The Race All-Star Series Triple Crown [INDIANAPOLIS] ft Alonso, Montoya, Button, Fittipaldi, +more

published on July 2, 2020




















































































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hello and welcome back to the race

all-star series powered by rocket phones

we may have taken a week off but the

action won't slow down in fact we're

gonna be well over 200 miles an hour

today here's what we're looking at

Monaco Indianapolis and LeMond the

Triple Crown is the holy grail of

motorsport many have come close but only

one man Graham Hill has won all three

iconic races

tonight's we are at the Indianapolis

Motor Speedway for round two of the

rocket will crown as the fastest sim

drivers real-world racers and the

legends of motorsport take on the famous

Brickyard after race one at Monaco six

drivers across the series are still in

contention to win a race at all three

tracks and a $25,000 prize in the sim

masters the best virtual racers in the

world once again go head-to-head well in

the Pro Cup stars of some of the best

series such as Formula One world

endurance championship formula II an

IndyCar will aim to say glory in the

legends trophy icons of motorsport we'll

be back on the circuits that they became

heroes on but can anyone stop Fernando

Alonso who has become the driver to beat

he's chasing victory at Indianapolis in

real life but a win here tonight will

also take him one step closer to the

Rockit Triple Crown it's time for

another night of six more thrilling

races in the all-star series powered by

rocket phones

well it's the Triple Crown and off the

top of the show tonight we've got the

three kings Jack's gonna join us

straightaway he's done being distracted

and focusing on what matters and of

course Jolie and Palmer already with us

as always guys this is gonna be great

Jack we've seen a little bit of Indy

from the legends but now everyone gets

to go super high-speed yeah I think when

we saw the legends taking on the

Indianapolis Motor Speedway it was cool

but we kind of wanted a bit more and I'm

so excited to see the legends at it

again but also the pros and the sim

races because I think a lot of them have

done a bit for a bit of fun just driven

around a couple of times and see what's

happened but I think for the large

majority of them both in the real world

and in the sim world this is gonna be

their first real race on an oval so it's

gonna be super cool well and you'll

notice I call this the three kings not

the three wise men and that's cuz only

one of us is wise Jolie and you've seen

all of this you've seen every week

you're welcome what's your thoughts

heading into India now for I got in the

sim and pro guys a little bit of a

different look yeah really really

excited about this we saw a taster with

the legends I had to say it was such fun

and chaos the unknown we normally get

that with the legends anyway but for the

for the the pros and the sim races

they're not used to this and it's one

thing driving around and getting a feel

for it it's another thing when you're in

the thick of racing action we've seen

chaos at the best of times I'm expecting

a lot a lot today well there's lots of

action today we'll look at that now as

our schedule is brought up before you

it's 15 minutes for both the pro and sim

categories and then 18 minutes for the

legends they need a little more time to

figure it out I think and of course then

we follow that with the reverse grid so

six races one qualifying and that

qualifying determines your good position

in the reverse grid and there's been a

bunch of rules change on that you got to

be within a certain grid parameter now

you 107 percent rule still applies no

one can play that tactic and Jack I

don't know around Indy that might be not

something I'd look forward to anyway

because if you're fast you should be

able to draft and get through the pack

yeah I think the reverse grid race is

going to be really intense actually

especially for the for the sim masters

because it's not gonna be the same as

Monaco a week ago where if you're

in the back it's pretty tricky to

overtake here I think it's gonna be

doable but in coming through the pack in

Reverse grid racing you always have the

opportunity for X which I think is gonna

be much bigger here it's Indy now

correct me if I'm wrong Matt but did

it's reverse grid racing on ovals

a thing or are we sort of inventing that

we might be inventing that I'm sure

maybe it's been done somewhere but not

at a high level that I can think of at

all so that would be pretty interesting

there's no question about it I just have

noticed well this is the Triple Crown to

touch on the oval aspect in terms of

Indy winders obviously we've got Tony

Kanaan Helio Castroneves and Montoya

who's won it twice

LeMond is our final we've got Emanuele

Pirro he's a five-time winner Brabham

and Alonso obviously in that and then


you've got again Montoya and Alonso so

no one among our drivers has wanted in

real life we mentioned grim Hills the

only one to do so but we've got two

drivers that have come pretty damn close

and are both actually still in

contention so maybe the virtual one

counts Julian I don't know maybe it's at

least a little feather in the cap well

look they want to win it because racing

drivers are competitive and it counts

for something but I think there'll be

some mumbles from from other people if

this was the count-out right but you

know it still is still a lot of kudos

winning in three very different

disciplines the oval the endurance the

tight twisty Monaco circuit it's it

separates the men from the boys

interesting ly enough as well Monaco to

your credit Jack you're saying it's the

hardest to win because you've got to be

in the right car the guys that have to

it's Monaco they're the only ones that

have it so maybe that's that's testament

to that in fact you know Indy we say and

you touched on it Jolie and that you've

got a lot more drafting anyone can kind

of win it you got to be a bit lucky but

it's it's certainly I mean it's a tough

one to chase as well but I don't know

why I'm interested to see how this goes

cuz Alonso he hasn't won it in real life

but he dominated this last time jack is

there a chance maybe he does it again I

think there's a really strong

possibility it's gonna be fascinating to

see what Alonso can do when we see him

out on track


well we'll look back at Monaco I

mentioned in real life that's the one

that Montoya and Alonso have above

everyone else that's got to win and the

Triple Crown challenge shall we call it

it was an exciting week of racing a very

chaotic week as well obviously Jolie on

it it's a tight circuit you've been

there it was no different in Sim no it's

tricky and I mean we saw some absolute

chaos last week the reverse grid really

lends itself perfectly to that with the

faster drivers coming through we saw

some good overtaking as well some nice

moves and some dominant drives we saw it

already well take a look at some of it

now as we talk through obviously reverse

grid we keep going to Alonso but he was

dominating those previously in the

legends trophy but obviously the the

fact the matter is getting through he

didn't have quite the same success jack

bit more challenge in fact Andy Priaulx

won his first race in the reverse grid

yeah it was it it was a really really

busy race so let's take a look back at

the action from from two weeks ago

decent start from Roland very good start

from canopy no can he get up into second

place on the ready to turn one years he

can well there's chaos chaos at Santa

bot and there we go out the inside

banter that's a really nice clean move

Mirabeau and round the outside lovely

job and here comes job then I turn

across the line to take the win in the

reverse grid race pretty decent start

from the top to Ken can stop get a bit

of third place he's been put in the wall

here we go this is going to get busy


three-wide are we gonna go down into

Santa bot and there's a spit here is

Blakely though what a drive

this has been from the Scott Eureka's

got minute and he's up and he's over the

barriers and he's into the casino

tarnish colliding with a dad and they're

both over and upside down it's a huge

accident Yan Banda Hyder out across the

line to take his and zan show's first

win once Castroneves doing he's taking

the lead of the race maybe he thinks

that is where the track goes Alonso hits

the back of him always running deep you

to the moon Fernando Alonso out through

Anthony knows to win the legends trophy

race Alonso there's not a nice path on

me Italian and he's weenie and he sends

it in swimming pool Castroneves goes

round Andy Priaulx wins the reverse grid

race in the legends trophy what's good

that we warned everyone there was lots

of chaos because I think those

highlights certainly showed that tons of

carnage out of turn one especially it

seemed like everyone on the run up the

hill was jumping over each other at

times pretty pretty nuts pretty insane

maybe we'll get some more three wide

action Jack but wider this time at Indy

yeah a little bit but I think I'm just

as scared with three Dwight action it's

an Indian that I am with Monica actually

it's going to be really really cool


well welcome back again to the race

all-star series powered by rocket phones

we continue our rocket triple Chow or

triple crown excuse me challenge if you

want to call it a challenge it certainly

is for a lot of drivers we've got a few

new names to introduce as always but one

that's kind of interesting impacts in

terms of legend spans across many

different disciplines of motorsport has

certainly taken extreme sports to the

limit Travis Pastrana's joining us Jack

I think that's very cool yeah it really

is let's have a word with him now shall

we it's Travis it's fantastic to have

you with us we've seen you race all

sorts is this your first foray into the

into the sim racing eSports world trying

to take me through the steps here this

is the first time driving a new car sim

or real life so should be fun and how

are you how are you getting on with it

basically what are you hoping for today

a lot of time just hoping to stay on I

think there's gonna be a lot of crashing

a lot of carnage if I can stay out of

that I think I might have a shot to do

okay but I'll probably what caused the

most of it so I'm just it's an all-star

cast yeah it's it's a really cool lineup

isn't it there's so many legendary

people in there they're there any that

stand out for you oh my gosh just

looking down the side of the straight

hundred women was like hey do you want

to get in the race yes I don't know the

results going to be up to good but I got

the super delivery on there and I'm

gonna see if we can all wheel drive this

ok best of luck I don't think that's

gonna go well thanks

yeah well at least if there's chaos

maybe he's the one for car control maybe

hopefully it goes well I said there's a

few guys we want to introduce we've got

another one a good friend of yours Jack

Curran Chen no is is gonna be jumping in

with the legends today which is pretty

special obviously know now from

commentary but he's done a lot of racing

in the past yeah let's check in with

karoon shall we korean Chandhok joining

the legends trophy this weekend you're

officially a legend now Korean how does

that feel my first ever

eSports race and I've been done a race

and I racing yet so yes straight into

some Indy chaos ring and how much work

have you been putting in how much have

you sort of watch toggles in the past

how much of that are you trying to

implement in your in your running today

well I called Dario up because I thought

you know he's he's wondering they must

be helpful and he was absolutely of no

use to me

and we instead went into a qualifying

competition around Google in a Ferrari

Schumacher car so knows of no use and

then last night Jason Plato and the

problem and Fernando axes and then Plato

convinced us that we have to all change

our steering settings and then we spend

most of the night change it all back so

interesting stop sports adventure but

you've got it you've got a really cool

livery today tell us about it yeah

obviously I do lots of stuff with

Williams heritage he owned cars and you

know one of my favorite cars is gonna be

the man so 92 car I thought okay I know

what is he be punished it's the cool

livery so and they asked what I'd like

on the car I decided to go with that one

cool well best of luck enjoy your day

I'll try such a humble guy I love that

he talked about everyone changing

settings cuz we've all done that anyone

who's played a sim and it's a lot of

muscle memory that you suddenly

reprogrammed luckily around here not as

many corners we'll take a look at the

track map now

however they're all taken at very high

speed and you have to be very delicate

and I think that's a lot of the reason

guys change their settings for ovals is

because they don't want to be too rough

on the wheel shall we say just to note

before I throw to you guys everyone is

in the dallara so this will be the first

time for the sim and pro the legends

jack they've obviously driven this car

in our previous season when we did Indy

yeah absolutely they have a bit of

experience in this it'll be the first

time we can sort of directly compare the

lap times as well which is going to be

really interesting to see but yet all of

these drivers out in modern Indy cars

yeah absolutely and we'll get into the

racing as soon as we get back in just a

second because the pros will start us

off we'll see how Pro they are going in

circles or maybe they're a little lost

with only left-hand corners well there's

tons of stuff going on on track

certainly we'll see lots of action some

of the pros are familiar I should

mention Gaby Chavez guys like that that

have done ovals before but if you want

to go in circles as well maybe chase

after some competition you can do so and

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and of course that's the prize for you

guys at home head over there now get

involved the prize for the drivers the

Triple Crown we touched on it it's kind

of straightforward but I'll introduce

the concept here at the end because we

said there's six drivers still in

contention a driver in order to be in

contention has to win at least one of

the races on each weekend and we'll talk

about that a little bit further because

next week at l'm all although there's a

few sprint races you essentially have to

win the one hour I can announce that now

it'll be roughly an hour endurance race

three different classes but that's how

you got to do it so there can only be

one despite that there's two races in

these two weekends it's a little bit

different next weekend there's our six

Holly Rowland jump annoyed young

VandeHei de Lucas Blakeley had a great

win last week Andy Priaulx we mentioned

him getting his first victory and of

course Fernando Alonso who maybe if I

was looking at that Julian is the one

that stands out with the best chance

yeah absolutely

he's been so dominant as I mean even in

Monaco the reverse grid he was about 30

or 40 seconds off the back and then

still managed to finish on the podium

around Monaco so he's already done the

double when we did in d last month yeah

absolutely so he's a danger for this one

and then Lamont Lamont can be about

predictable as well well I am where it's

an hour or roughly an hour now is what

we're being told that makes it a lot

more exciting and you're gonna have

three classes on track here's a look at

the on board just to note as well if

you're a pro driver or a legend you get

and you win the Triple Crown you get

$25,000 to give to charity if you're a

sim driver you win the Triple Crown

that 25,000 well that's cash prize which

is pretty epic Julian this is obviously

travis Pastrana taking us around the

track yep

left-hander turn one keep your foot flat

down left hander turn two I have to say

Mobile's not my speciality but I know

where they go two more left well you

know what travis Pastrana might need a

co-driver you might be the man for the

job we're gonna get into it and just a



well we're gonna get started on the race

all-star series powered by rocket phones

with as always our Pro drivers a few of

them with some experience going left

some maybe not so we'll find out who's

fast slipstream a factor take a look at

our drivers list because there is a few

different people involved and I

mentioned another introduction that we

had to do

Haroon his longtime teammate might be a

legend but Bruno Senna is gonna go in

the hard way against all the pros yeah

Bruno Senna going in for for Williams

eSports which is going to be cool to see

what he can do job van ITER there who is

the man leading the championship in the

Pro Cup having got a win last time out

actually Hamels in Agostini canopy no

one to watch out for bites go Visser in

there too but I think the the the

running order as it were that we've seen

for basically this whole series is going

to be changing a little bit you know

just want to point out different ovals

well I'm just appointed cuz we're

switching to the second page and there

was another name in the middle of that

Conor Daly obviously an active IndyCar

driver he'll be one to watch surely but

another great name ollie rolling another

one of our guys that's in for the

running Joely and this is you know a

chance for him to maybe get a second win

if he could sneak one through today

yeah roland was really impressive last

time it was his first time in the in the

series anyone in Monaco so very

different track but I I still expect him

to be competitive at Stefan Wilson as

well good point yeah you know turning

Indian and I expect he'll be quite quick

and that's that's part of it three

different tracks very different but

three different cars as well for these

guys throughout this challenge we're on

track we're underway the pros for

qualifying around the Indianapolis oval

and we are on board with Oliver Roland

race winner from pole position in Monaco

last time out he has been really taking

this sim racing stuff seriously it's

been fantastic to watch he was a guest

on the race he's caught spot cups that



from a couple of weeks ago Seb Montoya

at the top of the times at the moment

roland comes across and he takes

provisional pole position but only by

thousandths of a second over said

Montoya Dillman in third fan I thirteen

fourth fifth in his different chess goat

canopy no Smith pro ta Ingram and Senna

the top ten but in a forty second lap

Joe lien three minutes to go we're gonna

get quite a lot of running I think in

these qualifying sessions and I suspect

they're just gonna get quicker and

quicker until the end as they build up

speed and just manage to find to

minimizing the scrub basically through

those four left-handers as Dillman heads

into turn one he's just gone for the top

of the time set Montoya back to top of

it I wonder step Montoya you know he's

gonna have a few tips and tricks in his

locker surely from from dad Juan Pablo

has won this race two times the Indy 500

he knows an oval pretty well and Seb

looks to be pretty quick from the off he

does here is Tom Dillman running in

second at the moment as he comes through

the final corner and out onto the start

straight at his Montoya at the top at

the moment Dillman in second but

Dillman's done purple sector one purple

sector two and that puts him back onto

provisional pole position then Tom

Dillman good work from the frenchman

joey tur ups at fourth he was the man of

the of the day on the first round of

monaco one of the men that can still

challenge for the Triple Crown but not

with that sixth place at the moment and

I wonder being a ride at the front isn't

as critical clearly as it was in Monaco

Monaco Street circuit difficult to

overtake being absolute top dog pole

position it's been account for a lot

less here but it's still not gonna want

to be further down outside of the sort

of top two or three rows because that's

when there's going to be more chance to

chaos you want to be towards the front

but absolutely pole position far less

essential than it was last time

Bruno Spengler's there now set Montoya

back to the top in the second ghost job

van ITER Bradley Smith is in for Dillman

and Roland immediately down to a fifth

and sixth position

right so it was quickest in the final

sector on board with oliver roland up in

the top who competed in the live on 24

hours we could go after winning in the

pulmonary race at home challenge and

monaco here at the race all-star series

a week before that he's on the back

straightaway jump and I Turk is going

quick again you can see him there just

trying to put the minimal steering

inputs in right up to the wall job man

tighter across the line surely this is

going to be provisional pole position

cuts the timing beam and it is not by

just a fraction of a second Spengler

still there in third and Spengler's a

driver we haven't really seen at the

front of the order a huge amount over

the course of the the sort of season so

far so good to see him up there Bruno

Senna jumps into third good job from

Bruno Senna Valerie tell you it was

interesting how smooth he is at the

wheel let's see Bradley Smith in just a

minimal correction where you don't want

any corrections in the wheel here and

it's just minimal input and let's see

what Smith can do as he comes across the

line this is looking pretty quick and it

is Smith up to second place so good job

from it

Montoya still there quickest unless

anyone comes across the line pretty soon

they're not going to be able to stop him

and they're not so it is said Montoya

that starts on pole position for the

first race Bradley Smith second job

tonight certain third spot Dillman

fourth Center in fifth so Center and

Spengler for me were the weather with a

standout drivers in that one I have to

say it was good stuff from there of them

to be up towards the front of the order

maybe a little more than we usually

expect them to be but really excited to

see what's going to unfold around this

Indianapolis circuit this oval circuit

the first Indy 500 held in 1911 so one

of the oldest permanent race circuits in

the world and based on Brooklyn's eye I

believe wasn't it he's a look at the

grid then said Montoya on pole bradley

smith alongside him job tonight at and

Tom Tillman completing the top four then

we have got Bruno Senna and Bruno

Spengler on fifth and sixth canopy no

and row bottom completing the top eight

a reminder that his job van ITER at the

top of the standings 20 points clear of

Tom Dillman and then it is canopy no in

third and Roland in fourth Roland only

ninth quickest after that qualifying

there's Stefan Wilson in 14th spot a man

with a lot of real-life Indianapolis

experience bicycie Visser

in 15th position Mauro Engel making his

debut the former gio current GT racer

former formulary riot racer yo-yo face

starts behind him Conor Daly down in

21st place Christodoulou in 22nd corner

on and pull completing the top 24 and

then we've got Ross Gunn and Martin

Plowman at the back of the field

well the cars as you can see are on the

back straightaway completing they're

rolling up lap and it's going to be a

fascinating charge down towards the

first corner and then the subsequent 18

laps of action in the race all-star

series powered by rocket phones the

virtual grandstands are packed

it is Seb Montoya who is going to be at

the front the red car alongside him on

the outside on the run to turn one is

going to be Bradley Smith then Row 2 is

vanator than

Tilman Sena and Spengler are on the

third row of the grid there you can see

Seb on the insect getting some pretty

experienced advice from one Pablo to his

right the pace car pulls in we go green

and it's a good start from Montoya

immediately moving out in front of

Bradley Smith when I turn holding on to

that third position now I think he's

going to get past as they come in three

wide for third place coming in at erm

wonder they all make it through safely

yes they do

but Smith and Montoya right together

into turn two and now onto the back


they're still three wide just behind but

the lead battle very very close then

Smith running alongside Montour and then

look at that gaggle behind the top two

just breaking away and Smith in with a

challenge for the lead but not around

the outside of that time very close

between those two Dillman is in 3rd van

it–it is in 4th canopy no it's fifth

row bottom is sick there's a yellow flag

out there yeah your fades been given a

penalty for something we're on board

with the row bottom up in the top right

as they come over the line again to

complete the first tour and it is

Montoya still ahead of Bradley Smith but

only just and then it is still all

action for 3rd place

Dillman finite so a row bottom and

canopy no all battling it out and

somehow they are still facing the right

way as the leaders go side by side down

to Ward's turn 3 again looking said

that's row bottom in sick there's three

cars just a headband or eater 48

thielemann all running super close the

top two still side-by-side halfway

around lap 2 completing lap 2 and

they've been like that since the start

but it's gaggle behind they need to

start working together to get back

towards the top two Montoya and Smith at

the moment running their own rate

wake up

tucked a rider underneath is Bradley

Smith they're gonna want to work

together and you would have thought and

try and pull away from the cars behind

but Montoya seems to be defending quite

often and holding the line Robottom

there has got up into third position the

top two are still right together

Montoya ahead of Smith they're not

swapping places as much as I thought

they would be Montoya's being a little

more defensive than maybe you'd expect

Tristan voti a where on board within the

top right as third place looks set to

change again vote EA to the outside now

on the run down into one the two leaders

are side-by-side and is almost four

abreast coming into turn one that time

and it is still robots and running in

third spot

unbelievably clean so far I can't

believe that that second group AB

entangled yet Montoya is defending as if

his life depends on it out front but now

look at this all the rest of the gaggle

are closing in so Smith they've not

played the team game Montoya and Smith

out front they maybe had a chance to

break away they've not done that and now

look they're the rest of the gaggles

they're basically that's everyone down

to Bruno Senna in ninth place then

there's a big break but the top nine now

separated by pretty much nothing look at

that Wow so vote EA has joined the fight

for the lead and he immediately looks to

the outside as they come into turn one

that's going to be a bold one if he can

get around the outside their vote see a

very impressive stuff and he's got up

into the lead for the moment they're

still side by side on to the back

straight and said Montoya is back in

front of OTA and second Smith in third

but they're now getting into the stage

where you've got to be so careful coming

into turn three that you don't make too

dramatic a movement because it could end

up in a big wreck through three and four

now and out onto the front straight

again Montoya still leading somehow we

lost row bottom that lap big crash

through turn one and they went with

someone as well not entirely short who

it was but row bottom and someone else

have just had a big crash on that last

lap and fooled and right down and

probably out Montoya now just still

holding everyone back canopy knows in

this fight from absolutely nowhere

look how close it is that is Tristan

vote ei down in the bottom left wearing

VR I got myself some VR for last week

and it is brilliant I can't tell you how

cool it is

but vote ei is running in third place at

the moment because he's a Gerstein

canape know the Argentinian has crept

into the lead fight and there goes

Bradley Smith in the red car to the

inside to the outside their own they're

squeezed into the wall and there's the

big one the wreck into the wall coming

down into turn one and I'm not sure who

I think it might have been Tillman going

to the outside to try and get past and

that caused the chaos Smith Tillman

vaneeta all gone there and they're

dropping like flies now there was 9 in

this top fight now there's two

side-by-side still for the lead and

their trail just by Bruno Senna canopy

nose gone as well and we've now got a

three-car fight Montoya still defending

still with just one car for company

really and they's doing this all right

seven laps out of 18 Gunn and still

Montoya not giving anyone a sniff of the

inside so Montoya into turn one again

canopy no has got ahead of Headley after

losing all that headway and this is the

look on board with crispum vote ei then

out onto the back straight and there's

well is that a little bit of bump

drafting there maybe on the on the back

straightaway vote ei goes to the outside

and let us not forget tristan Votey a

format indy lights champion another with

experience around these ovals he's dealt

with this race really well Gautier

coming from that melee just behind the

front pack and he said he is just

bumping away at the back of Montoya a

little bit but right now the two of them

are clearing away from Bruno Senna he's

having a good Drive really good debut

this from the center but he's dropping

out of contention right now halfway

through the race and vote EA has done a

great job but canny past Montoya

Montoya just every time cutting to the

inside here we go this is a chance big

overlap for votes yet

and it's done it so vote ei out in front

now as we are in race one of the race

all-star challenge part of this Triple

Crown we're on board with Seb Montoya

you can see him there in the bottom left

out onto the front straight again Botti

a defense they've got back marker coming

up in front they're going to have a

little bit of traffic to deal with so

that'll make things a little bit more

interesting as they swing through turn

one on to the shoot straight into two

and then out onto the back straight

Montoya and voce still together Senna

running all by himself in third position

I guess in canape know and James Headley

of just swap places so Headley's up into

fourth position

here comes voce to the outside into

three and he's back in front that 10 of

18 just Trading Places at the moment

Montoya having a little nose to the

inside but the two of them looking

pretty good


here's a look at where it all went wrong

it was they're just trying to get four

wide that was the initial contact and

they went spearing across and that was a

biggie and voti a that was the view back

from photogate somehow he emerged

unscathed from all of that

just aminute that get the plus so tiny

on the outside it was not really a goer

that move from was it vaneeta that was

trying to move through that move on the

outside just it wasn't really a cars

with trying to go for wide and that's

what one bit of contact and they just

skewed across the rest of the track and

took everyone else out basically so

we've got two left and this is them vote

yet just behind Montoya and they're

still side by side just to jump in

quickly guys watch the drafting because

even though the guy in first is

defending watch when they cross the line

the player in seconds getting a huge

draft to that line so actually second

might be where to be


Montoya ahead of OTA out on to the back

straightaway again Montoya covers the

inside into three votes yay to the

outside Center is still the the

third-place driver not the back marker

that they've just put a lap on someone

facing the wrong way there on the exit

of two Bradley Smith is in a nice little

fight with Joplin iter who's holding on

to that sixth place across the line now

to start lap 13 of 18 and once again the

top two goats side-by-side in towards

term 138 on the outside squeezes Montoya

a little bit Montoya holds on in there

bit more back marker action to come and

who was that guy he's got a all out of

shape coming out of two and that is

potentially costly suddenly two seconds

to vote Jay's lost so much momentum and

Bruno sin is now going to be charging up

behind said Montoya so he got out of

shape I wonder if that was with a back

marker but suddenly found himself on the

inside and I mean he caught the moment

which was which was a good job for that

but 27 seconds vote has now got this

surely that 14 of 18 five to go

throatier in front 27 seconds ahead of

Montoya Center in third this is Michael

Pena here running in eighth place at the

moment bite suka viscera in behind in

front is the fight between van eye

Turton the Smith so these two trying to

recover after their crash earlier on and

we're on board with venya here the

Moroccan who tucks into the slipstream

it's van I thought who goes defensive

when you're here drifts to the outside

this is bicycie Visser in 9th place

she's been there all that was a bit of a

slide there I think that was from

Bradley Smith and there's contact this

is in the wall big spin big wreck just

just got into the back of Bradley Smith

and as soon as you have a slight slide

and you're going at this speed with this

amount of g-force as well it's

impossible to catch and is this is what

happened to Montoya then or is the

Montoya now fighting OD touch the brass

and then just got up towards vote ei or

was that an idea that was vote ei there

that Montoya got ride up towards maybe

just a slight contact and it sent him

right to be inside big moment somehow

saved it fat the race may well be gone

there yeah I'm not I'm not sure the

contact was I think at you as you say he

got a wheel on the grass and then that

got him a bit loose and tried to avoid

hitting vote ei basically Center in

second place then he's got ahead of

Montoya so Bruno Center up into second

spot and Montoya down to third here is a

look at Oliver Turvey another new racer

for this weekend Oliver Turvey the

formula e driver for the neo team now

that those commitments have finished

he's here in the race all staff series

and he's defending from Adam

Christodoulou as they come down the back

straight towards turn three Christopher

Lee they're making contact all the way

around by the looks of things maybe

bump-drafting a little but turvy holding

on to 8th position at the moment we go

on board with Derby as he comes on to

the front straight once more

Christodoulou chasing him down over the

line and yeah that's I think that's bump

drafting that is definitely bum drafting

Kristen Boone who's probably looking at

that pack of 300 we won't be looking at

happen along he's gonna be catching that

big slide there but this pack of three

is what he was aiming for just to help

Derby to try and catch up this pack but

that's just put them on the back foot

that big slide

and now turvy look how much they are

gaining with a bit of bump drafting

don't know if that's technically allowed

but they're really gaining and this is

back to to Montoya top right now but

it's battle here but fit with one of

last times winners van iter it's pretty

intense meanwhile Tristan Bo ta is on to

his final lap of the race here comes the

battle for fifth place when I third on

the inside in fifth position been here

in six Bradley Smith in seventh a

reminder that as far as the championship

is concerned van I third is leading the

championship Dillman in second and as it

stands van I thought would extend his

championship lead with Dillman not

scoring particularly well in this one

they're all spreading out again further

back but vote ei is going to be the man

who you can see onboard with in the top

right comes through the final corner

who's that off onto the infield was that

ser it wasn't it when you hear it was

Bradley Smith so for the second time

Bradley Smith has ended up in trouble in

this race

tristan voce across the line to take the

win very good drive from Votey a putting

his oval experienced a very good use

indeed and set Montoya will be

frustrated I think with that second

place but I'm fairly confident that is

his best result in the race all-star

series powered by rocket phones and then

Bruno Senna podium on debut impressive

Drive really good that van ITER dropped

at the end as well van Aleta only tenth

the championship leader is lost a few

points I think maybe contact with Smith

and and he fell down here we go the

replay of it on the inside final always

he on his own and then he hit Smith and

they both spin to the infield right at

the end of the race so the championship

leader ends up losing a lot of places in

the end there Tristan vote EA

takes the win it is second for Montoya

third for Senate after an impressive

Drive from the Brazilian canopy no in

fourth that's going to do his

championship good actually because he

finished he was third in the standings

coming into this one so good all of

points for the Argentinian benya here in

fifth Derby Christodoulou Smith Roland

and Vanita the rest of the top ten but

vote EA taking the win

Montoya second from pole position and

said Montoya did well there I would say

obviously didn't get the wind that he

would have wanted having held the lead

for so long but I think that's the

strongest performance that we've seen

from him and he was racing well in the

early stages wasn't even despite being

under a huge amount of pressure he

clearly had very very obvious tactics

defend the inside stay out of trouble

and and it worked pretty well for him

pretty solid race overall I think the

defending was very clean very impressive

I was jumped in quickly just to note

though oftentimes the guy in second had

the lead at the line which was

interesting but poor sap I mean I wonder

maybe if they'd work together he and

Smith if they've gotten away a little

bit sooner it might have been

interesting but vote ei standing by Jack

yep let's have a chat to him now shall

we Tristan vote ei congratulations race

win but you didn't qualify super well

you know he had to fight through the

order it was a great race yeah cheers

mate it was good yeah the qualifying is

interesting cuz you you go on the track

pretty easily flat and you just get that

track and find that perfect line or

you're not sure I should I save some

distance or just really off to like not

turn the steering wheel at all and it

was very tight but um yeah I knew that

the race was gonna be entertaining to be

honest the practice has been a bitter

trying for us because it's it's hard use

up the dirt here and sweep swing to uh

to keep it clean sometimes cuz the cards

tend to wash out of the line so try to

um take it easy at first and kind of

work my way up slowly and then it was a

fun battle we said um I try not to fight

too much so we could break away from the

pack and then try to run the highlight

for seem low so it could could use up

these tires cause I knew I'm a really

great race Christian sorry to interrupt

you but we've got a gun for a break but



and of course as much as we have a

championship and apologies to Gautier

for not getting to hear the rest of that

but obviously that's good points we have

to track the Triple Crown and it's all

of a role into Java Noida that were in

with contention in the Pro Cup they

finished 9th and 10th so only one of

them might still have a chance if they

could pick up the reverse grid win

nonetheless I deput ins in the podium

Bruno Senna that was a heck of a run

especially through the pack at the start

I think he was like seventh or eighth

and he just kept it clean Jack yeah

really good drive we can speak to Bruno

now Bruno great to have you here in the

race all-star series how did you a

podium on debut that's pretty decent hey

it was good fun crazy racing and the

Oval I had like a few days of bit of

tender moments there were cars just

flying over you and you're like trying

to just avoid it and that was for a

little while just kind of on my own

because I was just little bit too far

behind the top 2 and then at the end I

was had a nice fight with said Montoya

and finish p3 so it's not too bad I mean

not for not very long that I have my sim

but it's lots of fun yeah how much we

haven't seen you racing here before your

first weekend here have you been doing

much elsewhere no our first race I've

done was last weekend the 24-hour flama

the virtual and unfortunately we didn't

have a podium result but in any case it

was a good experience and I'm enjoying

the simulator more and more so a bit

late to the party but I'm sure I'm gonna

get lots of use of it

yeah well it's great to have you here I

can't let you go without asking you your

thoughts about being in the Pro Cup when

karoon Chandhok is in the legend trophy

yeah I don't think Karen's a legend I'm

sorry but I'm just going to lay it out

there it's fine it's ok with him though

and make sure that I make a mess of his

race thanks for joining us

just there we go it's official I

feel like I've heard that banter before

somewhere about being a legend in not I

don't I don't know where it possibly

would have been all right okay said if

Anthony Davidson doesn't count as a


then Jolie and Parma doesn't if karun

Chandhok does there's been some ink Joe

Neapolitan hands of worms opened I have

to say this week so next week I'm gonna

get practicing for l'amour can't wait I

am excited the endurance straightaway

epic I'm ready for it I'll jump in and

just pretend like I know what I'm

talking about and trying to analyze the

whole thing I want to point out

something as well Christian about teri

you mentioned it Jack he's using VR that

I think is our first VR victory in the

all-star series so pretty impressive I

know that Nick Hamilton was involved a

little bit he wears it as well I find I

get too sweaty and gross but that might

just be me in general yeah touch on this

a little bit cuz you've now tried it I I

I thought the immersion was incredible

but I'm on the first gen how was your

experience I thought it was really cool

well it came about because my screen is

fairly small so I wanted a bigger screen

and then I looked at a bigger screen and

I thought well for the price of getting

a bigger screen I could get a VR headset

and it is super immersive it is so cool

it is so much fun and I think it doesn't

it doesn't necessarily give you the the

final lap time if I was a pure serious

pro sim racer than whole triple screen

setup huge refresh rates you know very

locked stable driving position is

probably the quickest way to go but I'm

here for the immersion I'm here because

I want to be a racing driver what you

know and I think that's the difference

well I think I was doing single seaters

around Silverstone didn't have a good

one but I'm doing touring cars at

Silverstone next Tuesday I think the

interesting thing is as well as the

Vieira's not much more expensive or

probably less than some of the triples

so we'll get into the racing in just a



well we're a tiny track and therefore

we're gonna do things very quickly sorry

jack is the race all-star series powered

by rocket phones it's already on track

for qualifying so I'll let you go now I

apologize no I apologize

it is qualifying for the sim masters

element of the race all-star series

powered by rocket bones two races coming

up for these drivers today as with all

of the classes on the Indianapolis Motor

Speedway the full oval circuit Michael

Roman Edie's at the moment is at the top

of the qualifying order

Simmons hitch in second business in

third camille Polaski has just gone to

the top but Joni I think these times are

gonna drop and drop because it is pretty

much flat out in qualifying in these

cars that Indianapolis so it's all about

getting the right light much like the

qualifying in the Pro Cup really then we

are going to see the times drop and drop

Lucas Blakely was a winner last time out

so he's a man that can still win the

Triple Crown

as was Yan Banda Haider the man in the

top right so the two of them out there

right now and they're in eighth and

ninth but I think we've just seen from

that first race again qualifying it's

nice to be near the front that gives you

a better chance to stay out of trouble

but Bruno Senna coming from the edge of

the top ten on the podium and Tristan

booty air as well won the race from from

outside the top three rows so qualifying

on everything but it is certainly

helpful to be away from the mess Blakely

only 12th oh right now yeah


we have got a minute left on the clock

there is plate Li coming around turn two

and out on to the back straight again

yam Banda Hyder who is joint

championship leader now with Liam Duvall

because there were some penalties in the

last race that promoted the anthem to

Haider up into 11th place in race one

which gave him the same amount of points

in that is Liam the vile overall so

first the second formaldehyde er and

Duvall four points ahead of Lukas

greatly third in the championship who's

four points ahead of Gregor baozi and

Adam McGuire but at the moment it is

super close for that pole position fight

isn't it with 25 seconds left on the

clock and it is Liam Duvall who is the

highest of the of the championship

contenders at the moment let's see what

young Thunder hider does then 12th right

now Blakely 15 what is behind me could

be able to improve he's not Kevin Ryan

stays second and Roman Edie's right now

five seconds to go looks like he's got

this one there is Roman Eady's then on

to the grass on the infield and he has

taken race one pole position for the for

the sim masters very good drive from

Roman Edy's who has been developing

recently in this esports game he was

racing for the f1 eSports Williams team

last year and now here in the race

all-star series powered by rocket phones

we'll see what Roman et's can do from

the front of the order in the sim

masters he's the Greek is 12th after

Monaco only finished 17th in race one

eight in the reverse grid in race two so

this would be quite a big result for him

if we can finish high up the order as we

see the huge Tower at the centre of the

Indianapolis Motor Speedway this is a

look at the grid Roman Eadie's on the

front Kevin Ryan alongside him handle

pavlovsky is third Liam the valve for

the GP v WC all-star team is in fourth

then it's yo nice image hit your head of

a lenders each nikodem business ski and

an Adam Maguire completing the top eight

then it's pay a paring knife Mohammed

Patel who finished second it's it's a

Monaco is in tenth spot ahead of Kevin

siggi and then passage million is in

12th position there is joint

championship leader yam on the Hyder

down in 13th position just ahead of

Yannick bak URI cast-off is ahead of

Cooper presents key Lukas Blakely down

in 17th spot the man whose third in the

championship last Brookman in 1800

Yaffe's key 19th Denis Jordan in 20th

famine Murat check ahead of Alex Siebel

then it's Nuno Pinto mike epps down in

24th position that's a bit of a surprise

to see cuz Epps had a fairly strong run

to a tenth place finish in Monaco David

Greco is 20 fear the head of George

Spears and then we've got Gege Bao the

Mitchie Hoyer and Risto Capet for

pleasing the 31 drivers that are about

to do battle around the Indianapolis

Motor Speedway in the sim masters

element of the race all-star series

powered by rocket phones we've got these

three races and there are $25,000 on the

line if you can win all three of events

in the Triple Crown at the moment Lukas

Blakely and yam Banda Haider

and not looking strong for it they were

the two race winners in Monaco but both

are quite away down the order we get the

green flag as we get underway in the sim

masters Roman Eady's gets a good getaway

pavlovsky is in second place it's 3rd

for Kevin Ryan Simonton now I've been a

third liam de Valores dropped a few

spots as they come into turn number 2

went out onto the back straight for the

first time

Roman he's holding the lead how

defensive is he gonna be kevin Ryan's

got a great run coming up towards turn 3

but he's fairly blocked in and you own a

symmetry she's on the inside now as they

come in to three Roman Edie's still out

in front this is nikodem fees Nevsky who

is trying to find a way through from

sixth position at the moment that's Ryan

to his right in the red car and now he

finds himself out of the tow as to tuck

back in does nikodem his Nevsky and he's

got there Adam acquire right behind him

one lap down

Roman et's in front huge draft there

this nerf ski looking to pass Ryan on

the inside and

the top two now pavlovskiy at the front

from Roman Edie's but the drivers are

still also punched up they're having to

blend out of the throttle an awful lot

just because there's so many of them

there's no clear space to attack ahead

so they just happen to ease off in some

of the draft and still so close swimming

pitch now to the top

super clean though so far look at that

still cutting through to the inside

Roman V's just with business connect to

him super tight but super respectful

they know the wits of their cars and now

Roman v's has a dive to the outside so

pavlovsky in front turret second Simmons

hitch third Roman et sport his net skis

in fifth politely Duvall Patel Castorp

and Ryan the top 10 Ryan now drops down

to 11th position we're on board with

Vulgarian pay up EV as they come out

onto the back straightaway he is up

behind Milne AK and now we're riding

with her Hannah your ski in 14th spot as

we look to the right to see Kevin siggy

going wheel to wheel into turn number 3


still leading the way with Church in

second Blakeley third so break he's done

a very good job to get himself up the

order and still has a shot at trying to

keep that Triple Crown going the

qualifying order is complete healthy and

oh really turns each to the front plate

thisis a stun a great job to get up to

fourth one of the winners in in Monaco

last time out and he's flying up in

fourth and looking good from an e DS

Coleman thick just behind him but still

trying to attack and he's making it

through there on the outside

here they come into three again

then out over the front straightaway

Oh Blakely I think that's Lucas Blakely

out this Nevsky caught up in that as

well Romani DS was hit and now we're

losing cars there was just a little bit

of contact I think it was sim and

chicken flakes just touching and that's

kicked off this whole effect and yeah

Lucas Blake he's gone it's such a

frustration for Lucas Blakely who was

running so well after not the greatest

qualifying we're watching Kevin siggy in

the top right trying to parsley I'm the

vial Islanders ditch now has moved to

the lead he lops keys in fifth position

ahead of Kevin siggy siggy is losing a

couple of places because he's getting

high and hung out to dry

intense racing in the sim masters here

Muhammad Patel running in ninth place

Roman Dedes the pole man is down into

10th position turns it still out in

front as we go three wide again on the

run down into one there's Roman Edy's

Mike Epps has got himself over to fourth

position did he start 20 something it's

always hopeful going anywhere right now

you yolk ski was running 15 in the early

stages he's now in the battle for fourth

as well running just behind at the

qualifying order has completely become

irrelevant and it's just about keeping

your nose clean and that is what the top

three of dark turns its image into

pavlovskiy now with a nice little buffer

to action sig Ian and the rest of the


the top three have had a little

breakaway now they need to work together

as you can see in the top of your screen

pavlovskiy looking to the inside of

symmetry they're taking tows each with

them and they are working together

they've got a now keep that two-second


Adam McGuire just tapped the wall out of

four and that knocks him from sixth

position down to tenth position in

almost an instant we're on lap 7 of 18

on board with pavlovsky in the top right

he's getting a good run here on Thursday

and spinach it goes to the inside is he

going to take him both coming down the

back straight into three he's going to

run out of speed a little there's still


says which holds the outside line keeps

the lead at the moment pavlovsky we're

looking back from him to a swim in

Church in 3rd he hasn't quite managed to

take the lead as they come over the

front straight again meanwhile on the

main screen it

is very messy here five wine almost

there's a bit of contact big hit into

the wall Hotel gone and no know who else

went within there but again so many cars

in such a small space just needs one bit

of contact and the rest of the dominoes

go and there we go we lost patel mike

epps is still there with you Yaffe's key

at the front of that pack but yeah i

don't know who went with itself but he

was the man that lost out so still the

top three away but they are now losing

ground yadav ski and x starting to close

them in just that they pretty much half

the gap that was two seconds now one

second it's kevin siggy in the bottom

left running in seventh place just ahead

of roman Eadie's blobski still out in

front at the moment

they swing through the left-hander

pavlovsky still just a tenth ahead of

Simmons hitch he's defending so maybe

we'll see symmetry to appear for the

outside on the right hand side lap 9 of

18 mount Roman Iggy's and siggy battling

it out over seventh spot no skis the yup

ski right now with the lead pack from

the edge of the top 20 on the grid and

now he's gone ahead of terzi's he's

going to be is absolutely flying look

behind in set with Camille pavlovsky our

race leader

that's your ski her hanger your ski on

the outside trying to pass Simmons hitch

now for second and he's just about got a

nose ahead here they come down the back

straightaway pavlovsky still in front

yo your ski Simmons hitch Tirzah CH the

top four they've got a two second margin

now to the under vile behind through

three then into four and they are

absolutely right together and this is

going to be a close one symmetry she's

going to go to the inside here he'll

move up into second place Willie are we

trips a bit wide they almost touch but

they're still somehow all in there there

was contact there for a third and fourth

symmetry to intersection that allows

them to Val to pick up speed to move to

the inside and go pass both of them

potentially and up into the third spot

and they're coming with them is my gaps

in the sansho car so up into third goes

to Val Epps is now fourth a little bit

of contact cement rich just running wide

but turns each had a nose in on the

outside small contact and they lost so

much momentum that Duvall and Epps come

straight screaming through just a tiny

tiny misjudgment there and big

consequence of Semitic now drafting back

through but look the top two just with a

small break away right now

but still enough distance to go and they

may well all four of this bunch that we

can see now get themselves back on terms

with the leaders

that 12 of 18 liam devout trying to

defend now from Tirzah CH they come in

two three we'll see whether these guys

do work together and close that one

second gap to pavlovsky and you yo suki

– world's fastest gamer finalists out in


EPS ahead they're defending a little

from simatech down the front straight

into one and two lap 13 of 18 now the

legends trophy will be up next as we see

the well the legends take on this

Indianapolis oval circuit once more but

really entertaining racing this in the

sim masters as they come down towards

three again lap 13 of 18 as it stands

EPS is running in third pavlovsky and

you yo suki are not getting away really

X is now closing the gap as he allows

Simha touch to go through and the van to

go through someone had a big moment

there think that might have been Epps

because suddenly he's down into sixth

position so big gaps opening up there

but only briefly the draft just brings

them straight back into play X still

with torch Duvall and submitted not

quite able to get on terms of kebabs D

and E a yob ski but the laps are ticking

down looking set Yaffe's ki just bumping

gently the back of have loved ski this

is the top two bump-drafting not allowed

so any significant amount of drafting

will be looked at but right now there's

some just about keeping clear of cement

edge but look at that gap on the

left-hand side

symmetry is getting closer that 15 of 18

for to run camel pavlovsky is leading

the way Yaffe's key is second simmons

hich is in third but we have got

Simmons hitch joining them Tirzah CH the

violin Epps are gonna struggle I think

to really get involved in the fight

they're all in their own squabble over

the final well over fourth position as

they come now out on two three and four

again there you can see the intense

concentration for Hannah off ski in the

bottom left and all there's someone

getting a bit sideways was that

pavlovsky pup flops Keating the wall big

lose for pavlovsky and he has managed to

keep going or is he fully out of it he's

down in eighth place

so he's managed to keep circulating but

it's now going off skiing simha touch

for the lead and hers it's still not out

of this just a second away the laps

ticking down but Simmons hitch then

right onto the back of your ski two

horse race for now and less toes it can

bring himself back into this and

symmetry she just looks absolutely calm

and composed still super smooth on the

steering don't want to be putting any

more scrub than you absolutely need into

the wheel and this is it a couple of

laps to go and look turns it just

suddenly right with them three-car race

again penultimate lap of the race then

as they come across the line this time

you're off scheme ahead of Simmons hitch

but Allen Turek is joining the fight –

we're on board with Tirzah CH onto the

back straight bitch like oh yeah your

skis got out of shape and he's lost it

and he's wrecked and then he takes Emma

touch with him or his limited still

their symmetry is still there but tears

it she's in the lead and yoyo ski was

having the most almighty crash in the

background he was flipping up all sorts

someone finds it hilarious but wow what

an accident from the lead of the race

here we go yeah your skill was finding

it hilarious in the bottom corner but

some toes each and simin Church Mike

Epps is now with them last lap where do

you want to be coming out of the final

corner do you want to be leading or do

you want to be going for the lead to the

line white flag is out the top four are

right together on the back straightaway

they come we're on board with yone

symmetry running in second place three

tents back from turns each but then

there's Epps then there's the under vile

and they're to the inside go swimming

he goes into the lead does each goes out

nice and wide what a bold move and a

clean move that was from your nice image

who comes through turn four

Mike Epps has got up into second place

but it is your ace image across the line

to win an epic race at the Indianapolis

Motor Speedway Mike Epps get second

2vile gets third add the line incredible

stuff whoa what a race unbelievable all

that says Pub love ski losing it and

smacking into the outside wall out of

turn four symmetry great move made it

cleanly and fortunately for him Epps

then had a bit of a fight with Duvall

and enters it and couldn't hunt him down

to the line so worked out perfectly for

Ernest image it's great race from him


what fantastic action that was in the

race all-star series powered by rocket

phones and we have had journey symmetry

taking the win after a really intense

fight Epson Duvall finishing in second

and third Allen Terry and forth so many

fell by the wayside in that one and I

think we can speak to yone Simmons hitch

now let's just have a replay of the

onboard with Hania Yaffe's key now he's

coming through or just coming through –

and he the back end got lumen Church was

so close to getting whacked and that's

the one upside down now we're in a

pickle my gets in in second liam Duvall

in third position turns each fourth

pavlovsky fifth Bev Greco Patel Pinto

and mill neck the rest of the top ten

Wow absolutely intense stuff and if

those maybe there are some of you who

are not used to watching oval racing you

know we've got quite a sort of European

gang here certainly oval racing fairly

new to me but really enjoying the the

nature of it it's just a different kind

of thing is it reminds me sort of

Caterham racing where everybody's

overtaking for the lead but it doesn't

matter until you get to the end of the

of the race it's all about

yourself in the right position when we

return we are going to see some real

legends button and Alonzo head-to-head

at the Indianapolis circuit


well let's jump in and speak to yen

asymmetry shall we the winner of the sim

masters race the first race anyway at

the Indianapolis oval circuit Wow what a

race that was yoni I don't really know

what to say talk us through it from your

point of view pretty intense this Wavell

racing have you done much before

actually I think this is my first proper

experience of oval racing at this level

at least so I had no idea what to expect

it's yeah it's I guess a completely new

experience for most of us racing here so

yeah I didn't even know how to take

qualifying like I thought everyone will

be inside three thousandth of a second

but in the end I guess it worked out

somehow and for the race I had like four

moments when I was 5050 either I'm

surviving or I'm out and fortunately all

four times I survived somehow and I

think with Aaron two laps to go or


yeah I had to go to the wall I actually

bounced off the wall a little bit

because if I was like one millimeter to

the left

I would crash into him so a couple of

interesting moments but in the end he

won great congratulations yeah a really

good race and see what you can do for

the race – thank you I think if we learn

anything Matt in that race reverse grid

reverse mid like well you're right but

that's a good thing for someone like

Lucas Blakely who's in contention for

the Triple Crown he was actually running

fourth place got taken out into melee I

think it may have been his own doing at

the start and actually yeah offski took

him out the second time when he worked

his way back from like 17 tonight so the

pace is there for him maybe maybe

there's a chance with all the drafting

if he can keep it clean but just goes to

show you how much of a lottery Indy can

be you can get caught up in someone

else's mistakes so easily Julian and

chance is gone just like that this is

the thing we

saying at the start of last time the

start of this whole series what is gonna

be the hardest one to win and

potentially looking even for Nando

Alonso who is maybe the favorite through

the Triple Crown the indie race is just

so random we've seen it now two times

the winner coming from nowhere you race

image if saying four times he basically

got a 50/50 the right way he was so

close to getting taken out a couple of

times you've just got to be at the right

place at the right time do as much as

you can but you need a bit a lot to win

it and I think we're gonna see that

going forward the rest of the day so for

those that are trying to win the Triple

Crown it's it's not easy well I might

just be stay in the draft and stay in

the competition you can get in one as

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subscribe button down below I'm gonna

try and keep an eye on chat today so if

you guys have any questions maybe I can

get those in during some of our breaks

we're gonna get back on the right with

the legends it's just a second


well we welcome you back again to the

race all-star series powered by rocket

phones it's time for the legends and

there are many on this track but there's

one in our mind Alexander's NRT

yesterday was obviously involved in a

very tragic accident we're all hoping

for the best during his recovery a lot

of these guys would have spent a ton of

time with him but within the racing

world and off-track where in my opinion

he's been one of the most inspirational

ambassadors to all of sport so Alex from

everyone at the race and everyone

involved this weekend as well as

everyone around the world we're thinking

of you and we hope you the best for

recovery and Jack work we're getting

ready to get into this but obviously

that said pretty pretty crucial points

to make yeah a hundred percent I mean I

was lucky enough in 2016 I think to

spend sort of a year following Zanardi

round while he was racing in the Blanc

pan GT series and we made a little

documentary about him and just what guy

like everyone knows what a guy but like

when you meet me real obvious oh wow

what a guy so yeah fingers crossed fir

fir Alex but the other legends are out

on circuit now on the track for the

Indianapolis Motor Speedway and we'll

see what they've got and it is Montoya

on provisional pole at the moment this

time Juan Pablo my father like son so

far three minutes to go still and as

we've seen the time to do tend to tumble

but look how close that is Spencer

Solberg was on pole last time and he's

just going back to the top last time we

did this with the legends as a sole bo

was on pole and he didn't manage to show

his true pace from then on but he's

looking quick again yeah that's the

impressive stuff isn't it from from

Solberg in second place Emanuele Pirro

is third parabolas fourth button his

fifth Alonso goes up into third position

the top ten separated by less than a

tenth of a second Jason Plato had a lot

of fun last time out and he's in 13th

spot at the moment – I'm out at Sur at

Indy that is he very much enjoyed the

action so we'll see what he can do this

time out as

along so we see there in the bottom left

running in third spot for the for the

time being as he comes around and he's

gone pretty well in the on the lap so

far coming through the final corner is

this gonna put Alonso to the top of the

times cuts the beam can he get a head of

one Pablo Montoya yes he can by mm of a

second but still two minutes to run so

still a couple more laps to go for for

Alonso and everyone it comes Petter

Solberg good lap so far from him third

place he and Mansoor have been very

quick all all laps so far they're

getting quicker and quicker Solberg's

latest attempt to go back to the top if

he can get across the line quickly and

he does quickly enough Solberg to the

top so well Serbia has jumped up into

third place now buttons gone up into

sixth when Pablo Montoya now goes to the

top Alonso comes across the line and

doesn't improve so still Juan Pablo

Montoya in that first position now as

Solberg is in second position so he went

to the top but then he disappeared from

our timing screens remember he's back

there now in second / that place and

they're not doing any more laps I don't

think as he we see Alonso still running

in third still trying to get a little

bit more pace out the car

Brabham to third good job there from

David Brabham up into third that's as

high as he's been so far ori also via

matches Montoya's time to the thousand

what can Fernando Alonso do this latest

luck Montoya improves again and Alonso

improves but not by enough still second

and he may just squeeze one more lap in

this is going to be tight for one for

Montoya and Alonso to try and get one

more lap under their belts on the board

we're seeing along so in the top right

we're on board with Juan Pablo Montoya

coming through turn three

out towards the line along so it's

pretty much at the same point on track

which of them is going to seal pole

position for the legends trophy

Montoya across the line doesn't improve

SOCAN along so take the pole away from

Montoya cuts the timing beam now and he


it is Montoya who takes pole position

good Drive they were our two main men

from Monaco as well the – yeah winners

of two of the Triple Crown Mont or in

Alonso and they're both going at it at

the front again really close lot of good

performances there Oriole Serbia

obviously Champ Car an IndyCar legend up

in third place they're the two

championship leaders as well when Pablo

Montoya two points clear of Fernando

Alonso so long so at the top of the

standings and Montoya in second by just

two points Serbia in third button fourth

Plato in 11th place

travis Pastrana up in 13th position so

good run therefore for Pastrana you have

to say in what is his first esports

outing in this race eSports series he's

done a bit of a rallycross in the past

but now we're going to see him out on

the oval they're very excited to see

what's going to unfold here you know we

get ready to go

Montoya on pole then him versus Fernando

Alonso around the Indianapolis Motor

Speedway the two closest as Joleon says

– winning the Triple Crown in real life

are going to be duking it out here of

course Montoya has won the Indy 500 when

Pablo along so has not his look at the

grid Montoya Ron Paul Alonso second

Oriol Serbia in third place great to see

the Spaniard up there ahead of Jenson

Button Petter Solberg is in fifth David

Brabham Xin 6p row in seventh prio in

eighth further back in the field we've

got Michelle Jordanian at 9th position

ahead of Darren Turner Jason Plato slots

in in 11th position ahead of Mario

Dominguez then travis Pastrana in 13th


Tom Coronel in for

tonio Yahtzee 15th Steve sir oppa in

16th position and karoon Chandhok on the

back row for his legends Trophy debut

along with max Pappas so we're on the

rolling up lap now for the legends

trophy event but if a the first few

races there anything to go by Joleon we

could see charges through the order from

further back absolutely I think gents

and buttons one to look out for he just

got to fourth rider the death in that

qualifying session and we know how quick

he can be on Indy on ovals as we saw in

that Indy race last time so him and

Serbia can go with the top two but as we

saw before it can be chaos let's see how

this start on fault

coming through three and then through

four and they'll start to get into

position trying to get the jump into the

left-hander of for now it's Montoya on

the bottom line

Montoya ahead of Alonso who's on the

High Line and there goes Montoya a very

quick start buttons slow off the line

that allows Brabham through to get up on

the outside and maybe even up into third

position because he might have got the

jump on Servier as well a penalty for

David Brabham though so presumably

that's for a jump start button in 4th

Serbia v Piro six Solberg drops down to

seventh as we get the racing underway

Emanuele Pirro up into fifth spot we're

on board with Petter Solberg but it's

Montoya ahead of Alonso as they go into

the back straightaway for the first time

what a shame for David Brabham because

he little I get a good start but it must

have just been fractionally early and

therefore started ahead of the cars

ahead slightly I think Jenson Button was

the one caught napping slightly more but

now he's back up into fourth and with

bradon's penalty that will be third very

shortly on board with Solberg as he goes

to the inside of P row then tries to go

to the inside of Serbia 20 laps

remaining in this legends Trophy race as

they come out onto the back straight

Montoya ahead of Alonso still by 2/10 of

a second Brabham still there in third

but he has that penalty and we're

onboard with button as he tries to tuck

into the slipstream there Montoya goes

defensive up in

three and two the outside goes Alonso

and to the lead goes along so yes so

long so out in front

Montoya second Brabham still third but

with that penalty and then fourth for

Jenson Button those for making a bit of

a breakaway as we go on board with

Solberg who's trying to pass Serbia

smart move from Alonso on the outside

but Montoya straight back through on the

inside now look just behind Jenson

Button side by side with David Brabham

and button now is gonna get a bit of a

draught potentially from the cars ahead

but on the outside line a little bit

more distance and Brabham stays ahead

here now it's a real serve your

attacking button with Solberg coming as

well with a man une Pierrot coming as

well seven cars nine cars all very close

and Solberg touch button and then a

little bit of contact with the wall and

Pierrot and somehow they keep going that

was very very close wasn't it he just

about managed to get away with that

Montoya still out in front a lot so in

second Brabham in third button to the

inside though so is he going to move up

into third position

Brabham on the High Line or comes down

and just gets in front of button and

then Serbia in 5th position you can see

Alonso in the bottom left there's no two

car breakaway this week in the Legends

trophy around Indianapolis as Allegheny

Alonso to the outside on the backstretch

button trying to come through and

there's Brabham to the inside David

Brabham into the first place along so

has to take evasive action he gets out

eye comes back down and falls him behind

Solberg and he might get done as well by

Darren Turner that means David Brabham

is out in front ahead of Montoya button

third Solberg fourth Alonso down to fit

great stuff from Brabham big comes

Montoya back again on the inside favored

move into turn one and that's easy for

him Brabham didn't defend that he knows

that this is a long rating he's got to

stay out of trouble which has almost

just affected Fernando Alonso down to

fifth from the lead battle burr look

he's still right there in the blue car

with the Spanish colors in the middle of

it nothing but wide was getting

committed and Alonso hits button appear

OHS gone as well and prio sends in

the inside of Turner to get him into

fifth position so Alonso in fourth place


Montoya still in front Brabham second

Solberg third and button got turned

around in all of that it got so sketchy

Solberg really was the not the aggressor

but he seemed to go into a bit of a

closing gap and is that Turner getting

taken into the wall and I think he might

have taken Jason Plato with him as we go

on board now with Petter Solberg who's

running in third position Montoya

Brabham Solberg Alonso the top four but

it's only three for the lead on lap six

of 21 it was Plato and Liat see that

were the latest collision but yeah I

think Jenson Button actually just

touched the grass on the inside

potentially and was getting out of shape

on his own then maybe was contact with

Alonso and it's very very close between

the two but but and then right down to

the back of the field from having a

promising race solo look at that between

for a Behrman Montoya and nothing

between them and nothing between them

again they're really really risking it

through these these I mean you've got to

be so brave to do this in in real life

they can risk it a little bit a little

bit more in the simulator but through

term one they're super close and this is

Jenson Button getting out of shake that

was pure Oh smack in the wall on the

other side and Alonso just nudged it

more Oh

drivers avoiding was it or real Serbia

went to the inside to get out of where

was it there interno

not sure which one but when one car

spins at the front of the field it is

the Lottery's yo nice image which was

alluding to earlier

laughs 8 of 21 on board with travis

pastrana in the top right Montoya is

back to the lead Pastrana sets the

fastest lap of the race in night

position as he tries to climb up the

order he is now on the attack of Darren

Turner but here comes the action up at

the front also bird to the inside 2

wheels on the grass on the back straight

there's Pastrana in the bottom left

Brabham to the outside and Montoya finds

himself down in third place he's up in

the wall also Burke hasn't seen him and

he spills across wipes out Alonso wipes

out prio Alonso's upside down

Brabham leads Montoya second Pastrana

takes evasive action oh and another big

shunt Darren Turner and Arielle Serbia

wiping out Petter Solberg Alonso makes

his way through it all and still

recovers into sixth place now Travis

Pastrana's up in a seventh even career

Chandhok he's having to aids in all of

this haha somehow it's well he all

kicked off there between Alonso Montoya

well month who was it Montoya and it was

the other it was got the one at the

front sober Solberg in Montoya

just came to a slight touch then I tell

you what Alonso improve having great

drives 4th and 5th and they're two

people that can go for the Triple Crown

I was just thinking how they were coming

right back into play but then that that

Solberg Montoya collision really hurt

then Pastrana is hurting now as well in

the wall that's that's a shame for him

he's having a great race but yes

suddenly prio 3rd Alonso sick Montoya

has lost a lot of time to Brabham who's

got a penalty where's this one gonna go

yeah we still don't know exactly what

what the penalty is for David Brabham it

looked like it was for for a jump start

we are riding with Darren Turner in the

bottom left he's trying to defend from

Jourdain over that fourth position

Brabham is two and a half seconds clear

of Montoya not quite a half race

distance yet either so we'll see whether

Alonso can come back through the order

he's fighting with karun Chandhok as we

go on board with Jourdain who's trying

to get past Darren Turner as they come

into turn one again and Jourdain can't

quite make the move there

so close and so clean for an awfully

long time and we got a we got a pit is

that Darren Turner coming into the pit

so did he just get really out of shape

and made it look like he was I don't

know he must have had a big slide and

took to the infield but is this gonna be

the replay then sandwich between Montoya

Justin LaRose okay there and then vamps

Solberg came to the outside whilst

Montoya had the overlap that was the

contact and then Alonso goes flipping in

the background prio was caught up

Montoya looked like he had some

significant damage as well and it was

also Bergen and Montoya just having a

slight tap on the outside and and the

dominoes fell once again there's Kareem

Chandhok is that a picture of Alonso

behind him I don't know maybe not but I

don't know that just looks like the

bottom of a long shows face anyway

Chand out then in fifth position but

Alonso is of a defit who's bottom of the

face do you think that is maybe I'm

wrong we'll have to ask career later I'm

not so great on my chin so our text our

texture our text career now we'll see if

he gets it while he's racing but on

board with Chandhok now as he goes to

the inside of Fernando Alonso coming

down into one in that brilliant 1992

Williams livery for the Williams

heritage driver karoon Chanda he's ahead

of Alonso who is ahead of Darren Turner

at the moment papist Coronel and Solberg

completing the top 10 as it stands

channel 2 good drove you better not text

him you put him off it he's gonna get

passed by Alonso but it'll dart straight

back into the sit room if you can stop

Turner coming through as well and and

get back with Alonso 5th place up for

grabs it and turn adjust edging slightly

wide but that's all good yeah that they

can try and work together to work

towards that front packed Chandhok back

past Alonso who'd have thought it


you're right about working together here

sensible drivers clever drivers here

battling over fifth sixth and seventh


there goes Alonso to the inside of

Turner on the run down to three do you

think any of these legends and not

clever drivers kept me in trouble there

so I'm not going to answer

he's a replay onboard with Darren Turner

coming out through also that was Darren

Turner going into the pits yeah that was

it then big old swapper on the exit of

the corner and he held him pretty well

kept his foot in as well lost one place

but he's still going here there is

Fernando Alonso in the bottom left

fighting with karun Chandhok out onto

the back straight again Darren Turner

right behind Chen duck down to the

inside Turner slots in behind and along

so slots into that seventh position that

15 of 21 races getting away from from

everyone that's not out front right now

the laps ticking down lap 16 of 21 and

there's significant enough gaps that's

what we don't know what the penalty is

the David Brabham still yet but Montoya

or Brabham or maybe Andy Priaulx

with a triple crown chart looking quite

good because this gap is Alonso working

well with ton doc Turner got a little

bit out of shape that last time but he

might still get back to them they're

working nicely together but they're not

closing in quickly enough with the lap

two ticking down or else erbia fighting

with Jenson Button over 12 position a

little bit of a bump draft there from

the Spaniard as they come down into


alonzo it's still there running in that

fifth spot this is a bit of a moment up

bit of contact there Alonso's threw in

the fit position he and Chan Doc look to

have had a bit of a touch and Darren

Turner slots in ahead of Chandhok in

fifth sixth and seventh places as they

now come through turns one and two in

one moment all of their teamwork just

goes out of the window then and you lose

seconds with a touch there you lose the

momentum and Turner's pass them both up

into fifth place Chan doc now comes back

past Alonso and yeah they've lost the

momentum to to the back of Jordanian

who's having a good driving fourth

they're all very very evenly spread yeah

the top four and Brabham is he's having

a brilliant Drive just a shame about

that penalty I don't know what it is yet

the stewards haven't had a word in my

ear but that's a shame because it was

over it was a really subtle offense that

he did with a rolling start it's easy to

go a little bit too soon bit like a

safety car restart really yeah Naaman on

an oval obviously momentum so key he got

great momentum but a little bit a little

bit trigger-happy on the throttle


laughs 18 of 21

Brabham leading montoya second trio

third Jourdain for Schamberg in fifth

along so six that's the battle we're

watching here as Chandhok covers the

inside line forces along so to the

outside darren turn a bit further back

meanwhile orioles surveyor is trying to

pass Jenson Button and max Pappas in one

fell swoop up in the top right as we

look back from Pappas who qualified last

but is now up into 10th position Oriole

Servier on that lap setting the fastest

lap of the race and is he gonna get up

into that 10th spot and all turn us on

the grass Chandhok put him there and

Alonso keeps out of trouble again from

both of them meanwhile there is button

pulling to the left of Pappas and up

into 10th place but that was a big old

moment it's not a fully lawn mowing on

the on the inside there Chandhok

basically didn't know he was there and

just came right across put him onto the

grass and somehow they were all still

going in this a three-car train but then

I held there in turn to get this bit in

over the grass and the momentum to not

smack it into the wall when he got back

to the next corner and keep in the draft

of Tran doc and Alonso ahead Chandler

covering the inside again an ultimate

lap of the race for David Brabham the

race leader

Montoya second prio third though the top

four seemed pretty set it's actually now

the battle for fifth place where they

were to a degree working together they

are now very much fighting each other on

the final lap white flag is out Oriole

Servier is trying to get up into Knight

position then into 8th position as

Solberg and button continue to fight and

we have got the white flag Montoya

started on pole position Brabham got a

great start which he may still be

penalized for Montoya and prio

running in second and third and

Jordanian fourth Alonso's in fear Turner

and Chanda go side by side Alonso's lost

it all by himself

and they hopes of a virtual Triple

Crowns slip away he still got one more

race to go but David Brabham

takes the win around in

Annapolis does he have a penalty we'll

see when the results come through


finishes in second place prio in third

Jordanian fourth Turner fifth Chandhok


Alonso in seventh spot and I think

there's no penalty for for David Brabham

we're being told and we have got Brabham

Montoya prio Jourdain and Turner the top

five after that Legends race around the

well let's see what happened here was

this to Alonso just all by himself

Julian yeah he just just touched the

grass I think on the inside unsettled

him and had a big slide all by himself

and lost those two places the Triple

Crown he wasn't going to get with this

race anyway it needs to win it and he

was only battling for fifth but a few

points in that little series battle with

one Pablo Montoya anyway slip through

yeah absolutely

well what a win then for David Brabham

looks as though there wasn't a penalty

the one that appeared at the start may

have been taken out in game and was

still a good result for one Pablo

Montoya that's gonna put him to the top

of the championship standings in the

legends trophy and Andy Priaulx

finishing his third spot after an

intense race on the oval Alonso and

button who dominated so much last time

we were at Indianapolis only finishing

in seventh and eighth positions a few

people telling me that that's the bottom

of Ayrton Senna's chin in Korean Chan

Doc's house including deal back killed

the seam principle of Mahindra so thank

you for that deal back so yeah maybe

that is going to be true we'll wait and

see whether karoon replies to me I don't

remember Senna with much stubble I don't

know it feels quite beardy to me I think

that's why I thought it was going to be

a long soak well we are going to have

more action for you still three more

races to come we're only halfway through

the action here at the race all-star

series powered by rocket phones in a few

minutes we'll get started with the

reverse grid races


remarkable results so far none of our

six Triple Crown contenders have

followed up with a win so far at Indy

Alonso obviously taking out a few times

prio was close he was third I want to

point out as well you want to talk about

a Triple Crown on how much it takes

Montoya has been second three times in

three races so far in this series he can

easily be in contention for it right now

good for the championship standings no


yeah absolutely so Montoya to the top

that gives Alonso a bit of a battle that

we haven't seen him have really in the

last few weeks and Coronas just text me

it's procced so it's just I believe so

there we go

well we've got problem to stand by he

had an excellent race and also the

mid-engine revolution that really

propelled a lot of these cars around

this track for years was started by his

great father so pretty cool to see him

went on the track Jack yeah let's have a

chat with him now shall we

David Brabham joining us David's

congratulations what a driver win at

Indianapolis yeah how about that finally

I get to win one of these Legends races

and on an oval at Indianapolis oh yeah

I'm absolutely thrilled with that a

fantastic racing on this oval stuff I

mean it's just amazing everyone's

enjoying it yeah it seems really intense

may be compared to the sort of race

track stuff I don't know about that but

it I mean it's pretty intense on the

race day track stuff just even trying to

keep the car on the on the track there's

a lot I mean it's so close racing the

tactics is just little smidgens here and

then you can lose you know a few

hundredths and then you're way back on

the grid so it's very competitive great

drivers in there and just pleased to

finally get a decent result great well

congratulations good luck for race team

Thanks so I think we can speak now to

Juan Pablo Montoya as well who with that

second place finish another second-place

finish I think that's his third second

place finish in in the three races so

far this season

Juan Pablo into the lead of the

championship how was the race for you

very busy

my kid that I figured I hope to qualify

better so I'd basically a copy what he

was doing and it worked out really well

we had really good speed and unlucky

there you know I got outside of Peter

and we run into the wall and undated

left but he was good it was it was a

good race he was nice to run up front

and score some good points yeah so the

the Montoya is really doing well today

aren't they at Indianapolis yeah I mean

everything honestly thanks to said

silver the one that figured where I was

in qualifying and he were getting and

said haha I went quicker so I would get

in and try to be his time I when I did

he would get in and keep getting quicker

and quicker and quicker and and it was a

huge help because you know carpenter

from here makes a big difference now you

know with the very sick greed in the

second race should be interesting I'm

pretty excited to see what happens cool

so a good luck thank you

well Juan Pablo is number two in the

race but he is number one in the

championship because he's back into the

leads there was a famous he's not famous

at all cuz no one knows my track but

locally a bit of a folklore there was a

guy that always finished second not

famous at all but I always had a shirt

that said second sucks cuz he was always

second place but you want a lot of

championships because of that

consistency is key which is pretty cool

to see that Montoya is that close time

and time again yeah one of the famous

racing Canadians didn't blue van Dalen

nah he's not famous at all trust me he

lives down the road though it's kind of

cool I guess that's uh there's my world

for you there's no one else on my road

other than him I'll try I'll try


welcome back again to the all-star

series powered by rocket phones we get

back into the triple crown and we go

backwards because it's the reverse grid

remember no one so far has repeated a

victory today we're gonna go back into

the pro series that means all of a roll

in a job the Knights are the two you've

got to watch if the Triple Crown is

going to be achieved so where they'll

start a little bit further up than they

did in the first race Jack but obviously

reverse grid Indy you think it may not

matter as much well I think with the

amount of overtaking that we saw

especially in the sim masters race I

don't think it's gonna be hugely

relevant I've just said when you said we

were going backwards

obviously in in circuit racing you get

clockwise course is an anti-clockwise

courses why are there no ovals that go

right or am i or am I being a bit

ignorant it if it was NASCAR I would say

the offset of the cars and the design of

the car would be a big part of that in

Indy I know there's different roll bar

settings but they're still relatively

symmetrical so that's a reasonably good

question because you think that setup

could be achieved that way

I don't know Joliette maybe you've got

some answers on that run run back to

back with the track the wrong way around

yeah exactly yeah get in there get in

the YouTube chat and tell me why that

isn't it I'm sure there's a reason and

as I'm sure you've picked up neither Joe

and I are oval experts on on this one

but if there is a real reason then then

get in the chat right we are getting

underway on the rolling up lap for the

reverse grid for the professional racing

drivers so we will see what is going to

unfold and who can take the win a

reminder that Tristan voce took victory

in the first race he's gonna be starting

towards the back of the field

it's Michael Pena here that is on pole

position with Gabi Chavez former Indy

Lights racer on the front row alongside

in with EF a bicycie Visser starts in

six placed F and Wilson is in seventh

with Tom Ingram in eighth position

and Oliver Turvey in his first race in

the race all-star series powered by

rocket phones is in 9th position ahead

of different DiFrancesco 11th place for

Tristan Botti a Joleon that's he's I

think he's my favorite to do it to do it

to do a double hit he's got a chance

we've seen anything can happen in these

races it's just about keeping clean

getting a lucky break here or there and

vote ei pretty much came to win from

there in the first race so you're right

is in with a Chance here so they are on

there warming up lap now and soon the

pace car will pull in and the action

will get underway and who is going to

get the best start menu here on pole

Chavez alongside him when is he going to

go Oh someone's fun in the middle

already there's a huge accident before

the race even starts and that is going

to wipe out a lot of the back of the

order of way he goes Benny here into the


yes up in the second place Headley third

Chavez fourth did vote ei make it

through all that I think he did he's in

13th position and here we come then

three oh that's gonna be contact there

isn't it onto the back straight no they

make it through

James Headley now is up in the first

place in the middle there Chavez on the

outside venya here drops back behind

yeah you Fay and then Wilson is the

other driver in that top five at the

moment so the question is who got

through Rex Diller in the middle of the

field and I don't think Holly Rowland

did one of our men that can fight to the

Triple Crown seems to be out of there

and drop annoyed so it's down in 16th

still running so he's to him with a

chance but what on earth happened there

just on the run-up to the green and

pretty much just garnish through the

middle of midfield somehow he still got

a lot of clutter car still running out

of that it looked as though one guy

flawed it and lost it and then and then

that was that Chavez out in front then

may you see him in the bottom left he's

going side by side with James Headley

into three benya here's to the inside I


it is 6 wide we're on board with Devlin

different Jesco in the top ride as he

moves up into fifth place then gets a

little bit of a bump on to the front

straightaway again

they're just into it's like the start of

the race again except cleaner well bit

of a touch there they get away with it

for the moment someone's up high

someone's up in the wall but I think

they're gonna get away with that one

Chavez when you're here DiFrancesco the

top three yeah think they all did get

away with that one in the wall actually

I thought it was my tomorrow angle but

dropped a couple of places but still

going fairly well different chesco lost

a bit of momentum there and he's gonna

fall from fighting for the lead behind

Chavez venue here but so far actually

after that start line shunt oh good that

three of 18 Chavez out in front

Stephan Wilson's in six voce and the

Derby are in 10th and 11th places at the

moment Stefan Wilson in sixth spot going

down to the inside as he watches the

battle in front

Devlin DiFrancesco watching the fight

for the lead as it gets incredibly busy

again Ollie Rowland sets the fastest lap

of the race but he's not even in the top

20 I don't think rolla and so he's got a

lot of work to do this is some bold

stuff positions being gained here as

we're on lap 4 of 18

Chavez still out in front a bit of a

captor venue here and different Cheska

who and side by side someone in the wall

further back but they managed to keep

going and now I'm Ken we're gonna go 8

wide down into one Chavez has the

advantage and oh there's a contact

between three of them and one goes round

and there's the wreck it was inevitable

from the front group of cars eventually

Stefan Wilson Stefan Wilson they're

dropping down and out of that one big

old incident to him and who else we lose

James Headley dropped and

someone else Bruno sin has dropped as

well another incident there and that's

Mauro Engel who's been in the wars and I

think he's lost in other place Tristram

votes yes come backwards as well and as

out and it's all kicking off even more

now side by side and in the wall again

that's all eater V now dropping down the

Francesco is into the lead he's got a

head of Gaby Chavez Pena he is in third

Ingram is in fourth position fifth is

yeah if a sixth is Smith Angle counter

on vinay thirds and canopy no the rest

of the top ten vote ei had got up into

about six position in all of that

carnage before he became the latest

driver involved in the carnage Gabi

Chavez out in front a reminder then that

in the Pro Cup if you're looking for

someone to win the Triple Crown

it is Olli Rowland the job man ITER who

are the two and at the moment van

heights at its intent to place so he's

the most likely but he's actually

fifteen seconds off the race lead he's

not in the front pack so I don't think

we're going to get a Triple Crown winner

in the Pro Cup yeah they've got a lot of

work to do rodent was caught up in that

start line scuffle and then I turn


he's a long way off anyway so too much

to do and it looks like the Triple Crown

has slipped all of these guys by but I'm

still gonna brace win and we got three

cars now out front Gaby Chavez into the

wall exit there of turn three and Chavez

days managed to keep going but he's lost

momentum to venue here leading to

Francesco Bradley Smith there now Tom

Ingram past grab each others as well


laughs age of 18 now when you hear still

in front just the head of the francesco

with Smith in that fight as well and

well know Smith off heavily into the

wall there on the exit of two and that

wipes him out from the running as we see

Smith in the in the bottom left and I

think he's out of this one is a neat

we're on board with Gaby Chavez running

in sixth up behind Mauro Engle in fifth

Dillman is up into 11th the roland is up

into 12 said Montoya in the ninth

position as they come across the line

again it's all kicking off in front of

Gaby Chavez ten laps to go so still a

long way left in this race not quite a

half race distance yet we will be at the

end of this lap think of a Smith and

Chavez that had contact and Chavez

somehow kept going but he's lost a lot

of ground and Smith as we saw in the

inset a moment ago looked like he was

packing up and staying home but

certainly out of the race huge incident

but Chavez still going then tomorrow

Engle who's been in the wars and has

been threatening to spin and unfold out

a few times is still going in fifth oh

that's it there so I think that's Chavez

then yeah how get keeps going then he

hits the wall quite hard but keeps going

and yeah if a is through and doing

pretty well as well on board here with

Chavez who's back on the back of angle

was that benya here maybe just hitting

the wall and in a lot of trouble at

first yeah angles promoted up into

fourth place Chavez fighting with him

coming down into three as they look to

join the front fight again and there is

Mauro Engel in the bottom left who only

got his simulator recently and it's a

it's a sort of GT s simulator hence he's

using sort of a big GT we all rather

than the single seater wheels that you

see a lot of the drivers using doing a

good job

side by side Gaby Chavez who's on the

recovery track right now some house

going off of that incident with Bradley

Smith and Chavez then looking to pass

angle on the insider then that's the

leading three just the head so it's

still right in it and it was venya here

out of it out of that league battle

could lost it and he's now fallen by the

wayside yippee a top right insect

looking to pass Ingram in DiFrancesco

for the league

the three


getting ahead of Ingram Chavez and angle

are now fighting in all sorts of chaos I

think we've got back markers in there as

well but the battle for the lead is

hotting up there goes Chavez through

back into the front let's buy that ji

huge moment earlier on maro Engel has

got up in the second spot in all of that

DiFrancesco is in third fourth for

Ingram fifth for yet James Headley sets

the fastest lap of the race lap 12 of 80

it's amazing how this race is just an

ebbing and flowing Chavez had a little

hit there from behind somehow keeps it

out of the wall but a little tap there

from different Jesco on Gaby Chavez and

that's not Chavez back down to fifth

place for one point three seconds after

me Angle now leads but he's going to

have this line of cars back on him in no

time there is marrow ankle

different chesco still running in that

second spot Ingram in third we're on


EFA in the top right


13 of 18 and go defensive outside angle

hits DiFrancesco Chavez he's right on

the high line he taps the wall

they haven't had tears yet but angles on

the grass he keeps it together

there goes Chavez again this time he's

upside down and surely out of the

running Tom Engram he's gonna move up

into second place as we come across the

line to start lap 14 of 18 five to go

and finally after about 20 attempts at a

massive shunt Gaby Chavez is out of this

one yeah he's not gonna be coming back

from that one that was one massive crash

too many on this indie circuit and it

was all with Moreau angle getting wide

and the two of them had contact and

Chavez sent skittling into the barrier

and out of this one angle meanwhile

through into the lead pastor francesco

and then there were four angle different

chesco Ingram and yay and we've only got

a few laps to go

on board with different jets go off

banging wheels over the start line that

allows Ingram to the outside and Ingram

into the lead the winner of this is

going to be the one that doesn't crash

it just feels like that when there's

four going for the win in the closing

stages they're touching wheels on the

straight you've just got to keep it out

of the wall right now and I just said

there's gonna be another one coming Oh

angle being really defensive they're

almost forcing Ingram onto the grass

here comes Yaffe who gets the run on

them coming into three angle-angle still

leading is defending very very

vigorously is the German out on her the

front straight again


in towards one Ingram to the outside

different chesco to the inside different

chesco now it's the front is anyone's


still the four of them now they've

they've started to clean up the right

well I say that in the last lap and a

half they haven't hit anyone that's

threatening to now a little tap there

from Tom Ingram angle in the mix

different chesco still feeding and yet

comes around the outside of the other

two but still they keep it clean until

now until now that's Tom Ingram crashing

out of this one and then there were


an ultimate lap of the race coming up on

board with Mauro Engel in third

DiFrancesco leads yeah in second angle

in third into turn one angle gets a

great run here and he's going to

slingshot past the booth he taps him and

that's huge difference

he's into orbit and he is dropping well

down the order and that means Tatyana

cows are on it up into third place

there is the front chesco in the bottom

left but it's Jaeger fair hits the front

ahead of morrow angle as we come out to

get the white flag and different Jesco

doesn't look happy that was all Mauro

angle I'm afraid just hitting him from


nothing DiFrancesco could do about that

and he looks pretty frustrated with it

angle may be seeing a penalty for that

one here we go though last all fighting

it out to left in this race who's gonna

take the win just two more corners to go

after this one yeah to the outside on

the back straight there's all there's a

back marker in front that they're trying

to get the draught from that's why yeah

cuts across so vigorously and he might

hold on to this you know one more corner

to come before who was that just parked

up to the side of the circuit around the

left-hander checkered flag is waiting

angles got the draft angle pulls out yes

in front who isn't at the line

it's yeah your failure takes the win

just ahead of Morrow angle in second

place and absolutely incredible drag

race right towards it and it's Agostini

canopy know who takes third place that's

gonna be strong for his championship Tom

Tillman finishes in fourth position

Tatiana Calderon in fifth Ollie Rowland

gets him into sixth place Trista voti I

ended up finishing in ninth position

well how intense was all of that this is

oval racing is stressful I'm trying to

get way more stressful then then real

racing Wow but yeah you're Fay taking

the win

I thought angle might have that you know

right on the line I thought he was going

through the drafts been huge and he

looked like he timed it perfectly but

just by a matter of thousands and knows

a hair's breadth on the front this is it

angle going for the outside and there's

the line oh wow

well I think we can now speak to Mauro

Engel who finishes in second position

after what was an incredible ly

entertaining race Mauro

congratulations second position you

almost got the win that was pretty

intense stuff it wasn't much how much

oval racing is I know the the the

simulator you've got is quite new so

you're new to the sort of eSports world

how much oval stuff as you done as well

this is my first race well my second

race with the one we did previously so

I'm just discovering you know to be

honest is very exciting so it's quite

cool I mean we have the benefit that it

doesn't hurt as much as in real life if

you crash but yeah very exciting okay

great well we will we will see you next

week oh yeah I've got lots of practicing

to do but yeah that was sights and stuff

great cheers thanks for joining us

Merritt Cheers

got to feel a little bit for DeFrancesco

as well I think he's been due for a

result he's been climbing up week after

week all 14 weeks not just this

championship and obviously I think angle

might get a penalty for that one

there will be no Triple Crown in the Pro

Series Ollie Rowland finishes in seventh

and could not get any further but the

championship still very much on the line

we'll talk about that a little bit later

on in the show but we'll take a break

right now


yeah if a and yeah indeed because a win

around the oval and remarkably so been

very consistent and yeah your face

actually standing by Jack to have a chat

with and rightfully so good victory

tough to say in that one I think

yeah well ever since ya joined the

series he's been running towards the

front of the order you think back to our

Lime Rock he was very strong yeah

congratulations your first win in the

race all-star series that was a close


thanks thanks a lot yeah that was very

close miss Marilyn Angela at the back

was a securing race how intense did you

find the oval racing and have you done

any oval racing before not at all I

think most of the cars haven't done it

like me so yeah it was very first time

for me and yeah respect and all those

questions lots of countries during the

race so the key was to get out the

cobwebs yeah everybody needs to lie

great well congratulations we'll see you

next week thank you thanks thanks a lot

it's hard to believe that's his first

win as well because even as far back as

season two I want to say before that

he's been a contender he's been so close

a number of times maybe Julian as we're

gonna get into our next feature he's a

contender rocket driver of the day

something we added for this season I


said only one of us was wise and

therefore only one of us is fitting to

give out this award Julian we've seen

two races from the pros who's the one

that leads the way for you today I'd say

I thought Angle was great but it's just

taking out there Francesco took a little

bit of a shine off him that was a bit of

a savage bin driver of the day for me in

the pros Tristan votes yeah that first

race was great the second race got

caught up in something but still got a

top ten good solid day very good solid

day yeah absolutely our first first VR

went as well Jack which we talked about

a little bit obviously I may be

something to look forward to in the

future obviously tons of immersion

maybe around the oval that gave him that

spatial awareness because I think he

kept it very clean I want to touch on

the reverse grid a little bit as well

because we've still got two more races

coming up to me and maybe you guys have

seen it differently it seems like you

either need no contact to get through or

a lot of contact at the front because if

you get separated from the draft if you

know you get held up at all to start

it's very hard to catch the front

runners well I think that's what we're

seeing is that that you have the front

group of 15 and then at some point in

there there's going to be a wreck at

some point you're getting the big one

and it's whether you're in the big one

which you don't want to be in front of

it great you've got a gap to the car

behind or behind it damn you're now

screwed for the rest of the race so it's

it's where that first big incident comes

that splits up the field I think anyway

Johnny yeah I mean do you record seems

like the early drafting train I mean

obviously we didn't see button and

Alonso run away like they did when we

did this last season with the legends

but it does still seem if there's a gap

of sort of two or three seconds I've

been told it's something like 12 seconds

back you can actually feel a slight toe

in real life some drivers debate how

much it is but it in our factor it seems

like it's within two or three seconds

Joe I could believe it in a Formula One

car now

it's about 6 seconds back you still feel

a slight effect so I can believe it a

lot more with with Indiana speech

they're going on a straight but yeah

it's all about not being isolated when

you need this tow you need to work

together and if there is a leader

they've got a nice two second buffer

it'll be whittled away and nothing if

they're on their own and they can't tow

with anyone else well we'll see if

that's gonna affect the reverse grid as

we say Lukas Blakely and Jonathan Ida

started a little bit further back so

I'll have to keep an eye on them but

maybe they'll have a chance to get

through it Blakely looked speedy in the

first one had some incidents we'll touch

on that in just a second the rocket

triple crown on the race all-star series

powered by rocket phones we had six

drivers in contention when we started

the day the Pro Series will not have a

Triple Crown winner

neither Java Noida or as I looked down

at my paper because I forgot for a

moment Oliver Rowland's I could not get

the win done but in the sim category

Lucas Blakely and John van I to have a

chance still so I'll see if they can

maybe get it done Blakely was very close

jack in the first race it was up to

fourth bit of an incident on his own got

back to seventh from I think 17th and

then got taken out when you're offs you

had his spin but the potential seems

like it's there I'm really enjoying how

difficult it seems to be because in sort

of regular season as it were winning

three races over the course of three

events didn't seem like too big a

stretch you know button probably did it

along so probably did it if you take

both grids into consideration but it's

really difficult here to do and I might

even be a bit surprised at how difficult

it is to do in this simulated world

obviously in real world very difficult I

thought it might be a bit more

straightforward for these guys but I

think it's the unpredictability of the

oval that is really causing the the

chaos and maybe that's testament to the

fact that only one man Graham Hill has

ever won the Triple Crown and on top of

that like you say yeah Lanza won five in

a row but today got caught up in the

chaos there is an element of luck to go

along with the skill that you've really

got to make sure you pick your battles

we'll see how the sim masters do because

the reverse grid race is about to get

underway so here we are looking at the

grid as we get ready to go there is

Kevin sickie starting in 10th place pay

up EV will be a 12th position on the

grid had a Maguire in 13th spot ahead of

nikodem his net skeeters each and simin

Church were perennial frontrunner in the

first race Liam do vile finished in

third in race one it was similar to one

race one ahead of Michael Epps then

you've got two EPs again starting at the

back of the order so he went from 24th

to second in race one can he do similar

in race to David Greco also got up into

the top ten from down in 25th place Judy

Spears 26 then we have got gogo Baldy

Mitchie horror and Risto Capet

completing the rest of the order so an

intense race about to get underway

around the Indianapolis oval circuit

there are the cars on there rolling up

lap getting ready to go the pace car

will pull in once they've come through

turn three and it is going to be Jordan

on pole position with Yaffe's key second

and you know Yaffe's key has got to be a

front-runner Blakely starting in fourth

Brzezinski's in fifth

it's Blakely and Janna on the hider in

eight who are the two that are in

contention for the Triple Crown very

interested to see what happens over the

next 18 laps of racing in pulls the pace

car and the race gets underway now Oh

something we got two more into the wall

at the start of this one and that's

going to catch out all sorts of drivers

at the back they seem to be losing it

under throttle when when the race goes

green so is Jordan in front here Yaffe's

key second Brookman third then it's

those top three have broken away cows

thought Blake leave on the hider

brezinski and siggy the next pack as I

as soon as I say those top three have

broken away the rest are coming back at

them so Jordan in front year Otsuki

second there's the look from Yuri cast

off down to the inside into turn three

and we are onboard with Lucas Blakely in

fifth spot at the moment with

yeah nada Qaeda there to his right-hand

side as they come out onto the front

straight again gratefully then with a

nice draft passing Eureka's thought

around the outside now looks to pass

Bruggeman on the inside now look at the

leaders coming towards him what a draft

that the Luke was blatantly he's one to

watch out for for the rest of this race

Triple Crown contender as is Banda

Haider who's still in fits so Lucas

Blakeley and Jung von der Heide 3rd and

5th and they've kept themselves out of

that trouble early on but again big

start on Shawn and it must just be

flooring it with too much steering lock

on cold tires and into the wall is a

really bizarre thing to see is that two

of eighteen-year your ski in the lead

Jordans second Blakeley still there in

third place from the haider in fourth

position someone in pit road as they

come across the line again von der Heide

sets the fastest lap of the race Jordan

hits the front again side by side

through one and the Jordan I think is on

the outside Blakely's got himself up

into second position for the moment as

they come out through two onto the back

straight Jordan covering the inside and

really it's a top 12 here that are all

together where and is there going to be

a wreck in the middle of all of this

pack that's what could really separate

these cars out but at the moment it's

incredible surely sooner rather than

later the hair is just nothing to

separate the top 12 and they're all

racing hammer and tong still Lucas

Blakely going for the outside look he

flamed it out of the throttle there

because there's nowhere to go past a

hangar you've ski on the outside but

look at that there through in a flash

Yaffe's key Jordan Blakeley von der

Heide caster krugman siggy blakeley's on

the inside that's Eureka's stop getting

a good run in the black and green car

into turn three cast off

keeps it low and think Jordan went a bit

wide there and he's lost out maybe even

two Kevin siggy as well you're off ski

2/10 of a second clear at the front

Blakeley and second Oh someone's heading

towards the wall there and

that was a bot getting involved in all

of that yeah it was sick he had sick he

had a wobble on the inside and lost it

on his own and Bach hit him and the two

of them are gone

Blakely has hit the front and he by

three hundredths though ahead of her and

you have ski those two are still side by

side this is on board of the charge as

we come through trying to look up at the

inside into third place Fonda hider

moves back across all there's a touch in

there and they survive Wow

core control unbelievable and somehow

they're still going the top six all

together if you look at the replay of

the of the start so are we just going to

see someone floor it and then get

sideways oh if they all contact you a

nice image hitch that's what's happening

then is not people throwing on their own

it's image hitch just preempted the

staff wrongly and drilled into the back

and someone and that's what what started

all about Mele behind

Blakely in front cow's talk to the

inside though Brookman in third your

skis in the fight as well as they come

through for again there is Lukas Blakely

in the bottom left he's gonna lose out

here to a cast off and you're off ski

who are gonna come past Blakely drops

down into third position and it's very

very wide or almost three wide for a

third at the moment Blakely we're on

board with here now we're on board with

the Banda Haider at the back of this

little cute but Jordan Jordan still in

the fight as well as Kaz dolphin nuyoc

ski goes side by side yup ski on the

outside we've has doc Blakely still

third bomb behind it still fifth this is

this is interesting for the Triple Crown

$25,000 at stake for these sim drivers

this is a huge prize and it can only be

won by the two that have already had a

win in Monaco and that was Lucas Blake

Bingham on the hider and they're still

both running in this front group second

and fifth but look the front group is

now nine long again so stressful down

the backstraight that fades of 18 so

we're not quite at half race distance

yet Blakely hits the front once more to

the outside Yop ski is on the inside

Brookman sin third through four and out

onto the the front straight Blakely

still hanging on on the outside here's

the run though from Eureka's doc he's

got the quickest speed out of all of

them and he tries to slice through the

middle 10 laps to go Brookman is in the

lead now Kaz Dorp into second Blakely's

getting pushed out high but somehow

manages to keep the momentum and hold on

to second place yeah he can do with some

sort of incident now in that second half

of the pack just to stop this being a

nine car train any mistake and there's

just eight cars ready to gobble up the

leader in

a split-second it's just so close and

somehow they're all still clean three

wide Blakely on the outside passing pass

door he's got the momentum over the

front start line again into one oh it's

four wide Castorp holds the lead

yeah Yaffe's key was in second briefly

but then it's Blakely in second we're on

board with Brookman running in fourth

out onto the backstretch lap 10 of 18

here comes Brooklyn he's got the run can

he find a hole going through the middle

there that's a brave one from your

offski but he's not been able to make it

stick and they come through for again

and out over the start/finish straight

is this the chance there goes the look

to the inside for Brooklyn but as soon

as you go to the inside you lose the

draft then you lose all of your pace

advantage look at the ball swarming over

the line in the third one this has been

such good clean racing and as soon as I

say that we go three wide and there's a

bit of contact a bit more contact

everybody is somehow still out there and

driving and I think we're on board with

Mohammad patellae who's just got up into

fifth place pay up EV was the man that

was just not to be inside there and he's

lost some ground so I think he's dropped

out of that nine cars has become eight

cars but still very close in spite of

that contact top forward made a slight

break here Lucas Blakely is amongst them

with has dog leading from yoyo ski and

now this is the chance they needed

Blakely in that top group which is just

halved inside

Kaz dog bleeding Brooklyn second-year

Yaffe's key third Blakely for

you see Luke let's play Luke Luke as


Castorp still in front Blakely to the

outside then the battle further back

with yan von der Heide

and jordan and the like completing the

rest of the top ten that 13 of 18 now so

six To Go

look at that slipstream effect coming

into into one but it's all very well

getting the tow you've got to try and

find the position to use it Blakely

again go there squeezing squeezing

towards the grass on the back straight

there Blakely now to the outside the

Chomsky's loving it grin on his face

today it's good to see I'm loving this –

four cars still for the lead they seem

to have broken away from the second

Bunch which includes van der Heide our

other chance to win the Triple Crown the

other man that could do it

Blakely note still running in second

place behind yo ski oh this is so close

or wheel-to-wheel

down the backstraight that 14 of 18

Blakely to the outside those top two now

have broken clear just a little bit but

they're going side by side then Brookman

and Kaz dorp are going to use the toe to

catch back up to the back of them

and there goes Brooklyn to the middle

all three wide into one caz dorks in

there as well in fourth place Blakely

gets shuffled back to third but he

manages to keep the speed through

someone on board with caz dope Oh II on

the grass just about survives that 15 of

18 they're gonna be so precise with

those steering inputs and cows dog just

nudge that left front onto the grass and

lost a bit of a mention that he should

just very quickly catch up to the back

of these three was just squabbling away

Cal's dog will just draw back behind

them and he already has done basically

by him to the laughs he's lost nothing

for that he's gonna come with a lot of

momentum as well I'm gonna jump in here

as well guys and remind you that for the

sim drivers if they win the Triple Crown

it's $25,000 cash prize

so for Blakely he should be on this

right now and he will do anything he can

I think to try and take this win as they

all will but there is $25,000 on the

line for Blakely someone's off on the

inside I think it was a back marker here

we are on board with Muhammad Patel

who's coming to join this fight as well

there's a few contacts in there

someone's in the wall and I think that's

break Lee is break Lee getting wiped out

there had a bit of contact is he still

in the running or is he out of it I

haven't got the tower on the left-hand

side he looks disappointed in the bottom

left and he's out of the top five now

I think that was Blakely race I think

that was blinky and VIN either so that's

both guys in contention for the Triple

Crown yeah looked as though they came

together and that means that the ops key

is out in front still Brookman second

Kaz got third Patel fourth Blakely fifth

so he is still in the fight just about

but we are going to be starting the

final lap of the race


Yaffe's key has the lead as we get the

white flag covers the inside Brookman

and castro upper with him muhammad patel

is suddenly there finished second in

monaco two weeks ago and now mo patel is

trying to take the win in indianapolis

cast in the lead yep he's got ahead of

you your ski down the backstraight

Blakely is still in the fight but he's a

bit too far away for my liking as they

come into three cast-off holds the lead

on the inside someone going very high

there he off skis in second family Patel

gets up into third

Blakely is up in the fourth and he taps

the wall on the exit of the final corner

can stop and you yo suki drive to the

line and it is cast off just who takes

the win ahead of her handing off ski and

Muhammad Patel finishes in third

position after an intern look at the

relief on Eureka's dog's face

unbelievable that meant a lot to him so

close to the line with her hanger yo ski

and well I think that's cast ups first

win you know and he's been at the front

in so many symbols and races and I think

finally that's his first win he's been

so close so many times and now he's done

it so the victory coming for Eureka's

top here's a look at her at the replay

of Yaffe's key trying to cast up I

thought was celebrating a bit early to

be honest with you

because it was it was closer than he

would have liked at the line it was so

close I thought he might get picked but

he didn't and he took a very very good

win what a race though yeah absolutely

thrilling stuff it is Eureka's stop who

takes the win I think we can speak to

him now after wrapping up the win in

race number two for the sim masters Yuri

what an incredible race that was a great

fight and you just held on that was

close oh yeah I saw everyone next to me

and it wasn't sure I was going to make

it but I had a slider over the last

corner and I think Evan didn't really

expect any

to check up a bit we've we've seen you

running at the front in the race

all-star series for months now but is

this your first win I think it is I won

the first race at the end of last season

Silversun saw ah yeah okay how was it

for you racing on a on an oval but a lot

of you sim race has never raced it

before we have once or twice but it's

it's in general something new for us and

it's really exciting it's much different

racing than it is on the world

everything's really close and it's

really really difficult to stay as close

as you can

for 18 laps yeah it was really

entertaining congratulations Yuri see

you next week thanks to you and I love

that you asked you came through the

order last time nearly got away with one

had the accident he's through again he

jumps straight into chat and interacts

with everyone he was a finalist at

world's fastest gamer which actually ran

the entirety on ESPN last week so you

guys can check that out on the ESPN app

and see the entire series incredible

race that might have been the race of

the day so far what a bunch of action

we'll talk a lot more about it when we

come back


and there was so much going on I thought

I'd jump in at the end just because of

how much the Triple Crown matters and

again for the sim drivers it was $25,000

in Blakely and Vannoy de van – hi –

excuse me

incredible performance to be that close

and stay out of trouble but ultimately

they kind of tripped over each other

which is perhaps fitting because they're

both trying so hard to get to the front

Julian that's gotta be a little

bittersweet but a great race from pretty

much everyone yeah it's just this the

lottery of Indy that's the thing and

Blakely particularly he was in that

League gaggle the entire race long side

by side with you Yaffe's key and was

basically side by side for the about

four or five laps near the end but then

yeah then just slip back one tiny bit of

contact and you're on the back foot and

it goes away it's just being in the

right place at the right time and then

Eureka's doc nailed it on that last lap

that beautifully time pass I I've been

kind of watching I mentioned in the

first Pro race that I thought the person

in second in the last corner could get

the draft but it looks like Castorp as

he said he kind of missed time day off

ski held them up a little bit um again

we've got our new segment Joe Leon will

throw it to you it's the rocket driver

of the day


we had two races in the sim masters

category we've had tons of action more

changes for position than an entire

Formula One season who's the driver

Julian I'd say shout-out to symud change

that first race win but you know that

start of the second race was too messy

for my liking

Eureka's look great win as well but I'm

gonna give it to a hanger Yaffe's key

because he was at the front in both

races just missed out on the second one

by a whisker the first one he was in the

fight until he had the mammoth shunt

that he did and he had a smile on his

face all day as well so I appreciated

that very cool very cool yeah off ski

looking very fast very Pacey and the

smile the whole time yeah having the

time of his life it seemed as he was

driving around out there

we are gonna shift our focus to the

legends we've got two drivers left in it

pre you and Alonso that can still

potentially win a virtual Triple Crown

the rocket Triple Crown but again

they've got to do it reverse order Jack

and this is gonna be very very difficult

yeah well I think the first time the

legends did the did the Indianapolis

oval Isle on some button found it a

little bit easy this is the this is the

start of Alonso's reverse grid race and

I think everybody else is just a bit

more up to speed now to be honest with

you I don't think I long so it's gonna

be able to just drive through the order

like keep it here I think everybody else

is a bit more experienced he gets lucky

at various times he was you know in

clear air to take a good line into to

then everybody sort of has a mammoth

shunt coming into I think it's coming

out of turn four it all goes chaotic

there he wheel bangs with someone six

someone in the wall but gets away with

it then coming through the left-hander

of four it all kicks off and he's able

to just drive through the through the

middle of them so I think he was

fortunate in the in the last time they

did a reverse grid race in in Indy and I

think it's gonna be a lot more difficult

for him this afternoon

yeah it seems like a lot more people

have become familiar with the drafting

strategy and certainly with their sim

rigs over time Bruno Senna has to be

frontrunner for driver today perhaps for

further Pro drivers as well didn't quite

get it done in the second race but what

it the view may be karoon can get a

chance in the

legends because he looked pretty solid

on to viewers well had a good battle

with Alonzo Julian throughout pretty

much the entire second half of the first

race well Karen chendo pressured

Fernando Alonso into a mistake last

corner at the of the race and and

Fernando cracked so anything's possible


anything is we'll find out when we come

back exactly what will happen and if

we've got a championship for the Triple

Crown the all-star series powered by

rocket phones gets into its final race

of the day the legends reverse grid race

and it's all about Alonso and 3you

Montoya leads the championship he's been

second every single race but only Andy

Priaulx or Fernando Alonso with a win

here now we'll be able to challenge for

the Triple Crown in a week's time yeah

really looking forward to this one we'll

keep our eyes on prio and Alonso but

also it also needs a good result to get

himself back into championship

contention because Montoya with another

second place is third second place in

three races is top of the standings so

there's a bit of pressure on on Alonso

here to actually get a good result if he

wants to keep his championship fight

alive because we've not seen him in a in

a championship fight necessarily there

is one Pablo Montoya getting ready to go

and well I didn't mean go quite so quite

so much

Wow we're getting ready to go no

question about it but yeah but I don't

want to know where he's just had to go

is my point

oh yes okay right fair enough maybe

maybe had you just get up and adjust

something cuz sev had it all changed who

knows I like that he said that Seb was

pushing him to go faster as well it's

nice to have someone to challenge you in

the time they've been saying that they

have to share the same and that's the

bad thing

so now sharing the sim seems like it's a

good thing the first time only that's

very true

that's the difference and now both more

toys have been very quick today so we

have got max Pappas on pole position for

this reverse grid race keep your eye

there in eleventh Andy Priaulx as he

gets ready to try and stake a claim for

the Triple Crown David Brabham one race

one he's going to be 13th on the grid

ahead of Petter Solberg in 14th Jenson

Button in 15th spot then we have got

Montoya and a Tony Kanaan starting at

the back of the grid after he didn't

qualify for a race one I'm not sure if

he raced in race one actually canal so

if he's out there in race two that is

great to see on the rolling up lap now

and we'll see what Pappas can do let's

see what Chandhok can do Joe Liam from

the front row of the grid

he had a great race Denis let's see from

the rolling startling karin-chan doc and

max Pappas Pappas on the inside chun doc

on the outside Steve Soper in third this

has got a recipe for disaster

but let's just say it's all eyes at

towards the back for Fernando Alonso and

one Pablo Montoya let's see what they

can do coming through let's go for the

final race of the day at Indianapolis

round two of the Triple Crown

competition chan Doc's a long way in

front of the pole man Pappas slow down

karoon race starts around this corner

not quite sure what's happening here but

away they go now to start the race

Chandhok has slowed down and now the

race gets underway with Pappas in front

Chandhok drops into the back of the pack

penalty potentially for Jason Plato but

Pappas in front Steve Soper the touring

car legend is in second place but not

long because Tom Coronel a touring car

driver is up into second spot the

fourth Chandhok fifth travis pastrana is

up into six position and we're on board

with Alonso in the top right and all

cleaned so far then Karen Chanda finally

managed to slow down and take the start

and and he lost a few places as a result

of that not quite sure we got confused

and he's in their Wars now with Steve

sofa that's Karen and Steve Soper out

and the rest of them still go max Pappas

in the lead at the race then from poll

but not for long Tom Coronel through 20

laps to go

Coronel hits the front Pappas secondly

up see third travis Pastrana is up into

fourth position there's chaos going on

there as Alonzo gains alone a place as

he's suddenly up into ninth position

under 301 is inside yeah and also now

going past button and up into seventh

spot what a charge this is from from

Fernando Alonso I'm in the seventh

position it's three for the lead Pappas

Cornell and Tonioli oxy it made a nice

break heavenly from travis Pastrana and

a great drive up in fourth so far with

Darren Turner who's having a good day

and then there's another little break to

the Alonso button pre Obata

so yeah the top three getting away here

there they go nothing separating them

flee it see now at the front and they've

got good two seconds to Plato if they

can work together they've got a great

chance it went bang so come from not

sure who was born actually but he's up

into fourth place now as we see Tom

Coronel in the bottom left Pappas in

front still the Otzi second all of the

orange cars are out in front at the

moment Pappas Lucy and Coronel they've

got the gap to Plato at two and a half

seconds then it's Pastrana there is

Tonio Lee Otzi and

you'll see in the bottom left now moving

up into the lead

Pappas comes with him sorry Coronel

comes with him and Pappas drops into

third place Petter Solberg fastest lap

of the race on Bubba Darren Turner in

six places he is tucked up behind travis

pastrana Pastrana is one of those like

you never thought we'd have a lot of

these drivers together on one grid it's

all a bit surreal as Alonzo did he just

stick Darren Turner in the wall I think

you might have done not ideal but well

we'll see what happens there but

Pastrana is the one where it's like you

never thought you'd see Pastrana on a

racetrack with any of these guys know

all Petter Solberg really along those

had another little touch and that's

button coming back through so it's not

having things his own way here but yes

old boats been a revelation since he

joined and now we've got travis Pastrana

as well it says it's great to see the

legends grid that's ever-changing and

yeah getting some real surprise names

into the mix but still Fernando Alonso

and Jenson Button probably the two to

watch here fifth and six can they come

through and get in amongst Coronel Lee

it's Ian packet sewer right now keeping

things very clean out from that five of

21 Coronel still in front at the moment

the lien see in second place although

obviously as soon as I say that it is

Pappas going to the inside and moving up

into second button and Plato are

fighting over fourth position that's the

view of Plato from buttons car

Alonso is in that fight as well just

behind button hits fourth place

Plato 5th along so sick Pastrana still

there in 7th and was that a long slow

going super defensive it might have been

Pastrana actually on prio plato back to

the inside of button button getting up

pretty high there and losing a bit of

momentum there's Bowl that's Pastrana

out of shape big lose for Pastrana and

he wrecks coming through three that's a

shame there good Drive looks to have

come to an early end really to travis

pastrana Alonso and button then both 16

past the Oxford born Jason Plato into

turn 1 nice clean move

along so now right with button as those

two now will they work together because

they work together they can get up to

the oxy Coronel Pappas fairly

straightforwardly as Coronel goes back

into the lead of the race but they're

going side by side through three there

so but depending at the moment from

Alonso they're getting there though they

are look you can see top right you can

see Alonso then but in the head and then

that top three they're closing all the

time and third of the way through the

race already yeah I think it's a matter

of time before we have Alonso and button

maybe with Plato and Solberg as well

joining that three car train in the main

shot look there's Alonso button they're

really catching them


down the backstraight

car now now to the inside of Leon seat


here they come a lot soem button of

joint Plato is there or there abouts

with them Liat see back now to the

inside of Coronel

and there goes along so immediately on

the attack and up into third place

little bit of a wheel bang with papas

that allows button through Fernando

along so and Andy Priaulx the last two

that could win the Triple Crown and

along so he's charging to the front

straightaway but he's got button coming

with him down the backstretch into three

Coronel covering the inside Coronel is

going to be a difficult man to part on

born with button in the top right super

pose super close now Jenson Button

fourth place that's the lead just there

now they've both Falls Pappas who's done

it fifth and now Alonso drafting outside

of lead see he's gonna go inside a

Coronel he is and Jenson Button might

come with him as well and Hanzo to the

front into two will Alonso be able to

break away though it's one thing hitting

the front but with Tom Coronel trying to

come past and Jenson Button trying to go

past button will he go to the outside or

will he just sit in he just sits in

behind Alonso and gets up into second

does he Coronel is still gonna be there

somewhere but I think they've made the


Coronel got out of shape and that allows

me you'll see up into third talk to her

gone look at that

Alonso and button now have gone from

fourth and fifth to breaking away at the

front in a matter of two laps and now

Coronel defending from Pappas and Lutz

here and that battle goes on but they've

just lost the Lonzo and but no serenely

gone into the distance lap 11 of 21 here

we go then a replay of a month or so ago

when these two fought it out on the oval

circuit at Indianapolis we've got travis

Pastrana in the top right who is going

to come out on top this time it was a

lot so that

prevail'd waters button learned since

then that you can see travis pastrana

down in the bottom left

breo's up into sixth place

we're on board with button 10 laps to go

so this is going to be a long hold

battle this isn't it cat and mouse but

this is exactly what we saw last month

between these two they've broke away and

then they they don't need to fight now

they come around to put a lap on the on

pastrana but they don't need to to fight

right now we've seen it in the last few

races as well that one day it's the runs

of the line it's the final lap that's

where the race is decided now they just

need to not have contact with each other

and just keep pushing each other along

keep clear of Coronel let's see in the

rest of them

that 13 of 21


along so leading at a time in a

half-second the tactics are going to be

fascinating now because they've done

this before we have done exactly the

track exactly the complete scars from

exactly this position and Fernando

Alonso just held on and it was button

attacking on the run to the line but he

couldn't make it

what's it what do they do now how are

these these two guys I know I said all

the legends are there to be successful

in motors but I think you got to be

pretty smart and these to us some of the

smartest button and Alonso button now

going through to the inside maybe it's a

chess game now between the two of them

where do they want to position their car

when do they want to be ahead Alonso

they're not defending from button either

either he's not too fussed about the

lead right now at scene he met gentle be

inside but where did he go next and what

does Jenson do to to react so button

said after the last race he wanted to be

in the lead on the final lap because

then you can just block and defend but

going on to the final lap through three

he made a mistake

got loose at the rear had to correct

that allowed Alonso into the lead and

then he could just event so ain't that

certainly was wear buttons mindset was

four or five weeks ago is it going to be

the same this time because if it is here

we'll want to have the lead on to the

final lap of the race but it looks that

way doesn't it he's got the lead

Fernando Alonso then right behind him

someone's add an incident Andy Priaulx

or Jason Plato I think it's gone down

with it with Tony oleate see

I was in that battle for the third place

and that's a shame for them they were

both having good drives but yeah here we

go then button still leading from Alonso

and it does look like he doesn't want to

let this lead slip though that 15 of 21

Juan Pablo Montoya whose championship

lead might take a bit of a hit here he's

in 13th tribe place trying to get past

Tony Kanaan great to have Tony Kanaan er

still racing in in real life in IndyCar

and he gets a bit of a nudge there from

Montoya as they come over the straight

still button ahead of Alonso for the

lead Pastrana is there going in their

16th place after his moment had a bit of

a time in NASCAR did travis Pastrana but

more synonymous with his rally driving

exploits you would say there's Montoya

cannon and Soper all battle over 11th

place across the line comes button again

to start lap 17 out of 21 still with a

long so sitting in behind five to go by

I hypothesize the button wants to start

the last lap first and Alonso wants to

started second but can really

phenomena's not trying to pass but now

at all he's just sitting there there's

no attack just yet

maybe that will train right there

he's brought in the draft but he's just

happy sitting there in second he there's

no fight from Alonso just yeah and

button we know that he wants to be in

the lead in the last lap but Alonso

doesn't know Mike is challenging him

with the draft you'd expect to be side

by side all the time now

lap 19 of 21 button still in front just

chill in there to turn I mean the

concentration if you instead on his face

in the bottom left he's he's really

really focused but yeah he's not fast

about let's see on board

he's just sitting about this distance

and he doesn't seem too fast about

getting closer Solberg up into third

Pappas fourth Coronel fifth

Piero's Servier Turner Brabham and

Dominguez the rest of the top ten 19

laps or 18 laps down three to go now and

as you say Alonso seems to be fairly

happy there at the moment are we going

to see him unless he goes on the

penultimate lap unless that's when he

tries to go for it

we got a two-lap showdown yeah we're

heading towards it right now in towards

turn three then the short stretch to

four and then we're going to be into the

penultimate lap it's a replay of Andy

Priaulx in 18th position

Plato there on the inside Plato drips

out a little bit well that's a biggie

pre-owned mornings own business there

and caught up with Plato and Lea to see

who having their own accident on the

outside here we go

Alonso now now you've got to be trying

to push early let's look at the the

draft then behind Jenson Button it's not

huge they'll scratch it ahead for

another very very chill here we go then

you might be right here you know through

the left-hander of four and on to the

final lap has button changed his that

well he's got what he wants last time he

wanted to be on the lead on the last lap

white flag is out Alonso has trailed

button for the whole race what is he

gonna do

onto the back straight buttons surely

covers the answer

it's straight away and also in the draft

this time he doesn't ease off he goes to

the outside coming into three Solberg

still running in third position through

three and Alonso's got it crossed up and

he's off Alonso spins Alonso throws away

the Triple Crown and Jenson Button out

across the line wins in Indianapolis a

great race and a delighted button

Solberg is second and Pappas is third

so along so finishes in fourth doesn't

even make the top three and Jenson

Button is the winner Wow

and we have no Triple Crown winner then

that was it and let's see he just got in

slightly too low Fernando and honestly I

think buttons tactic was better there I

think the tactic of being ahead and

blocking to the line it's a shame that

we didn't get to see the run to them to

the flag it would have been amazing

between the two but it looked like he

had a lot of work to do to be honest

Alonso so Jenson Button takes the win

Petter Solberg finishes in second place

max Pappas in third along so forth so

we'll see a little bit later on what

that does to the championship standings

Piro in fifth Servius sixth Turner

Coronel Brabham and Dominguez complete

the rest of the top ten but another

intense fight at the front between

Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso when

Pablo Montoya finished in 12th place so

I think that's going to be pretty tight

as far as the championship is concerned

karin-chan doc didn't finish the race

we saw prio and Leon see have a big

accident great to have travis pastrana

in the series but unfortunately only a

16th place finish for him this in this

second race but nevertheless great to

have Travis with us plato finished in

15th after running with button in the

early stages towards the front of the

order and Soper also started on there I

think you might have been leading at one

point was he but maybe up in second

place well let's speak to Fernando

Alonso then finishing in 4th place in

that race after another in

tense battle with Jenson Button in what

was a very entertaining tour around the

Indianapolis racetrack thank you very

much for joining us today we'll be back

next week with the final race in the

Triple Crown which is going to be LeMond

but we can now speak to Fernando Alonso

after that action-packed end to the

Indianapolis oval race for the legends

trophy won both races last time did

Fernando but it wasn't to be this time

just coming out onto the final lap a

little bit loose and up into the wall

and not quite finishing within the top

three so hopefully we'll be able to

speak to Fernando pretty soon with him

now surely Fernando we saw you following

Jenson following Jenson and then the

last lap was gonna be the move I guess

what happened yeah it was all planned

for the last lap I think the slipstream

was huge today so yeah Blaney from the

magistrate and if not on the on the line

after pin 4 but yeah running very close

to the car was was quite difficult at

the end of the race so I tried to learn

always a little bit of a space with

Jenson the laps before that so yeah

definitely you know not not the nice

yeah we get but overall you know I think

especially the first one I think I've

been a little comeback with Peter touch

in Montoya and then coming from the

grass my car was damaged from that

moment so yeah obviously good points and

let's see how how they overall

classification is after this one okay

great thank you again for joining us

today great race really fun to watch

interesting as well that Alonso has the

famous clip now gift all over the

Internet of him getting down low on the

apron and saving it in real life and

that's what costs him here and what if

it's fitting the indie is what Rob's him

of the Triple Crown in real life he

comes close here today and it's button

who gets the last laugh after the battle

what three four weeks ago pretty

remarkable battle though it had to be


I love the strategic element I love that

Alonso sat and plotted it and that's why

those guys are as good as they are we'll

talk all about the championship when we

get back and I say talk about the

championship because that's all that

remains the Triple Crown remains as

elusive in the virtual world as it is in

real life six drivers today came in with

a chance not one of them picking up a

win on the day pretty remarkable overall

I think Julian oh I didn't think that

was gonna happen I thought at least at

Fernando Alonso's gonna take this down

to the last weekend I mean if we did the

double when we raced here before he

literally won the first race in a

similar way to that one just unfolded

apart me beat Jenson Button on the last

lap and then he came from the back to

win again I thought okay he's gonna get

the one win surely but um but lo and

behold he didn't and to be honest the

other races the lottery was even more I

mean the feels so tight in the pro the

pro calf and the the sim masters it was

always gonna be difficult

Lucas Blakeley was close but yeah it

doesn't doesn't happen I want to give a

shout out as well one thing we didn't

touch on Conor Daly obviously racing

today Pro IndyCar driver on Indy their

seasons actually started again and a lot

of naysayers out they were saying all of

these guys are doing it because there's

nothing else there's nothing else well

his seasons back under way and he is

still here doing this so I wouldn't

leave that a lot of these guys that's

right TK as well a lot of these guys are

gonna be sticking around and enjoying

this sim and I think it's awesome to see

that they have gotten themselves that

involved in Conor hilarious his whole

time through in the the IndyCar stuff so

always a joy to see him involved driver

of the day the rocket driver of the day

we're gonna decide that in just a second


of course we'll get to the overall

driver of the day in just a second but

first we have to pick one from the

legends or rather Jolie and you have to

pick one from the legends battles today

they soaked up the cool Jenson Button

for me all right

because purely because actually he beat

Fernando Alonso in a straight fight the

only other person that could have won it

would be David Brabham who I love the

David Brabham won the race today and he

did great but to be honest you did a

great start

he kept out of trouble then he had no

fight to the flag he was just three

seconds clear and no one could chase him

down so for that reason I'll give it to

give it to Jenson it doesn't count jack

because Julian picks but you shook your

head where would you go if it

yeah if it were up to you where it's up

to me I think I would have gone rabbim

but then Joleon said his reasoning and

now I agree with him okay fair enough

I'm not done I'm not even gonna say

cause it's not my job to and many that I

could've met okay well now you've put me

on the spot ah it's a tough one I mean

Montoya second place again was

impressive the way he was clean at the

front but I'll be second race didn't

really work for him

I think Brabham's definitely a contender

given that he stood out maybe this is

quite a bit you do it because you do

this is why I say I'll just name

everyone it's it's just you know being

diplomatic about it we'll be back in

just a sec


well buttons betrayal it doesn't quite

have the same sound he definitely gets

redemption over Alonso as he picks up

the win in the legends trophy great for

the championship fight again and could

be a third championship in a row button

can capitalize next week as well Jack

he's standing by because that was a

incredible win and I would love to hear

more about those tactics well that

speaks to him now then shall we Jennsen

congratulations on the win last time at

Indy you wanted to be a head going on to

the last lap didn't quite work out look

like Fernando was happy to be behind you

today yeah first of all to get away

really with these guys you know and

they're all so different than the way

that they drive you know some some guys

will happily sit in and help you fight

to the front and fight with you and

other guys just it's just action action

action but it was it was really cool but

no we didn't know in the last lap loss

and tillich said last lap and we were

other than I was lap so I wanted to be

in front and and I knew that if I block

from very difficult a lose a lot of

downforce as there as you saw this thing

wasn't me this phone out it was Fernando

so a lot of time very happy okay great

congratulations and see you next week

yes I you know the way use performs in

because the legends of course as we said

didn't he already wants the way he's

performed in these ovals maybe there's a

chance he gives it a go in real life

maybe buttons another one we can see

give it a whirl obviously he's done some

wek another triple trout crown contender

perhaps I mean I he said yeah dizzy last

time but he's got the pace I feel like

he said he would never do it the face

change the past but I didn't he then say

now he's driven it on the same he

definitely do it I think he said that

well we'll find out right now out of the

overall driver of the day because we've

had the off ski voce and button as the

three contenders Chile and I'll let you

get to it in a second because the rocket

driver of the day overall is about to be



well I mentioned the three that you've

already nominated from each division you

offski voce and now button and of course

the winner of this takes a nice rocket

package home a new phone some earbuds

lots of great goodies from rockets and

there could only be one Julian yeah this

this one is a very difficult cool

because not many people had too good

races and the one that did was hanger

yoke ski but he didn't get a win so

ultimately I'm gonna give it to Tristan

booty a really good win and then he got

in the top ten on the reverse grid as

well so great Drive I thought you were

gonna go to you off ski the way you led

that ends yeah oh yeah well his first

win as well that's a very very cool well

and of course it gets now a 3d phone

which can go with this 3d VR right it

all goes to get there it's a its new

technology of course we did say the

Triple Crown is now out of contention

it's elusive in the virtual world as

well but the championship is what it's

all about moving forward to LeMond where

I'll allude to it again we've got some

sprint races and then a one-hour all

three on track at the same time GT and

lmp1 and lmp2 cars it sounds like we'll

get lots more detail on that moving

forward but here's where we sit in each

respective championship it's Justin


Pino that actually leads the way in the

Pro Championship Jack yeah well he had a

he had a solid day

didn't he basically he cropped up with a

podium in the in the in the second race

and then Roman Roland and Dillman are

right in there as well so yeah I'm not

surprised to see canopy know there

because he just had a solid day and I

think that's kind of what it was all

about today wasn't it it was all about

just a solid day get some points on the

board try and escape the carnage and

you'll be top of the championship that's

what's happened to canopy no and canopy

no van Heights hurt

Roland Dillman are gonna be the four

drivers for me that are in contention

going into the more well and Vannoy turn

Roland obviously with the two that had

the chance for the Triple Crown I

imagine there'll be a different points

table as well for the longer race at

Lamar which could certainly change the

way that goes as well we'll look at the

other two tables and

to second-guess lots of talk about there

as well couple of highlights today just

a few many of them crashes before the

green flag even perhaps massive shunts

incredible past there's lots of three

why well I don't even know where to

begin with this so I'm gonna let Jack

try and figure it out what's what's your

highlight today chess at 220 miles an

hour just the pace of it or like it's so

oh this oval racing is so strangely fast

yet slow you know it unfolds over such a

long period of time while they're still

doing 220 miles an hour but they're just

when you're both doing 220 miles an hour

the moves look tiny the progress looks

tiny and I think that whole thing today

was was fascinating and great to see and

if those of you at home who are watching

a neuter oval racing which I know sort

of the European gang are going to be

then hopefully you enjoyed it cuz I

thought it was really really cool what

are your thoughts on that Julian you

know well I think Jack's thumbed it up

pretty well without beautiful oxymoron

fast but slow and I think for me

actually the the reverse grid sim

masters race when you had yes such sort

of $25,000 at stake for two drivers that

were in that lead fight and it just was

so fascinating until the end and the win

was decided by nothing for me yeah I

think I think he took it right away from

me that that's exactly where I was gonna

go that was one of the best races we've

had on this series that lead train was

nine cars at a time two drivers battling

it out for a chance at $25,000 in the

Triple Crown that was amazing um so

that's where I'll go with it great

competition for you guys as well perhaps

the highlight of the day still to be

determined for one of you lucky people

and here's how you can maybe get a win

if you'd like the chance to win a rocket

phone featuring 3d screen technology

just go to rocket phones comm and tell

us what is the name of the former

Formula one vice world champion who

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why wait head to rocket phones calm

right now to check out the dudes I'm

with your mobile phone whether it's a

rocket otherwise you can follow all of

our socials at we are the race Instagram

Twitter hit subscribe and like down

below I had a few questions come through

but Paul McGinnis says when is the

commentator's race and I want to know

the same thing producers I want to get

it on if you guys want to see it maybe

just put a 1 in the chat just spam it if

you want to commentate his race who

would you want to see in it with us 3

we'll find out we'll be right back after

the break and Jack's going a little



well the high-speed Indianapolis circuit

delivered on the race all-star series

powered by rocket phones there will be

no rocket Triple Crown winner but the

championship is very much still on we've

already touched on the pro driving and

the standards where they sit after two

races we'll look now at the sim masters

and legends because the top of the

tables are getting very very close Jack

I think that sim masters that could have

did that I mean we'll look at it here

Liam to wall consistency is key but man

oh man any of those guys could have

taken more points or less points in a

heartbeat today I think no driver is

going to be happy with how today panned


actually maybe Mohammed Patel you know

getting up into second in the standings

is is a good effort from him Eureka's

stock got his second win of the of the

campaign so that puts him in third place

I think Blakeley will be the frustrated

one the most impressive actually for me

in all of this is David Greco because

he's sort of a not an old-timer in the

sim racing world but a little bit he but

he's getting towards the front of the

order we're not even the front of the

order he's just picking up points being

consistent and and he's up into fifth

place so full credit to David Greco

well three second places and then at 12

is Montoya still at the top that's the

question is Alonso ahead after a spin on

the final lap we'll take a look we've

got the table now for the legends trophy


that's close Wow brilliance well it's

basically the same the like Alonso has

extended his lead by one by one point

yeah at the top of the championship

because he did have a two-point margin

now he has a three point margin Brabham

up in third and you know what he's not

out of contention here is he he's only

14 points off Fernando Alonso going into

LeMond where he sort of has his greatest

pedigree let's say so that's that's a

strong effort from from David Brabham

he's a bit of an outsider of course

Benson Jenson Button didn't do two weeks

ago so that's why he's not quite in in

title contention going into the ball

great salmon back this week though

because that's a

we got to see again and it's been pretty

special perhaps it's been the the best

rivalry we've had throughout this series

you think back even to Pierrot and

button and cool Magnuson and button and

and now Alonso and button Jolie and it's

become quite a special treat for this

series it's good the rivalry that the

former teammates at McLaren and and they

know each other so well they've got so

much respect for each other you can see

that in the race that we just had

they're just no contact they know what

they're doing I hope they're both back

next week LeMond will be pretty

spectacular with the two of them going

head-to-head over a longer race well

there's only one thing better than

champagne after a win and no it's not

rosewater its milk and how fitting for

Indy that the victor has a lovely glass

of milk there's David Brabham obviously

pretty happy with today brilliant stuff

love a bit of a my my legends driver of

the day now yeah well let's Jensen's

been chilling some milk as well a new

change well there you go thanks to

everyone for joining us it's great to be

back after a week off I know around the

world some places are easing tensions

and the lockdown is getting loosened but

please be safe social distance and stay

smart because let's face it we're gonna

get back into the real life hopefully

soon but until then we look forward to

seeing you next week for the finale at

Lamarr on the race all-star series



four times


welcome to the rain

and the lights are out Rick stop there

the moto2 champion steps into the team

was dominating the championship I'm

Scott Mitchell from the race we're here

at Barcelona Sebastian Vettel is

fighting for his career

there has to be a total assault in

anything lets me be a failure

Oh spin


it's taken more than 700 years for a BK

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