The Pleasure of Drawing Colin Jost

published on July 2, 2020

are you ready to get started I've not

got high hopes for this is gonna go so

anyway is up from there let's drop it's

just gonna get in trouble

people inhale through your nose and

exhale through your mouth we got a whole

bunch of cooky lined up for you

later in the evening but I'm John Judah

and I'm gonna guide you through a drink

and draw tonight I'm going to be making

an original drawing based on suggestions

from the Vice audience we asked what do

you miss most in three words

Andre Road in traveling football her

Thanks for writing in Andre and special

thanks to our house band the roots

before we start drawing let's make a

drink I'm going to teach you how to make

my signature cocktail John shooters big

beer first start with a big ol mason jar

as big as you can find then a whole

heaping of ice then take two beers of

any kind whatever you got laying around

the house and load that baby up wow

that's a happy looking beer I like to

drink about six or seven of these every

night let's draw when I think of her I

think of the 2013 Joaquin Phoenix movie

her let's start there let's get right

into it

let's start with our guy Joaquin maybe

he's traveling in a football

remember Joaquin's mustache in that

movie covering up his trademark cleft

palate big sad eyes behind those glasses

of course I think I would be sad too if

my computer girlfriend dumped me these

days I just date my microwave

and great there we go we have a rough

pencil outline of joaquin phoenix from

her traveling in a large football let's

take a break have another sip of beer

and watch some wild videos for my kooky

friends so joining me today all the way

from the united kingdom is my colleague

UBA butler how's it going man

waffle like and well buckle the up

because today we are going to art

encounter it is a Christian and

creationist themed part in the middle of

rural Kentucky it's just gonna get in

trouble with people art encounters has

the world's largest replica of Noah's

Ark do you know how big it is I can't

see anything dude it's really

big it is a hundred and fifty yards long

uh okay then yeah I'm quite impressed by

the stock Ark Encounter is not your

conventional theme park but it does have

a zipline you want to go ziplining yeah

come on think about it

you do yes you're sure one two let's go

say bye

pretty cool huh because you know what I

love extreme sports but if there's

anything that makes it extreme sports

even cooler it's when he goes hand in

hand and cranks right this is good

another another territory in a good way

or bad way um in a neutral way so let's

do a quick recap the earth is only 6,000

degrees did alongside dinosaurs a giant

flood you're just being shitty P there

was two of every animal or Noah what

questions do you have I'm just kind of

thinking through my head all of that

stuff is true about this park and yet

the dumbest thing happening here is is

what we're doing right now but it feels

good to go on vacation doesn't it


welcome back to drink and draw I can't

tell if I'm having fond urges get in

trunk but either way let's dive back

into this drawing during the break I

added a few clouds in the background

to create depth and atmosphere and added

a little Sun in the corner that ended up

looking just like Weekend Update host

Colin Jost I guess you never know where

her drawings gonna take you now let's

ink our drawing giving it bold dark

lines and something to work off when we

fill it in with color later apologies

for the space don't have access to a

studio right now and have to work with

my roommates dishes in the background

nice mane now it is time to draw

our sunshine this is the fun part just

kind of playing around with lines and

creating form and highlights and shadows

cones got very beautiful hair really is

a pleasure to draw Colin Jost ink is

done I'm gonna take a little break drink

another beer in the meantime enjoy some

fine digital content hey everyone it's

Trey again I know one thing a few y'all

been missing a bike ride and that let's

close our eyes inhale through your nose

and exhale through your mouth maybe you

mean you know do one of these if you

need to handlebars right there

handlebars right there I don't know I

haven't been on a bike in months there's

oxygen reaching every single centimeter

your blood vessels your heart racing

start to forget that you and the bike

are separate entities just starts

feeling like an extension of you


the way it affects the smells around you

when you're inhaling when that one's

just rushing up your nostrils kind of

it's like a really really intense

version of whatever countryside you're

and would smell like you know that

feeling you get when you're doing

something just getting out and using the

body you were given using your perfect

balance just let the momentum take you

as we're going down the road we notice

just somehow starting to get closer to

the horizon and that's okay because we

were gonna go was right off that horizon

and back into our bodies

welcome back that wasn't a real workout

so you should still go work out

wow that was great

just fixing myself another signature

cocktail let's get back to our drawing

you may have noticed during the break

they added a Canadian goose to the

scenery and it just so happens this

goose looks a lot like Weekend Update

host Colin Jose let's finish off this

drawing with a splash of color sky-blue

to fill in the background this will make

our white clouds more dynamic making

Colin as bright as the star that he is

Weekend Update host for Saturday Night

Live Colin Jost now let's get to Joaquin

that's right Joaquin is here too

Joaquin's maybe a little pal he's kind

of a sad guy in the movie I hear having

a computer girlfriend really bites folks

I think we're just about done with our

drawing so let's take a let's take a

final look oh yeah


look at the Hat

and that's just nice and that's our show

thanks so much to everyone who

contributed to this episode of cabin

fever and thanks to Andre for writing in

and special thanks to our house band the

roots take it away boys


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