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now the concept of Judgment Day and the signs of Judgment Day is something that is actually mentioned in the most fundamental hadith of our religion that's the hadith of Jubilee the famous

Hadith of Jubilee when Janine came and quizzed the prophets of Allah honey he was seldom quiz the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam what is Islam what is a man what is the exam one of the questions you breed asked him is what

One of the questions you really asked him is when is the Day of Judgment Matassa and the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa seldom said I don't know you don't know man masculine have been an ominous sign then Jibril said for a

Spear knee and a LeMat eheh inform me about the signs of Judgment Day inform me about the signs of Judgment Day now the very fact that Jibreel is asking this question when the time is limited the occasion is auspicious only once in

The entire serie did you real calm down in public so that everybody could see this never happened before never happen again and every question is from allah subhanahu wa'ta'ala remember Gabriel does not come because

He wants to woman attend s0 in LA the MV rebecc– Allah has sent Jerry and at the end of the hadith what did the Prophet SAW some say do you know who that was no he was gibreel who came to teach you to teach you what your religion which means

Every single question that was asked was a fundamental question of the religion otherwise it would not have been asked if Gabriel had not asked those questions every question is of the fundamentals and one of the questions tell me about

The signs of Judgment Day this indicates that the signs of Judgment Day are an integral part of our faith our prophet sallallaahu and he will send them dedicated special classes for the signs of Judgment Day how do we know

Abu zaid a nun saudi narrates in sahih muslim listen to this very interesting narration one day the prophet salallahu alaihe sent and prayed fragile with us and then he climbed on the member which was not his habit he didn't climb on the

Member after vigil he climbed on the minbar for Havana in Oklahoma and he gave us a lecture until solitude war then he came down and he prayed the herd with us then he went up and he spoke until a sudden he came down

He prayed us and with us he went up and he spoke until mulleted essentially almost non-stop what was the topic of that I was evidence Adi said for a lemon a bee Mahua Karenin in a yeoman a AMA he taught us what would happen until the

Day of judgment he taught us what would happen until Judgment Day and the most knowledgeable of us about science of Judgment Day is the one who had the best health and memorized the most on that day this hadith is assigned Muslim the

Most authentic book after Bihari so there was a class that the Prophet system gave from fudgie up until Muslim about the science of Judgment Day and will go over all of the major and minor signs when after there in a bit of a

Detail this is gonna be a detailed series about the science of Judgment Day and also inshallah Dada for those who didn't listen to my lectures you know I will definitely go into very different tangents that are

Typically not discussed and you will you know if those of you who are not familiar with me you will very quickly be familiar I will be very frank there are major issues we need to discuss jujin ma'juj what do we say about them

What do we say where are these million people where are they living we have to be very frank how do we talk about these issues okay that John is he alive or dead you know what does he have supernatural powers does this mean that

John is some mystical force or is he an actual entity ma'sha'allah we will ensure all the benefit and agree or agree to disagree one of the two inshallah what are the benefits of studying this

Of Islamic theology realize that allah subhanahu wa'ta'ala has mentioned in the quran that the day of judgment is very close don't think it is far away it is very close Allah subhana WA Ta'ala mentions that people are quizzing you

About Judgment Day yes Aluna kanessa they ask you about Judgment Day Allah says further jarl Toa the signs of judgment they have begun already the signs have already begun they're asking you when his judgement

Day I am Telling You the precursors the flags the warning flags have already begun Allah says in the Quran if hotel about ISA the judgement is closed allah says in the quran that if a terrible in a CA Sabo whom Allah that the hisab of

Mankind is coming closer to closer allah says in the quran in Naju meruna hooba either one are ahoo Kariba they think that Judgment Day is far away but we know that it is very very close and our prophet sallallahu alayhi wa seldom he

Put his fingers out like this and he said Boris – anna wa sarah kaha tain that myself and Judgment Day we have been sent like this now scholars say either we have been sent like this meaning this is him and this is Judgment

Day so the difference between your first finger and the second finger right either that or I have been sent to Judgment Day so the distance between two fingers the coming of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the

Beginning of the signs of Judgment Day with his coming with his birth with his mission and then with his death sallallahu alayhi wa send them the signs of Judgment Day are something that make us waking up to the reality of actual

Qiyamah in one AD thin muslin Imam Ahmed our prophet sallallahu aleyhi was seldom said I was sent along with the day of judgment and I just preceded it it almost beat me this is an authentic idea that was tending my market that it is as

If Allah sent the both of us together and I just to beat the day of judgment by a little bit so this means especially given the fact that fourteen hundred and forty years have passed since the

Professor son said that right so imagine our prophet saw some said these phrases that I have been sent with judgment day like this and one thousand four hundred and forty years have gone that is not a joke that is a millennia and a half that

Is a huge step in human history all of recorded human history does not go back more than three four thousand years the earliest actual records that we have of any civilization are 4,000 years old at max and if you look at how long this

World has been here billions and billions of years and how long human beings have been here at the very least 40,000 years we Homo sapiens have been here at the very least then what is 1,400 years nothing and that's why our

Profit system said that I am the first of the sign my death is going to be the first of the major signs not major in that sense but in the sense of beginning the signs of Judgment Day and Allah subhana WA Ta'ala reminds us that

Hayleyandlorna in this era are they waiting for Judgment Day fucka dijoh2o ha can't they see the signs of Judgment Day have already come the signs of Judgment Day have already come and allah azzawajal mentions that a seven

Mr.william is also one of the signs of Judgment Day well in the hoola ila Monalisa and one surah up as well as over over 61 visa and the coming of asa is a flag for Judgment Day but this is the second coming of ISA as we're gonna

Come to inshallah Ta'ala not the first coming of Risa and the Quran also mentions the coming of ya'juj and ma'juj at Ida foots yet yeah do two am attitude so all of these are signs that are mentioned in the Quran about Judgment

Day what is the reason why we are studying these signs many reasons of them the primary reason is that it makes us appreciate the truthfulness of our prophet sallallahu alayhi wa send them

When we see things that he could never have known impossible to know when we see that he's predicting the future and we are living that future how can our ummah not go up how can our Iman not be confirmed how can we not have your pain

That this man one I own to find in hawa in who are in Llewyn you have he is not a normal human being in the sense that he is not speaking from his mind he is speaking from Allah subhana WA Ta'ala who is inspiring him and when we hear of

These predictions when we see the specific very very interesting predictions that nobody could have thought of and he is telling them to us and we see them before our eyes then our Eman increases in allah in the quran and

The sunnah so it is a wake-up call for us that we realize the end is near and we need to prepare ourselves and of course of the reasons that we study the science of Judgment Day as well is that insha'Allah

Dada this gives us a sense of comfort let us be brutally honest well lie we live in depressing times let's be honest here so much is going on that the heart bleeds what is happening around the world

Canela where does one begin now you read these ahadees and you realize you know what a lot of this has actually been predicted the very fact that has been predicted you know let me give you an example if

The doctor tells you you know you're gonna go through some sickness is gonna go down before it gets better when it goes down it's painful but when the doctors told you is gonna go down doesn't that knowledge say you know what

The doctor told me the doctor said is gonna be hard for a week you know it's gonna be difficult that that prediction of the doctor get my point that that forecast I should say it gives you a sense of peace you know what

Okay the bet the end will be better this is the point when we study a hadith about Judgment Day and these are hadith they have a lot of you know warnings but they also have some good news they also have son Bashar on so those warnings

They're not gonna make us depressed we are prepared we're mentally prepared psychologically prepared emotionally prepared I need to prepare and when we see it happening when we see those trends our Iman goes higher we turn to

Allah subhanahu wata'ala and we feel a sense of comfort that insha'Allah Allah will take care of us because why do you think our prophets as I'm told us these are hadith why did he tell us that my own mode

Split up why did he tell us that this gonna happen that's gonna happen so that we get depressed so that we feel down so that no he told us to give us the comfort that we need to give us the moral support the encouragement he told

Us so that insha Allah who Ta'ala when it happens we are prepared emotionally and mentally for dealing with those signs of Judgment Day so these are some of the reasons why we will study the signs


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