

sixth position then so vonda Haider

making have been a progress up the order

but it's still nikodem business key who

is out in front now what is his

championship in line it's so far visit

Nevsky just rolling it down to find him

in the championship standings yeah he

didn't race in Monaco but had a 24th and

a DNF in Monaco so sorry in Indianapolis

so it's not been a good season so far

but this will bang him him with some big

points with Duvall not scoring well

neither caused or per but sorry neither

his patel but he reeked as door is now

we're on board with Pinto up behind viz

Nevsky for the lead on lap two out of

three as they come through the chicane

and out onto the bull sounds straight

down towards the kink and the hairpin

okay again let's have a look at this

slipstream then for for Nuno Pinto

gaining he's gaining quite a lot then on

business key but then he's he gonna go

for it he's very close or is he just

gonna bump draft business key and not go

for the move hold it back to the last

lap I that's exactly what he's doing I

think he doesn't want the lead of the

race just yet the slipstream is so

effective that definitely Pinto could

have gone for a move there but they're

just playing the game the top three

trying to break away from Casterbridge

who doing exactly the same in fourth and

fifth it's teamwork right now not so

much for you and vonda hider though top

right corner Murat check is going to

slide up the the inside on this long

straight this is culminating we're

zooming Richard burly act came together

in this quick right hander

but I think thunderheart has already

lost that place worth pointing out


not allowed and I think we saw Terzi

chink as dr swapping places so they are

they are sort of doing the slipstream

thing legally but the stewards will be

looking at it if you are bump-drafting

that two out of three business key

leading Pinto second year off ski third

and then it's Tirzah check cab cast door

been four and fifth not really closing

in a huge amount his Mitchie Hoya

looking back behind to Daniella her dad

her dad goes to the outside but can't

make a neat moves there we have a long

long line of Corvettes there is the

under bow sings in 20th place then the

championship leader Liam Duvall in 20th

position at the moment so it's not gonna

be a big haul of points for the

championship leader I think we will see

Eureka's dog go to the top of the

standings after this one going into the

final race her dad put under a bit of

pressure there the GP v WC car is that

out of McGwire looking to the inside

he's under a lot of pressure here her

dad but he's holding on to that 24th

place at the moment cuz dogs lost out to

tercet so the man that is surely gonna

be well I think they're doing their I

think they're doing they're swapping I

think they're the team mates swapping

while slipstreaming

I believe I might be wrong but I think

that is what they're up to yep 7/10

behind now they so I mean they may well

swap back but they're they're not

massively catching the lead group and

ters each has come through so we'll keep

an eye on it but regardless is looking

good forecast or been championship old

intact because this man Lynne Duvall is

struggling down in 20th place and he's

on the back foot again with ko perv

looking to the inside a term one that'll

be the outside position

gotta be a tough food

so they have devout ahead of PEVs

oh my apologies the endurance grid is

set by the qualifying session so my

apologies I thought it was the race

results of race one but it is just

basically going to be the same grid

again for the endurance race your offski

is ahead of Pinto and up into second

place then so her hand Yaffe's Kia's got

up into second ahead of Nuno Pinto Kaz

door punters each swap places again so

Kaz doc back of it the fourth person

chin to fears but vis Nevsky leading but

he's got 13 seconds now Suhani offski

on the final lap so I'm not sure that

that final lap charge is gonna come for

you yo suki or Pinto another penalty for

Kevin Ryan I could have sworn he got one

earlier on pay up EV the Vulgarian and

the bottom left has got ahead of the

Dutchman Liam Duvall and up into 21st

spot the val is are over to 20th spot

the Val down to 21st Siebel into 22nd

but on the final lap of the race he ups

he's come down to under a second of his

Nevsky now but those two a little bit

too far away I think from nikodem

business key they've had a little scrap

amongst themselves haven't they Pinto

has lost out to you your ski but in

doing that the gap has opened up to

business kid so it worked out perfectly

for nikodem business ski and the main

overtaking area has gone it's world one

last chance into the hairpin but there's

no chance of your skis gonna be close

enough at 9/10 he's just got to just got

to keep it clean now for a few more

corners and and that battle for second

seems to have worked out perfectly the


so championship meet Allium Duvall and

all of that has slid back to 23rd

position you can envies Nevsky out in

front though eight tenths of a second up

the road from Chania Yaffe's key well

pay a pair of getting involved as they

come into Mulsanne corner here is your

Yaffe's Keon Pinto though right together

so the battle for second place is very

much on and/or these two team mazing it

as well I think they are so Pinto back

up into second position where he's

basically pinto bean for the whole of

the race they're not able to get up to

the VIS Nevsky and they are getting a

bit court here by Ursaring cast off

maybe a little bit too far away here's a

look at a replay of Terzi chink as dork

running in fourth and fifth are they

bump drafting no so they are swapping

places legitimately

that is a lenders inch and Eureka's

thought the two team mates swapping

places and I think they're still going

to be a little bit too far back to

challenge Pinto and yoyo ski nikodem

business ski all on his own here has has

driven away up at the front really

really impressive drive from his Nevsky

ticket turns it's really really close to

you your ski there's only a chicane left

if he goes for a Tatyana Calderon move

he might make it but it's not looking

like he will from there but good driving

but here's Nick Adem his Nevsky into the

final chicane and he is going to get a

good haul of poor bit of a slide there

but he's going to get a good haul of

points as he comes out across the line

oh no this chaos at the back turns it

she's up into third place Castorp in

fourth was there contact between Terzi

jr you have ski because your ski now is

not going to come and I think he's

buried in the gravel er hanger your ski

he's not going to be an eighth place has

he come across the line I think he might

have done now yes so a New York ski

comes across the line in eighth position

maybe there was a bit of a cow there on

at the final chicane his Nevsky takes

the way and here's what's happened

right so for third place Tirzah ch

he's not gonna do that Oh No oh dear

that is is not even a do or die is just

to die therefore the dirge well in fact

really for you yo suki never on and he

just stuck a nose in knowing that your

Yahtzee returning left the smartest

moves here we go on board better view of

it super quick through the first chicane

and then that is not an acceptable lunch

in any way that's that's really bad form

from allen Turek here's a look at the

results after the three laps of racing

nikodem business ski taking the win Nuno

Pinto in second Allen th in third but

wouldn't be surprised if Eureka's top

gets promoted up into third spot which

will give him an even stronger handle on

the championship in the sim master's

class yeah Mon The Hideout climbs up

into fifth place with David Marrero

check in sixth position Dennis Jordan 70

Gorski eighth after that collision

coober presents go ninth and Risto Capet

completing the top ten but yeah quite

the move there at the end mike epps

finishing in 11th place so mohammed

patel finished in 14th spot kevin siggy

17th and yeah Liam Duvall well outside

the top 20 and it is going to be the

qualifying for the one qualifying

session that will give us the grid for

the for the main endurance race later on

so as a result Leon Duvall will start

down in the 20s again had a McGwire it

was who was fighting with Daniel Haddad

I managed to finish in 26th place ahead

of Bianca leela pavlovsky lucas Blakely

fairly quiet race from the from the

Scott a man who was looking like he was

going to have a chance at winning the

Triple Crown but only 29th here after

getting wiped out in Indianapolis a week

ago so a cynic might say has just done

the perfect team job for Kaz door he's

basically it surely he's gonna get a

penalty he's wiped out your your ski has

dog beside a finishing fifth in one

moment his third and he was already

looking good for the championship but in

that moment of utter madness from

he's suddenly third it feels like that

could be the only explanation to be

honest when I was thinking of terms that

had finished in third he's of wit weighs

down on the points that would get him

into the final but a penalty pending

that changes it so he's still got a

battle and figure it out we're gonna get

that in a moment but first we've got to

get ready for the legends I'm excited

for that


yeah questionable move at the ends

certainly one for discussion you're

right it might be team work forecast or

either waiters each and Yaffe's Keys

punk toe is secondary to Nino Pinto

who's actually ready to talk to Jack

right now with Nuno Nuno congratulations

a good race for you we thought you were

gonna try and take the win but not quite

quick enough yeah first two laps and

unless you came to together lap I made a

small mistake

I lost the momentum and Nico Buddha

could pull away and I couldn't catch him

you must have come you must have

confidence going for the endurance race

now that you can that you can get

another good result for sure comfortable

together win thank you good luck sorry

he was really quiet in my ears so I

can't think he'd stop talking and I was

like oh well and then he was keep

talking so sorry about that

I feel a bit rude knew know every time

I'm going to view Jack every time you

know what has my understand you can do

him you can do it next time

fine neck again next week okay sure I'll

call it in to that that thing you're

doing next week and I'll do them for

that how about we'll talk about that


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the deals in fairness Jackie I will take

some of the blame today for misleading

you at the top of show and saying that

the sprint race finishing positions

would be two starting positions in the

final that was me I was the one that

misled you it is the qualification

positions which is good to know as well

for a number of reasons one is there was

not a lot of time in qualifying so you

gotta be pretty spot-on and pretty

consistent with your lap and second as

it gives tootle a chance you might have

got involved in contact to still have a

good start position Julian we know over

45 minutes even if you didn't qualify

high up it gives everyone a chance every

one of the backs still gonna be able to

attack over 45 minutes hopefully yeah it

should be and and the likes of her

hanger your ski who was just fired off

there in that race he qualified him at

top three he'll be back for the final

starting back towards the front so I

imagine there could be an element of

revenge for him coming up but as he say

45 minutes it's just it gonna be a bit

more of a waiting game be consistent and

yeah it's just important to stay away

from any early chaos yeah the tightest

championship arguably that we have right

now is the legends Jack when we left

last week Alonso had the leads however

Alonso had a laundry list of penalties

applied for contact rejoining all sorts

of things so one Pablo Montoya mister

consistent second in three races out of

four so far in the championship now

leads over David Brabham considerable

penalties applied obviously that lonzo's

lost something like 20 points almost

yeah so it's one Pablo Montoya who's at

the top 10 points clear of Brabham and

like you say Alonso is a little bit

adrift but he loves the old live on

twenty-four hours Disney so we'll see

what he can do this afternoon


well the race all-star series powered by

rocket phones gets to it's moonlight

moment maybe the legends are on track in

the Rockets Triple Crown and we've got

many drivers that have experience not

only in the rear world in the mall

obviously winners in David Brabham

overall and Fernando Alonso but you've

got the virtue of them all two weeks ago

that a lot of these guys put practice in

four so it'll be interesting to see how

guys like Rubens Barrichello and Alonso

who are respective teammates get on in

this as well as one problem on Sawyer

Jack yeah well I think like we heard

from Oliver Rowland earlier on he you

know he didn't need to do a huge amount

of practice of this cuz he did so much a

couple of weeks ago and I think the same

will be true for the for the drivers

that did do the Livan race great to have

Rubens Barrichello back he won last time

we were the last time he was with us I

think he only did one racing in the race

all-star series if I recall correctly

but he won it nevertheless and then he

took us outside didn't he on his iPhone

onto his lovely like patio veranda thing

so that was lovely hopefully we'll get a

trip out there again because I enjoyed

that but yeah interesting to see what

happens I think there's a higher

proportion of mistakes made in the in

the legends trophy so that could spice

up the racing a little bit more they

have a little less consistency than

maybe the sim masters and the Pro Cup

drivers but I'm really looking forward

to it you know a point to make there as

well because in this race that's fine

they can go about their own business you

make a mistake sure the tracks all yours

but when we get into the endurance race

it's a few of them are firing off here

and there they're gonna get mixed in

with the traffic of the LM p3 and

potentially the gt3 cars which will then

start to be a factor in those races as

well where the consistency is there but

the pace isn't so certainly an

interesting dynamic to consider Julien

yeah from what we've seen the last few

weeks it will be quite a scary position

being a championship contender in the

Pro Cup or the sim masters starting

behind all the legends with the

propensity for first lap smashes that

we've had they've got better through

through time but they've still ad that

their fair share of pile ups

but yeah that's part of the mall isn't

it you've got to avoid the the chaos

make your way neatly through the traffic

and these three guys for the legends are

gonna be the ones to watch out for with

the championship at stake yeah and the

double points on offer as well Alonso

may have given up a lot to penalties and

perhaps rightfully so we did see a few

may be trivial moments last week at

Indianapolis but any anyone can win like

you say jack in three there's a hundred

and fifty points available today still

yeah we could see a huge swing in the in

the championship we'll have to wait and

see what what happens really because as

you say we've got these two races coming

so I think the first one will be kind of

a sight ER for these drivers with with

the second one being up for grabs I'm

interested to see how much they will all

mingle in the third endurance race as

well because I think we're gonna have

enough laps to get full-on Lipari but I

think with them all sort of starting at

the same time we might see them in the

mix with each other in the early stages

well consistency I think it's big part

of that when we get to that race cuz you

might have people tripping up and then

traffic might be an issue

qualifying zone for the legends Montoya

is who we jump on with first yep here is

one Pablo Montoya

then coming underneath the Dunlop bridge

and down the hill through the esses

and then out into tetras onto the

Mulsanne straight you can see Montoya

really working pretty hard there is I

think he comes out onto that back

straight and I feel like he sits you've

got a very recline seating position I

feel compared to compared to some of the

other drivers who sit fairly upright

I don't know that feels like a new

seating position for Montoya we've seen

him a few times but now he seems like

he's doing a real single-seater slouch

back sort of mode yeah yeah I don't

disagree with that at all actually

Oh a bit of a shout firm Montoya there

is he makes a bit of an error but he's

still in a reasonable first sector has

one Pablo something we've not considered

guys just on that seating position point

maybe this is actually one Pavlov's

because if they both race in the next

race one of them's got to be and maybe

Sebastian's not going to be involved so

Juan Pablo set things up a little more

for him yeah I think you might be right

there because I don't remember seeing

step Montoya in race one in the Pro Cup

so I think you might be absolutely

spot-on there I'm always surprised how

many sim rigs are really quite sit up

straight E and even some of the drivers

that are getting them now I don't know

they were they're all in kind of a GT

racing position which which really

surprises me yeah and there's lots of

different options out there I don't want

to go too far on a tangent but obviously

each company offers both either formula

or GT setups the other thing I've

noticed as well is is seating position

David Brabham on screen right now his

arms are quite bent 90 degrees whereas

when we see and I know that this can be

misled by Cameron but we see someone

like Jenson Button in previous weeks

he's almost reaching for the wheel so

it's it's kind of interesting yeah I

think that is the difference between a

sort of a problem who is a kind of GT

man and but who is they who is a

single-seater man as a very broad stroke

as truly the seating position has

changed so much from car to car and I

spend the most of my time driving a

single seater and but if I ever hopped

into a

ttat a touring car something like that

or a cheats yetis now I normally had

that back in in single seater positions

if I ever hopped in for a lap or two in

a touring car or something it feels so

weird you could I end up like a bus

driver sitting right up at the front of

a really heavy tall vehicle at all of

course fit for the likes of David

Brabham Oh dog in the background and

that might be distracting let's hope not

for a man that's in championship

contention for the likes of some of

these older guys even in Formula One if

you just take that the seating position

has changed so much over time to be more

sort of slouched I'm almost lying down

in the car now whereas they used to be

sitting a lot more upright it's always

funny when I get in a car with John

Watson whenever we're doing some like we

pick up the hire car to do some GT race

somewhere and he honestly he is lying

back in full f1 driver position like

driving this estate car on the road it's

it's rather funny really here comes a

Montoya across the line he goes second

18 seconds slower than Ruby neo Rubens

Barrichello on provisional pole position

Andy Priaulx slots into second 14

seconds of drift here comes David

Brabham through the final chicane and

out over the line Brabham goes seventh

just ahead of Tony Kanaan Petter Solberg

ninth Coronel tenth Soper eleventh

Castroneves and Dominguez the top 13 and

I think we're seeing that inconsistency

here with the width with the legends

drivers they're not this far apart on

pace I would suggest but can they get it

done over one lap they don't quite have

the consistency of the of the other

drivers now 170 with a long field by a

good 30 seconds so that's a couple and

Lucky's he's on the fastest first sector

of any one but he's left the garage too

late he's not gonna get round in a two

minute 40 laps so this is it this is

just a practice lap for Alonso he was

having OH races from the back I wonder

if these drivers because this is the

first race where you have quite


got only one lap in it but enough but

quite a lot of time in it if that makes

sense it's six minutes to do a three and

a half minute lap maybe you know they're

sort of not quite aware of the rules and

they're and they're going out in the

normal real life session this would be

fine for a long so yeah but he's been

racing with us long enough to know I

think his teammate must have parked in

the pit stall for too long or something

yeah maybe not to get controversial well

let's have a look at a replay of Alonso

so has he already been out to try and

set a lap and make a mistake oh yeah

that's a quick way through the second

chicane unless that was him on his out

lap trying to cut the corners to get

around as quickly as possible so not

sure what's happened here with Alonso

but I think he's going to be starting at

the back of the grid yeah I think I bet

you that was an outlet because that

looked absolutely deliberate to keep

flats out and just desperately knew he

was up against it like Abu Dhabi 18 yeah

yeah he's got previous hasn't he for

cutting chicane and he's he's he's done

it again

well thirty seconds left on the clock

don't think Alonzo is gonna get this

laughing and I think it will be Rubens

Barrichello that will start on pole

position the LeMond race here in the

race all-star series powered by rocket

phones obviously the YouTube chat is now

going mad with he cut the chicken but

there we go Frio is coming through the

middle sector he's not going to get time

to finish this lap either so Barrichello

on pole prio second Montoya third Serbia

for Chandhok fifth Jourdain six

Brabham canal Sauber Coronel the rest of

the top ten and Dario Franchitti there

we see his car the big machine Volker

entry not racing but he is watching he's

just sent me a picture of him watching

on a nice big television actually so

good evening Dario sad you're not racing

his look at how the grid will line up

for the legends trophy Rubens

Barrichello on his return takes pole

position Andy Priaulx second on the grid

haruna-chan doc starts in fifth spot

Michele Jane in sixth position parabola

min seventh Tony Kanaan in eighth

position then we've got ninth for Petter

Solberg 10th for Tom Coronel and Steve

Soper is in 11th position ahead of a Leo

Castroneves Mario Dominguez and Fernando

a lot maybe he just wants to do it from

the back maybe he thinks that's maybe he

enjoys that but of course that will be

for both grits so he's gonna have his

work cut out here if he if he wants to

win this title a reminder going into

this race that it is Fernando Alonso

sorry Juan Pablo Montoya at the top of

the standings 10 points clear of David

Brabham 16th points clear of Fernando

Alonso the legends trophy race at LeMond

begins now very very slow start from

whoever we're onboard with their I think

it was Jourdain Barrichello doesn't get

away Montoya and to get some in a third

out of Serbia in second position

Chandhok now gets up into third spot and

oreal Servier takes the lead what a

start from the Spaniard oberek ellos

it's him Baraka and Serbia contact to

the chicane a Chan

leads karoon Chandhok out into first


Serbia is second Montoya's third

Barrichello is all the way back into

fourth place Serbia almost getting back

ahead of Chandhok now Andy Priaulx is in

there so prio it was we made the bad

start from the front row Chand up in

front there he is with the mural of

Alain Prost up to his right hand side

our left hand side and he's out in the

lead karoon and that's because Panna

Kelly it was it was an ambitious move on

the inside of Serbia but then I have to

say Rubens held such a lovely drift and

not actually spin as did Serbia and

they're right back here fighting with

Coronas Serbia on the outside looks like

he might just about do that on the

brakes for the first chicane and round

he goes into the lead oriole Serbia got

the call today with with Andy Priaulx

Juan Pablo and Fernando Alonso's up the

six already behind his title arrival and

prio pulling out to try and get ahead of

Chandhok as they come down the Mulsanne

straight but as soon as he pulls out he

can't get it because Chandler gets the

slipstream from Serbia prio gets out of

shape Barrichello's they're in for the

lonzo's going to try and make a move on

Montoya for fifth position the two

championship leaders bang wheels Montoya

slides off I think he might be cutting

the chicane Chandhok since second place

till his Andy Priaulx

and they all come back on together and

Alonso slots in behind Montoya so he cut

the chicane but he spots back into sixth

position and we're only on lap one

yeah there was Montoya moving across

slightly in the braking zone er they

just had a slight contact and it was

Alonso that shot across the chicane but

he's back in there sick place again and

look at callo now on the attack of Andy

Priaulx and this is gonna get very very

spicy on this next straight really

difficult to to go to wide and the

slipstream effect again seems big

Serbia's just edging away chan doc and

now barrack a low passing 300 close your

eyes close your eyes here because faier

aquellos getting it from behind and

Montoya is in the middle of a three-car

pileup Rubens Barrichello is upside down

he's a huge accident for the Brazilian

and it is now Montoya trying to go to

the outside of Alonso but he outbreaks

himself he's going to end up in the

gravel we're on board further back with

David Brabham now who's trying to get

past on LAN so who is up into third

place behind karun Chandhok in second an

Oriole Serbia and all of this continues

to lead

yeah Montoya there was going for a gap

that was just you said it was just scary

that that tiny gap at these speeds

wasn't really on and then he darted to

the other side we're getting a replay

but surely start from Alonso it

certainly moved before anyone else

either no one else saw the lights or

Alonso was was and well ahead he made a

few places before anyone else had even

moved so that would be interesting to

have a little bit Jourdain had an out of

really terrible start as well so maybe

there was a an issue with people missing

the light because that would be a

strange mistake for Alonso to to make

but yeah he's got a break there because

three car wide into on that straight

down towards Indianapolis which was

never gonna happen oh that was Jourdain

thing dog yeah bad start and then BAM

so Oriole Serbia leading as we start lap

to Kareem Chandhok ahead of Fernando

Alonso they're side by side along so

gets on the curb they're both round

along so Incheon doc collide Alonso

somehow manages to recover and doesn't

lose to EEP still in third place there's

a reason they call him Teflon so isn't

there nothing sticks to him it's all

Korean Chan duck has dropped down to 8th

in all of that but a lot so still in

third just ahead of Petter Solberg who

was five seconds off the pace in

qualifying and in all of it

David Brabham the other title contender

who started I think down in 9th or 10th

is up into second place than the more

legend is he's flying they're up in the

second Oriole Serbia is now running away

with this one but yet Solberg's got

Montoya just behind him though we're

looking at Alonso going away in the

distance Montoya is about to fly past so

lap 2 of 3 here is Montoya to the inside

onto the brakes job done on Petter

Solberg and up into fourth position now


down his title arrival along so once

again burden forth for the three title

contenders now yeah absolutely

Brabham Alonso and Montoya Montoya is

having to work hard to keep Petter

Solberg behind a little scratch of the

head hoping he hasn't broken his head

Montoya as Solberg pulls alongside him

down into the chicane and open Bor

Montoya holds on around the outside

nicely done

scary want to turn in their nose on the

inside she's waiting for Montoya to get

turned around but he needs to clear

Petter Solberg and try and chase the the

next two but again the citrine effect is

big he's having to defend down towards

the hairpin takes the inside line and

Sabo would do well to go rule or walk

all around the outside it and he's a bit

earlier on the brakes as well Montoya

has got that one sorted and now he needs

to try him and get away but Oh bit of

gravel there that all that will hamper

Solberg's exit that he's got another

long straight now a curved straight to

try and get back in that tow lap two of


Brabham and Alonso nose to tail along so

to the right-hand side of Brabham uses

the almost the slingshot of the

slipstream to get in front of the

Australian and he's up now into second

position 26 seconds of drift though of

oriole Serbia which is going to be tough

to get back on the last lap here's a

look at the replay was this a jump start

from Alonso no I don't think it was just

a great one yeah many drivers just very

slow away and along those reactions were

good he needed to from the back make up

some places now he's up into second

place two and a half seconds behind oil

Serbia a lap in a bit to go it's a long

lap though how quick is Serbia can he

stay ahead of Alonso who's been so fast

in the series oral serbia and thinkers

that won a race in the race all-star

series powered by rocket phones in this

Triple Crown element that we're in at

the moment he didn't take part in Monaco

finished fifth in Indianapolis last time

out but now the Indy Car Racer and a

couple of years in Foreman retook a pole

position in Putrajaya Malaysia in

formulary week in season two for the for

the dragon team the doriel serbia and

he's always got his fire on his knee

which assume it's not real because that

feels unnecessary i doesn't look real

and as he got racing on on the TV behind

him or is that this oh that's just the

reflection of his monitor isn't it above

the fire you see what I mean no he looks

like anesthetic fired but lovely lovely

aesthetics no lovely aesthetic I don't

think he's gonna eat he's gonna have to

work really hard to win this because

Alonso flying two and a half seconds in

a quarter of a lap is now seven tenths

and Alonso is gonna have the slipstream

down the Mulsanne straight which we're

at now Serbia is driven great the gap to

Brabham is now four seconds he's played

away from everyone but Fernando Alonso's

on another planet it certainly is


Serbia in front steve soap has been

given a penalty Chandhok is out of the

race now as they come down the Mulsanne

again through the right and the left

Alonso is gonna be right in there

Serbia is going to be starting the to

feel the pressure from his compatriot

down towards here's a look at the

slipstream a lot so close again and this

is gonna be in the mood for the lead

Fernando Alonso hits the front onto the

brakes into the left and the right and

Alonso is through Serbia will try and

stay with him Alonso go see just

carrying so much speed through there I

thought for all the world he was going

wide and onto the grass but he still is

there on the apex on the exit quick

isn't he he's just quick easy he started

that corner from the inside and I think

he still went through there quicker than

Serbia and that's not to no disrespect

to her real Serbia who is really holding

his own or even quicker than those

behind but Alonso is just on another

level right now absolutely happy with

the car dancing on the edge and he's

taken two and a half seconds of gap

pastoral Serbia and gone in three

quarters of a lap then oh and that's

what took Chandhok out of the race a

crash on board authorial server he's

gonna get the slipstream though one more

time down towards the the kink at

Mulsanne and then into but he's not

going to be able to apologies they're up

at Indianapolis now and he's not going

to be able to get the move down easy

Serbia even on this final lap he's super

close but Alonso's surely is going to

hold on and take this win a big smile on

the face of Serbia just 4/10 of a second

between them though on this final lap

it's not totally over but a long so it's

going to be I hope he surprisingly makes

a mistake it's an absolutely superb

effort from Serbia to try and come back

get Alonso here with the help from the

slipstream but he just wasn't quite

close enough to make the lunge and now

Alonso's broke and clear again it's

gonna take a win from the back so

Fernando Alonso down towards the final

two chicane

for the final time in this first race

we've got an endurance race coming up a

little bit later on but Fernando Alonso

comes out and for the third time in his

career wins at the mon takes the win

pushes himself back up in the

championship contention and Servier in

second Brabham in thirds is Montoya in

the pits I think he's got a penalty has

he oh yeah I mean it was a penalty but

why is he suddenly I don't know what has

happened there to Juan Pablo Montoya

right at the end maybe a drive-through

penalty that he had to serve in his

Jourdain and Steve Soper banging wheels

like the early 90s there for Soper and

Jourdain comes across the line in front

in 7th position so pretty Tony Kanaan is

going to finish in 8th position across

the line prio will be a bit frustrated

because he qualified well but only

finished in in 6th place maybe was

involved in that big crash with with

Montoya and in that Chen dog group on

lap one wasn't he handy beer his pace

was good but well he's got another race

to try and make amends in the longer big

60 car race I'm excited of it is gonna

be super cool there was Tony Kanaan

chasing down prio at the end there

Tom Coronel a lot of those that the pros

and the sim drivers going to do if

there's a big pileup as there was in

this race on that narrow stretch down

towards Indianapolis I mean this could

be bedlam I yeah like especially because

the pros are gonna sorry the legends are

gonna be at the front of the of the

order and the other should have the pace

to stay there but will they have the

race craft that's but well and I was

gonna say the other thing is that it you

could in theory do a rolling start

spread them out and have each class have

enough gap between them as some real

classes do in some real races

doing certainly the NES which was back

on today the never very endearing series

but they're doing a standing start

everyone's together and that might

actually be better because we've had

some crashes to the line but it's gonna

bunch them up exactly that which is

pretty insane you know what else is

insane the fact that Alonso just started

14 and came all the way through to win

the race pretty remarkable statement I

have to say Jack yeah let's speak to him

now shall we the winner of the first

legends trophy race at Indianapolis I'm

sorry that's Lamar Fernando

congratulations what happened in

qualifying first of all why were you

14th on the grid and then I saw I tried

to do one last cut in every word tried

to make it on time the second flying lap

but it was not even time so yeah

unfortunately starting yeah well it was

what you was in it and you won the race

so how was it carving through the field

some good fights yeah some ways

difficult I think on this weekend there

is a little bit of speed difference

between the guys some of us we did the

24-hour Patrol so we have a little bit

in hand the car and the balance of speed

so yeah sometimes – too many contacts

unwanted contacts because the difference

in the speed of the things that you get

maybe get surprised the movements but

you know lucky with some of the

incidents that I could continue all the

time and let's see now in the final race

of Li with 40 minutes we can play a

little bit safer on okay cool well best

of luck thanks for talking to us

so it was a bit of both the longer lap

we said there was really only gonna be

time for one and then he tried to cut

everywhere to get there which had credit

to him at least he's thinking on his

feet there I just want to point out as

well he did win that race incredible

from the back that still wouldn't have

counted toward the Triple Crown I know

how close he wasn't Indianapolis no

one's eligible but just to clarify how

it would have worked you would have had

to win your respective class in the

endurance race so good no because

otherwise if someone won the Sprint and

the endurance you could have two Triple

Crown winners right so it was supposed

to be the endurance race only the

Sprint's were kind of a pre qualifier to

that so still wouldn't counted yet but

man oh man that's a that's a heck of a

performance especially with the chaos

that's that's the big thing he's got to

avoid all the carnage again now yeah and

I think he raises a very valid point

actually about you know the drivers that

because to do the the virtual LeMond a

couple of weeks ago that was some

serious hardcore effort and some serious

lap times that were put in and also did

the ninth fastest lap of the race in

that competition so he really had was a

cut above the rest of the field


again with double points on offer as

well Alonzo's finished certainly gives

him I should say double points in the

next race excuse me gives him a good

jump on Montoya and Brabham who he

managed to pass in that racing got

involved in some incidents with Montoya

as well the pit lane at the end not sure

what that was about maybe we'll get a

chance to chat with him in a second but

it's still wide open so Montoya is still

absolutely has a chance and is in a good

position perhaps to win the championship

Jack yeah a hundred points still to

still to play for so anything can

anything can happen to be honest with

you and we just have no idea how this

longer race is going to unfold I think

that's the excitement of it like how

much are they gonna because you can see

that the drivers in the legends trophy

maybe there aren't quite as quick as as

an Alonso they might end up in the in

the lmp2 fight with the with the Pro Cup

cars and then at the end of the pro cups

you might have some of the GT e–'s

getting involved depending on how the

the race progresses over 40 minutes but

let's have a chat with Juan Pablo

Montoya shall we and try and figure out

what happened to him at the at the end

of that race Juan Pablo you the race

started well you were up there towards

the front what what happened well they

told us we could cut the track twice in

the three laps and I did and it gave me

a penalty Oh

so no it's kind of weird because

Fernando 100 of like 10 times and it was

okay so I put two went wide in the first

and they tell you one thing and

something else happens so pretty tough

to be honest yeah very frustrating at

least there's double points in the in

the next race and you've got good pace

so plenty to fight for yeah yeah yeah

he's okay just a lot of luck involved

I've got outside of Rubens and he tried

to blocked and we got there

okay well good luck for race – thanks

for talking to us thank you

the good news is as a professional first

and foremost I love that Montoya is

always willing to speak his mind but he

will at least be able to reset he's been

in this situation before he can cool it

off and get ready for the next race

they've got a little bit of time to to

do so Julia what are your thoughts on

that well I've been in that position a

way where you disagree with the stewards

decisions and I'm sure there's there

will be or threes Alonso involved in

that one as well yeah sure I'm sure that

there would be a reason that he there

was some technicality that probably

means that he's got a penalty but he

would have just been unaware of it and

that's the harsh thing probably also

that the the track limits cut gained him

next to nothing not very much in the

grand scheme of a race there probably I

think across the line in third couple of

seconds clear ahead of David Brabham

it's harsh then to finish down in 15th

for that but he's fuming as Jack said

he's got a chance to make up for it this

pace was pretty solid I wonder if it's a

case of what he's talking there's

obviously track limits on Exeter entry

to a corner cannon you know taking a

little bit too much Liberty whereas

Alonso was four wheels off out of

control I wonder if there's a

distinction on this specifically attract

the track in this particular sim where

it may be that let him get away with

what would be considered a cut track

otherwise so interesting to think about

we talk about how Sims actually better

in some ways for sensing the limits

because it can do it with a program

which is much easier than real-life

quick note as well Jack I mentioned

Sebastian not being on the sim with

months away he's actually headed over to

Italy to get ready for his f4 series

which is pretty cool so JP gets the

honors all weekend long so we'll get

ready to get into the big race now and

see how he does


the race all-star series powered by

rocket phones has been pretty special is

given us a ton of entertainments with

everything going on and kovat and locked

down it certainly opened a lot of

people's eyes to the sim world and

brought in some incredible drivers but

over the last 15 weeks there's been a

ton of highlights jack and i think we

have to have to look it back at perhaps

all of them first race in the race all

start east what battle is underway

Alonso is them into 11th place after one

lap having started at the back Oh big

crash in front then shagged me or nerve

on the insect just on an Xbox controller

that's phenomenal stuff from Jacques

Villeneuve what a legend the Foudy who's

trying to get buzz Castroneves who goes

into super Holberg from fourth the first

in one corner then Solberg bleeding cash

to damages are facing backwards at the

second corner of buttons up as well

Oh someone's upside down it's absolute

chaos that's really close too close

para color is the back Agustin Nevers 80

year-old Mario Andretti each running

with a lonesome button the race leader's

Oh Turner and Fernandez that was a bit

rude from Turner wasn't it wall sends it


the curb across the grass that's in

Japan Magnusson for the race lead

Oh Jimmy brought men's round he's going

through the grass and Hertz is facing

the wrong way for but is he gonna get

canard as well two and one nice move

from Dario Franchitti outbreaks two

guards max Verstappen is leading the

race he's gonna finish some five or six

seconds clear of max Gunter here's one

Pablo Montoya through the final corner

and Alonso's got it crossed up and he's

off Jenson Button out across the line

wins in Indianapolis very very special I

think to have been involved in a lot of

those moments and Jack I mean for you

both I'll get Julie and I'll get your

opinions as well but probably impossible

but how cool is it better be a part of

it what was the best I really enjoyed

that the first race because Jolie and I

had been in Australia we got a flight

back on the Friday night after agreeing

to do this thing on the Sunday landed I

don't know Saturday afternoon Sunday me

and Joni and we're in a man called

Edmunds bedroom commentating on this on

the race thing with Verstappen in it it

was it was super cool and weird wasn't

it Joan it was honestly not something

that I ever thought it's been so much

fun and yeah that was probably the

oddest moment of it but all good well

they go very cool we'll be back in just

a second


I suppose that's actually a good point

as well Gillian is that you know Jack's

done sin before he came from the sim

world to the racing world just as many

drivers have done through GT academy or

world's fastest gamer in some respects

and you've now seen sin for the first

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I think it's been eye-opening to do this

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why wait head to rocket phones calm

right now to check out the dudes

well we're getting ready to get into

what is gonna be our grand finale in a

lot of ways a 45-minute endurance race

with everybody on track all at once

different classes different carnage

different chaos I'm sure in many ways

but we've got to keep in mind the

protagonists which will be Jack and Joe

for you guys a little bit more difficult

to follow perhaps so maybe we should

start shaping up that story now

obviously we touched on the legends

we'll get to that in a second but for

the sim here's how the standing is

looking again a hundred points available

to the winner of this race and that's

distributed down the line I'll get the

point table here in a minute so 188 80

72 and fairly close down the road yeah

so Eureka's dope up at the top mohammad

Patel is second Duvall is still there in

third but I think they just start so far

back in the in the pack that's where

it's going to be difficult for them and

yeah it's so tight that is basically

whoever finishes if gift as don't

finishes in the top five he's done it if

he finishes ahead of Patel Duvall and

vonda Haider he's done it basically so I

think this is a real open goal for for

Eureka's stop well see if he can

capitalize on said goal obviously like

we say lots of points but just because

there's a hundred doesn't mean you're

gonna jump that far there's lots of guys

looking to capitalize you're right Patel

is a little bit further back he starts

42nd overall which i think is ninth in

the in the respective class I'm just

trying to do the math 55 drivers to take

the start obviously the back end of the

grid is made up by the guys as we looked

at in terms of the gt3 cars the pro cars

are in the middle in the LMP 3 and again

that Championships been pretty wide-open

we've seen a lot of different results

again bunch of different winners I think

we've had eight different winners up to

today maybe nine now if I'm not mistaken

including this morning's race with ollie

rolling and picking one up but it's

tight at the top yeah this is this is

gonna be really interesting isn't it

because the split for for a win to a

second place is let me just tell you now

12 points and the gap at the top of the

championship is 11 points so if Roland

wins the race he wins the championship

it's it's as simple as that but

obviously if he finishes further down

canapé nobody's in front of him that he

wins unless Dilma finishes further in

front so I think there's gonna be a lot

of mathematics in this one maybe I will

take the job of trying to track that for

you guys well it's going on I don't know

if it's gonna happen again we looked at

the legends a minute ago we'll touch on

that again don't forget to follow at we

are the race for everything all the

updates all of the championship

highlights to look back and to look

forward we will have a season for the

dates will be announced on our social

media and on the race comm so don't miss



well forget your appetizers because on

the race all-star series powered by

rocket phones it's time for dinner and

dessert all at once as we get into the

endurance racing it's probably not the

best analogy but it's gonna be a tasty

race Jack makes no sense but no really

looking forward to this really busy grid

huge grid plenty of action different

classes getting in the mix legends on

the circuit it's it's like a nice art

gallery Matt isn't it that also makes no

sense but I'll go with it maybe it's a

little bit better maybe Julian can give

us something bail us out here at this

point no but I can't wait it's gonna

this is gonna be great the finale of

this Triple Crown and it comes down to

people avoiding trouble predominantly

Rona's got a great chance in the Pro Cup

starting from the front Kaz dope is his

to lose he just needs to avoid hitting

trouble you've got all the legends in

front of that which could well be the

trouble finally poised well well yeah I

I think the standing start aspect it's

both good and bad because there's a you

know an aspect of reaction time and it

does mean that you know people aren't

even necessarily tripping over each

other as much but it means they're all

groups up in terms of different paces

and I I fear for the slower classes off

the start believe it or not because as

we know the legends can that definitely

get involved with each other and then

end up blocking parts of the corner you

might want to take in a gt3 car

yeah absolutely I think I think you're

absolutely right there and I think we'll

just see whether the legends behave any

differently because Alonso is a pretty

robust racer isn't he we saw him kind of

forcing the issue quite a lot he says he

wants to be more patient this race so

maybe that'll C be the same off the

start this is how the championship looks

for the legends coming into this and

Alonso is four points ahead of Brabham I

believe Alonso is also under

investigation for for that last race

Montoya is still plenty in the fight as

well prios got a bit of an outside yeah

we're gonna see what happens in what is

going to be an epic race nikodem

business keys gonna start on polar

hanger Yaffe's key alongside him on the

front row of the grid and we've got

Murat check in fifth Fonda hider in

sixth position miss no kappa'd and

Dennis Jordan behind there Muhammad

Patel completes the top ten so he's not

totally out of the running

Patel but he's got a long way to climb

up the order in the Pro Cup classes

Dillman on Paul Roland in second and

those two if they can take the win ahead

of canape no have a shot at winning the

title if Roland wins the race he wins

the championship

if canopy no wins it he wins it Dillman

needs to win it and hope that canopy

know is not in second position Jonny

Adam there we'll start in ninth place

James pull in 10th Martin Plowman in

12th and then in the legends trophy at

the front of the grid overall it's going

to be Rubens Barrichello alongside Andy

Priaulx who started poorly having

qualified well in the last race karoon

Chandhok led briefly previously David

David Brabham David Brabham is a is a

competitor the Australian Italian who

starts in seventh spot

Castroneves down in 12th but once again

Alonso is gonna have to come from the

back of the order the grand finale of

the race all-star series powered by

rocket phones at LeMond begins now it's

a really good start from Rubens

Barrichello look at this huge grid of

cars and already there's two in the wall

and I think I might even be Tillman I

think that might be Tom Dillman who's

taken a hit and canopy no has caught up

into the lead

Roland is second bar aquellos out in

front Nick Adem business

leads in leads legends in the sim

masters class but Barrichello out in

front Castroneves has gone second but

he's received a penalty Siebel is

involved in all sorts of chaos in the

middle of the pack

there's spinners everywhere and it's

Murat check who's leading Bradley Smith

Rowland and Ingram a side by side canopy

know now is down to fifth position so in

the legends trophy in lmp2 it is

Barrichello Chandhok Coronel Serbia prio

the top five in the Pro Cup in his

Bradley Smith ahead of yang FA then

Roland in canopy no and then in the sim

masters is Murat check Hoya Epson Jordan

so it's chaos in sim masters land Roland

is up into second place so as it stands

Holly Roland would win the championship

in the Pro Cup but 44 minutes to go Wow

so much happen there Montoya they're

getting into Andy Priaulx down at the

first game they need a problem caught up

in that out there that's one of our

legends championship challenges brought

up in a accident not of his doing but

shame for Robin Montoya was the man that

made the pass on free oh but what what

absolute chaos

Holly Roland was in second Dillman's

obviously the big loser in the in the

Pro Cup he was in the wall within

seconds and a pinot came through the

canopy nose now dropped out of the top

five as well and Alonzo is out Fernando

Alonso is out of the race the car too

badly damaged at the start he is out so

that means it'll be well if they can get

to the end

Brabham or Montoya to win the

championship in the Ledger's trophy

there you see Alonso straight on his

phone Serbia and Coronel are going side

by side Coronel takes out a few bollards

and Montoya out is going to get a bit at

their place where is he he bangs doors

with Tom Coronel Montoya up into fourth

position so as it stands he would win

the championship there Roland would win

the championship in the Pro Cup and as

for the legends

well sorry and as for the Sims I guess

it would be Yuri cast off at the moment

but well we'll wait and see how Castorp

is getting on a little bit later Wow I

think what accident might have taken our

two contenders in different classes

Steve Soper I think was the one that was

involved off the start that may have

gotten Alonso and Dillman who were 14th

and 15th in the overall grid

respectively well here's a look at the

replay on board with Alonso then here he

comes in towards the start of the race

oh goodness me Alonso absolutely wiped

out there so do we think that was Soper

in the white car that came across I

think that mayor I'm trying to figure

out who was because Supper's got the BMW

livery so the blue and white I'll have

to take a peek at who that may have been

only there was someone on his inside

though and that's the reason he came

across so 60 cars starting this race and

banana Lonzo was was staying wide on the

outside but but yeah it just took a big

hit the damage is 25% for for the legend

obviously still enough contact that he

just couldn't return it's any o

Castroneves is it he's had a good start

up the inside ah he's been tipped by by

jewel Daniel Dane and that's what it is

is Jourdain just snagged the back of

Castro nervous Oh Ellie oh yeah

Castroneves powered across and that's

when he worn out then wiped out another

couple of cars that's why he was

suddenly in the lead for a moment but

it's now Rubens Barrichello in the lead

we're watching Michael Pena here in

James pull fighting bradley smith and

oliver Roland are right together for the

lead of the pro cut class and Mike Epps

has now got in front as Pena sends James

Paul spinning but mike epps is now

leading in the sim masters some more

spins bicycie vista going across the

circuit there Benny here still running

in 11th place so Wow

this is the problem for husam bath this

guy yeah there's every other corner

there's an obstacle in the middle of the

track and my cats

where's he come from and on the grid he

was about 15th or 16th wasn't he he's

now leading the race all of our front

runners from that earlier raised cows

caught 5th yeah cast off his fifth

that's critical but the rest of them

have gone so it's it's incredible how

this race is unfolding canopy knows not

they're in the Pro Cup

that's handing it to ollie Ronan right

now who doesn't need to get involved

with Bradley Smith but I'm sure we'll go

for the win he's took up 40 minutes to

try and get this done

but yeah Alonso he wanted to just take

his time in this race he too spoke to

you jack and just said I don't need to

to go for anything no silly contact

unlucky it was not his fault at all it

was Jordanian and Castroneves having it

tad and Fernando sport out but it's

happening to everyone out there so

canopy neo is now in seventh place the

Argentinean championship leader in the

Pro Cup he is racing in the LM p3 he's

in seventh position behind Ross gun in

six now he's quite away behind Oliver

Rowland well I said quite away four

seconds or so behind ollie Roland who's

in second place maybe even in the lead

before to lock because he's right in the

slipstream of Bradley Smith but I would

not be surprised if Roland is just

easing off the throttle on the back

straights and sitting in behind Smith

for the time being

here's Arthur Rozier in fifth position

just behind the mammer on Portland now

Tom Ingram who's in fourth spot

Barrichello's lead up at the front is

56 seconds over karoon schambach in

second with one Pablo Montoya and the

oriole serious side by side for third

position Tommy Ingram is trying to lose

the slipstream of the cars behind and

this is Jourdain who were onboard with

oh there's a bit of contact in front I

think that who was that flying into the

wall not a hundred percent sure but

Jourdain is making his way past some of

the LMP three cars now yet someone a la

they had a brake failure down at the

mall Santa Fe

raid on not slowing down again don't

know who it was but that there big crash

and someone presumably out of the race

Jill Vayne taking advantage but he ain't

in amongst the LMP three guys as well

there's legends amongst the LMP threes

and the difference in pace is going to

be very difficult to negotiate there is

Arthur Uzi eight in the bottom left

running in fifth place behind Ross Gunn

who qualified well and is currently

going great Ross in fourth position

rouget and canopy know in fifth and

sixth but it is the top two of Smith and

Roland who have pulled out really a

decent lead Yang FA is running him

behind his a look at a replay of Mike

Epps then this is how he took the lead

of the class they were fighting here

with an LMP three car I want to say Epps

is behind Murat check down the Mulsanne

straight pulls to the inside of Mitchie

Hoya anything gonna take two in one

that's a risky one Epps has done it what

a lovely move that was coming down into

Mulsanne corner just enough space and

and he made it stick really neat on the

break lovely move but you just saw the


I think that was Jourdain flying past in

an lmp1 that's the difference in

straight-line speed that the the legends

of God and that's where there's a

propensity for chaos having said that

they I think though the legends in their

lmp2 cars have got a head but

Castroneves they're spinning out he's

gonna be rejoining him on to the melee

yeah so Castroneves in the wall we're on

board in the top right with Mitchie

Hoyer who's running in the fourth place

Cass top now has got up into third spot

there so this is a really good run from

Eureka's dog he's now gonna be trying to

close in on pay up EV of mike epps who

quite frankly I don't think you're gonna

have the pace compared to Kaz dog

because Ted was battling Liam Duvall for

20 millions position earlier on in race

one and Kaz doc now has got past him it

up into second place 23 seconds back

from Mike Epps and he sets the fastest

lap of the race

in the meantime the class leaders

Barrichello smith and eps 37 minutes to

go at this one matter of it what have

you made of the opening 10 minutes so

far I mean get aside from the start

chaos fairly straightforward just a

curious note though that I've kind of

just been looking into is is obviously

the LMP threes don't run in the 24 hour

of the law it's Alan if you want to know

any – they don't have a whole lot of

power they've got 420 at the top of

their RPM range and only 186 and is

straight so being lower power than the

gt3 cars they've got better braking

they're faster through the corners but

the gt3 s are faster down the straight

and therefore we're seeing some of the

sim you guys keeping up with the back

end of that field which definitely could

get interesting as the battles start to

ensue a little bit later on or mistakes

are made there's one Pablo Montoya in

fourth place

he's just fine doriel Servier and then

subsequently he's just behind

karun Chandhok as they make their way

down the Mulsanne karoon Chandhok the

most recent guest on the race eSports

podcast which you can download from any

good podcasting place and there he was

very interesting on it actually which

you know I suppose is always there the

case with karoon give us a teaser give

us a teaser well you know he does his

circuit design stuff well now he

designed circuits he's part of the sort

of FIA circuit design Commission he's

built a few in Asia there's some being

built in India now and while he now he's

designing these circuits he can then get

the people the designers to email it to

him he then has a little bit of a drive

on it at home and he's like actually we

thought turn four would be good as

rubbish let's change it to this and they

can do it in a couple of days and then

he tries it again and it speeds up that

whole process so there's a how's that

for a little teaser oh I had that you

know with them at Snetterton hundred I

knew the designer and I yeah well I I

helped on a simulator yeah what did you

do there is there anything

that you that you did its nest them you

can say actually that was me I approved

it there was a couple of failed of

approval me I mean that means he

essentially did everything I mean if he

approved it you get to the final word

yeah if you've ever gone from Hamilton

into Augie's

you'll know that's a tricky braking zone

Auggie's was originally designed to be a

much wider corner now it's just a little

sharp right-hander you know the cameras

are a bit of a camber it's quite flat to

be honest but it opens up there's a sort

of second curve on the exit then that's

where you open up just the excites you

to get on the throttle but actually

could be punishing if you drop a wheel

this this might be a new challenge for

the commentary race Jack if if if

farmers said to a pro at designing


I mean sim you could essentially design

anything as a custom track maybe we get

him to make us one we do if we do the

commentators race on the Snetterton 300

I you know you'd be worried I've got a

race I've got a race later this year on

this nest of 300 in the in the TC UK

championship the Touring Car UK champion

so I'll be asking for advice is Palmer's

on this Nesta 300 circuit named after

you then No named after the circuit



33 minutes to go we've taken a fairly

large sidetrack apologies but we have

the time to and this is just getting me

and Palmer in the zone for three

practice one next week so we have here

your Fae running in fifth place ahead of

Augustine canopy no Rubens Barrichello

is leading the way Mike Epps has just

set the fastest lap of the race

pay up EV is still holding second place

ahead of Eureka's dope in the sim

masters but that's still enough for

Cassidy up the wrap up the title Roland

in second in the Pro Cup is still enough

for him to wrap up the title and at the

moment Montoya in fourth is enough for

him to wrap up the title in the in the

legends trophy as we're on board with

Eureka's doc seeing all those cars in

front of him in particular pay up EV the

Bulgarian right in front so coastal

really just needs to avoid getting in

trouble there because he's easy without

any incident he's gonna be the the

champion no one can win the Triple Crown

so it's just about being the champion

and he's got a pace clearly but still

sitting in behind pay up m-my caps two

seconds up the road doing a really good

job in this race and looking down we got

Italian 13 and

the ball in 14th so those two are the

other people that would win if Cass top

slipped up and that was exactly the sort

of thing that could've been bad but he

got away with it

so who is that a lunatic I do that is

but Cass thought then was just about

evaded all of that carnage and he's up

at a second place ahead of pay up EV

exit in the lead here is canopy nose

still running in fifth place then he's

ahead of ya UFA but he's got to get past

gun-woo Gao Rowland and Smith if he

wants to win the title half an hour to

go but that gap from rouget to Roland is

pretty big now three seconds or so para

Kelly's absolutely smashing this isn't

it ten seconds up the road from Karen

Kendall Kendall actually doing pretty

good job there's only a second time in

the series yeah the first was on an oval

and he's doing really well with a nice

blue just behind him

Serbia Montoya and cRIO oh here we go

Czar Qi Hamilton was the lunatic down

the backstraight

so that's that's what happened with

Archie Hamilton as he cruised past them

and then had contact with pay up EV very

sloppy really yeah that reminds me very

much of Maxime Villa fury versus I think

it was James collado or it was the the

ritzy competition Yannick Ferrari in

2018 as well it's a mistake that yeah

you're talking about the cameras

actually that's right yeah it was pure

Capra that was taken out that's exactly

right yeah it's pretty catastrophic

essentially underestimated the braking

speed of the GT e as it was in that case

yeah you could have big accident like

that and yeah that was actually Hamilton

med didn't do a lot wrong to be honest

was just coming through with with a

bigger straight-line speed but just got

a little nudge from Payard pair who

misjudged the speed and that's why he

couldn't anything before when we were on

board with with girls Dillon I keep this

straight line there alongside

self-amusing comment from Kevin Ryan who

I presume is the I presume it's not the

one that was into the in the in the sim

masters he says hey ou will be peeved

anyway Oh Montoya and Serbia together

and Montoya is off in the gravel down in

four position how many places is he

going to lose none gets away with that

one Andy Priaulx joins the back of him

quite quickly but I think that Montoya

is still in position to win the legends

trophy just about that was a very very

tight one it depends where Brabham is

actually I haven't seen where David

Brabham is recently so we'll keep an eye

on that one but Montoya should be in a

position to win it at the moment in

fourth place this is what happened

so tucked in behind oil serbia we're

coming up to the second chicane and oh

that was a no it's too ambitious there I

think from from one Pablo that gap was

closing and he was a bit far back I

think and so risk he doesn't need to be

taking with his position in Urbino who's

Alonso got the race and not breathing

down his neck at some point but he's got

this in the bag if he can finish where

he is but he doesn't need those at that

level of contact so Montoya post-race

penalties can be applied I mean I guess

the fact that Serbia held that position

means that there's not a huge amount to

kind of punish Montoya for no real

effect but then we'll get bogged down in

obscuring discussion and whether the

outcome of an incident should be

included in the penalty but anyway here

comes Andy Priaulx on the back of

Montoya Montoya holds that fourth place

for the time being 28 minutes left on

the clock

Barrett cannons leaders up for 11 and a

half seconds he is bossing it today

he's another man that was dialed in

Alonso's teammate wasn't in the in the

Lamont birch with 24 couple of weeks ago

and look in set Holly Rowland passing

Bradley Smith there for the lead in the

LMP 3 the Pro Cup category so Rowland

has just been sitting in behind Smith

verb that's quite a twenty-minute

finally on the Mulsanne hairpin makes it

stick so rolling it to the lead looking

very good

Anna Fenix took 4 did not all

or away this will feel like get all

Montoya squeezing prio towards the wall

it's like shoemaker Barrichello

Hungaroring and prio is not going to

hold on to that one for the moment

Montoya into fourth position then Priya

will get good drive out of the chicane

but not enough to make a move on Montoya

roland was doing in the in the Lamont

virtual race they were doing you know

three hour stints in it knees so up so a

forty minutes did for Oliver Ronan won't

feel too bad at all I wouldn't thought

and he's now hit the front in the Pro

Cup Eureka's top still second just in

front of pay up EV which will be enough

to wrap up the championship for him in

the sim masters and in the legends

trophy Montoya in four still will have

him taking the win here was Kaz go oh

going back up past the head of Kevin so

those who have been swapping places a

little bit they're cast off in second

spot thanks pet musta got back ahead of

a stop then after that RG hamilton

moment but surely still running three

tenths apart pretty much nose to tail

cast open pav 27 seconds away from mike

epps who's just marching away still I'm

surprised cast ops not closed that gap

since he got into second place still 27

6 minutes left on the clock

but that's doing a cracking job one

thing to consider that we haven't really

discussed in in what whisper sprint

races because they were three laps and

you've got a long straightaway to let

the tire settle but now that we're into

a 45-minute race some of these gaps

might change at the end tire we know

tires have been a factor in every other

week so I kind of expect they will be

late in this race as well yeah I think

that's I think that's very true it's not


okay it's a demanding track on tires but

like you say there's a lot of straights

– to get the temperature back down a

little bit uneven the corners on the on

the straights are chicanes but I think

that is going to be impactful towards

the I want to know whose bond toy is

talking to because he's always chatting

to someone it to me but can't see anyone

in there in the room 7 Montoya you say

matters on his way to start formula for

so who's one Pablo talking to like Tom

Coronel there he's got a headset on so

he can at least pretend to be talking to

someone as tony kanaan tries to overtake

him but when Pablo just seems to be in

an empty room having a chat here comes

Tony Kanaan to the inside a man who

great to see him still racing after his

real racing got underway a few weeks ago

he competed in that great 7-eleven

delivery in Indy car Gaby Chavez over in

the top right is trying to make his way

through some of the the sim masters

drivers his knee so Chavez who's been a

little quiet I would say in this second

or this third season of the race will

start series but yeah a little bit quiet

in this one 15th at the moment

fighting with some of the GTE cars

prambanan Pena here fighting over 12 and

13th position

James Headley's been given a penalty for

some reason Rowland's lead now to 16

seconds and Kaz Dorpers just for 10

spine EPS so EPS may have made a mistake

but because Cass thought pebble Brown

goes Plowman and hit Pena here but Kaz

dr Vaughn Yourofsky have all joined

mike epps pretty instantly really in the

battle for the lead in the in the sim

masters para kelo's lead is 13 seconds

so that's gonna get very interesting

just two tenths in it EPS is right under

pressure for the lead in the sim masters

as you say busy watching Gabi Chavez

very clearly pump dropped someone down

the the Mulsanne straight but I'm sure

that have been investigated afterwards

he's only in 12th place in the Pro Cup

so without any championship hopes either

not a lot at stake here comes Kaz door P

was coming past mike epps we're getting

a replay of what happened here with

martin Plowman but i'm fairly sure oh

that was a late one for plum and then he

gets that white on the gravel and wipes

out Pena here

but I'm fairly sure we're gonna have a

change for the lead here in the gt3

class yes Yuri Castorp has got in front

there's the zoom call of all the drivers

on the left-hand side that are competing

out here today nikodem business key in

there Tom Cornell you see in there but

here's Kaz doc and well they're in a

fight with some of the they look they're

right in the mix of some of the Pro Cup

cars so that's probably where Mike gets

lost all that time effectively in

traffic potentially yeah though this is

really difficult situation now for air

tank as door neck-and-neck for the lead

in their own race they got payer pepper

and no hander your ski just behind as

well look at this train of mixed cars in

different categories they've got to find

their way through this is classic LeMond

still 22 minutes to go there's Rubens

Barrichello in the bottom left 13

seconds clear of anyone else

a dominant drive this from Rubens

Barrichello we're onboard with her honey

off ski in fourth place

hey up EV just in front there's a Pro

Cup cars in the gravel and rejoining all

over the place he got to get to hit the

off ski has a collision with someone

that was trying to rejoin didn't quite

see who it was

there is Barrichello in the main picture

comfortably leading the way but get your

ski now has dropped away from that top

three because of that contact para

Keller is gonna have to laugh most of

these guys yeah there's the very quiet

right he's and now in he's grinning in

the bottom-left but he's he's gonna have

an entire field to work his way through

now luckily he's not under any big

pressure but yo-yo ste then caught up in

that moment and there's gonna be a lot

of this now for these for these sim

masters particularly amongst the Pro Cup

guys that was Lucas Blakely that

Barrichello was just making his way past

onboard again with Hania off ski in

fourth position now he's dropped a

little bit away from

the peph EPS Kaz dog battle up in front

as though that battle has comped down at

tiny bit their right nose to tail coming

into the chicane but there's less

traffic around at the moment here's a

look at a replay then and it was

actually Hamilton again rejoining like

well like I should well I did he hit the

wall I mean it wasn't a horrific rejoin

but it wasn't strong he's been off quite

a lot as they aren't yeah yeah and yeah

rejoining I mean he didn't exactly swarm

across the track that is very difficult

when you got a lot of cars coming

through – to come on safely to be honest

another card dropping wide on the exit

of turn 2 there but that was none of our

main contenders so still pretty close to

Yaffe's key he didn't actually lose too

much just a second and a half back from

parapet Barron kelo's lead still 114

seconds over korean/chang duck in second

place Oriole Servier third Andy Priaulx

fourth Juan Pablo Montoya in fifth

position as it stands which should be

enough to give Juan Pablo Montoya the

championship win in the legends trophy

board with Mitchie Hoya up in the top

riders he tries to make progress but EPS

here is under big big pressure from

Eureka's doc you've got the LMP car in

the middle there I think it's Daniel

Rowe bottom who were onboard with here

who is in the middle of that fight and

surprised me a bit slower to be the

chicane than the the GT cars in front of

him and it is pay up f that is kind of

stuck behind him as we come through

there so excellent caz doc now knows the

tale this is where cows dogs gotta just

keep out of trouble finishing second and

he still wins and we're onboard with him

now coming down the Mulsanne and I think

he I think he'll be lifting at this

point just sitting in behind my gaps and

they're not too keen to get involved in

too hard a fight no and that bit of

traffic there really

helped them to just break a second clear

of payer perv who got stuck behind row

bottom of the first game makes a huge

difference is all about being really

clinical through the traffic and look

robot I'm still there ahead of pair so

really frustrating for for the Bulgarian

but cast dog out you're right he's just

blending out I think rather than

attacking act particularly he's happy

just to sit in second for the moment so

Matt what's this gonna do to the

championship we've got 19 minutes to go

a lot can change but but what are we

looking at right now yeah provisionally

just looking at it I mean this sim

championship meet seems the most obvious

at this point the championship leader

Castorp sitting in second place and

Patel being just behind him in the

championship by 10 points is way down in

13th so that one doesn't need tracking

it's a little bit closer in what we're

you know the pro championship of the LMP

cars because augustine canopy know was

obviously now up into third that means

is it down it was a gap of 11 points

between ollie Roland in second in the

championship and he and it was a gap of

a 20 point lead or gain by ollie Roland

which obviously would have put him in

the lead that's now closed a further

eight points which means it's 12 points

at this point ollie Roland only would

have a one-point lead if they finished

as they were so that ones getting

extremely tight meanwhile in the lmp2 is

the probe they're the legends Qatar it

gives me pre used ahead of Montoya that

only gets him four points and what is a

gap excuse me if I just bring it up of

ya pout 20 points so he's not gonna be

anywhere near that but Montoya needs to

not take chances you guys said it the

man who's ahead of him David Brabham

last I checked was down in ninth and

that's quite a gap so Montoya if he

stays where he is has the championship

wrapped up okay so just to clarify that

in the in the Pro Cup quickly so Roland

by my calculations if Roland wins he

wins the championship full stop right

correct like what point if he if he wins

and canopy no finish is in second place

it would be a 12 point difference right

now it's 20 points so yes he still has

the lead comfortably but watch canopy no

because he's on the move and that could

put pressure on things with 19

absolutely we're getting a bit of

traffic now for some of the LMP cars

Montoya and prio going around might have

been out of Maguire in one of the GPB WC

machines 17 minutes left on the clock

Eureka's stop still leading in the sim

masters Montoya bouncing through the

chicanes and they're getting up to a big

long group now of the GTE cars so prio

goes through just trying to see who II

who it is that Montoya is kind of

putting moves on now I think it's gonna

be the sort of well that's David Greco

then so that's he's now up into the sort

of top 15 of the gt3 cars my apologies

for a safety to either the gt3 cars yeah

that is where Montoya and Andy Priaulx

are right now and you can see how much

time Frio is game just getting through

that traffic a little smoother oh yeah

Montoya almost lost connector to turn

two and he almost lost it again before

the temperature Rouge I mean he's had

two huge escaped there Juan Pablo

Montoya the man that is looking to to be

champion I'm really working to pass

these guys and then stick the landing

prio as well they've got so many more

cars to pass though that 15 of the gt3

they got most of them still to go

and then the lot of the LMB threes if

they're quick enough

so Kaz Dorpers hit the front now in GT

three X's right behind him now as he

blending out of it as well think he is

just sitting him behind

Eureka's dog as they come down the

Mulsanne straight and his canopy no then

in the second place so canopy know has

got past bruised EA and up into second

position now as it stands oli Roland

would win the Pro Cup by one points

so can canopy no close in three and a

half seconds in 15 minutes that's going

to be the big question or will he make a

mistake any mistake from Roland and

canopy no wins the championship this is

huge and canopy know that that gap has

come down it was nearer five seconds now

is near a three in in a while Roland

still going quickly consistently but

then the traffic they might have the

deal with some traffic as well and

there's a lot of pressure now for Roland

with canopy no in second he's got

probably the quickest man and the man

that can beat him in the championship

just behind so Roland cannot afford to

make the mistake in the question as well

as Roland started on Paul and has been

sprinting away but hasn't had to work

hard for track position whereas canopy

nose started fifth so who's actually

used more tires the man running or the

man that's had a battle for position

it's a good point

Montoya when we went on board with him

for the last that had to lure it over

stairs and I wonder if that was rig tire

look at this that was the first one out

of out of the chicane then he had

another one before tetra Rouge and

that's maybe because he's smoked the bit

of the rear tires already this took 14

minutes to go and look Roland's just got

to try and measure that with canopy no

behind who's been really quick from just

a lot of weeks though he's been very

consistent at a minute

is this the other one he got really wide

there didn't he on the left and then had

been turning to the on the right and

then he just hit the ball hard as well

and glanced off the wall kept it

together there yeah Montoya fits scrappy

there and that might be the first time

we see a tire wear so what have we got

going on here we've got there Petter

Solberg in this race right up behind Tom

Coronel they're battling over 7th and

8th positions at the moment with 13 and

a half minutes to go a nice little fight

there Coronel and Solberg Epps's in

second place still behind here any cast

or band I think a shout out to Mike Epps

he was a Pro Cup racer but he was so

good that we put him in with the sim

masters and now he's running right at

the front of that field as well so

hugely impressive stuff from Mike Epps

Penta Solberg in the main screen as you

look at it is making his way up the

border getting ahead of one of the

simplest cars in the Corvette GT threes

13 minutes left on the clock as Solberg

comes across the line just under a

second away from Tom Coronel

Barrichello's lead is pretty much

stabilized at 11 seconds or so

Korean Chandhok in second Oriole

Surveyor in third as we are in the grand

finale of the race all-star series

powered by rocket phones we've had 15

weeks of action but real racing getting

back under way properly well Formula One

in particular next week so keep your eye

on the – race calm and we are in the

race we are the race on social media for

all the latest from the from the real

world of Formula One racing next weekend

also we'll have more virtual racing

coming up for you later in the year but

just not quite as regular as we have

been in the in the lockdown period 12

minutes left on the clock also the race

for all your eSports news from the the

championships that will continue to run

even when real racing returns like GPB

WC and the VC 12 minutes left on the


Barrichello leading 12 seconds ahead of

career Chanda Oliver Rowland is leading

the pro cut class and at the moment

still has a three second lead over a

casting canape know so things are

looking fairly peachy for Roland as it

stands Eureka's talk is now leading as

well in the in the gt3 sim masters class

so two of our three classes we've got

the race leader looking set to win the

championship but it's sebastio Juan

Pablo Montoya in fifth place in the lmp2

s that looks set to win the legends

trophy overall with the Barrichello

they're in there leading the race at the

moment in the top row

Montoya is catching again Andy Priaulx

so where he might yeah have another

scrap to do before this is out still 11

minutes left on the clock and we're

watching our hanger yacht ski who's now

ahead of pay up EV in their battle

that's the third place in the sim

Masters in the GT threes they're not all

that far away from that lime green car

of Eureka's door in the the overall lead

in that as well so couple of LMP three

cars in the way for them lot of traffic

to deal with but you Yaffe's be still

going strong and now ahead of pay of her

there is your ski with the red Corvette

of peb right behind Tom Coronel is going

to try and come pass them down the

straight which he manages to do they're

going to get a bit close into the

braking zone though you can see here

that he offs be getting a bit held up by

Coronel initially then Petter Solberg is

going to be the black lmp2 car that's

going to try and get past that the GTS

and once they get out onto the straight

that should be fairly straight forward I

guess that's the sort of big there are

good times too very straightforward

times to catch cars around LaVon are

there it's not like we're doing this at

Monaco imagine 24 hour race around

Monaco would be follow me the lamothe

amazing what a legendary circuit this is

full of fast corners lovely sweeps like

here at Porsche curves but also there

are times where like the Mulsanne

straight where is easy to pass cars

particularly if you're in one of the

lmp2 cars in the legends there's enough

long straights that you can make your

way through I'll even add to that but if

you catch them on the straightaway it

can be an advantage because you can get

a draft from them on the way by indeed

talking of the way by Montoya has passed

pre oak for fourth place so that's just

happened didn't see it but that's a move

that Montoya's made getting closer to

the podium but more crucially a clean

pass on Andy Priaulx yeah that secures

his grasp a little tighter on the

legends trophy crown nine minutes left

on the clock

Hanyu your ski is just ahead of this man

pay up EV in the bottom left who has

been a front-runner for most of the race

all star series pay up EV was in the

very first race all-star battle as it

was known then right at the middle of


and have not really anywhere in Monaco

at 27th out of 12 but a sick for the

night at Indianapolis and looks as

though he's going to finish this with

her for the top-five finish in the gt3s

his David Brabham then he's in 9th place

at the moment and he's gonna try and get

past Petter Solberg ear and should do

fairly straightforwardly then he'll turn

his attention to Tom Coronel and that

could put him up into seventh place so

he's not totally out of the running here

Brabham he is he man just doing the

updated map oh sorry I don't know with

the update so I think if Montoya

finishes where he is he finishes on 248

points that would put him where Brabham

was in night he would have been at 2:36

but those two positions gained him a

further eight points so that actually

means that he would be four points back

of Montoya on 244 at this point so

Montoya still has it but watch out

because gravan gets a few more or if

Montoya's tires are going that could

change yeah if we get the position where

Brabham gets up to seventh and Montoya

drops behind Briona fifth then I think

things will change quite considerably

less than eight minutes to go just to

consider that as well remember there's a

pending penalty to Alonso which could a

chit and change points from the sprint

races and if you consider that Montoya

was angry and had to go into pits at the

end of that race maybe that's three or

four points that he lost that he could

have used right now yeah I think that's

there very true mistake from Petter

Solberg on the exit of Mulsanne as they

were trying to get past one of the LMP

three cars and is that going to allow

for a bomb up and through we're onboard

here now with Brabham

Petter Solberg to the left of him

Coronel seems quite a way up the road

after say I can't see him with my eyes

at the moment so even if Brabham got

ahead a Sawbuck it would be quite a way

I think to catch up with Tom Coronel and

he's not able to get ball now he's got

the cut back nicely done there from

Brabham and Solberg drops down into 9th

place so next target for Brabham is Tom

Coronel in seventh position that was a

move of a little more veteran that

against de L'Amour rookie with Petter

Solberg he's having another good day

racing with these guys who know this


back of their hand but ya rabbim just

hugging the inside they're setting up

Indianapolis knowing full well that

Solberg was probably going to sell

himself to deepen and not be able to

exit that's exactly what happened so

another place for David Brabham

and for him it's just whether Montoya

makes a mistake gets involved in a

tangle with prio who's still not that

far ahead of him or with any hood these

other back markers who they're gonna

have to deal with as well Mike Epps

leading the way in the gt3 class

he's got Yuri caster in behind him there

you can see Epps working pretty hard at

the wheel isn't he in that machine out

in front Kaz dope in second position

thought about giving us credit as well

for his improvement but just to note one

more battle very quickly

canapé no versus roland winner of the

race essentially takes it whoever beats

the other essentially walks away as the

champion that gaps not really come down

since canopy no got into second place so

with six minutes left at this point all

role and asked them we talked about his

consistency is hang on well someone's in

the gravel they're further back and that

caught out get your ski and that means

pay up Eva's through it was Gabby Chavez

who was getting in the way of all these

gt3 cars and that means that Parviz

managed to get back in front of you your

ski but it is still Mike Epps the Sancho

sim sport racer who is out in front

Yaffe's key in fourth now behind heaven

third fifth is daveandmarit check jordan

visit visit em ski race one winner only

down in seventh place hasn't made a huge

amount of progress

Risto Capet Nuno Pinto and yam Vonda

hider complete the top ten this is what

happened here to pair with Gaby Chavez

in front Chavez two cars ahead it was

two of them that went off well is Chavez

and then you yo see followed him

basically and have just bruised straight

through that's it it's just the benefit

of being quick through the traffic

that's kind of Pino closing up on Roland

I think I thought it was rolling in

canopy no right together but it's

actually Rowland and barek hello right

together isn't it so Oliver roland and

they I presume barrack ellos just lapped

him as a new year so that yes so there

we go a bit less exciting the gap has

come down a little bit to 24 seconds

between Roland and canopy neo but still

Rubens Barrichello comfortably out in


Roland looking fairly comfortable you

have to say in the in the Pro Cup four

minutes left on the clock so I think

there might be see air two more laps

your I probably possibly it's gonna be a

Taiwan yeah it depends how quickly

Farrah Keller's gonna gonna get through

then of course a lot less for everyone

else who's been laughed but Eric hello

he's he's he's been on it hasn't he from

the word go he got so shame we didn't

see him properly in the in in there heat

what he could have done against Fernando

Alonso because yeah

he's just been so steady OUTFRONT built

up a big lead plus 10 seconds to

Chandhok and he's just been solid no


clean through the traffic he's been very

very impressive it's a shame for him

that we don't have Alonso to compare him

against in this one yeah absolutely this

could be the final lap you know that

he's about to start Rubens Barrichello

he's coming through the chicanes we'll

wait for confirmation you're right this

is rap problems just got to seventh

place Brabham's just going up four more

points so that brings the gap from 248

for Montoya to 244 for Brabham's so if

anything happens potentially on this

last lap or if there's one more half a

second between prio and Montoya there's

only half a second between prio and

Montoya so if prio gets ahead of Montoya

they tie and I think I think Brabham

wins it on count back because Brabham

actually want to race this season

Montoya has it he's been second most of

the time yeah so we have got Rubens

Barrichello out in front this is what

happened to Tom Coronel and he's made

the mistake Coronel has made a mistake

and that's why Brabham has gained the

positions so this is going to be intense

now and Montoya is right behind Serbia

so the situation is this or if if

Montoya goes behind prio then we think

Brabham will win the title having won at

Indianapolis last time out Wow I will

say pending the penalties that could yea

be applied but right now that's how the

points would work so Rubens Barrichello

is leading the race we think this is the

final lap Serbia is making his way

through the back markers it is the final

lap of the race then and this is going

to be so intensive more times into the


Montoya spins and he's collected by Brio

but crucially stays in front of Andy

Priaulx as they come down the Mulsanne


good news B this is going to be

stressful he got C close to toriel

Serbia didn't eat and then just a little

bit of contact a spin crucially for him

I don't know if he knows how crucial

that was but he kept pre over – there's

just half a lap left for you with a big

sip stream he's gonna have a lunge down

at the second chicane

no but he'll have another chance at the

hairpin coming up right now and Montoya

has lost the sit stream of oriole Serbia

so this is the replay on board with prio

Montoya just tapped the back of Serbia

big slide and prio just couldn't find

the way through and that was the moment

for Brabham to win the championship but

it's not all over yet they have they're

away from Serbia but they've got a LM p3

car in there just trying to see who that

is Montoya is getting held up a little


Andy Priaulx is right behind him now as

they pull out coming down the next

straight towards Indianapolis and then

uh Nagy Rubens Barrichello is leading

the way Adam dominating drive from the

Brazilian but who is gonna become the

legends Trophy winner 35 minutes to go

as a look they make contact

Rio gets through somehow they're going

fast all of a roll in the race leader

and then prio lunge is it coming down

into the left hander in Indianapolis and

prio is up into fourth place

Montoya dropped the fifth and with

Brabham in seventh though oh no he's hit

him Montoya and briault both slide off

the circuit and Montoya is back up in

the fall and in championship winning

position that is going to be a

controversial one Joe Liam yeah dare I

say it but I'd be amazed if he keeps

that one the one down to Indianapolis

was bad enough putting prayer wide on

the grass but then that was a pretty

much just sent prio down at Arnage tap

in the back and off prayer went to the

barriers I think that might be David

Brabham championship but here comes

Rubens Barrichello to win the legends

Trophy race the endurance race at LeMond

in the race all-star series powered by

rocket phones the season finale

wrapped up with a win for Barrichello

but it's going to be one Pablo Montoya

across the line who as it stands will

win the championship in the legends

trophy will that result stand we'll have

to wait and see because there was some

controversy on the final lap but Montoya

in 4th has had a good season and you can

see he is not celebrating Roland across

the line to win the Pro Cup and to win

the overall broke up standings almost

getting the Triple Crown as well and his

Eureka's top he's going to win these sim

masters but is he going to win the race

because Mike Epps has just slipped

streamed past him on the final lap Kaz

drop trying to find a way through into

the Mulsanne kink and then on to the

apologies that was coming into er

Indianapolis Epps might win this one you

know there's not an obvious overtaking

place left the Kaz door but let's see

Montoya is it here with team dozen

better he goes to the back of my cat but

without sending him into the wall now a

bit of a run-up to the Porsche curves

hips just gently swaying to try and

break the tone for the cows dog and this

is it 45 minutes coming down to the last

few corners we're gonna go side by side

EPS keep to the right Kaz doe up to the

outside EPS holds the inside cast up

can't hold it EPS is still in front

bazan show sim sport a few more corners

to go still lying in third place is her

Hannah Gorski but he's 14 seconds back

whatever happens Kaz dog is going to win

the sim masters element of the race

all-star series powered by rocket phones

but mike epps

in what has been a phenomenal Drive from

this real world racing driver up against

some of the fastest sim races know he's

up against the fastest sim racers in the

whole of the world and EPS comes out of

the final corner to win at LeMond I

stomped what a surprising impressive

superb drive from mike epps

to win in the gt3 sim masters element of

the race now here's a look at the replay

onboard with Priya

what do we make of this Julian right

well that was bad from montoya in the

first place I think he might have been

trying to get the sixth stream from the

LMP rear heads Roland yeah yeah Roland

and maybe didn't realize Priya was there

but he would have known Priya was here

and the let's see this one back oh and

off goes Andie wide through the gravel

just about keeps it out of the wall but

as the slam-dunk penalty I'm sorry I I

think Montoya knew what was at stake

with that it felt like he did the way he

was driving and you is just not up for

debate I don't think that one

well Rubens Barrichello takes the win

Montoya finishes fourth but he's going

to be under investigation it could be

Brabham that wins the title

karun Chandhok finishing in second very

good drive from him oriole Serbia in

third spot yuri Castorp the winner in

the sim masters and oliver Roland the

winner in the Pro Cup will have all the

reaction when we come back in a few

minutes to what was a really cool way to

end the race all-star series powered by

rocket phones a nice endurance event

around LeMond we'll be back in a few



so much to discuss and inevitably we

will before I even get into the can of

worms because there's a bunch to discuss

in terms of points in terms of

provisions in terms of penalties let's

talk to the man who didn't have a hard

time with any of that Rubens Barrichello

just drove away at the front didn't

ejack yeah what a superb drive that was

from Rubens we can speak to him now

Rubens can congratulations you were very

happy when you came across the line that

was a dominant win I'm afraid we can't

hear you at the moment Rubens can you

hear me okay weak we can't hear you

sorry we'll try and come back to you in

a couple of moments time ah come here

now no well we'll sort that out and

we'll come back to you sorry about that

Rubens yeah a dominant win though

nevertheless but there the championship

except firstly it's a shame Rubens

hasn't been with us the whole of the

season isn't it cuz he managed to do

that one race and then I think he was in

somewhere with dodgy internet or

something and couldn't keep continuing

but he would have given Alonso a run for

his money that was wise words that you

said in the commentary Matt and yeah I

don't even know where to start with the

Montoya no I I don't even know where I

started the amount of mathematics I was

doing and calculators I going on my

phone and on the screen for different

classes when problem got up into seventh

in Montoya we saw he was struggling

throughout I thought there was a real

chance / you could get him and obviously

there was a real chance now it depends

on first off what happens to penalties

in the first race with Alonso we'll find

out how those are applied and second off

what's the penalty in this race as he

concede the position Dupree you is it a

time penalty they had a gap to the man

that would have been further back in

sixth it's gonna be either a four point

win for Montoya or potentially a tie and

I think on the count back Brabham wins

that Joely and so it's it's tight I mean

what a finale

yeah and how quickly are we gonna know

that result from the stewards they've

got a lot of work to do to try and

decide the champion in this and both

races really up

up for debate with montoya particularly

well this next verse we're gonna talk to

is provisionally our champion as well of

the Pro drivers category but as much as

it looked easy at the front today forum

two wins it wasn't necessarily that

because canopy no closed down by one

second over the last two laps and again

whoever won between the two of them Jack

won overall so Ollie Roland how much

pressure was he under well let's find

out Sheree ollie champion in the in the

Pro Cup congratulations really

impressive Drive how much pressure were

you feeling at the you're quite a

chilled guy I wouldn't have thought you

were too stressed at the end but canopy

know was closing in okay we can't hear

from you at the moment ollie will try

and get back to you a little bit later

on so at least that suggests the problem

might have been our side not Ruben yeah

this side so sorry about that guys yeah

just I'm sure I'd love to hear more from

his perspective again because he had the

pace up front tires are another thing I

want to ask about from both drivers and

the pace was interesting as well because

obviously Rubens lapped the entire field

of the other two class is not the entire

lmp2 class obviously but we saw him past

the lead car in LMP 3 whereas the others

mixed and mingled a bit not be so there

was some mistakes to account for that

but Castorp obviously not winning had

the easiest time in terms of a point

lead and and for him pretty good day in

the office in the in the Corvette it was

clean wasn't it yes he didn't qualify it

was he was so far ahead of Patel Duvall

in in qualifying he just kept it clean

he clearly wanted to be X in that final

bear I mean side by side with reporters

is brave to say the least and but ABS

was just fantastic to hold on but yeah

caz Dobbs the champ

he is indeed well that's the least the

provisional results we'll talk more

about them in just a second when we come



well yeah it's so much sick to talk

about even still beyond that I mean the

carnage at the starting lap I think III

spotted Soper getting sideways and I

thought that potentially he took out the

row behind which would have been both

Alonso and obviously Dylan and Dillman

never really got going in this race

unfortunately it turns out it was two

separate incidents and in both cases it

seemed like the innocent party was the

one that suffered the most Julian and I

guess that's kind of what we expected

with the mixed class start that was

always gonna be the thing and I have to

say we're looking at a championship

fight between Brabham or Montoya pending

penalties but I mean I lonzo's pace in

that first race would have been

frightening over 45 minutes I'm sure he

would have been right up there with

Barry Kalin possibly probably ahead so

he was particularly unlucky there to be

taken out in that first first moments

accident but also Dillman yeah starting

from the front row he had a chance to

win it as well and we didn't really see

what happened but he was just drilled

into the wall within seconds so he was

starting at the front next to the back

of the legends and we said it before

that's a pretty sketchy place to be

sometimes I think I think it's almost

difficult you know I'd rather be in the

middle of my own class where the pace is

similar but the front of a class facing

the I don't know maybe the more risky

drivers at the back of another you can't

let off Inlet space because someone's

gonna overtake you anyway so you kind of

have to get involved with that fight you

may not want jack yeah exactly and I

think and we saw that evolve as the race

progressed anyway didn't we when the

sort of lipari got involved in the gt3

cars were fighting with the p2 cars we

were having that kind of action as well

and then right at the end with Montoya

and prio battling they were trying to go

either side of Ally Roland who was

leading in the p2 class so that added

element to it is what we were kind of

looking for really with this endurance



you bring another point to the pressure

as well with Ollie rollin Jack that

maybe you can touch on because he was

your right and I completely let that

slip he he was the one involved in that

yeah mix up in the pro category which if

he had been taken out by either that

canopy no would have walked to the

victory and the championship in the pro

drivers so that could have been tense I

said he lost a second over the last lap

that's probably where it was yeah it

probably was to be honest was then we

see that's the kind of thick you know

all of the the chats that you've been

having and the reference if you've been

making is a Rockenfeller and his crash

at LeMond and that kind of thing it all

comes when you're trying to pass a

slower car think of that huge shunt

Allan McNish had when he he try and

lunge it at the inside of another GT car

down at coming through the esses and

that was a biggie firm ignition he's you

know he he's had some big crashes in his

time ruined 130r for us but like that is

is a great example of how it happens in

the real world as well as in sim racing

well toughest part of Lamoure is is well

it's one thing having the pace but it's

all about dealing with traffic and you

can you could put it on pole you can do

what you like in qualifying it's

important you know to have the raw pace

obviously but I've never raced endurance

but speaking to other drivers that have

dealing with traffic being quick through

traffic diving on the inside and not

dawdling behind slower cars for too long

that's critical but obviously you risk

it too much you end up in the wall we

saw that with a with a couple of people

and that's where Roland just as you say

at the end there was could have been

taken out in that other fight with with

the legends of the a we saw happen with

Archie Hamilton didn't we win the battle

for the lead in the in the gt3 and it's

and that part of that is not even just

that you're in a battle that have it

with slower car sometimes the slower

cars are also in a battle and although

the blue flags come out and they're

supposed to concede any competitive

drivers not keep away that advantage if

they think they have a shot at

overtaking and it gets a little awkward

so you're absolutely right and there's

been more incidences this that I think

Anthony Davidson had a similar one at

night where he was tripped up by a GT


and put into the walls so yeah

definitely difficult I think the mall we

didn't do it at night that might have

been even more difficult to manage or

some of these guys but that we're in the

way it's super difficult time I'm down

for that but yeah that would have been

super chaotic

I think the tables are almost ready so

hopefully we'll get to take a look at

those i overall though i mean anyone

that stood out it will get to the

official driver the day so in a second

julian so i'm gonna lean to jack a

little but anyone that kind of stood out

for you i think it's gotta be oliver

roland for me i know we're not doing the

official driver of the day thing yet

we'll do that with the lovely little

sting for jolie and later on but I don't

think we hits him or Rubens for me I

think it's gone I would have to go with

with Ronit because he just dominated

okay didn't take poll but second on the

grid win two races win the Pro Cup on

the way winning two out of the three of

the Triple Crown it's they're difficult

to look past him absolutely the case


well rocket phones doesn't just power

the all-star series they also have a

news I guess section or segment that

we've added for this season it's the

driver of the day and today with

everyone on track there could only be

one it feels weird that I intro that

segment every time because really I have

nothing to do with it Jolie and this is

all you you're the experts who stood up

for you right well Rubens Barrichello

clearly the class act

but also I would say Fernando Alonso how

quick was he in that first race but he

obviously can't be him because he didn't

do he didn't do the main race for me

it's not quite Oliver Roland it's

actually Mike Epps and I think my cat's

in the in the the sim masters category

to win on the final lap with Eureka stop

side by side through the port curves

he's a real real-life racer racing with

the absolute best there is and he won it

unbelievable stuff so unfortunately for

Roland I think he got trapped by my cat

just well I think and that's it that's a

great shout as well because he obviously

did super super well against very very


I would say as well he's an Joker that's

got my logo on the side of it somewhere

Jack maybe that had something I'm gonna

say that had something to do with it a

little you know ten extra horsepower for

every every vinyl is that how it works

in a Honda Civics not a big money deal

is that a huge money deal it was just a

matter of asking and me saying yes I

know I don't like those on show cars

they're my they're my nemesis is in the

in the Touring Car Championship the Jean

Joe boys hate them hey well I guess it's

the only way if you can't beat him hate

them I think that's the way it works

right Jack here's our provisional points

we said it was gonna be one point for

all and Jack it ended up being at the


yeah really strong performance from

Oliver Rowland one point ahead of canopy

no in the championship such a shame for

Delmon getting wiped out at the start

there so it is Oliver Olin that is

provisionally the Pro Cup champion as

far as the sim Masters is concerned in

the points they're Eureka's stop taking

Wyn quite comfortably and it was yam

Vonda hider that ended up finishing in

second place interesting to see where

Patel and Liam Duvall ended up today and

why they struggled so much and

provisionally in the legends trophy it

is going to be Juan Pablo Montoya at the

top of the standings there but four

points clear of David Brabham we aren't

100% sure that that is how it's how it's

going to stick

well incredible season amazing racing

follow at we are the race or check out

the race – race calm because we will

have a season four and the dates will be

announced we can't wait to see then it's

been amazing all the way through thank

you for the 15 weeks and we'll see you

next time


the beauty of live streaming is we can

do whatever we want now we get to keep

going forever thankfully joined us

online I because there's so much to talk

about obviously a season four sounds

fantastic off the top of this but taking

a bit of a break obviously you guys are

gonna be back in the other Formula One

world next week yeah looking forward to

that as if as if we haven't had enough

of each other I'm gonna feel weird now

isn't it it's gonna feel weird watching

watching real cars out there instead of

the virtual world

yeah readjust it's gonna be it's gonna

be a lot of fun I we are yeah listen on

the BBC Sport website of the forlorn app

don't if I'm allowed to plug that but

there we go well you've done it now the

series is over

I didn't mention who it was or where you

were doing it I just said you were so

that's not on me please and thank you

fired just them we are gonna get some

reaction from drivers here in a second

I'm sure not only to just this race but

also the season as a whole maybe what it

was like to do 45 minutes instead of a

sprint race how that changed things for

both tyres and mentality and kind of

practice went into this I mean there's

so many factors and as we say after 15

weeks these guys are definitely very I

mean obviously we had some drivers

coming in out not everyone was here that

whole time but we had a lot of people

get used to things have a sim worked out

their new equipment worked Jack I mean

this is it definitely is a new world in

a lot of these ways but it's a world

that I think that you coming from sim

and myself following it as I have we've

known all along the potential was here

yeah and it's been really nice watching

the drivers get into it because so many

drivers kind of not poopoo it that's not

quite the right phrase but it's a bit

like oh they do that I think they don't

haven't understood the benefits of it

not benefits but like the detail of it

and I think a lot of them that we speak

to alike actually this is really

in-depth and really interesting and

really something to get involved with

you're not playing Mario Kart you're not

sitting on your sofa playing Fifa there

it is kind of a very similar discipline

you know playing Fifa or Madden or

whatever American people or Canadian

people play is like any same NHL exactly

cause it's not the same as playing the

real-life sport

whereas simracing you

doing the same thing obviously it

doesn't it's not as hard it's not as

physically demanding it's not as

dangerous it's you know all of those

things but the actual inputs and actions

are this the same yeah I always say that

you don't flight simulator might be the

only things similar but in the sporting

room sim racing is the closest and the

easiest to therefore create a sport out

of if you will Julian you've obviously

known sim in in the f1 world and in your

junior categories and you've been around

that level of sim but what's your

impression being this being the first

time you've commentated on sort of the

eSports side of it I've loved it I've

really enjoyed it and I think we talked

about technological advances I started

this one in like dwindling light you

know in a house or a shed have any like

lethargy Wi-Fi so we're all winners here

and you know we've done this we've made

big advancement there was yeah I think

there wasn't one entire rehearsal we

always do a rehearsal beforehand to make

sure this is gonna work there's a lot of

moving parts for the online and you had

to change locations in like an hour

because it just didn't work in the

rehearsal anyway let's try and speak to

Wally Rowland again shall we

Oliver congratulations the Pro Cup

champion of the race all-star series was

that a was that a calm race for you or

was it a bit stressful with canopy no

closing in I'm straight

stressful from the beginning you know

with the with the two cars how this set

off the Olympia three cars could

actually get off the grid much quicker

so there was like a bit of chaos into

turn one with everybody going everywhere

but then yeah slowly got into a rhythm

and I had to pass Smith to be honest at

one point I was happy to just go with

him but in the end he started to make a

few too many mistakes I thought I need

to go now just to to not risk it in core

behind and then yeah had a three and a

half second gap and he was coming pretty

quickly and then the we obviously were

getting lapped by the p2 cars so then I

lost a bit of time and then I started to

get a bit stressed towards the end but

in the end it was I was actually I

didn't know it was the last lap so I was

just hoping there wasn't another one to

be honest yeah you almost got wiped out

by Montoya and preowned at one point

they seemed to come like either side of

you you know they're having a bit of fun

to be honest I had no idea who it was

it's a couch out and I just thinking

stay away from me but yeah in the end

got away with it okay well congratulate

is that the end of your sim racing

adventure do you think cuz you've you've

got into it quite a lot over over the

last few weeks but focus now for Maneri

I suppose yeah obviously you know then

the next month or so is going to be

important because we've got six races in

nine days so I think the next month

we'll be focusing on that and then and

then quite a big break so hopefully I

can get back into some stuff having a

full focus on Berlin and hopefully we

can continue the trend there alright

good luck thank you

that's true actually because a lot of

the talk of has been oh what's the

future of eSports gonna be and there's a

lot of people and a lot of drivers who

are up for sort of a winter series kind

of format and formulary the season is

gonna finish in August the something

booked my flights yet ten days yeah yeah

exactly and then they've got nothing

until sort of the middle of January so

so that's the kind of slot that you

might see things kind of emerging well

any and even just add to that only some

of the legends that formerly didn't swim

every time we talk to them they

absolutely love it they get to play with

old friends they get to race against

people that they used to look up to and

never thought they'd race and vice versa

you know guys like and ready and

Fittipaldi racing against some of the

younger generation certainly been

interesting to watch and very enjoyable

from from that perspective I want to

point out for Roland as well winning

both races today in the pro category

one hundred and fifty points he

maximized and he only won by one point

so think about how much work he did

today that's is that one of the best

championship comebacks ever Julian Oh

blimey yes in sim racing we'll give you

that one maybe in there yeah it may not

have been Hamilton on Glock or anything

like that sorry well I can räikkönen oh

seven räikkönen oh seven was one of the

big one that's true as well yeah you're

absolutely right between between all the

differences and points and positions and

Hamilton and Alonso tripping and

fighting over each other the whole time

all year that wasn't expect there was a

lot of good seasons that people don't

rate highly enough or don't think fondly

of I think in the in recent history yeah

if this p1 I don't think so I think

we'll remember this one fondly

yeah yes a f-107 yeah well we'll see how

obviously with real racing kicking off

the other thing to go to your point is

well Jack is not just drivers that are

maybe gonna have another off season that

we can capitalize on but when you

consider you know Conor Daly was

involved with us last week

he's obviously already raced in the real

world and you mentioned it as well with

with Tony Kanaan this week another

driver had an incredibly good day and

was happy to be back in the Brazilian

Kellers pretty pretty simple race at the

front really Rubens Barrichello with the

victory in the legends category Rubens

congratulations hopefully we can hear

you now thanks for joining us

congratulations on the on the win a

dominant drive they think you can you

hear me ok now yeah you're all good Oh

fantastic it was it was I had a great

time I learned how to to actually do the

the start with the spring race so I was

able to get a really good getaway on the

second one when the first one was just

madness he was just crashing all OH Oh

everywhere but the second you know I had

a lot of practice on this track I said I

was saying on my screen that before

prior to to the race to the full 24 hour

I had to improve myself and I put up a

lot of tests and so therefore you know

the cow was was feeling good and I was

feeling good with with the seam I drove

my stock car two days ago so I I'm up to

it so I'm doing ok now so oh good ok

great well thank you very much for

joining us a really impressive driver

were you hoping for a bit more of a

fight maybe it was a shame Fernando

wasn't around to give you a challenge

yeah well Fernando Andy even even Juan

Pablo I think they had a they had they

had good times I mean when I when I post

my 24 9 in qualify I could see that I

had a little bit of margin because I was

safe in quali in the way that I didn't

have any cuts I'm sure if we all go now

to a race track that is not a limo

because LeMond is very specific

I'm sure the the pack will be a lot

closer but having said that a great I

mean I I want my very first one

the with a robbing car in in so this is

the second win the second race with with

you guys and you know it's great I just

fini feeling good great well it's been

brilliant having you with us have a good

day thank you you too guys thank you so


he makes a good point as well Jack

because you said earlier it's a shame we

didn't see more of him throughout the

championship he showed up twice and he

got away with two wins that's as good a

record as anyone really but this time he

didn't show us the patio did he didn't

take us on his wonderful garden tour so

it's like this appointment at the end of

a great day yeah well the other person

who obviously was successful didn't win

the championship but very successful

today you gave him the rocket driver of

the day as well Julian and and Mike at

the pro category that was so damn good

that he's now beating the best sim

drivers in the world Jack yeah well

let's have a word with him shall we mike

epps are superb drive unbelievable

really I mean winning Jolie and Palmer's

driver of the day things don't get much

bigger than that today I guess they

don't can you hear me as well because

you were you didn't qualify super well

no I've really struggled with this car

the gt3 car on our factor 2 is quite a

wishy-washy quite slippy slightly kind

of car to drive and I I've been in

another race today on a different

simpler form as well so I'm doing what

some of those guys previously were doing

when they were doing that with formulary

and all that and yeah I didn't really

have enough laps I didn't qualify that

well but thanks to all of the carnage at

the start I think I wound up in 3rd or

something after starting 16th or

something like that and I thought

flipping that we could win this now who

knows and then some of my fellow pros

and the p3 cars kept overtaking me and

then going off and then overtaking me

and then going off and they gave me a

really good slipstream to hold out a

good lead for about half of the race to

say there was absolute carnage but it

was a it was a really good race I was

laughing sweating everything is

literally a full-on proper sim race that

yeah and cheering across the line as

well it's been great having you in the

in the in the sim masters really cool

seeing you get up to speed with the

fastest gamers in the world what's next

for you in real life have you got have

you got a program for this year I didn't

have a program for this year so the last

couple years have been very difficult

with the usual sort of I guess the

economy in England is not the easiest

thing at the moment to work with when

you're trying to get sponsorship in real

motorsport and budgets are not getting

any smaller either to race so a lot of

us have fallen off the off the grid

slightly and I guess this is kind of

aided me to buy a sim slightly earlier

than everyone else before the the sudden

sim boom where everyone was buying them

just in the start of lockdown and I

really got stuck in and did a load of

sim racing and yeah as you can see it's

paid off really well so I will be

getting in a couple of cars this year

hopefully but it will mainly be club

racing stuff or client's cars that I

coach as that's that's mainly what I do

for a living at the moment he is driving

coaching so okay cool well thank you

very much for joining us gratulations on

your win at LeMond cheers dad we'll have

to do some touring car racing sometime I

heard you talking about that earlier so

I'm coming Billy on the virtual track

sometime soon mate


I think I think he was probably

referring to you calling out the Sancho

cars specifically so now he's definitely

got it out for you

yeah he has welds on shows man show Matt

well we'll see how that goes because I

have a feeling it's not gonna look good

for you in the end nonetheless we've got

a champion in our sim category as well

Yuri caster who's been with us for a

long time in this series and gets away

as the winner before we take a bit of a

break yeah let's have a chat with him

shall we

Yuri Castorp congratulations sim Masters

champion that was a a good race for you

and but none of the other sort of title

contenders were were really there in the

fight with you at the end yeah the

second face was quite a mess Kissel to

start and I had no idea where I was I

got hit I tried to go on the inside

under gravel and I got hit and then

someone beat straight again and

no idea what saw at first was really

really scary

there's a new hose going into the roof

maybe like 10 points lead but half it on

the first lap we figured out that I was

looking pretty good for this um Bishop

and just took it easy and in the way I

work together every couple guys and

somehow managed to almost win it just

trying to keep it easy yeah

what does this what does this mean to

you winning this championship what

others would a big series like this if

you won it's been a while since I've won

like a big big league it's it's been

races here and there but overall I've

always had some some bad ones in the


maybe now have a shorter championship

like here it didn't really happen all

weekends were pretty good especially

this one

and I'm really great congratulations

we'll see you next time

Thanks imagine that would be quite

nerve-wracking frame as well because if

as you said Jack the qualifying was

where he did it he had such a gap to the

people he knew were his biggest threat

and then all of a sudden he's sideways

and in there gravel and he's thinking

well damn this is the only way this

could have gone wrong yeah exactly and

that's that there's there I'm sure it's

the same in in real racing where you're

just getting bashed left and right at

the stars and you you can't figure out

where you're getting hit from and then

eventually you're going you're going

sideways and you know Joleon knows all

about getting wiped out it starts that

aren't your fault I'm thinking Monaco GP

2 and stuff like that and you just like

what else I can't think of many first

lap shunts ah grows on Saachi as well

one grows on Saachi and not many more

very clear very clean you always

remember your own well I'm sure there's

someone else who was glad he didn't get

wiped out today because the provisional

champion had a heck of a battle and

seemed like maybe the tires were going

away one Pablo Montoya is four points in

the lead as of right now and maybe the

champion Jack yeah well let's speak to

him shall we Juan Pablo what a busy race

that was you finished this season at the

top of the championship standings but it

was very busy in the in the last lap

with with Andy Priaulx

always every time with Andy from lap one

I think he cop turned one I did a really

good start and I was coming out right

behind Rubens and I got side blasted by

him and I said okay I was like five

places is normal you know it's ladies

race always happens and you know he

caught me I may call me Stacy I let it

go and then we race really hard again

and then with two laps to go I cut servi

again and he ran into the from behind

and spun me and but in the same time he

spun himself so we ended up like five

seconds behind serve you again and I was

just returning the favor


have you enjoyed the championship as a

whole it's been great watching you race

and doing the the triple crown and all

that sort of thing yeah it's been a lot

of fun like for this race because we run

them all I really did maybe four laps in

practice this week I did I did one

yesterday and I did about two or three

today and that was it I didn't do any

laughs because we had run them all I

week or two ago and that was enough

laughs so nobody was okay you know

it's tough because I was trying to be

careful and I got to serve here I got

next to him and he turned into me and

spun me and yeah I mean instead of like

trying to take him out and wiping both

of us out I was being trying to be smart

and I know I mean I hadn't enough pace

easily to be p2 Rubens that thing was a

little quicker and even when we run the

mile he was quicker so it's what it is

it was okay I mean it's a bit of a crazy

day as well you know you look at Turkey

you know look at the first race as well

you know I mean I'm running before and

they said you could get two penalties

and I got two penalties and they gave me

a drive-through I'm like why if you said

we could get two and it looks like a lot

of people did as well so I think that we

saw some praise one or a little off as

well from what it's meant to be from

what you know what they told me so we'll

see I mean it's what it is it's this is

supposed to be a fun race so we need to

make sure we keep it our it yeah

absolutely well thank you very much for

joining us Juan Pablo it's been great

fun watching you drive for the last ten

weeks or whatever it's been a lot of fun

all right thank you see you later

obviously a great ambassador for sim as

well he was one of the judges that

world's fastest gamer season two

supports the whole industry of sim in

that sense interesting as well that you

know like you say it's supposed to be

fun but it's never gonna be a whole was

just fun when you've got a competition

on the line and a championship on the

line and you know I was just thinking is

what we saw him talking at one point you

guys are questioning I wonder if maybe I

had someone in the room that was keeping

track of the points cuz in real life

you're engineer would be on the radio

keeping track of your competitors for

you and I wonder if he knew where

Brabham was and how close it really was

at the end Julian I don't know but it

certainly sounds like he kind of tipped

the rules into his own hands and with

Andy Priaulx I think he knew where any

prayer was on the last lap I do wonder

if you know Castroneves had that contact

with Jourdain and then Alonso and then

he bombed across the first chicane was

that him that hit him I wonder if it was

Castroneves that hit Montoya and I

thought she maybe not prio but you know

who knows the stewards are looking into

it and certainly the last lap I think is

clearly not good stuff but they look at

the whole race and see what else kept

off yeah well I tell you what to kick

off tons of excitement from that battle

at the very least especially and shout

out to Brabham for getting it into

seventh place otherwise that whole

battle may not have mattered nearly as

much at the end yeah really good drive

from from David Brabham good to see him

winning Indianapolis carrying on the

sort of family tradition there and doing

well LeMond as well continuing his own

tradition there so he's even more of a

really cool guy he's just a cool guy

David man this is really cool to have

him in the series he seems very chilled

as well every time we talk to him he

seems the most relaxed and just enjoying

it speaking of enjoying it I've enjoyed

this tremendously I hope every one of

you guys at home has as well lots of

entertainment great to see some good

racing and and sim promoted as it should

be over the last 15 weeks personally

guys I've enjoyed working with both you

jack Jolie and it's been it's been

excellent I wish you guys best of luck

next week for f1 back in the the real

world is boring as that sounds but

really it's been great and don't forget

to follow at we are the race as well as

check out the – race comm because we

will have a season four we'll get the

dates released we'll keep you up to date

with what's going on

well with the real world as it starts

back up and we'll get the championships

released from this one so definitely go

there check it out guys I hope I see you

guys for season four and maybe a couple

of weeks time attend see why I hope so

alright well we'll see you then guys

thanks so much



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