The Prophecy about the Turks – Signs of the Final Days

by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

um of the minor signs and this clearly shows the truth of our prophet because no one could ever have predicted this is the rise of a race

That was considered to be a backward race and this is the race of the attract the turks our prophet sallallahu alaihi prophesized

That this race would become dominant and that they would conquer the arabs now who are the attract the attract are a group of races it's not just one race within the turk there are many races it's like saying arab there are many out

Of sub races it's one of the categories of human races the atarak are a group of races who originate in what is essentially mongolia and the caucasus mountains that region

You can say they are the cousins of the mongolians so the mongolians are raised and the atrac are a cousin race they have a common ancestor between them and that is why the turkish language and the

Mongolian language they share many similarities now contrary to popular misunderstanding the modern attract the people of turkey are not from that land of turkey they are from

Far more east than that they are from a land that is what is now we call it turkmenistan turkmenistan where the xinjiang provinces okay that is the land of the atrac and the atara came from there and they

Eventually conquered what is now modern turkey and it was called turkey because the atara came there before they came there it wasn't called turkey that's not the name of that land it was

Called anadolia or other lands of that nature the name turkey the country turkey is after the race the atrac that eventually conquered that region originally the atarak were a far

Away from the arabs and the arabs never interacted with them by and large the arabs hardly interacted with any race other than the sassanids and the byzantine empire

For our prophet medina to predict that that far away race is going to rise up and eventually dominate what is the ottoman empire other than turkish right

This is one of those miraculous predictions and by the way these hadith were compiled centuries before the rise of the ottoman empire you will find manuscripts those who deny the authenticity of hadith

You will find manuscripts written in the second third fourth century predicting the rise of the atrac and the turks rose up 500 years ago that's it and there are many many a hadith

The most famous amongst them and these are also in sahih muslim some of them and there's a genre of hadith the most famous amongst them the prophecism used alliteration alliteration means he said things that

Sound the same and they have a level of eloquence leave the turks as long as they leave you don't fight the turks leave the turk as long as they leave you alone

Because when you will fight them you will lose and they will win over you and that is exactly what happened now some have said this could also be a prediction of the mongol empire

Because the mongol the mongolian race and the turk are really kind of one race as we said they go back to the same heritage and even their language and so a thousand years ago

It would not be incorrect to call the mongols the genghis khan it would not be incorrect to call him a turk even though in modern times they're two separate ethnicities the mongolian

And the and the turkic races however others have said the prediction of turkey is the muslim turks eventually right so eventually this group of people they came amongst them were the saljuks

So within the turkish race there were many famous dynasties the most famous of the earliest dynasties was the saljuk dynasty was the one who came to power and he was

The first of the turkish people to basically get a base in the lands of islam and they converted to islam and of course his main vizier was nizam al-mult the famous nizam al-mul

So that was al-salaan the seljuk empire is not the same as the ottoman empire they are both turkic but the two of them biologically are different so the first turkish empire was the

Seljuk empire they were magnificent they came they conquered and then they fizzled out and then another group came the osmanlis we call them the ottomans right those of you that are watching the

Series which is a mythic uh you know romanticization of that but it is you know the kernel of history is there so the rise of the usman tribe usmanli ottoman is the children of usman

This is the second prediction and our prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam predicted that this empire and this group would become the dominant one and that is exactly what happened that when the turks came

They eventually took over the muslim land and in the early part of the 16th century 15 15 or so they requested from the final remnants

Of the abbasid empire to hand over the khilafah to them and so they then acquired the khilafah and from around 1500 ce up until 1927 as you know the ottoman empire was the caliphate of

Muslim lands and it was the only empire that claimed to be the khalifah that were non-arab before this point the saljuks never claimed to be khalifah the saljuks were

Rural dynasty they never said they were the khalifah the seljuks were in power when the abbasids were the khalifah and they were a powerful dynasty but they never said they were

The khalifah and the ottomans were the first non-arab to say that they were the khalifah of islam another prediction also related to the ottoman empire

Is just as bizarre and that is the conquest of the single greatest city in the history of the medieval world a city that we would think of it like the new york

Or something of our times and that is constantinople once again what is constantinople constantinople for a thousand years was the bastion of western civilization and what will make us understand what

Constantinople was we hardly study history we have no idea what constantinople was constantinople for over a thousand years it was the capital of the roman empire constantine himself

Constantinople is named after him constantine the great established the capital the city existed even before then and for a thousand three hundred years it remained the capital

Of the greatest empire known to man up until that point in time and that was the great roman empire and europe was nothing at the time europe was a backward land europe was barbarians at the time

Even christianity has not spread in europe when constantinople was the center of christendom and of the holy roman empire and the prophet sam predicted that the

Muslims would one day conquer constantinople again an amazing prediction how can a small group of persecuted people in mecca dream daydream of conquering

Constantinople but a prophet islam predicted that now because of this the sahaba had it in their minds that they wanted to conquer constantinople and in fact the first sahabi to launch a campaign to

Try to conquer constantinople was none other than muawiyah ibn abi sufyan when he was barely in his early twenties he managed to come very close to constantinople

Via the navy fleet as you know they landed in cyprus and then they landed on the banks of the bosphorus and then they attempted to conquer the city but it was way too powerful they see they laid siege but they could

Not it was simply too powerful for them and that is why the famous companion he died outside of the walls of constantinople the famous companion the one whom the prophet saw he

He lived at in his house when he entered medina can you imagine the same companion whom the prophet lived in his house for six months how allah azzawajal blessed the ummah

How quickly did the persecuted rise up and become almost the conquerors of the world that same companion older on in life he was of that bachu attacked constantinople

And he passed away a shaheed he died outside the city and he was buried in an anonymous graveyard until it was miraculously discovered when uh suryaman al-fatiha opened it the fact of the matter you want my academic

Opinion this is not the actual grave of of abu yuba nansadi the one that they claim to be is simply uh anyway that's besides the point uh

I don't sugarcoat the reality this is just something that uh the ottomans did to shore up uh pr to make people like any feel any that they have something but in reality nobody knows where you will bury who's

Gonna have marked the grave how would they have known for a thousand years anyway that's besides the point abu badan sadie's grave is somewhere all i'm saying is the grave that they say that it is it is actually look it up

Historically it is simply uh constructed later on in history the point being that the sahaba attempted to conquer constantinople and their eyes were on the prize many

Ulama and historians have said that actually his main intention for going to andalus was to make his way by land because he knew that by sea would not be possible because

Reinforcements etc he wanted to conquer land by land until he goes from north africa to andalus all the way to constantinople some have presumed this and allah knows best the point is the eyes were on the prize

Many people wanted to conquer constantinople but of course it only happened in the year who knows what year constantinople was conquered what year 14 1453

And the conquest of constantinople changed the course of human history it marked the end of one era and the beginning of another literally one of you know if you wanted to list the 10 most famous

Incidents in all of human history the conquest of constantinople is in the top five it's that big of a deal that the muslims finally conquered constantinople and this was predicted by

Our prophet sallallahu alaihi muslim that uh a sahabi asked abdullah ibn as one of the table and asked him that which one will we conquer first constantinople

Or rome they had heard of rome rome was there but rome was not to the power and the level of constantinople it was far number two and so he said bring me my book so they opened up his book

Because he would write a hadith of the prophet and his eyes were failing he looked it up and he wanted to refresh his memory and he said no the prophet predicted that we would conquer

Constantinople before rome and subhanallah constantinople 1453 and and in all likelihood the other lands that are mentioned will be done during the time of the mahdi

And allah

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